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October 27, 2022 Edition

Welcome to the October 27th 2022 edition of Nooz Now! I’m your host Francis Joseph LaManna, and I hope everyone is doing well. Let’s get into the Nooz shall we?

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Kanye West. Kanye has been in the news an awful lot lately, and I do agree with a lot of the stuff he’s talking about. After seeing sponsors and social media platforms cut ties with him, the deeper message to all this is evident. Now, I must say, Kanye has done a good job at maintaining his freedom and not allowing himself to be controlled by the powers that be, but what he’s showing us is that at certain levels when money and fame is involved, you’re expected to act a certain way and support certain things. When you don’t, well, you’ll lose sponsors and social media platforms will block you. It’s a shame. Howard Stern referred to him as Hitler, and I’d like to comment on that. I think Kanye is far far ahead in his thinking, and when you’re as far as he is, most people aren’t ready for what you’re talking about. He’s not wrong, he’s just really pushing the pace into future with some independent thinking, which causes people to either cling to what have and always known, or give it up and move forward. As far as the White Lives Matter t-shirts; I mean, I don’t really know. There’s a lot of white people who are really upset, which is comical to me, but I feel like until someone comes out with and All Lives Matter t-shirt, we’re still playing this white/black race thing. He refers to all people as human beings, a species of human beings, so to emphasize White Lives Matter is a little hypocritical.

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Charleston White. 🀣 I don’t mean to laugh, but the range of responses he gets on social media is hilarious. If you want to talk about someone who has been speaking a lot of truth while turning the narrative on its head, it’s Charleston White. I get it, I understand the youngsters don’t like the ratting, and they don’t like having the cops called them, but he seems committed to making “the neighborhood” a safer place. He wants to take back his community, and that’s where we all need to start. Strong families, strong communities, and you know the rest. Like I said, he’s speaking a lot of truth, and it’s truth people need to hear, but of course, a lot of people don’t like hearing the truth. I think he’s doing a good thing and I think he makes sense. In order for people to move forward they must give up the past and distance themselves from the people who are chaining them to it.

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Tonight, the moon is a waxing crescent illuminated at 10%. We just had a brand-new moon on Tuesday, October 25th in Scorpio, which partially eclipsed the sun. That means a new moon phase is now beginning and it coincided with the sun’s ingress into Scorpio. The moon is in Sagittarius this evening, and the mutable fire of Sag gives us that controlled rage so to speak. The energy is emotional, yet adaptable. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and home in the 9th House. The 9th house is the house of higher thinking and philosophy. It controls higher education and long-distance traveling. The moon here is stirring up the subconscious, and what comes to the surface is a new way of approaching things. Sometimes, despite the labor, and the continuous loss, we maintain our stubbornness. Sagittarius represents many things, but it’s a freedom loving and adventurous sign. Get out of your comfort zone and get going! Right now, while the moon is a waxing crescent, the energy is action oriented. If you’ve been thinking about taking a trip or applying to college, do it. If you’ve been stuck on something, take a break. Get out and enjoy the night air, I might be exactly what you need to return to the grind with fresh perspective.

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The 2022 NCAA College football season has been exciting. Week 9 kicked off yesterday with the game between Virginia Tech and (24) N.C. State. N.C. State barely squeaked past the Hokies winning by one, 22-21. Tomorrow, (meaning Saturday because it’s 12:35 AM here) it’s the number two Buckeyes against the thirteenth ranked Nittany Lions, (9) Oklahoma State versus (22) Kansas State, top ranked Georgia is playing the unranked Gators, and the 7 o’clock game between (19) Kentucky and (3) Tennessee should be a good one. Clemson, TCU, Michigan, Ohio State, Georgia, and Tennessee are still undefeated!

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Halloween this year falls on a Monday. As a kid still in school and young enough to dress up and go out to trick or treat for candy, I loved it when Halloween fell on Saturday. That meant mischief night was on Friday night, and you could dress up and go out for candy Saturday night. It was the best weekend! Well, not this year kids. October 31st is next Monday, and your mischief night is probably going to be called off early because you have school the next day. HaHa. πŸ˜‰

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Let’s see, what else is going on? Elon Musk has officially taken control of Twitter. And yes, he fired some people.

Mount Edgecumbe is a volcano near Sitka, Alaska. For the last 800 years it has been asleep, but several earthquakes in the area earlier this year has scientist thinking it’s about to wake up! RUNNN!

According to USA Today, Indiana is the least expensive state to live in, followed by West Virginia, Iowa, Missouri, and Tennessee.

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Thank you for visiting Nooz Buffet and checking out this edition of Nooz Now! Have a wonderful day tomorrow. It’s Friday!!


