Dichotomy-Chapter 8

a short story about good and evil

Chapter Eight

Guy gathers his strength, pulls himself to his feet, and staggers into the bedroom where he sees Maureen standing in front of the mirror.

“Maureen,” Gary said softly.

As Gary got closer he put his hand on her shoulder, and Maureen snapped out of her trance.  She was angry.  She grabbed a handful of Gary’s hair and twisted his head while she punched him in the face and neck.

“You fucking son of a bitch, don’t you ever put your hands on me again,” she shouted.

Maureen’s anger was a short burst and eventually it gave way to tears.  She broke down crying, but Gary was there to grab her and pull her in close.  He had to keep her close so she couldn’t strike him anymore.

“Maureen, it’s me Gary.  I love you Maureen,” Gary kept repeating himself until Maureen realized it was him.

“Oh Gary, thank God it’s you,” said Maureen.

“Are you okay, how long have you been standing here,” asked Gary.

“After you called to tell me you were coming home, I came back in the bedroom to make the bed.  Then, I heard a noise in the living room, and that’s the last thing I remember.  What’s going on?  Why are you home from work,” Maureen asked.

“I came home for that Scale in our living room, supposedly it has some special powers, but as long as you’re okay that’s all that matters right now” reassured Gary.

Gary held Maureen close for a little while longer then instructed her to get dressed.  Gary was headed back to Area 31, and he was taking Maureen with him.  When they got out to the SUV, they noticed the cloud above Peters Town lifted and Sun was out.

Monday today will be different from the last three.  Maureen will not be standing in front of her mirror, there won’t be any portals opening, and Guy Devangelo won’t be making an appearance.  Maureen and Gary will be sitting together as husband and wife in the Briefing room at Area 31.

Guy and Maureen sat together in the briefing room, which had been situated a little differently to accommodate the current conditions.  The long rectangular table that usually occupied the floor’s center area was slid to one side against the wall with all the chairs stackadult-affection-care-1251177ed on top.  In its place was a brand new love seat and several blankets.

In front of them a large flat screen television hung on the wall, and the lights dimmer switch was turned down half way.  They sat in silence for several long minutes, and then Commander Bright appeared on the television screen.

“First, I would like to apologize to you Gary for not telling you the complete story about the Scale before I gave it to you.  It was very hard and extremely difficult for me to give it to you in the first place knowing how important it was to our opposition, but never in a million years did I really think they would find it,” the Commander continued.

“Second, I’m sorry Maureen for subjecting you and your children to the evils of this world.  Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary.  It’s supposed to be the safest place for you to be, but in reality it never would’ve been as long as the Scale was in there.  As a result of this whole situation I was forced to resign and leave my position at this location.  They’re moving me to Siberia.  My superior, General Reddi will speak to you next.  Take care of yourselves, and best of luck to both of you and your entire family,” said Commander Bright with extreme sincerity.

“I’m General Reddi, and its nice to meet you Gary, and you as well Maureen.  I would like to congratulate you on your promotion Gary, as of this morning I decided to make you the new lead Commander and Authority Head of Area 31.

“Thank you,” replied Gary.  Maureen sat quietly.

“As you know we’ve moved Commander Bright, as of tomorrow morning he’ll be stationed in Siberia.  I know he was a good friend of yours, and you’ve been working with him since your career began with us, but there are no room for mistakeschairs-conference-room-corporate-236730.  Not now, not while we are still playing catch up,”  The General continued.  Gary, you were instructed to go home, and bring the Scale back here.  There are two Scales in focus here, and although you did not bring the Scale back, you did bring home the Libra,” informed The General.

Maureen and Gary looked at each other, clearly they were both confused.

“In a different timeline, in a different reality, and in heaven perhaps, the Scale you were given has meaning.  It has great power to do many magical things.  It’s Baxter’s favorite toy,”  said General Reddi.

“I just met Baxter this morning,” said Gary.

“You see, in Heaven, Baxter can control and manipulate any situation involving justice, balance, and equality, but here on earth it’s just an object.  It’s meaningless to us, but it means everything to Baxter.  We knew eventually Baxter would come for it, but we didn’t think he’d find it.  As it turns out we were right, he had help,” said General Reddi.

After relaying this information to Gary, General Reddi stepped to side.  On the television screen was a picture of Guy Devangelo.  Maureen’s heart dropped.

“This is our target,” explained Reddi.  “This man here, Guy Devangelo, is extremely intelligent.  Baxter came back to take what belonged to him, but Guy comes here frequently to take what belongs to us.  He can be a real problem for us, and our way of life.  The Seventh House as you both know is the house of partnerships.  The integrity and survival of your marriage is much more important to us than the Scale.  A loss in the Seventh House means our world suffers long term.  Broken marriages, children without parents, suicide rates and crime increases, and you know the rest.  It’s a snowball effect.  I was praying for you, and hoping that you brought Maureen back here with you.  Area 31 is your new home until we catch up with Guy Devangelo and figure out how he’s doing what he does,” explained Reddi.  “Once again, thank you both, and I’ll be in touch.  For now, I would like for you to relax, and take some personal time off,” the screen went black and Reddi disappeared.

As Gary was sitting there with Maureen he could sense something wasn’t right with her.  It was a rough morning, but there was something more.  Just then Maureen turned to him.  They gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment, and finally Maureen spoke.

“I think I’m pregnant Gary.”



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