Dichotomy-A Short Story of Good and Evil

Chapter One

     Peters Town was a quiet ordinary Canadian town.  Many adults worked full time-forty hour work weeks, and children attended school regularly.  Small privately owned businesses made up the majority of the local economic income.  For now at least, it was business as usual.  Big cities both in state and around the country were thriving.  They were holding on.

     After pinwheeling through the portal, Guy’s head was bit hazy.  He was a little confused because it suddenly dawned on him that he forgot something.  He walked around in circles and paced back and forth thinking, just trying to remember what he returned for.  Despite what was going on with Maureen, it wasn’t her.  Nope, there was a much more important reason for his return.  Guy Devangelo was hired.  He was really good at what he did, and his services were requested.  He was on a mission.  He had an objective.

     Guy showed up at Maureen’s house three times already, this was his fourth Monday visit in four weeks.  She couldn’t figure out what was going on, but she didn’t totally object to the idea of her high school sweetheart showing up once in a while.  After all, high school was their time.  For four years it was Guy and Maureen.  After graduating they both attended college in the United States, but they broke up eventually.

     Somehow they lost interest in one another, and maybe it was because their schools were on opposite coasts.  Long distance relationships can really test the bond a couple shares.  Apparently Maureen’s bond with Guy wasn’t as strong as everyone thought.

     Several years ago they got reacquainted with each other at their high school reunion, and it was a fabulous evening.  Maureen brought her husband, and Guy was with his wife Megan.  They ate and laughed and reminisced over drinks, and that was the last time they spoke.  Since getting married, Maureen’s life apparently has been divinely protected.  She was a stay at home mother raising three children, and her husband had a terrific career in Government Service, which kept their lives relatively private and segregated from a large portion of the general public.

     Maureen’s friends always joked with her about her husbands job.  They used to say he was some type of CIA spy working with the men in black.  It was really funny but the truth is that he wasn’t around much.  He was deep in International Law and Political Conflict.  He was a military man, tough and smart, and ultra informed about what was going on in the world.  It was a new world though, one that was changing so rapidly it was distorting the human perception of reality.





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