What is the Purpose of Government?

Some people may not agree with what they’re about to read, but it’s the truth. If you ever said, “America is in trouble,” or “we as citizens living in America today are facing more issues and a deeper crisis than ever before,” then this post will leave you with an answer as to why things are the way they are.

“If natural rights do not derive from government, what is the reason for government? The Declaration of Independence answers this question:

“…to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

The concept is that government exists to protect and secure our God-given rights. That was a unique idea that is still not understood by most attorneys and lawmakers today. It means that the main role of government is a negative one. That is, it is there to stop others from infringing on your rights.

It is not there to provide welfare for certain groups, to tell everyone what to do, or to set national policies. Government is certainly not preforming its task when it takes rights away, such as taking away the right to work unless one obtains an occupational license.

The opposite of this doctrine is called SOCIALISM. It presumes that government knows best and the rights of the individual must be sacrificed to “the collective good.” (What happened to me at Amazon, and millions of other people everyday) This was the basis of the Soviet Union and is more accepted in Europe.

The American founders broke away from the socialist idea in asserting the spiritual concept that government exists to protect and further the potential of each individual. In spite of its failure, socialist thought is common in America, especially in academic circles and the Democratic Party.”

Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners, pp., 93 &94. Dr. Lawrence Wilson, 1996-2007.

I hope people are starting to awaken. We’ve strayed, and it saddens me to see how many sheep there are out here.

Parents Sue Over School Lessons

It was said from the beginning that BLM was nothing more than the strong arm of the democratic party, and in due time all the truth will surface.

There are news paper articles from 20 or 30 years ago where Joe Biden is on record calling black people animals, yet black people love him and he gets elected president during a time when racism is supposed to be at an all time high. Why? Because Obama is really calling the shots.

The other day I said in a post, the people who’ve been given an opportunity to enforce coronavirus guidelines, force people to wear masks, and pretty much, force people to get vaccinated have gotten so power hungry, and their ego’s have been inflated so much they don’t want it to end.

And that’s the issue with organizations like BLM, Antifa, etc. When does it stop? How will it stop? It’s stops when their greed for power exposes them for what they really.

Trying to change a schools curriculum is greed. Psychologically abusing children is greed. Making a white child feel guilty and sorry just for being white is not only greed, but it’s insanity exposed, and just because the teacher is white doesn’t make it right.

I was an early childhood education teacher, and I loved my students. All of my students. I’m trying to think what kind of individual would do that to a child or a group of children, and what kind of teacher would do that to his or her students?

All of these books, and all of these courses that are psychologically abusive to children have to go. They’re causing more harm than good.


Since March 12, 2020, the day when the school district I was substitute teaching in closed immediately because of the coronavirus, I’ve been following.

From the economy closing, to the protests over first amendment rights, illegal stay-at-home orders and illegal lockdowns, to the George Floyd murder and the riots, destruction, murder and violence that ensued for months afterwards, I’ve been following. I saw the hostility and anger as our country’s historical monuments and statues were destroyed and ripped down.


Nooz Buffet has always been about equality. We will always be about equality. Human lives matter. All lives matter. Now more than ever is the time for people to be leaders and not followers. If something doesn’t feel right to you then call it out.

It doesn’t matter what color you are, you should never feel embarrassed, guilty, or ashamed.

Have a good night and a blessed day tomorrow.

Yahoo, Where did Associated Content Go?

A lot of internet/online producers and bloggers are too young to remember this, but about twelve or so years ago, Yahoo had a platform called Associated Content.

Through Associated Content, you could start a profile and submit your work for the world to see. I did, and many other people did as well.

I was on Associated Content between the years 2009 & 2012 approximately. I would still be on there if they didn’t disappear.

What happened to Yahoo’s Associated Content?

I want access to the work I submitted, and you owe me money.

You were paying for content, remember??

Please, write in someone if you know.

Beating Mercury Retrograde

Weirdness, computer glitches, technological malfunctions, maybe a slip of the tongue and communications get screwed up; they blame on Mercury’s retrograde. When Mercury’s in retrograde I don’t think it’s actually going in reverse, lol, it just appears that way to stars and other objects set in the sky’s background.

It’s like those rims people put on cars and trucks that keep spinning when the vehicle comes to a complete stop.

I was looking over my contract today for Smorgasbord 2, and for the hell of it, I said let me look and see if Mercury is retrograde because they say you shouldn’t sign contracts or negotiate any deals during the retrograde period, and sure enough, it is.

Decisions Decisions.

Mercury has been in retrograde since May 29th, and it ends on June 22nd.

I said to myself, “ooh maybe I should wait.” And what made it even more tempting was the date of 6/23. I believe 11 or 1111 to be a very special door that signifies, go ahead you have the green light!!! (6+2+3=11)

The issue was I didn’t want to wait until the 23rd to sign the contract because I’m a little impatient, especially when it comes to getting my writing on the shelf.

I had a plan B. I have this thing with using multiples of 6 when a date or something starts with 6. I just think its good luck to keep 3, 6, and 9 together in some way if you can.

So I said, “Let me sign the contract today, and I’ll date it for the 18th. Well, I’m glad I did because check this out:


(6+18)=24 (20+21)=41



The lesson here is that the almighty, all-powerful, super-spiritually charged 11 is the door way or the shining light during an otherwise dark and dysfunctional retrograde period.

