It’s Time to Catch Up

Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish is the second book I’ve written and the second in the Smorgasbord series. If you haven’t purchased it yet, then listen up.

Smorgasbord 2 is available in paperback and e-book form. The e-books can be purchased from Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook. The paperbacks can be purchased online as well from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Decisions Decisions

Hello everyone, how are you on this Sunday morning? I hope you’re all doing well.

Smorgasbord 3 Prophecy & Poverty, I’ve decided will be the last book in the Smorgasbord series. When I began writing the first book, Smorgasbord A collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories, I wasn’t sure exactly what would come of it, but I knew it would eventually lead to something else; possibly something different, something greater in certain ways, and something more specific.

As all endings present new beginnings, I will move on to the next project. It will probably be something in the area of astrology.

That you for visiting Nooz Buffet, and if you haven’t picked up the first two Smorgasbord books, you can do so on several websites; Barns & Noble and Amazon have it paperback and e-form. You can also purchase the e-book on Google Play or Apple iTunes.

Have a wonderful day.

From Blog to Books

Hello everyone! Thank you for reading and following along here at Nooz Buffet. For those who don’t know, two years after starting this blog, I wrote my first book, and then my second, and now, I just finished my third.

The links for the book website pages are below.

If you haven’t purchased Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories, or Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish, then you’re missing out on something special.

It’s un-categorize-able, and outside the box. It’s the first of its kind; as an author, my work is a faucet pouring out creativity everywhere, anywhere, and in any genre, while remaining grounded through real life stories.

Both books are available in paperback and e-book. Please, visit links for more information.

Smorgasbord 3 Prophecy & Poverty

You know, it’s funny. When I started writing the first Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories, I wasn’t sure what it would lead to or where it would take me. The interesting thing is that I never stopped writing.

Even with a full time job and keeping up with this blog, I still found time to write. As soon as my first manuscript was accepted into publication, I began working on the second. Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up & Relish was released almost one week ago, and I’m about half way done with the 3rd book.

This has been quite a journey that honestly, I wanted to share with my readers. There’s a natural progression in this series of books, and I don’t know if Smorgasbord 3 is going to be the last, but wherever we do end up, I’m sure it will be special.

Catchup & Relish

My complimentary paperback copies of Smorgasbord 2 arrived today, and as you can probably imagine, I’M SO FRIGGIN EXCITED!

Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up & Relish

I’d like to thank my publisher, Fulton Books, for doing another amazing job! The book looks great!

April 1st would be the expected release date, so we’re about another week and half away from it being available for purchase.

Only here, on my site, will you get the pre-sneak-peak and inside look at one special poem. Enjoy!

Does It Even Matter;
a poem from Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up & Relish

Nooz Now

March 11, 2022 Edition

🏀NCAA-The Virginia Tech Hokies defeated the No. 2 Ranked Fighting Irish of Notre Dame in the ACC Tournament yesterday, 87-80.

🏈NCAA- Georgia’s QB, J.T. Daniels, is visiting Oregon State today. Daniels told sources he won’t make a final decision on transferring until the spring.

🏀NBA- Joel Embiid scored 27 points and had 12 rebounds, but that wasn’t enough as the 76ers lost by 29 to the Nets last night, 129-100. This was also the night marking the return of Ben Simmons.

🎬The Dutchess (2008)- This was a movie starring Keira Knightly, Ralph Fiennes, Haley Atwell, and (my personal favorite) Dominic Copper, who played Jesse Custer in the show Preacher. I just saw this the other night; it was excellent. You know movies are good when they draw a reaction out of you, and I must say, the marriage between the characters played by Knightly and Fiennes was a little infuriating. That’s all I’m saying; check it out!

📗-I just purchased a book yesterday, and the title isn’t really important. When I opened the inside cover and flipped to the Acknowledgements, this “author” gave thanks to someone who contributed knowledge and expertise to her book, an editor, a contributor, collaborator, another editor, and then someone who added detail. (I mean did she even write the book?) I don’t know, that seems like a lot of people.

Also, I wanted to share this. Someone questioned me about being an author recently, they thought writing a book should come later in life after a big accomplishment has been made. And I said to that person, those people who usually come out with books after a successful career in some area, are not writers. Someone writes those books for them. It’s different if your career is writing.

Case in point, if writing is your thing, write away! And a big major shout out to all the true creators out there who’ve found their creative outlet as a writer! Transferring thoughts to paper in a clear and concise way is not easy.

🔥✍Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish went into print yesterday, and I should be receiving my personal copies within four weeks. If it looks good, and I approve, it will be available for purchase a week from then, so even though I still haven’t received that expedited release date yet, I’m going to say sometime in April!

Manifesting Smorgasbord 2

I’m going to share a little something that happened today that I thought was awesome.

In my new book Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish, there’s a story that’s spilt into two separate chapters, it’s called Witches In Heat, Part 1 and Part 2.

It’s about a guy, who gets taken back in time by a girl working at a local Farmer’s Market. While walking to the store to buy a new laptop for work, he comes across a barn that’s really a store selling fresh fruits and vegetables. His walk was a long one so he stopped at the barn to take a break, and while he was there he fell asleep. When he woke up there was a dark cloud overhead, and that’s when all the strangeness begins.

The inspiration for this story came from a day when I actually spilled coffee on my laptop. I didn’t have a car at the time so I walked to the local Target. On my way there I saw a red barn. I didn’t stop or anything, but that’s where the inspiration for the story came from.

Since writing that story I haven’t been back that way, but today, now that I have my car, I decided to drive over to where the Target is. On my way home, I passed the barn on my right, and there was a girl outside mowing the grass. The barn was open and they were selling flowers, and fresh fruit like raspberries and blueberries.

I had to stop! LOL

This will be amazing to you when you read the story in Smorgasbord 2, but I stopped. Without getting too in depth, many of the details written in the story were coming to fruition right in front of me. It was so eerie, especially when the raincloud rolled in, but like I said, when you read the story you’ll appreciate this post.

I should’ve stayed there..

New Book & Signing Event Updates

The sequel to my first book, Smorgasbord is titled, Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish. It’s now in publication.

On Saturday, August 21, 2021, I will be at the Barnes & Noble in the Lehigh Valley Mall between 1 pm and 3pm signing copies of my new book Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories. Please, mark your calendars. This will be my first book signing event, and I can’t wait to see you all there!

Francis Joseph LaManna’s new book Smorgasbord is a captivating handbook filled with thoughts and stories that carry hope to readers”

Lehigh Valley Mall

Address: 801 Lehigh Lifestyle Center, Whitehall, PA 18052

Phone(610) 264-0238