Forever Mine

Forever Mine was a movie that came out in 1999.  It was a crime/romance/drama starring Ray Liotta, Joseph Fiennes, and Gretchen Mol.  Ray Liotta just married a beautiful younger woman, and when he took her on vacation, she fell in love with the cabana boy working at the resort.

Liotta tried to stop the cabana boy’s hot pursuit of his wife by having a cop plant drugs on him and arrest him.  While in jail, the cabana boy wrote letter after letter to Liotta’s wife, which really angered Ray.

In response, Ray staged a prison escape from a prison paddy wagon while his wife’s lover was being transported, but this was only to get her lover out in the woods so Liotta’s goons could kill him.

They tried.  They shot him in the face with a shotgun and left him for dead, but he didn’t die.  Fifteen years later, Liotta got himself into legal trouble that would’ve cost him  a shitload of money and ultimately, his freedom.  When Ray seeks council to help him get out of this jam, he ends up hiring….YES…his wife’s lover.

They don’t recognize him though….

I’ll leave it there.  It was really really good.

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