Sneak Peak and Some Other Thoughts

I think most of us think about the people we love, those close us in some way, and family members. Some of us worry and some of us obsess over it. However you are personally with that, isn’t really important right now.

It’s not important because some people are truly concerned, which is normal to a certain degree, but some people use what others are doing to justify their personal behavior; why they do or don’t do what they should be doing.

You know those people. “I didn’t get any sleep last night because I was up all night worrying about where you were.” No, you were up all night partying, and I just happened to be sleeping out. Anyway..

What’s important is that you don’t lose site of yourself, your needs, and your life. That’s the point-because some of us do worry about our loved ones.

The second thing I wanted to mention was that I’m going to make a serious effort to live with more love in my heart, with more patience, and more acceptance.

Why, you ask? Because we change. The older we get the more we change and we seem to get further distanced from the things we once found funny, liked, and did.

I’m 42 now. I was 18 twenty-four years ago!! I’m not trying to rush anyone into growing up, but at the same time, I’m in a completely different place then I was 20 years ago. I don’t know, I don’t think it could hurt to be a little more tolerable of some of the shit going on around me.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I wanted to give my audience a little gift. Below, is a two-page excerpt from my first book, Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories. If you didn’t purchase it yet, you should. The first book seems to be fan favorite.

From the chapter: Playtime

Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories

What are They Doing?

[fictional work]

The day was just beginning as the sun’s firey rays peered through the blinds. A young couple lay nestled together in bed under a warm heavy comforter. There was so much to think about, and so much on their minds, but at this moment, their thoughts about each other consumed them, for each other was all that mattered.

Their apartment was high above the city streets where traffic was slowly mounting and pedestrians scrambled to get to work on time, but from the sounds of the day, it was not out of reach. Through the small opening in the window where the sun’s rays peered, the sounds of the city penetrated their lair. Some would say only beasts reside in lairs, but in a sense, the couple was beasty; two animals, heated with passion.

As her head lay in the comforts of his hairy chest, he ran his fingers through her hair.

“You’re a good girl,” he whispered.

She just looked at him and remained quiet, but it was the touch of his lips to her forehead and his breadth that washed over her face that ignited her primal lust. Like two animals, they rolled around entangling themselves in the bedding. Nothing else mattered.