Moon-Scope; mental stimulation

Sunday April 24, 2022

On Saturday April 24, the Moon will be in the astrological sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is a masculine sign with fixed air. Aquarius is analytical, independent, original, and the natives usually hold firm to their opinions. When the Moon enters the Water Bearer, there’s a devotion to mental and intellectual pursuits. Buried deep below in the subconscious, there are many things swirling around. The Moon highlights humanity. How can the world be a better place? What can we do to improve the quality of life? The Moon highlights hopes and wishes, but more specifically, those things that seem out of reach and unattainable.

The popular perception of Aquarius is getting a little off track, and I know this because I am one. They say Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac, but a more accurate way of describing the Water Bearer would be to say they have a knack for calling attention to things that are unfair and don’t make sense.

If you create a game and set the rules, Aquarians will follow those rules, until, they wake up and realize they’re the only ones following the rules. It’s a progressive sign, and in order for progress to be made, things need to change. The feminine Moon aids Aquarius in this area, which can become ridged and serious at times. Life is a journey, and the Moon helps Aquarius gain focus so the ride is more enjoyable.

The 🌖Moon is in ♒Aquarius in the 3rd House 🏠.

When it’s 10 PM here on the east coast, it will be 7 PM on the west coast, and the moon will be in the 3rd House. This is about short distance journeys this is about the neighborhood, and education on a foundational level. Things are changing in the 3rd House, especially as far as early education is concerned. There was a time when homeschooling wasn’t popular, but today, more and more parents are choosing to home school their children.

If you’re feeling restless in the house or you’re board, go for a drive. Take a drive around the neighborhood, who knows maybe you’ll see someone you know. We all love the conveniences that technology provides, but little by little, we’re being pushed to stay in our homes. (I talked about that in one of my posts.) The third house deals heavily with intellect and your mind. You must find ways to keep your mind stimulated; there’s only so much movie watching and crossword puzzles you can do. We all need to get out more and interact with one another. And that’s what Aquarius is also about; large groups of friends that we meet through social circles.

Just a reminder, we’re almost at the new moon, this phase we’re currently in, which is at 38%, is only revealing a small portion of what’s going on with 3rd House issues.

The key phrase for Aquarius is “I Know.” When it comes to likes and dislikes, and personal opinions, they really do know, and that’s the basis for the inventiveness behind the genius. There’s a lesson here though for all the signs and the humans who fall under them, because Aquarians aren’t the only sign capable of great things.

The 3rd House is one those personal houses where we’re still dealing with and establishing ourselves as we prepare for the world that awaits. It’s through our interaction with our immediate environment that we establish our opinions, and discover what we like and dislike. At the very least, establish that for yourself.

Luck Numbers are 1 and 7.

Have a wonder day, a blessed evening, and a great day tomorrow.


Moon-Scope; Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

April 21, 2022

🌖 Moon in ♑ Capricorn

Hello everyone! The Moon is currently in the astrological sign of Capricorn, where it will remain until tomorrow, Friday the 22nd. Without looking to see, “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” I’m pretty sure means to not push your luck. If someone is kind enough or generous enough to give you something or do something for you, just take it and say thank you. What’s the connection? Capricorn rules goats and cloven hoofed animals-that means horses.

That being said, something unexpected my be coming your way. Don’t question where it came from, who, why, or how. Just accept it, and be on your way. Chances are, it’s well deserved. Capricorn is patient in its search for security. The Goat is also reserved, but when the time is right, she’s quick to seize the opportunity. When the Moon is in Capricorn, we sit back in a sense, and meticulously feel around for what’s pleasing to us. Problems are encountered when we finally attempt to seize what we’ve been working for and waiting on because suddenly, it’s not accessible.

For whatever reason; it’s blocked, someone’s in the way, there is no more, and so on. The lesson here is flexibility and in the balance, lies your happiness. We have to get creative, formulate new plans, and take alternate routes or ideas into consideration. One way or the other, we will get what we deserve, what’s owed, and what we’ve worked for. When the Moon’s in Capricorn we’ll figure out the smartest, most dedicated, and most disciplined ways of doing that.

