Welcome, and thank you for visiting. My name is Francis Joseph LaManna, author and creator of Nooz Buffet. I graduated from William Paterson University in 2003, and I began Nooz Buffet in 2018 as a creative outlet. Surprisingly, several books followed. I wrote Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories in 2019, and it was published in 2020, and Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish was published late in 2021. Although both books are similar to this website in theme, they’re unrelated.

The Smorgasbord series is going to be capped off with a third book. Smorgasbord 3 Prophecy and Poverty is complete and has been since March of this year (2022), but I’m going to hold onto it a for little while longer.

It hasn’t been without hard work and dedication, but to see how much Nooz Buffet has grown since 2018 has been amazing, and I owe all of that to you. You’re my readers, my followers, and my supporters, and I do love and appreciate all of you.