Drawing The Line

We can no longer call out what our federal government is turning into. I’ve seen the socialism, I’ve seen the fascism, and I’ve seen the communism-all governmental forms and regimes we’ve blown away and have been past since the 1940’s.

We can’t do this anymore because they’ve found ease in just accepting what they are. They’re settling, and if they’re settling then we’re getting robbed of freedom, liberty, and a quality of life we’re entitled to as American citizens. See below.

By accepting and settling for what we say they are, the reality is that they’re getting out of the standards, laws, and rules they are legally bound to by our contract with it/them.

No more. Our federal government is a Constitutional Republic, and calling it anything other than that at this point is their direct and purposeful attempt to stray from and loosely interpret the U.S. Constitution, which is how we deteriorated into a democracy in the first place.

Any agency, law, or establishment that’s unconstitutional must go.

Those democratically elected officials who don’t care about the American people, or upholding their oath to the U.S. Constitution must go.

If you’re in government and don’t get it or don’t understand what it means, you must go. It doesn’t matter how educated you are, if you’re an attorney, or if your father is the president; if your greed for power and control is stronger than your desire to serve the people and this country, the United States of America, then you must go.

In 1776, when this country was established, all the loyalists were shipped out to Canada and the U.K. If you’re not down for this country and our constitution, you must go.

How much more of our history are we going to allow to be removed, dismantled, and hidden from our own future?

We’re not socialists, we’re not fascists, we’re not communists, and we for damn sure are not a democracy. We’re not a country that’s controlled and ran by mobs, or judges and politicians who decide to follow the law when it’s good for them.

As an individual living in American you have to know something.

You’re going to be hated and you’re going to be the envy of the world because of your freedom, your liberties, and the fact that sovereignty lies within the people of this country.

We The People of the United States have more power and more freedom then the richest Kings and Queens in all of Europe. We are oppressed, suppressed, hushed, and forced to believe we’re powerless and without rights because our elected officials fear what the haters from around the world might do to us.

But let me ask you this:

Will you hide who you are, will you pretend to be something you’re not, and will you live under the tyranny of tyrant out of fear? Will you deny yourself the right and liberty to be all you can be and pursue your happiness because a tyrannical government on the other side of the world with its boot on the necks of its own people will be jealous and hate you for it?

That’s exactly what’s going on here. We’re allowing ourselves to be oppressed as individuals in this country.

I think it’s time for me to assemble peacefully.

America, Still in Chains

Did you know America has been under Martial Law since the Lincoln Administration?


Concerning the United States of America, and its Federal Government, which out of a contract with the American People known as the United States Constitution, has been established as a Constitutional Republic with Democratically elected leaders.

Constitutional Republic with Democratically elected leaders.

To make this short and to the point: A Constitutional Republic was established because it’s the only form of government that supports the diversity of minorities and individuals. No other form of government can do for individuals and minorities what our Constitutional Republic does or can do I should say; Not a monarchy, and definitely not a democracy. A democracy is mob rule. 51% decide while 49% are left out.

Our elected officials serving in positions in Federal Government do not want to admit that our Federal Government is a Constitutional Republic because doing so would force them to strictly follow the contract made with the people (U.S. Constitution), which would ultimately limit their power and influence over the citizens of this country. This is not a conspiracy, this is the truth.

This is, without any consideration to race or color, an issue of slavery vs. freedom. It’s about a free self-governing people being undermined by an overreaching all-knowing all-powerful government.

So they keep lying to us by telling us it’s a Democracy.

Below is a link to an article where they are trying to tell us that it’s not only dangerous, but wrong to call our Federal Government a Constitutional Republic even though that’s what it truly is. This means that there are groups of people in this country who, with total awareness, are lying to our faces and denying what our government was created to be. That’s wrong and dangerous.


USPS Invading Our Privacy

I’m definitely not a fan of Yahoo News, however, a story just caught my eye as I was swiping through my phone.

The Postal Service is running a covert operations program that monitors Americans’ social media posts; this was the title to a story covered by Jana Winter.

