Info Wars Host Faces Excessive Fines

The Lawsuit against Alex Jones is now up to $1 Billion!!!!!!! I’m confused here, was he the shooter? And not only that, but the writer of an article published on Yahoo referred to him as a conspiracy peddler. WOW, talk about getting kicked when your down. It’s sad, and you know something,

I can’t help but think there’s still a lot of animosity towards him for the donations he collected for the representation of Kyle Rittenhouse. Kylie Rittenhouse was right in his self-defense actions and it cost millions to keep him out of jail. That whole thing showed the rest of us that if you don’t have political connections in your family, you better have a lot of money. Alex Jones was never a conspiracy peddler, he was a force against evil.

Cruel and Unusual

This is unbelievable. So, not only is Alex Jones going to be expected to pay $4.1 million dollars in damages, but an attorney representing one of the families is begging jurors to take away his platform and make sure he can never rebuild it again.

Really? This is getting a little personal don’t you think? I’m sorry, but money isn’t going to bring anyone back and Alex Jones had nothing to do with that unfortunate situation.

Voicing his opinion ends up costing him $4.1 million dollars, and that’s not enough, you want to take his lively hood and source of income away.

How about an apology? Why is an apology not good enough?

That’s terribly, selfish and greedy, but you want to know something, anytime someone attempts to take advantage of a law suit by going for more than they deserve ends up cursed.

Alex Jones; Getting Deeper and Deeper

Alex Jones, in case you aren’t familiar, is the host of Info Wars. For a long time now he’s been giving us the news in a non-traditional sense, but he’s good at what he does.

He’s dedicated, passionate, and truly interested in what goes on behind the scenes, in the shadows, and underground. He has taken his stance in support of the United States Constitution and America in general.

He has a sense of humor, and sometimes he can be flat out comical. For those of us who’ve been tuning in for the last ten years and longer, we’ve grown to appreciate and love Jones and the Info Wars Staff. We love the rants, and the emotional outbursts. I know I do.

Jones has dedicated a good portion of his life to exposing the Illuminati, the Globalists, shadow governments, and any other group or individual whose behind the scenes-back room conspiring presents a threat to the American way of life.

Over the years we’ve come to understand and recognize what’s going on with mainstream news outlets. We know they deliver a small portion of a bigger story and their presentations are usually slanted towards one political party. Democrats have their stations that present news with a leftist spin, and Republicans have theirs.

Out of all this, We The People are suffering. Alex Jones gives the stories you won’t hear on MSNBC, CNN, PBS, and all the rest. He tells you what’s relevant and he backs it up with research.

When you seek the truth, speak the truth, and share the truth, you’re a problem for manipulative liars. We The People have had our heads buried long enough. We’re at the point right now where we’re almost expected not to speak up. The American people are hated for their liberty and freedom, and we’re being robbed of our rights and sovereignty.

Alex Jones does speak the truth and he’s also opinionated. There’s nothing wrong with that. Our first amendment right to free speech and peaceful assembly has been under attack for years and probably with more hostility and ferocity than the attacks on our second amendment. Our Federal Government is out of control, and they’re destroying this country.

Alex Jones shared his opinions with his audience concerning the Sandy Hook shooting. But, lets be honest here, news stories covering events that never happened isn’t out of the norm. False flags, fake news, and stretching the facts have become way to common.

Initially, I’m almost positive Alex Jones said Sandy Hook was a hoax. Now, that’s his opinion. It doesn’t matter if his opinion upsets you, that was his opinion. He obviously came across some information and he obviously had his reasons for why he believed that, but that was his opinion. The fact that he’s even in court for stating his opinion is an indication that we’re not only losing our first amendment rights, but we’re losing our country to communism as well.

I think Alex Jones would’ve been okay if he had stood his ground with his original opinion because in all fairness, it was his opinion. At some point he changed his opinion, and you could see that he was under some heavy pressure. They hammered him every day; how could you say that, you’re heartless, and on and on they attacked him riding the emotions of the families of the victims. He was being threatened and there was no end to it.

Eventually, he changed his story and said it was 100% real. Then the families of the victims and everyone involved or not involved wanted their piece of Alex Jones. For the years and years and years of aggravation and anxiety he caused by simply telling the truth and supporting the United States, people were in salivating frenzy.

They couldn’t wait to get him for his support of Kyle Rittenhouse, for his stance on forced inoculations and masks, for showing the video of nothing going on in the White House on that January 6th, and a billion other things he did that was against the “system.”