All Hallows’ Day

All Hallows’ Day, or All Saint’s Day is a feast day of the highest rank according to most churches in which all the saints are honored. That “Day,” on our calendar, is on the first of November. So, November 1st (11/1, or 111) is always All Saint’s Day, but the day of the week it falls on changes. This year it will be celebrated on Tuesday.

I digress here, but I was just thinking about the order of days revolving around All Saint’s Day when I was growing up. October 30th was Mischief Night, October 31st was Halloween, and All Saint’s Day was on November 1st, but for some reason, no one ever seemed to mention or make a big deal out of the day on 11/1. Maybe it’s because people don’t like mentioning or talking about the dead. IDK, but a little while ago I thought about this: What if at one time Mischief Night, in some weird or twisted society was about sacrificing the martyrs? It would make sense in the order according to days. Mischief Night would be sacrificing the martyrs, Halloween would be about dressing up as ghouls and ghosts to imitate the dead, and All Saint’s Day would be about honoring and remembering them.

Teresa of Avila with Halo; By Nheyob – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about here was the saints themselves. If you look at the pictures of saints, you’ll notice that disc or halo around their heads. That halo was drawn on purpose to reveal that persons closeness with God.

Yes, that’s true, and in a subtle way, it was reinforced in the Celestine Prophecy, a movie by James Redfield. It has been said, time and time again, we live in a modern world that’s designed to try to prevent men and women from connecting to source because without divine guidance, were lost and have to rely on man’s system. But, I would like for those who celebrate All Saint’s Day to keep something in mind, while we celebrate the saints of our past and ancient history, there are saints amongst us today that are living. A connection to God or source is something that can be achieved if one seeks it.

It’s interesting to note here the numerological and spiritual meaning behind the number 111. If you keep seeing 111, maybe as apart of an address or as a time on your clock, it is an indication that your guardian angels are trying communicate with you. I always believed 111 to mean new opportunities were on the horizon for you, or that a door was opening to give you a fresh start and a new beginning. Those in spiritual circles believe 111 represents the time of a spiritual awakening for the individual seeing it. As part of that awakening, the seer has an opportunity to begin shaping their reality.

If November 1st or 111 marks the beginning of a spiritual awakening, it seems perfect as it coincides with us honoring saints who have or had a connection to God. What better way to begin a spiritual quest than by honoring those who came before us?

Today is October 1st, and the Fall season arrived in September. We’re entering a unique time of the year filled with warmth. Enjoy everyone, and thank you for visiting Nooz Buffet.

Halloween-23 More Days

Can you feel the excitement in the air? It’s almost that time! We are twenty-three days away from Halloween 2021.

For whatever it’s worth, there’s another Halloween movie (as in Michael Myers) coming out this year. I can’t believe it. I’m just one of so many people who grew up watching Halloween on Halloween. It was a tradition. 🀣

The latest is called Halloween Kills, and its release date for movie theatres in the United States is October 15th. Jamie Lee Curtis will be the star, of course, unbelievable, and incredible at the same time, and from what I read, she leads a vigilante mob to destroy Michael Myers once and for all. I can’t wait. I hope it’s good. For all of you youngsters who haven’t seen and aren’t familiar with the original, make sure you see it. The original Halloween came out in the 1970’s, and it was one of the greatest horror movies of all time. Part 2 was good also, but after the first two, things get a little weird and drawn out. True fans of the movie understand what I mean, and you will to once you start watching them.

So, Halloween, the night we all dress up and go out for candy is the pre-celebration for the western Christian festival of All Hallows day or All Saints Day on November 1st. (111) It is believed the tradition of celebrating Halloween was influenced by ancient Celtic harvest festivals, and the Gaelic Festival, Samhain. Samhain marks the end of the harvest season, which makes way for the winter and generally, the darker half of the year.


All right my friends, have a wonderful night and a blessed day tomorrow!

Free Writing

Good Evening.

I hope everyone is having a spirited and fun-filled Halloween. I heard or read the other day (I don’t remember) the property where the Vatican is was a 2nd century cemetery housing all the men and women who died in the name of faith. Saint Peter’s Basilica was built to honor them.

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I wanted to mention something that has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween, the Vatican, or people dying for faith. Last summer I bought a bathing suit. It was turquoise-solid turquoise. I wore it several times during the summer, and it always looked turquoise. Just plain old solid turquoise. Two weeks ago I wore it to the gym; don’t ask. Anyway, while I was working out I looked down at my bathing suit, and I noticed clear as day, a hula girl print on them. I couldn’t believe it. It felt like I had a different pair of shorts on, and when I got back home I took another look at the shorts, but the print disappeared. Now it looks like a turquoise bathing suit again. Just plain turquoise. I guess it must’ve been the lighting, but I’m wondering, would I have bought that bathing if the hula girl print was visible when I picked them off the rack. Maybe.

