Saturn & Mars in Aquarius

I thought it was interesting to see Saturn in Aquarius because Saturn is its traditional ruler.  In my opinion, Saturn brings an element of tradition back to Aquarians.

Then you add Mars to the sign.  Below, is the interpretation of the Mars transit through Aquarius.

While fierce Mars moves through the brilliant sign of Aquarius, we’re eager to fight for our freedom, our individuality, and our community! Aquarius is a sign that marches to its own beat, and we simply won’t allow our ideas and ambitions to be silenced or shoved aside during this transit.

Mars in Aquarius is a time to revolutionize our way of doing things. It blesses us with magnificent visions to improve not only our daily lives, but society as a whole. Our minds are clear and we are free to think and act in whatever way is needed. We can see a better future, and the steps we must take in order to reach it.


Unbelievable considering all that’s going on in the world.

COVID-19-Let’s Pay Attention To Florida

Of course everything is shut down, and there really isn’t much to do here in Pennsylvania, but it’s a good time to investigate.

Right now, they say Florida is one of the states with the most cases of Coronavirus.

So why hasn’t the Governor issued a stay-at-home order?


How can Florida have the most cases if no one has been tested?

Are we looking at another case (“CORONAVIRUS”) where the Government is toeing the line and stretching the truth just a little?

Out of everything going on. what’s the one thing President Trump had going for himself?


So, for all the people who wanted him impeached and didn’t get their way, this seems like the alternative.

I’m just suggesting, I’m just asking you to think, I’m just asking that you question, and I’m just asking that you look at the big picture and not just focus on Covid-19.

Take everything into consideration that has been going during the past two or three years and see how the Coronavirus fits in.


  1. If you haven’t been tested for the coronavirus, how do you know you have it?
  2. Do you know anyone who has it?
  3. How do you feel?
  4. Do you know the difference between allergies and the flu and the coronavirus?  (Nobody does)
  5. Have you received any money yet or stimulus check?  (If your place of employment closed because of the coronavirus, unemployment is supposed to grant emergency benefits.  We’re also supposed to receive benefit checks.)

What’s going on?




Why would you post an ad and not say whether you are male or female?

This was the question I found in my yahoo inbox this morning.  Yesterday, I posted on craigslist, (I don’t even know why), but I posted on craigslist that I might be looking for a room or small apartment in the area of where I could be working in April.

First of all, I told this person that what I’m posting on craigslist is no business of YAHOO SECURITY.

I then asked, why would I need to reveal my gender for renting a room or apartment.  I also asked if they were a gender discriminating scumbag.

Then they respond acting like they were offering me advice, and it’s really my loss if I don’t state if I’m a man or woman.

Look, I didn’t violate any rules pertaining to my Yahoo email account so please leave me alone.

This is now the second time in a week that I seem to be having an issue.  Facebook suspends my dating account for no reason, and now YAHOO SECURITY is concerning themselves with what I’m posting on Craigslist.

What’s Up?  It seems like a personal problem to me.

Dating Account Profile Suspended?….Why?

Hello, how are you?

So yesterday I received an email that my FaceBook Dating account profile was suspended, and I have know idea why.

If you say something to someone and they find it offensive, they don’t have to be your friend.

If you continue to send messages, they can block you, and you have no way of contacting them.

So again, my question is, what did I do to have my FaceBook Dating account suspended?  Was it a mistake?

Has this happened to anyone else?

Vision 1

03.24.2020 @ 10:37 pm

I saw a bridge with water.  The view was from the water, like looking across the water, out and up at the bridge like as if I was standing in the water.

According to a bridge is a spiritual message that it’s time for a person to review their life, and possibly an indication that an obstacle needs to be crossed.

From a personal viewpoint, the description given by seems to make sense, but I won’t try at this point to find any connections or correlations to specific circumstances in my life.  I’d like to see where it fits in general.


The Virus & The Shutdown

Hello everyone, how are you all doing?

What has been going on your lives since the “shutdown?”

I waited six months to get back into the classroom and substitute teach again, and when I finally did, the Coronavirus caused a shutdown.  Oficially, I’ve been out of work for about two weeks now.

Now look, I don’t know what to make out of all this because there have been a lot of rumors.  Of course the mainstream news is rolling 24/7 about the virus, but you can only watch that for so long.

Our government has lied to us before so we have to take what they’re saying with a grain or two of salt, but obviously, there’s not much we can do when they’re closing everything.

I agree with their attempt to limit the spread of the virus (if there is one), but we should definitely be holding them accountable to issue those checks they were talking about.

The Allentown School District closed on March 12, 2020…and so that’s where my count began.

Are you keeping track?  Write in.  We want to hear about your situation at home and at work.

Okay everyone, stay healthy and stay safe.

Recover Your Sanity; Compromise, Consideration, Respect

Out of all the articles I’ve published on my website over the last two years, I think this is probably the most important.

You don’t know what people are thinking.  You don’t know what people have on their minds, or what kinds of pressures they feel.

Some people do have an inner clock with a sense of urgency.

Just because someone is walking around with a smile on their face that doesn’t mean everything is okay.

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s foolish to make assumptions.