Capricorn says “I USE.” When the Moon blends with Capricorn, no stone is left unturned, and every step is exhausted before the next is taken.

The 🌖Moon in ♑Capricorn in the 2nd House🏠.

When it’s 10 o’clock PM here on the east coast, it will be 7 o’clock out on the west coast, and the moon will be in Capricorn in the 2nd House. Naturally, Capricorn dwells in the 10th house, the house of public standing and career. So, lets bring the 10th house theme into the 2nd House. When the Moon blends with Capricorn the energies manifest in the arena of possessions. You will get whatever you want if you work for it in a disciplined and smart way. Saturn is involved here as the ruler of Capricorn, so you know whatever is going on involves discipline. All things in due time.

If you have been busting your ass and killing it at work, some type of recognition or reward is likely.

It’s the spring season. Usually when the spring arrives, it’s out with the old and in with the new. If you haven’t done that, it’s the perfect time to do so. Spend some time thinking about how you can bring harmony to your home. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant either; maybe a new centerpiece, flowers, or curtains.

At work, you seek praise and honor. If you want the bosses to notice you, spend some time thinking about how you can capture their attention. Make sure you have everything you need to be successful at the work you do.

Lucky Day for Capricorn: Saturday

Lucky Numbers are 2 and 8.

On Saturday, April 23, the Moon will be in its last quarter. Tonight, it’s 71% and waning, which means the visibility of the results from the last cycle is shrinking. I might’ve started analyzing the moon when it was full, and if that’s the case then I would take away from this cycle whatever you need, let the rest go, and we’ll start fresh on the 30th when the new moon arrives in Taurus.

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Have a blessed night and a wonderful day tomorrow.


Moon-Scope; It’s all About You!

Sagittarius is masculine fire, and fire signs find themselves in situations where they’re able to learn lessons involving patience. Fire signs yield to their natives one of the greatest gifts of all, wisdom, but fire signs are emotionally charged. It’s hard to learn when we’re letting our emotions control us. With open arms, the Archer welcomes the Moon’s calm and patient demeanor.

Some of the Moon’s qualities could be slightly stoked, however, putting a little fire behind devotion, but not enough to make you overbearing. In Sagittarius, the Moon is devoted to exploration and seeking new ideas. There are hidden thoughts about freedom bubbling to the surface. Enough is enough, you’re finally starting to realize that you’ve been giving and sacrificing a little too much.

The key phrase for Sagittarius is, “I SEE,” and in the sign of the Archer, the Moon sees the importance of wanting and striving for more. With the directness and pin-point accuracy of the Archer, the Moon sees exactly what’s worthy and valuable, and patience may be put on the back-burner in order to seize the opportunity.

The Moon 🌖 will be in Sagittarius ♐ in the 1st House🏠 .

At 10 PM Eastern time, it will be 7 PM on the West Coast, and the Moon will hold steady on the 14th degree of Sagittarius in the First House.

The lunar qualities blend with the Archer and the energies manifest in the arena of Self-You!

The first house represents the house of self, it is your self-image, your personality, and whatever and however else you present yourself to the outside world. By nature, Sagittarius is a freedom-loving sign; the Archer is always open to finding new ideas and motivated for exploration. The natural house of Sagittarius is the 9th, and so those motivations and ambitions are directed towards long-distance traveling, higher education, and philosophical issues.

But not tonight, well, not totally because remember, there’s a blend. If we bring the themes of the 9th house into the 1st, then we understand higher education, higher ideals, and getting away and traveling to somewhere new, are all things that contribute to the self we present to the world. If you’re goal has been to look better and feel better, and you’re doing this by exercising and dieting, then you’re going to search for the people who know what they’re talking about, and you’re going to read material or watch videos that are tried and true.

This is about going beyond the average, the normal, and the every-day. You want the best for yourself because you want to present the best image of yourself to the world, and you’ll do this by finding the best sources available.