The first paragraph of this story reads as follows:

“The law enforcement arm of the United States Postal Service has been quietly running a program that tracks and collects Americans’ social media posts, including those about planned protests, according to a document obtained by Yahoo News.”

I can’t believe this! Can you believe this? This act by a government agency we trust is an invasion of privacy. It’s illegal, unconstitutional, and everyone involved should be fired and jailed. I mean seriously, are you kidding me?

Time and time again, I’ve written it in my blog, and I’ve talked about it in videos-Americans need to take a stand on issues where our government is overreaching and violating the U.S. Constitution. We cannot let incidents like this drag on and drag out until they’re forgotten and nothing happens to the people involved.

The other day I was watching the George Floyd trial, and Al Sharpton said the cop (whatever his name was), was convicted because the people never gave up. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

If we catch a government official or agency violating the constitution, we have to push the issue until it’s dealt with.

I’m asking all of you to visit Yahoo News or any other outlet covering this story, and read what’s going on.

Nooz Now

Wow! Lots going on. I was not in D.C. yesterday so I’m not going to comment about what happened. I would, however, like to make a few points.

🗽Voter fraud was proven in at least five states, and mainstream media recognized that by saying, “There wasn’t enough to tip the scales.” Basically, they downplayed it, but let me say this, there should never be voter fraud or rigged elections. We need more honest people in government. Now!

Second, the system of government in the United States was designed by the people, for the people. Those who are acting in government are public servants. They are elected by the citizens, therefore, it’s absolutely necessary for the people to remind them of that.

The Hill reported Federal Prosecutors brought charges against 55 people following the riot. How many people did Federal Prosecutors bring charges against in the aftermath of the George Floyd incident where we saw looting, rioting, and innocent people getting murdered. That went on for months and months. Were they setting a good example for our children? I guess we only bring the children into it when it’s Trump supporters?

I’ve been telling you lockdowns are unconstitutional. Stay at home orders are unconstitutional. The government cannot force you to close your business, wear a mask, or stay home. So, as soon as the people who are in that situation had enough, you’ll probably see another riot.

People will sit home and complain that a $600.00 stimulus check ain’t enough to live on. Duh. How many times did I tell you COVID will eventually bankrupt and destroy the middle class and the economy. Oh that’s right, but the minute you stand up and protest to go back to work, mainstream media labels you a trouble making Trump supporter.

Can’t we see what’s going on here? How long do we allow this to go on for? Well the people in D.C. yesterday had enough.

Someone left a big flag in the White House that said TREASON! Yup, that’s what happens when you take an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States and then get into office and pretend it doesn’t even exist.

In other news…

💕The Lancaster County Pepperidge Farm plant is giving away free Goldfish crackers.

I haven’t been to Lancaster, Pennsylvania in at least twenty years, but the last time I went I had an amazing time. They have homemade Chicken Pie, Shoo Fly Pie, and pretty much any other kind of pie you can think of. Seriously though, it’s a nice change of pace and a good place to go if you want to relax.

🌞The weather report is saying we’re going to have a high of 41 degrees until at least next Wednesday. 41 degrees in January is absolutely amazing. The sun will be shinning for most of those days as well.

👩‍🦰Tormenting Beverly, the latest short story published right here on Table Seven, is an original work of fiction written by yours truly. It’s about a young woman in her early twenties who is kidnapped and put to sleep. When she wakes up she finds herself in an electronic maze and…well, you’ll have to read and check back if you want to know what happens to Beverly. Part 4 will be up soon.

🧙‍♀️February 2nd, for those who know or are interested in ceremonial magic, is Imbolc-a time for purification and dedication. Imbolc is considered a lesser Sabbat; the solstices and equinoxes are the big four. You should really trace the roots of religion, you’d be surprised how much of what we celebrate today is a spin-off of some old or ancient tradition. The mythology and lore is so rich-I love it.