They couldn’t wait to get him in court and they couldn’t wait to get him on the stand because the terrible truth now is that America is no longer and hasn’t been for a very long time, a nation ruled by laws. We have judges and politicians that rule on a whim, cater to friends and family members of the establishment, and if you’re not in the circle then you better have a lot of money. It’s a shame.

And now look what just happened; his lawyer accidentally sends his texts messages to the attorney representing the families of the victims. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They’re trying to charge him with perjury now.

This is unbelievable, and in my opinion, ridiculous. Alex Jones should not be in court. There are elected officials in our government both past and present who’ve done so much worse and instead of prison time, getting exiled, or getting ripped right from their positions, they’ve been able to keep their jobs without punishment. Yet, they’re intent on making an example out of Alex Jones. Give me a break.

This is beyond a shame but the rest of us can learn from this. We can share our opinions, and if can’t, then we’ve got some serious work to do. We The People are sovereign!

Breakdown By Design

“A breakdown of civilization by design,” this is what Alex Jones is calling it. I’ve often asked myself, where is the system going with all this tyranny, and it’s not just medical. I was basically just charged with disorderly conduct and fined $500 dollars for saying Fuck in public!

Justin Trudeau in Canada is talking about “Bad Thoughts.” What is this an episode of the Twilight Zone?


I’ve often asked myself, with the force of masking and vaccinations in mind, where is this going to end. Because we see people loosing their jobs and other rights and natural freedoms because of it. But this medical tyranny is just a part of it.

America has always been a place of clear social stratification, we do have poor, middle class, rich, and wealthy. That’s not a secret, but it’s Capitalism that allows us an opportunity to climb. What all Americans are facing right now is a combination of socialism, fascism, and communism. You can see the socialism in our institutions, you can see the fascist elements as the Amazon’s Walmart’s, corporations and tech giants are partnering with our elected officials at the highest levels.

According to Alex Jones:

“The Great Reset is designed to destroy supply chains, and knockout small businesses that employ more than 90% of the public. Once they have you under control they put you on a social credit score and universal income. And at that point they can dictate every facet of your life. That’s what they want.”

So, the time has come for us to ask ourselves what we want.

Do you want to be able to go to work and earn a paycheck, and have the ability to come and go as you please-wherever and whenever you want? Do you want life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Or do you want to be subordinate to a controlling and tyrannical government?

Mask Up for 100 Days?

It was December 3rd when Joe Biden pleaded with the citizens of the United States. People were starting to lose interest in the mask, and people started realizing the COVID-19 pandemic was not quite the emergency our government was making it out to be. A lot of people stopped wearing their masks. Again, uncertainty and inconsistences. President Biden said we could beat this thing. He said let’s do the right thing and “mask up” for 100 days.

Well, April 3rd was 120 days and we’re still wearing our masks. Someone a lot older than me said, “I don’t understand this. There was a time when you took a vaccine and that was it.”

My answer to that was nothing has made since this whole thing began. People who are taking the vaccine are still staying home, still social distancing, and some are wearing two masks now.

It’s been a while since I’ve written about COVID-19, but please, let me mention a few things. Everyone said Alex Jones was a crazy lying conspiracy theorist, but it was Alex Jones and his show, Info Wars that told us exactly what the government was doing and exactly what the government was planning on doing. You said no about everything, and everything that he said was going to happen-is happening right now.

Let’s put all that aside now. Right now, today, we have to take something into consideration. People are saying how much they can’t wait for life to get back to normal, and people are saying how exciting it’s going to be when we can finally take the mask off.

I don’t want to burst your bubble, but the mask may never come off. That’s right. Alternate media told us COVID-19 was the beginning of the end for the future of this country and the citizens in it. The government has no intentions of ever telling you to take your mask off. The government will continue using this pandemic to further divide the citizens in this country and keep us fighting with each other, while they chip away at our individual rights and freedoms.

Remember, there is no law that says you have to wear a mask-anywhere! Wearing a mask is your choice. It always has been. Getting tested is your choice. Getting vaccinated is your choice.

The masks will come off when the people in this country decided they’ve had enough. No one’s going to say, “Hey Peter you can take your mask off now. It’s safe.” “Hey, Jenny you can take your mask off now. It’s safe.”

If you decide you don’t want to get vaccinated you can still carry on with your life. You can travel, fly, and go to school. The government, the medical system, and your neighbors cannot force you to get vaccinated. Telling you you can’t fly or go to college unless you’re vaccinated is illegal and unconstitutional.

Mask up? I love how they try to make it sound cool. Like yeah, mask up bro, it’s the right thing to do.

Fuck you.

Good night.