You’ve been patient and highly adaptive for a long time now, but now that the Moon is lighting up Sagittarius in your house of self, you realized you’ve lost your freedoms in the process. Sagittarius is all about freedom. You want your freedom. You need your freedom, and you will do exactly what you need to do to reclaim it.

Opportunities and ideas come to you this evening, that seem to be exactly what you’re looking for. Seize the opportunity, the moment, the time, the idea, or whatever it is because it’s for the betterment of you.

Independence! Remember your self-image depends on how you feel about yourself. The better you feel about yourself, the more confident you’ll be. The most confident people are independent people because they can take care of themselves. When you rely on others, you subject yourself to their problems, but more importantly their control. Rarely do you get what you want because there’s usually a compromise involved. Freedom is gained through independence.

Lucky numbers are 5 and 7, and Thursday is the lucky day. Thursday is the day of the Lord, the Oak King, and Jesus Christ. If you ask you will be answered, and if you seek, you shall find. Go within tonight in a moment of solitude, and ask the Lord to show you the way back to becoming your best self again.

The Sun’s Transit into Taurus

We have eight more days of the Sun in Aries. According to most sources supporting the Tropical Zodiac, the Sun will begin its transit through the astrological sign, Taurus on April 20th. Keep in mind, in the Tropical Zodiac, astrological signs and actual constellations don’t always align, but that’s not an issue.

So, the Sun enters Taurus on the 20th day of April. The symbol representing Taurus is the bull, and a bull can be both fierce and gentle. Aries is where the zodiac commences in the 1st house, so Taurus would be the natural 2nd house. The sun’s energies and qualities blend with that of Taurus and the combination manifests in the arena of possessions. What do you have?

Taurus is a feminine earth sign that’s fixed, and those born under this sign will be celebrating their birthdays between April 20th and May 20th.

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, rules over Taurus, which is kind of funny because we don’t think of love and beauty when we think about bulls, but in terms of the house the bull rules, it fits quite perfectly. In the house of possessions we acquire those things we consider beautiful or that which we love because they bring a sense of harmony into our lives and our environment. And the key word there is sense because Taurus is an earth sign, and the element of earth is about sensibility where happiness is gained through flexibility.

There’s a connection between what we possess (2nd house) and beauty (Venus) and our senses (earth). Does it smell good? Does it look good? Does it sound good? Does it feel good? You get the point.

For those of us who are born when the sun was in Taurus, we have the will power and energy to fill our lives with everything pleasing. To go after our love! And that’s the struggle for the bull who is seen as a ferocious creature. To show the world that looks are deceiving, and I’m not the man or woman I appear to you to be. There’s more to me. Love and money are in focus here.

Happy Birthday Season to all you Bulls out there!


Moon Scope; “Hold on Loosely, but Don’t Let Go”

April 10, 2022

Today, the moon entwines with the Lion. If you’re in a relationship where you’re now holding on because you’re on the fence about something, you’re being asked to stick it out. Leo can be quite fixed in his ways, but that’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes we hear something that upsets us, and as a result, we’ll make a rushed decision.

In Leo, the moon will have a reason to let the storm blow over, and make a better decision when the time is right.

Do something for yourself tonight that makes you feel glamorous and good. You can be expressive with flair, and maybe that’s through words, writing, or new clothing.

Tonight, when it’s 10:00 PM on the east coast, it will be 7:00 PM on the west coast, but the moon will be in Leo in the 9th house. The discussion focuses on going back to school to further your education, or enrolling for the first time as an undergraduate. Traveling is also on the agenda, so if you have ideas about taking a trip this spring or summer that’s perhaps across the country or to a foreign country, tonight is the perfect night to bring all that up. It’s already the 10th of April!

Secrets and anything hidden from you comes to the surface tonight. As 38 Special said, “hold on loosely, but don’t let go.”

Second House

Amongst other things, I’ve always considered astrology to be an art, and the astrologer, an artist. It’s a possibility that if you had your chart interpreted by five astrologers, you might end up with five different interpretations.