Have a good night and a blessed day tomorrow.

I 💙u.

98 Left

Hello everyone! I have some MLB news for you today. I know, I know. I know if you look at Pittsburgh’s record you’ll be like, “they’re done,” but lets not give up on the Pirates just yet.

But more importantly, lets hope the Pirates don’t give up on themselves.

The All-Star break is coming up soon (17 games). So far, the Pirates played 64 games, and they’re 23-41. After their series with the Brewers, they’re now 14.5 games out of first place.

I’m going to give the Pirates a little credit though because Milwaukee is the number team in the NL Central. They are the team to beat, and the Pirates could’ve pulled it off twice, but as they say, that’s water under the bridge.

I know baseball has a long season, and we can’t live and die with every game, but if the Pirates can focus on one series at a time, they’ll be okay. That should be the game plan; win 2 out of 3.

What better time to start than a 3-game series coming up with the Washington Nationals? The Nationals are in last place in the NL east. After the Nationals they have the Indians. The Indians are a good team, but if Pittsburgh gets the sweep against Washington and steals 2 out of 3 from Cleveland at home, that’s 5 out 6. Not a bad start!

Okay, let’s not get too far ahead. Tonight at 7:05 it’s the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Washington Nationals.

Brewers Host Pirates Today

The Pittsburgh Pirates are traveling to Milwaukee today to take on the Brewers. The Brewers are 36-27 overall, and they’re in first place in the NL Central. Pittsburgh, who is also in the NL Central is in dead last, 12.5 games back.

When the game starts today at 4:10, Chad Kuhl will be on the mound for the Pirates. Kuhl is a righty with a 5.63 ERA. His record as an opener is 0-3. On the mound for Milwaukee will be the right handed Corbin Burnes. Burnes has 94 strikeouts, and he’s 3-4 as a starter.

It’s the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Milwaukee Brewers today at 4:10 pm. Enjoy the game!

An Inside Look at How Amazon Treats Their Employees

Yesterday, I was threatened by another employee at work. She threatened me with my job when I told her I’ve chosen not to wear a mask based on new evidence suggesting mask are ineffective against the coronavirus spread.

When I went to HR to fill out an incident report, the girl said I could fill out the report, but I needed to wear a mask in the building. I said I didn’t come to you to discuss the mask I came to you for help writing an incident report. Then she asked, are you getting aggressive? I said no I’m not getting aggressive, I’m asking you to help me with the incident report. When we walked over to the room where I filled out incident reports in the past, she tried to slam the door on me. I asked her not to close the door. I want it open. I have claustrophobia.

She started crying. Hysterically crying. Then she called for Mike, and Mike brought two managers with him. They wouldn’t let me talk, they wouldn’t let me write the report, and they told me to leave the building. I told them I would leave after I wrote the report. They said no it doesn’t exist. There is no report. Then Mike told the security guard to remove me from the building. When he tried to put his hands on me I moved away and asked him not to touch me. Then they threatened me with the cops. They kept telling me I was going to get arrested and so on.

I’ve been an employee with Amazon for six months. I was never in trouble, and never written up, yet, I was fired on the spot yesterday with no warning written or verbal. The Managers and HR Staff at Amazon in Breinigsville should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of professionalism, arrogance, and mistreatment of me their employee.

Afterwards, Mike the Human Resource manager had the nerve to call me an offer a program that gives employees support with domestic issues and mental counseling.

The audacity and nerve. I’m shocked. I worked for Amazon in 2019, and again in 2020 and 2021, and I never had an issue. I worked hard everyday, and I didn’t deserve to be threatened or treated like I had a mental issue.

They surrounded me. Three managers and a security guard surrounded me, and they overpowered me verbally until I left the building. That’s what happened. The whole truth, nothing but, so help me god and Jesus.

Amazon Still Using Psychologically Manipulative COVID Ads

Yeah, just force the people around you. Don’t even ask, just sign them up because they’ll want it. Why would you tell someone they’re killing the people around them if they don’t wear a mask or vaccinate? How could you put that guilt on someone? If you get vaccinated then you’re protecting yourself. How does you getting vaccinated protect me? If you wear a mask you’re protecting yourself. If your loved ones want to protect themselves then they can get vaccinated.

Ooh We can’t wait to see your smile. After your forced vaccine guess what? You get to take your mask off!

And lets talk about that bonus. Hourly associates employed from May 23 through July 16 full time associated get a $1000 bonus and part time employees get $500.00. All you really have to do is get vaccinated and or keep your mask. And if you’re white, you get to tell every other race how great they are and how disappointed you are to be white.

And here’s the best best best of all. Amazon cares so much about our health they have a guideline in place for those who ACTUALLY test positive for the coronavirus. They have to stay home and quarantine for 14 days, but the only person I know who tested positive came back in 4. Hmm?

And in order to get tested you have to swab your nostrils. Amazon mails the tests to a lab, and someone emails you in three days saying your either positive or negative. Really? How do we know they’re not flipping a coin? If an employer wants to see if you have marijuana in your system they can test you on the spot and WE ALL CAN SEE the results. Why such secrecy?

They want you vaccinated so bad they’ll pay you $40.00!