Dichotomy-A Short Story of Good and Evil

Chapter Three


     It was late in the afternoon when Maureen finally started to wake up from her morning with Guy.  She looked at the clock and quickly jumped out of bed.

     “Holy shit,” she yelled out loud to herself.  “It’s almost four.”

     So much for getting an early start to the day she thought, and after considering how late it was actually, she sat back down.  She was defeated.

     “What the hell am I doing,” she muttered under her breadth.

     Maureen laid down and rolled herself in the comforter that was already twisted on the bed.  Her husband was going to be away for another week so she didn’t need to rush.  Not for him at least.

     Mentally she wasn’t all there yet.  She had Guy on her mind.  She was really confused about what was happening with him.  This was the third time he showed up and had his way with her.  He didn’t even have the decency to throw a blanket on her before leaving.  She was thinking about his sudden arrival.  It was disturbing.  Where did he come from?  Where the hell did he go, and why the fuck did she keep falling asleep?  Not seeing him leave really bothered her.

     As confused as Maureen was however, her issues with Guy and their mornings together were really very simple.  Her thoughts were basic, basic contemplation concerning love, lovers, sex, and innocence.  She had no idea half the world was going crazy, or that Guy was working for a Planetary God who hired him to Rob her.  Obviously, she also wasn’t aware of what she was in possession of.  Good and evil were at war, time traveling was possible,  there were different timelines, alternative realities, Gods, and planets.  All of a sudden science fiction was real.

     To think Guy was sneaking into his ex-girlfriends house to have sex for old times sake was comical, but that’s what Maureen thought.  She was still good.  Her husband on the other hand was not only aware of the world wide awakening, but he made a decision regarding his life and future as it was taking place to involve himself in it.  The truth however, is that he panicked, but so many people did.  Before his mind was blown he walked into his local police department and talked about his discoveries and experiences as well as those of everyone else he knew about.  After listening to what he had to say they recommended therapy.  After his therapy he joined a top secret government agency stationed in Area 31.

     Area 31 was a secret site set deep in the woods 31 miles on the Canadian side of the North American border.  That’s pretty much the extent of what people knew about it.  Area 31 is really secluded, and the reason why citizens didn’t know that much about it besides for the fact that its perimeter was secured with military personnel, is because a good portion of it was underground.  So you have the visible portion surrounded by trees and buried in the woods, and the underground portion actually running across the border into the upper portion of North America.  For normal people to get into this place would first require at least a twenty mile hike off road, and then a successful overthrow of the deadliest most technologically advanced Branch of Military Government.

     We’re talking about a Branch of Government specifically designed to deal with every and all issues regarding the awakened population.  On the inside of the compound there were investigators, researchers, and scientist of the highest caliber.  It also housed philosophers, psychologist, and religious officials who spent their entire day trying to figure out what exactly was going and the best ways of describing it.  Scientist and investigators were usually out in the field tracking portals, although they haven’t been able to catch up with them yet.  They can’t figure out where or when they open.  They have a very difficult job.

     The researchers spend their time in classrooms and libraries studying the zodiac.  Their only responsibility is studying astrology.  They must know everything there is to know about the history of it, and the types of systems that have been established.  They must know about degrees, house placement, aspects, planets, and elements.  If they can penetrate the awakened mind they’ll have a chance to catch up.  If they can gain a step or find an advantage then maybe they could anticipate future moves; be there on site possibly when these portals open.

     The entire compound is filled with men and woman like Maureen’s husband.  These were people who woke up and panicked and ran to a government that knew absolutely nothing about what was going on.  Thousands of people everywhere were turning themselves in and eventually, their cause was funded, and they were given military protection.

     What’s really interesting is when civilians think of a police force or a military, or government in general, rarely do they think of them as being lost or afraid.  In a world waking up around him, Maureen’s husband Gary was both.  He was stranded without answers, but to his credit it can be very frightening to find yourself in a predicament you can’t make sense of.  That was a long time ago however, Gary is strong and confident now.  He’s a member of a team, and his team has purpose.  They’re working out of a fortress of a facility, which of course is backed by a shitload of money and protected by the military.  The lost are now home, and the scared are brave now.

In complete trust and confidence, and as a reward for being the most dedicated and successful official in this outfit, Gary’s superiors gave him a gift.  It was a scale, and in Gary’s hands this scale was safe, but they never told him his award was literally the key to balance and justice in what was left of the world he called home.   He took it home, and the world was without deceit and corruption.



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