And this speaks to my reasoning for considering astrology to be an art. Art is an expression of the individual; a creative uniqueness. Every astrologer, at some point, should develop their own unique style or way of interpreting the symbolism in a chart. And that’s what makes him/her an artist.

I wouldn’t consider myself to be an astrologer at this point, but rather more of a student. So, I brought material from several sources together to compare their second house descriptions. Most sources say the second house is the house of possessions, however, one said it was the house of value, esteem, and self-worth.

In a broad sense, possessions can relate to anything we own or acquire. Money is highly stressed here also because in today’s modern society, money is one of the most important possessions we can have. As they say, you can’t wear it or eat it, but it has potential and can convert to other things.

The second house might show activities or projects that can be a source of income. We own our feelings and emotions, so they’re considered to be inner possessions. What does money mean to us? Do we care about having it? Does it matter how much we have? Are we motivated to earn it, and how do we go about that?

I think it’s a good idea to consider the sign Taurus because Taurus rules the second house, and Venus because Venus rules Taurus and is home in the second house.

When I see the “bull” that represents Taurus, it reminds me of Wall Street, and Wall St. relates to the Stock Exchange and money. Venus is the planet of love and beauty. With the involvement of Venus, we can see how emotions and feelings come into play here. There is an emotional attachment to certain personal possessions.

Now, keep in mind, the second house, like the other eleven houses, represents the area in our life certain energies will play out, which is dependent upon planets and their relationships to one another.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and the sun makes its way through there between April 20th and May 20th.

HUGE Astrological & Past Life Discovery!

How you all doing? I love you guys and girls. 😊

So, this is an enormous discovery of correlation!

I have a book in my possession called, Sun Signs & Past Lives: Your Souls Evolutionary Path. It was written by Bernie Ashman.

In this book, Bernie gives a thorough analysis of past life issues and the solutions for solving them in this current life. He does this by dividing each zodiac sign into 3 separate zones, each with their own unique ruler and current life theme.

For example:


First Zone: Those born between 3/21-3/30

Element: Fire

First Zone Sign Ruler: Aries

First Zone Energy Field: Cardinal

First Zone Signs: Aries + Aries=Bold Action

Second Zone: Those born between 3/31-4/9

Element: Fire

Second Zone Sign Ruler: Leo

Second Zone Energy Field: Fixed

Second Zone Signs: Aries + Leo = Creative Passion

Third Zone: Those born between 4/10-4/19

Element: Fire

Third Zone Sign Ruler: Sagittarius

Third Zone Energy Field: Mutable

Third Zone Signs: Aries + Sagittarius = Variety is the spice of life

Discovery of Correlation

Most people don’t believe in reincarnation or past lives, and even the people who do might be skeptical about the information in this book, and that’s totally understandable.


While I was reading a section of this book to learn more about someone’s past life, and at the same time, looking at their birth chart, I noticed that this person’s current life placements (Planets in the birth chart) are totally complimentary and aligned so that this person could conquer and overcome those past life issues.

In other words, the birth chart proved the information in the book! Their placements compensated for past life weaknesses, and they were given the gifts to ensure success in this lifetime!


This Evening’s Virgo Moon

The Moon 🌔: when it’s full, it’s lit in totality. Think about the meaning of that in relation to its complete cycle as it wanes and waxes. If the Moon’s cycle begins when it’s dark, unseen, or new, then it reaches culmination when it’s full.

If you’re a Moon watcher, meaning, you plan in accordance with its cycles, then you know that whatever you started when the Moon was new, should now be coming to fruition. The life cycle, and the cycles of nature itself are represented in the Moon if you think in terms of “the microcosm. “

When people are using astrology, and they want to know what the meaning of the Moon in Virgo is, for example, or any sign for that matter, most forget about the Moon itself. It’s important to understand the Moon and how it works astronomically, mythologically, and in terms of cycles and time.

