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Hello everyone! Thank you for reading and following along here at Nooz Buffet. For those who don’t know, two years after starting this blog, I wrote my first book, and then my second, and now, I just finished my third.

The links for the book website pages are below.

If you haven’t purchased Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories, or Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish, then you’re missing out on something special.

It’s un-categorize-able, and outside the box. It’s the first of its kind; as an author, my work is a faucet pouring out creativity everywhere, anywhere, and in any genre, while remaining grounded through real life stories.

Both books are available in paperback and e-book. Please, visit links for more information.

With Eyes to See

So, I can no longer ignore the fact that God has given me eyes to see, and with those eyes, I’ll share this picture below.

NIV The Bible

This picture is from the NIV Bible, and it’s the picture used to begin the New Testament. I was actually led to this during my astrological analysis of the JFK assassination chart. As I got deeper in concentration, I began seeing some biblical parallels within reading, and astrologically speaking, of course, there was a conjunction between the Moon and Saturn.

God showed me this picture, and it took a minute, but I finally saw the representations of Saturn and the Moon. I highlighted them in pink for you.

I was surprised-not really shocked because at this point it’s pretty clear mainstream wants us to think religion and astrology are two completely different practices. But here it is, not only do we see the planets of astrology, but we see the elements of the Craft. Fire, I colored in red, blue is water, green is earth, and yellow is air.

You probably looked at this picture a 1000 times and never realized this but, it’s right there in plain sight.

Saturn and the Moon

I spent a good amount of time analyzing the moon these past two days, and I’ve come to this conclusion:

Saturn is “Old Father Time,” astrology has given him the responsibility to restrict and limit through time, but..what about the moon?

Because of the moon, we focus on not only time but cycles of time as well. When the moon is full, think about it as a woman (because we equate man with the sun) who’s looking at you. And every night she turns a little bit until her back is facing us-that’s the new moon.

Therefore, when we can see the moon, the moon can see us and vice versa. She doesn’t make a 180 degree about face turn all in one shot, she does it methodically; a little bit each night.

By nature, the moon teaches us about patience and the passage of time. If you wanted to buy a can of soup but the store is closed, you’ll have to wait until it reopens the next day.

All things in due time, a little at a time, and everything in moderation; that’s what we learn from the moon.

Even in the natural life cycle, you plant a seed and a process takes place. You don’t walk outside and see a full grown tree the next day.

As we make this case for the moon, you can help but reconsider the responsibilities placed on Saturn. Do we need two limiters? Two restrictors? Interestingly enough, the moon’s cycle is about 29 days and Saturn’s is about 29 years. So, there’s a lot of similarities there.

Moon Scope

July 6, 2022 Edition.

Right now the moon is in Libra in the first house. With Libra in the first, we bring the other, partnerships and marriages to the house of self. Although our relationships are important and in some cases, necessary, they should never define who we are.

Subconscious thoughts involving partnerships are bubbling to the surface. Good advice for the time right now would be to keep in mind that certain partnerships can bring harmony and balance into our lives, but if both people are going to get the most of what that relationship has to offer, both must come into it complete-as an individual first.

Sometimes, people go through certain things in their lives because of decisions they’ve made, and they look for the other to save them. Ask, yourself, why am I entering this partnership? Am I looking for the other to save me from myself?

Are you poor? Suicidal? Dealing with an addiction? That’s a lot for anyone to deal with especially if they didn’t create your problems. If you’re bringing your best self into a partnership, and the other does the same, both stand to gain.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


Independence Day

With LIFE, LIBERTY, The PURSUIT of HAPPINESS, and SOVEREIGNTY amongst the people, those of us here at Nooz Buffet would like to wish everyone a happy Independence Day.

Today is about your freedom as an individual. It’s about you having the ability to enjoy and exercise your God-given natural rights as a human being. It’s about a quality of life free from control, tyranny, and oppression.

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Worship and Surrender

I can’t. After seeing the signs that I’ve seen during the last 15 years, including the recent “Eye” of God on July 1st, I feel like I need to be carrying out the will of God, and part of that is to find my purpose. I can’t ignore what I’m seeing and just blow it off as nothing.

How can I ignore this? I think it’s time to surrender myself to the universe, the higher powers that be.

Movie Review

I’ve shared some good movies with you, and you can’t deny that. Here’s another, it’s an oldie but a goodie.

The Land That Time Forgot:

Directed by Kevin Connor, and written by Michael Moorcock and James Cawthorn; Starring Doug McClure, John McEnery, Susan Penhaligon, and Keith Barron.

This movie was released towards the end of November in 1974 in the U.S. and the U.K, and sold almost 2 million movie tickets in France.

There’s two things I loved about this movies besides for Susan Penhaligon and Susan Penhaligon’s lips, and that was the surprise element and the fantasy. When the movie begins it appears to be a situation of conflict during WWI as a submarine surfaces from the deep.

A small group floating along in the dense fog sees the sub rise, and they happen to be the only survivors from a ship the submarine sunk. Realizing this could be their last chance of survival, the small group decided to take it over and attempt to steer it into the hands of local authorities.

