Dichotomy: A short story of good and evil



     As she looked at herself in the mirror, Maureen began to grow nervous.  A thin cloud of smoke rose up from the floor boards, and for a brief moment, she thought she was still dreaming.  She could smell a light hint of urine, and immediately, she knew he was coming to her again.  Maureen took a deep breath and looked down until her chin touched her chest.

     When she picked her head up and opened her eyes, Guy Devangelo was standing behind her.  Fearlessly she gazed into his eyes visible through the mirrors reflection.  She wanted to fight.  She wanted to tell him to drop dead.  She wanted to scream.  There were many wicked things she wanted to do to him for violating her and for randomly intruding into her life, but she couldn’t do any of it.  He placed his hands on her shoulders and gently brushed the straps to her gown off to the sides.  Her gown fell to the floor exposing her erect nipples and neatly trimmed pubic region.  Maureen stood at attention with her arms at her sides.  Devangelo inspected her from her eyes to her thighs, and she surrendered to his power.  His body felt hot and dry pressing against hers.  She could feel his erection growing up her backside.  She turned around and their eyes met, then, their lips.  Guy and Maureen kissed with passion.

     It was a morning that felt like an eternity, but it always felt like an eternity for her.  Guy always seemed to pop up on a Monday, and it’s strange to say, but she never wanted it to end.  Maybe she was just wrapped up in the moment.  Once she got passed those initial feelings she really enjoyed him violating her.

     Guy gently turned Maureen to the side, and she fell into his arms.  He scooped her up and carried her off to the bed where he laid her on her back.  Once again he admired her body.  A much needed cool breeze blew in through the window.  Devangelo rolled Maureen  over onto her stomach.  Her backside drove his rage.  He climbed into the bed knees first and straddled her ass.  He fucked her hard without mercy until she passed out, and when Guy finished, he dressed himself and walked out of the front door like he owned the house.

     The sun’s position was spectacular that morning.  It’s angle in relation to an ordinary street sign shadowed a perfect arrow on the street.  Immediately Guy recognized the sign, and he followed it until he reached the seventh door.  It was a blurry twisted portal that hovered between two trees.  He was gone in a flash.

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