Listen to this. I just looked at the bathing suit to see if I could see the hula girls under the light in my bedroom, and I couldn’t, but I looked inside at the tag and it said Magic Print Bathing Suit. There you go. It’s magic. It’s interesting how this bathing suit story just came to me. I’m sitting here trying to figure out why I decided to write about the bathing suit, and I’m just now realizing-the answer is subconscious guidance. Yes, two paragraphs, which on the surface present two different topics, but when you dig..

I swear I did not plan this.

The Holy See! The Holy See is also called the See of Rome, and it’s the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Rome, which includes Vatican City! I can’t believe it. I now believe the purchase of that bathing suit was divinely inspired.

Is there a connection between turquoise, hula girls, and the Vatican? I’ll let you know when I return from the rabbit hole.

You know, with all the hoopla surrounding mischief night and Halloween, we forget about 11.1. Let me just tell you that 11, 111, and 1111 is very powerful. 1111 is a cosmic gateway, and an entrance leading you to a brand-new start; but November 1st or 11/1 is All Saints Day. It’s a celebration to honor all the saints both known and unknown.

I was just watching the Celestine Prophecy again for the fifth time, and there’s a scene in that movie when they’re talking about the energy we transfer. Some people can see it. Yes, it’s beyond our reality, but there are special people who can see auras and energy fields. In the movie the woman said to her friend; Do you notice the halo of light surrounding the heads of the saints in all the old photos? Do you think the artist just made that up.


Have a wonderful night, and enjoy the rest of your Halloween. Oh yeah, don’t forget to visit our merchandise page. Get yourself a Nooz Buffet t-shirt.

It’s a Little Early, but….Halloween!

I must say, Halloween, the day itself, marks one of my favorite times of the year. I laugh to myself when I think about those warm October afternoons; rushing home after school to put my costume on, and preparing myself to get as much candy as possible. The candy! That’s what it was all about. Getting that candy. 🀣

Then, when I got older, I realized the generous people who opened their doors for me didn’t have to give candy at all. Yeah, I started analyzing the saying, “Trick or Treat.” 🀣 Trick or treat, say that a few times to yourself. As it turns out, they could’ve done a trick. Right? When we say, “Trick or Treat,” I think we’re giving them the option of doing something or giving us candy, but everyone gave candy. Did anyone ever get tricked? OMG, that’s so funny.

Where am I going with this-I do not know, but I just decided to dress up for Halloween this year. So yeah, I never got tricked, but I received a whole lot of candy.

This year, Halloween falls on a Saturday, Saturday, October 31st-the day before All Saints Day. I think what I love so much about Halloween is the deep tradition, which goes all the back to the ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain. The people would light bonfires and wear costumes to scare off ghosts.

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Pope Gregory III, in the 8th century, designated the first day of November as a day to honor the saints; he named it All Saints Day, and he actually incorporated some of the old traditions of the Samhain Festival. Over time, Halloween evolved into what we have today; dressing up in costumes, trick or treating, and carving and painting pumpkins. ❀

Let’s not forget about mischief night! Okay, so Halloween got really weird when I left New Jersey because Pennsylvania doesn’t celebrate Halloween on the 31st. Don’t ask. Trick or treating actually takes place sometime before the 31st, but when I was younger and growing up in New Jersey, we as kids, would celebrate mischief night on the 30th, and then dress up and go out for candy on the 31st. If Halloween during that time fell on a Saturday, OH BOY! Watch out neighborhood because school got out on Friday, which meant Saturday we had no school, which meant we didn’t have to go to bed early, which also meant we could go out Friday night and participate in some mischievous activities. If Halloween fell on a Sunday, then mischief night became mischief day and night. 🀣 To be honest though, I don’t know if there was a mischief night that I didn’t get caught doing something stupid. I always got caught. One year, when I was in high school, my friends and I were driving around throwing eggs, and the cops caught us. Yup. The made us get out of the car and throw all the eggs we had at each other.

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I don’t even know if mischief night is recognized anymore (what a shame how they’re robbing the younger generations of good times and fun), but if you do participate, have fun. Don’t be an asshole and ruin it for everyone else.

How could we have a discussion about Halloween and not talk about all the movies Halloween inspired-like John Carpenter’s Halloween, Scream, Ghostbusters, Casper, and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

For personal reasons, there are many people who chose not to celebrate Halloween, and that’s their choice and the beautiful thing about living in this country, but for me, I couldn’t imagine what a year would be like without it.

I know Halloween isn’t for another month, but what the heck. Thank you for reading along, and have a blessed day.