Fast forward a bit:

The ocean water is tested and the men on the submarine are shocked to see it’s mixture of fresh water (they’re in the south Atlantic I believe). When they look to see where the source is they notice a small opening to what appears to be a cave. They descend the depths once again and steer the sub through the small opening and when the come out on the other side, they find themselves a million years in the past.

A group of modern military men suddenly find themselves in the presence of Neanderthals and dinosaurs!


I gave this movie a 5 Clapboard Rating. It was enjoyable to watch, there was never a dull moment, and the blend between reality and fantasy was enough to drive the imagination.

Connecting With Nature

There is so much beauty in nature. I can’t figure it out, maybe it’s because I’m moving so fast, but I can’t believe how much is right in front of me-and I’m oblivious to it.

I took a half hour this afternoon to do a standing meditation in quiet secluded corner of the park. I took my sneakers and socks off, and took a few deep breaths before zoning out in a concentrated gaze. I could feel my body relax and loosen up.

All of a sudden things become noticeable, like how the rays of the sun slice through the trees and shine down on particular portions of the field or the flowers. The longer I stand there, the more I hear; the birds chirping, the squirrels quarreling in the bushes, crickets, and so much more.

The longer I stand there the more I see; the bees, the spider webs spun on tree branches, all the birds of different colors, how green the grass is. All the life and all the beauty, it’s all there.

Before I packed it in, I decided to stretch a little, and when I bent down to touch my toes, there was a heart-shaped leaf on the top of my foot.

We are loved, we truly are.

A Sign from Nature
(Love, Pleasure, Confidence & Strength of Will)

It’s Hard For You to Imagine this But..

America does not need a military. If you really think about it, what does the military do? We The People of the United States, who have the right to bear arms, are the defense of this nation. We’re not supposed to be in other countries occupying land, implementing governments, or acting as police.

The American people are way too over-burdened financially to pay for the military industrial complex’s never-ending war gear and equipment. We have a military, it’s the people.

Most people aren’t apart of the solution, but they add to the problems. If you’ve been following my website, all I do is present options for revitalizing this great nation.


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Currently, the moon is on the 7th degree of Leo in the 7th house. Tonight is the night, it’s Friday, and the crest is lit up at 8%. Take action now! The 7th house deals with partnerships and marriages, so if you were ever planning on proposing, tonight would be best and most favorable night to do just that. Leo is a sign known for its flair, and he can’t help but to be noticed. When it comes to matters of heart and love, talk about what’s on your mind. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, and make sure you get your point across. All of those plans and ideas you were hiding, Leo is there to help you manifest them in exciting and fun ways. He’s all about creativity, self-expression, and short term pleasure. If things are getting dull in the bedroom, spice it up tonight. Ladies, tonight’s the night to bring out that sexy negligee. It’s all about self-expression, so be you in way that rejuvenates a faded connection. If you’ve been on the fence about a partnership or a relationship, be it a friend or a lover, and you’ve convinced yourself to give your best shot one last time, the universe has answered your prayers. Have fun, laugh, and enjoy. Leo rules the back and the spine as well as the heart. A good birthday gift right now would be a gift certificate for a massage. A deep penetrating back rub always makes us feel better, and that’s what this is about. Bringing creativity and pleasure to our relationships. Lucky numbers are 8 and 9.

🎬There’s a new Predator movie coming out. It’s called Prey: Predator 5, and the trailer was just released on YouTube in June. Check it out!!

🏈NCAA- What!?! That’s right, after a century, USC and UCLA are leaving the Pac-12 for the Big Ten.

πŸ’₯Today is June 1st, and the 4th of July is in three more days. Independence Day falls on a Monday this year. There are only 184 days left in 2022, and if take the first letter from July, August, September, October, and November, it spells JASON. I hope it’s not Voorhees πŸ”ͺ!

πŸ›Έ- According to NUFORC, the latest unidentified flying object report in the state of Pennsylvania comes from Irwin. On June 21st at 6:45 AM someone reported seeing a white and silvery colored craft in the sky. It had an aura or a haze around it as well, and it was in the shape of a cross. This craft moved at different speeds for roughly 15 seconds. It doesn’t say where it went or how it left the scene.

πŸ“˜- I just finished writing my third book, Smorgasbord 3 Poverty & Prophecy. I’ll probably take an extra month to edit it and tighten it up before submitting it.

Alright Everyone. Have a wonderful night and a blessed day tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting Nooz Buffet.



In my bedroom, there’s one window facing the east and on facing the north. The window facing the east has an air conditioner in it during the summer months. Usually I flip the curtains up on the rod so they’re not blocking the air conditioner’s vents. I always knew that window faced the east, which I love because I can always see the sun rising from my room. I had no idea, however, that I was making a triangle by flipping the curtains up.

This morning I was typing on my computer and the sun was shining as it usually does through that window, and it just so happened that sun rose right in the center of that triangle today. This is the second time now I’ve seen an eye of providence.

The divine force is very much alive.

This happened today about a month after I doodled the picture below.