I wanted to share something special with you. I was reading an article in a Magazine that was talking about the law of attraction and manifestation, and I want to leave you with this; you are in charge of your life. The things you read, the conversations you have, the shows you watch, the company you keep; make sure it’s all good and positive. You’re actively creating the reality you live in, and weather or not you’ve recognized it yet-it’s true. I took a break from astrology, but I was deep ten years ago. I was studying nodal points, and they said the south node is where you start or come from, and the north node is where you’re going or where you should be striving to get to. My north node is in Leo. Anyway, I put astrology away and four or five years later I started to see, in real life, all the the symbolism associated with Leo. I knew I was headed in the right direction.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday night!

Tomorrow is Friday!

An Infringement of the U.S. Constitution is Revolutionary

Good evening. How’s everyone doing? Yes, it is Christmas Eve, and I hope you’re enjoying the time you’re spending with family and friends. I think any occasion that comes around once a year is special, and we should try to make the most of them.

Concerning shutdowns and closings due to COVID-19; It’s frustrating. The government is ordering shutdowns, and that’s causing a chain reaction of problems especially when it comes to things like the mail. I ordered Christmas gifts for my nephew in the beginning of December and they still haven’t arrived.

I’m going to jump ahead a little bit here and say that it’s a shame when someone who supported the reopening of businesses and the rallies against the unconstitutional stay-at-home-orders ends up getting sick and people say good, he/she deserved it. That person is putting their life on the line to protect our rights as citizens. WTF is wrong with you?

The problem with this whole situation is that the mainstream media isn’t straying from the narrative. Information from alternate sources is in constant conflict with what our major news stations are telling us. Issue number one the “emergency.” Alternate sources told us 1 out of every 300,000 people under the age of 65 will die from COVID, but mainstream media has us believing local emergency rooms are jammed packed with COVID patients.

The Lehigh Valley Commentator is local paper, and on the front page of an issue published almost a year ago was an article telling us that COVID-19 had traces of HIV in it, which was the proof experts needed to conclude COVID was man-made in laboratory.

Right now, we as a Nation are facing issues that are REVLUTIONARY. If you don’t believe me than defy the lockdowns and shutdown orders. Your answer to that would be, “Well Frank, no one wants to get sick.” Okay.

I’m not an expert on viruses and illnesses, but I’m pretty good at seeing through the bullshit. The people want the truth. We need the truth. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the experts got together for a televised debate. If all the people who are telling us COVID-19 is a deadly emergency got with the people who are telling us it’s no more dangerous than the flu then maybe someone would come to a final conclusion about what’s true and what isn’t, and “We the People” would be better off and more informed. Right?

Right now, the United States Constitution is being violated. Forced and ordered lockdowns are illegal and unconstitutional. Martial Law in unconstitutional. Our rights are not supposed to be infringed upon NO MATTER WHAT. The government could suggest, but they cannot order or force.

How are they getting away with it?

Because they are making you believe COVID-19 is deadlier than it really is. If you think your life is in jeopardy, you’re going to listen.

I’m trying to figure out a way that I can make this as clear as possible. This past April, the people in this Country were coming together. We all were out protesting the stay-at-home orders implemented in March, and we were winning. I saw a video of an ex-marine win over a standing militia during a protest. He said to them, “Your orders were to protect and defend the constitution, so why are you standing here armed and ready to fight with the citizens of this country who are out protesting the stay-at-home-order?” Then put their weapons down and went home. Some joined the protest.

The real enemy of the United States are those who manipulate and violate our Constitutional rights. That’s the enemy of the American people. The only reasons why the peaceful protesting didn’t win was because of the backlash from the George Floyd incident. How convenient. Murder, rioting, and looting swept the Nation, and it was back to our houses with our masks on.

If you don’t believe me, defy COVID-19. There people in this country who are out to destroy this country, its history, and everything built over the last 250 years. They’ll use whatever they can gain control.

This is what we learned in 2020. COVID-19 is the agenda. Masks, lockdowns, and stay-at-home orders are the agenda. If you defy, murder, rioting, and looting sweep the nation.

All businesses should remain open. All government centers should remain open. It should be business as usual. The Constitution should never be violated.

Have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow. Have a wonderful holiday season and a safe and happy New Year. Don’t forget to check out our donations, merchandise, and services pages.