I Want to Sue YouTube

I would like file a lawsuit against YouTube. I think I have a case considering they did violate censorship laws, and they did infringe on my first amendment rights when the removed my video.

They removed it because they said I violated their terms by giving medical misinformation, yet I did not give medical advice.

Please, watch the Nooz Buffet Nooz Show Session 10 right here on my blog, and tell me what you think.

Thank you for reading and following. Have a good night and a blessed day tomorrow!

Final Thoughts & Moving On

I’m not going to let the removal of my video from youtube bother me any longer, and I’m not going to waste anymore time thinking about it because there’s nothing I can say or do that will make them put the video back up. Also, it hasn’t even been 24 hours, and my appeal has already been rejected.

I addition, it’s all negative energy, and I don’t want that.

What I would like to say is everything you’ve heard about these major tech platforms is true. It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking the truth or not, and it doesn’t matter if your advice could save millions of people. If what you have to say is the opposite of popular public opinion or the narrative, they will remove it and censor you. They just did it to me.

Okay, we’re moving on.

From this moment forward, any Nooz Buffet Nooz Shows I make will be posted right here on noozbuffet.com.

Have a wonderful evening!

1st Amendment Infringement

Well we’ve heard all the rumors about internet censoring, we’ve heard the stories about people having videos removed, audio and visual quality tampered with, and so on.

This is all an attack on our first amendment rights. It’s an attack against the American people, and it’s showing us that if we don’t agree with the narrative we can get censored.

I didn’t break any of YouTubes rules, but my video, Nooz Buffet Nooz Show Session 10 was removed for inappropriate content. What was inappropriate?

Now I have to take time out of my busy schedule to appeal this false claim.

This is the message YouTube sent me. I didn’t dispute anything. I didn’t talk about social distancing or self-isolation.

I said getting a COVID test is up to the individual. I said getting a vaccine is up to the individual. I said there is no law that says you have to wear a mask. Wearing a mask is really another choice we as individuals make.

You can watch the video for yourself here on noozbuffet.com.

So what’s the real issue? The issue is that they want people to believe they don’t have a choice for the simple fact that they hate freedom.

“How dare you tell people they have a choice?”

I also wrote about how the advertising for COVID testing and vaccinations has not only made people feel guilty, but it has been psychologically manipulating. If you decide not to wear a mask or get vaccinated you should not feel guilty.

They keep pushing this idea through mainstream media that we need to get vaccinated to help the people around us. Are you kidding me? If I get vaccinated and you don’t, how am I helping you?

You have to help yourself.

That’s okay. What YouTube did today is part of the reason why I have my own blog. noozbuffet.com is my platform, and I’m going to continue posting relevant information.

Stay tuned.

4/6/21 Nooz Now

In an article published on apnews.com, United States Senator Joe Manchin is said to have reached out to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Kanawha County, the largest county in West Virginia is in trouble, and it’s not a COVID-19 issue. Apparently, there has been an HIV outbreak so significant, it’s being called the most concerning issue in the United States.

🍑 Nicki Minaj is blowing up on YouTube! Anaconda, her latest video just surpassed 1 billion views. Minaj now has six music music videos on YouTube with over a billion views. I guess you can say America has a thang for Nicki.

Take your shot or you can’t go to school!

There’s a huge problem in this country, and if we don’t stand up to it we might wake up one day wondering where our rights went. Thehill.com has just reported five colleges in the United States are going to require students be vaccinated before returning to college campus in the Fall. Here’s another issue where Americans are facing the issue of forced medical care. We are told that it is not only illegal, but unconstitutional to force medical care on the citizens of this country, but yet, college students must get vaccinated in order to continue their education. That’s unconstitutional, and that’s something we MUST stand up to. For the life of me, I can’t understand why people are going along with this.

🏀NBA standout, Paul Pierce, who played 19 seasons-most with the Boston Celtics, has been fired by ESPN after posting what critics are calling a “racy” Instagram video. In the video, Pierce is smoking what appears to be marijuana while girls wearing thongs are shaking their butts in the background. I liked the video, but I guess ESPN thought it was….”racy”?


Table Seven Nooz Show Available on YouTube

Several months ago we decided to do a news show to go along with the blog here at https://noozbuffet.com. For your convenience, I would love to publish the Table Seven Nooz Show right here on the blog, but apparently, there isn’t enough space for me to do that.

The show itself is coming along as I’m putting a little more effort and preparation into it. We just published the Table Seven Nooz Show Session 8,” and you can watch that now on YouTube. The Table Seven Nooz Show Session 9 will be up and available for you to watch on my YouTube page in November.

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Session 8