You might be a miserable person who’s looking for a confrontation, and you pick the person with a smile on her/his face, but you have no idea what’s behind that smile.

I was listening to Coast to Coast last night as I usually do, and the host, George Noory was making a point about how edgy society seems.  Generally, people seem upset and miserable.

As funny as it sounds, I think the ‘Celestine Prophecy’ offers a good explanation for why that is.  Society and culture is changing, but because most people are so resistant to change, we’re becoming extreme in our attitudes and beliefs.

🙏How do we get back to middle ground?  Hold your hands apart, palms facing each other, and out in front of you, and let that represent the extremes.  Now, bring them together. 🙏You now have praying hands representing middle ground.

The state of mind of people operating at extremes is war and conflict because they’ve taken an extreme stance concerning personal beliefs and attitude.  You don’t have to go that way, trust me.  If you do, then you’ve lost the middle ground, and middle ground is where you need to be.  The middle ground is everything.  It’s logical reasoning, and the place where you are in control.

In a Country where we are free to do and say almost anything we want, there is no place for extremism. We should not be in a position where we have to take an extreme stance on anything because people are free to do what they want.  Right?

If your personal privacy, space, or rights to think, act, choose, or govern yourself have been violated then you have to take a stance for what’s yours, not for what you want other people to believe or accept.

I’ve been told this so I’m going to share the information with you…the war we are in right now is spiritual in nature, and that’s not a cop out for physical violence, that’s the truth.

Extremist do not understand that when the consciousness of humanity is changing, it’s a spiritual issue.  Physical violence and war doesn’t change consciousness, belief, personal attitude, and faith does.

Jesse Ventura made the comment that war is man at his lowest point.  War and physical violence is the answer when there is nothing left and everything else has failed.

Because it is spiritual, you just have to be active and involved.

Here’s how we get back to middle ground:

The middle ground is contentment.  It’s agreement, and it’s balance.  If you cannot find middle ground within a group, then the group isn’t respecting your needs as an individual.  If they aren’t willing to consider and respect what you want, then that group isn’t for you.  Leave it.

If you cannot reach middle ground with a partner, then that person isn’t considerate/respectful to your needs as an individual within the relationship.  That person isn’t for you.  Leave him/her.

All groups and relationships are made up of individuals.  As individuals we should know what we want and need, and we also must accept that when we join a group or we’re involved in a relationship, we will have to compromise something at some some point.  I like to eat at 5pm, but my partner enjoys eating at 7pm…we agree to eat at 6pm.

Compromise, Consideration, and Respect….for yourself, and for other people.

That’s how we recover our sanity, and get back to middle ground. 

If you aren’t willing to compromise, and have consideration and respect for me, then don’t tell me what to do, and frankly, get the fuck out of my life because you aren’t adding anything positive to it.  You’re a drain.  I’m sorry I exposed you.

As an individual:

  1. If you participate in anything that has rules and structure, the rules have to be followed by everyone.  No exceptions.  If I have to follow rules, and you don’t or refuse to then eventually, one of us will get upset and there will be a problem.
  2. Do not let fear control your life.  If you want to do something, go and do it.  If I want a shirt, but I don’t go to the store to buy it because I’m scared, and then I see my friend wearing the shirt I wanted, I might get upset.  Don’t let fear control your decisions.
  3. Do whatever makes you happy.  Your happiness is everything.  There are times when we must force ourselves to do things we don’t want to do, but after a while, we have to weigh out the cost.  (I work because I need money, but do I really need to make my money this way?)
  4. Take care of your health.  Get out of the fucking house and walk, run, lift weights, play a sport, etc.  We need physical activity.
  5. Love something.
  6. Love somebody.
  7. Tell someone how you feel.
  8. Find a hobby!
  9. Have fun!
  10. Travel!
  11. Stay away from people who aren’t supportive of what you’re doing, or what you’re trying to accomplish.  (Toxic is the word that has been used to describe people of that nature.)  Ignore them.  If one day, they decide to accept you and what you’re trying to do, maybe they’ll come to you and show a little interest.


If the “state of mind” of people in extreme positions is war, and half the population is extreme right or left, half the population is at its lowest point.  Half the population is militant.  We are deteriorating as a collective and resorting to a path we’ve gone down a million times!

New Path!

I’m not going to tell you what to believe or what to do.  I’ll share what works for me, but ultimately, you’re your own man/woman.  Think for yourself.  Who knows you better than you?

If you don’t like me, stay away from me.  If you want to get to know me, come and talk to me.  You can do pretty much whatever you want so long as you’re not stopping someone else from doing what they want.

Why do you complain about your job?  You read the job description and agreed to the pay, but when you start working you complain.  Why did you take it?

See things for what they are, not what you would like them to be.







Sometimes in life there are things we must accept, and sometimes there are certain situations that we must come to grips with.  Sometimes it bothers us when we expect people to act a certain way towards us, but they act opposite.

Sometimes we may perceive a blessing as something different because we have an expectation of what something beneficial to us should look like. or because we feel like we don’t deserve a gift.

Can you see what’s stopping your progress?

Preconceptions, rigidity, and a lack of self-worth.