Tonight, I’m sitting outside looking at the Moon. It’s at 98%. On Friday, March 18th, the Moon will be 100% full in the astrological sign of Libra, but right now, it’s in Virgo. John F. Kennedy’s Moon was in Virgo, as was Shirley MacLaine, Katherine Hepburn, Andrew Carnegie, and Winston Churchill.

Moon in Virgo

Virgo is the sign of intelligence, and the virgin doesn’t look at the world through rose colored glasses. She not negative, but more of a realist looking at the world as it truly is. Virgos love to communicate and discuss ideas and the opinions of others. When the Moon is in Virgo, the native becomes a seeker of truth. Professional, perfection, and methodical are words that describe the Virgo-Moon native.

Virgo rules the 6th house, and so, the 6th house is where (area of your life) the energies of the Moon will manifest through the astrological sign of Virgo. The 6th house is known as the house of service, but health is also represented strongly here.

The twist, is that Virgo, at this moment isn’t home. She’s in the 11th house of hopes, wishes, and most importantly, friendships. The Moon, almost full at 98%, is shining a light on the friends we have. Use that penetrating Virgo mind to be meticulous and probe into the truths surrounding a current friendship. Is this person right for you?


Love Liberty and Peace!

Have a blessed evening.

Chiron & The Bull

Looking at Chiron

In her book, The Chiron Effect, Lisa Tahir uses the keyword “Neglect” to describe the cause or source of Core Wounding for the placement of Chiron in Taurus.

Chiron spent 6 years in Taurus from April 1927-May 1933, and then again for 7 years from June 1976-June 1983.

I think Neglect is the perfect word especially for the children growing during that 1927 to 1933 period. On a socially conscious level, consider the children growing up in the United States during the collapse of the Stock Market and the great depression. I’m sure most of those childrens’ parents were completely preoccupied and consumed with the loss of their jobs, loss of income, loss of homes, and a loss of life. Their sense of security was no more. Not that parents neglected their children on purpose, but that’s what indirectly occurred due to life’s unforeseen circumstances.

Take the life of Anne Frank into consideration and the other children growing up in Nazi Germany during the reign of Hitler. Families being ripped from their homes and separated must’ve made impossible for parent’s to give their children the kind of attention they needed.

I’m a Chiron on Taurus individual, and I’ve been working on that placement for about a year or so now. Take a look at your birth chart and see where your Chiron is placed.

Nooz Now

🤷‍♂️Vice President, Kamala Harris has been pretty much MIA. I don’t think I’ve seen her in the news since Biden took office. When she finally emerges, her speech has to do with comparing Republicans to Alabama State Troopers in the 1960s? C’mon Kamala. (Some people are just stuck) What a shame.

💲Hello? Hello? Gas is over $4 per gallon! Is anyone listening?

🏀Lebron James just scored 56 points in the Laker’s game against the Warriors. James is now the first player in NBA history to have a 50 point + game before turning 21 and after the age of 35!

😮People are a little uncomfortable with Kanye West’s video for his song Eazy featuring The Game. The video shows Kanye kidnapping Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson and burying him alive in some deserted location. (You know he’s missing dat ass) Chill Ye.

🏈Baylor’s WR, Tyquan Thornton ran the fastest 40-yard dash in NFL Combine history; a 4.21! Ohio State WR, Chris Olave, ran a 4.26!

NCAA 🏈Well they said it was a possibility, and it happened. Arizona State’s QB, Jayden Daniels transferred to LSU. (I know Herm Edwards is pissed, he has to be!)

♓Tonight, as we speak, the sun 🌞 is resting on the 16th degree of Pisces, and the moon🌔 is on the 9th degree of Taurus ♉. Mars and Venus are STILL together in conjunction! They’re both on the 0 degree of Aquarius moving into the 4th house of roots and family. Wow, if ever there was a time to meet someone special-now is the time! A relationship written in the stars.

🌤I don’t know what the weather was like in your part of the country, but Pennsylvania had a spring time teaser today. Tomorrow, temperatures will reach the 70s.

Alright everyone, have a wonderful evening, and a blessed return to your work week.

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