9th House Hosting Sun Plus 4

The astrological 9th House is known to be a broader version of the 3rd. The energetic relationships between planets and the influence of planetary archetypes can manifest in the 9th House and be relative to long-distance travel, higher thinking, philosophy, higher education, and publishing and literary pursuits.

Right now, Taurus is taking up the majority of space in the 9th House, and there’s definitely an abundance of energy in Taurus.

There’s a conjunction with the Sun on the 26th degree and Uranus on the 19th degree. Taurus is a sign of love and beauty, it’s ruled by Venus the Goddess of love, and it’s natural home is the 2nd House of possessions.

A conjunction between the Sun and Uranus can deliver a blast of will power to a necessary awakening. Taurus energy can be lazy, and the 9th House is definitely not a place for laziness. Uranus is jolting us to awaken because there’s much to gain (possessions) from pursuits in the 9th House. It could be a sudden interest to travel somewhere , or it could be a sudden interest to study and devote oneself to sacred or philosophical texts. Possessions need not always be something tangible, the truth perhaps, can be one of the greatest possessions of all.

On the other end of the sign, we have Jupiter 0 degree, the moon 4th degree, and Mercury on the 6th degree; that’s a three planet conjunction. Jupiter is sign of expansion and abundance, the Moon represents our subconscious mind, and Mercury represents our the part of our brain we use for everyday thinking. Given the sign and house and the conjunction between Uranus and the Sun, this three-way conjunction is showing an opportunity for mental expansion, and more importantly, the discovery of something previously unknown.

The presence of Mercury indicates communication of some kind, and this could be a conversation with someone who’s in possession of information or knowledge you need. It could also be you communicating the discoveries you’ve made during quiet study or meditation.

It’s not often we see five planets in one sign, and it wont last long. The Sun and the Moon will both enter Gemini in a few days.

The Astrological Mind

When it comes to the mind in astrology, we think of the air signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Of course, and why shouldn’t we? Air equals intellect.

Let’s go a little deeper though. From a psychological perspective, the subconscious mind or the unconscious is the part of the mind that’s not of focal awareness. If the mind was represented by an iceberg and split into two levels (like it is on Wikipedia) with one portion sitting below the water and the other portion above the water, the subconscious makes up the 90% portion below the water.

That’s a large portion of our mind operating outside of consciousness! The portion above the water, which is 10% of the iceberg, represents our fully aware, critically thinking, high-functioning everyday mind.

[After looking at the iceberg in this context, I couldn’t help but think. I always say and believed the answers we seek concerning out past could very well be located beneath the frozen ice in the Antarctic, but perhaps, they’re not buried under the ice. What if our memories have been frozen in time? What if when the ice melts eventually, the humans on earth will have a natural enlightenment, and all those questions we have will be answered naturally? In due time of course.]

So, our subconscious mind in astrology is represented by the Moon, and if the Moon is involved then we know Cancer has to be also somehow because the Moon rules Cancer, and the 4th House must be involved as well because the Moon and Cancer both live there.

The high-functioning conscious part of our mind has always been represented by the planet Mercury. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, and the 3rd and 6th houses. Mercury was and is known as the Messenger God, and Mercury represents communication and commerce amongst other things.

Mercury is fast in its orbit and never exceeds more than 28 degrees from the Sun-that’s where we get our high-function and focus from.

Since the ancient times Mercury has been known to man, but in 1781 man made another discovery. Uranus! Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, which means it operates at higher levels and from metaphysical perspective, in other dimensions.

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Uranus is the genius of the Zodiac, and the planet that represents Astrology. He was the original sky God, and God of the Universe. Today, we know Uranus rules Aquarius in the 11th House.

Isn’t it interesting how this all works? Because Uranus was discovered just after the American Revolution, (1776) he represents electricity, and free thinking. Uranus is the planet of change and originality, and it symbolizes the element of surprise in our lives. It awakens and revolutionizes. Uranus represent that sudden flash of genius thought.

As time has moved forward from the days when humans were consciously aware of only Mercury, you could say our minds have changed and evolved as well. Well, the conscious portion anyway. It’s unbelievably interesting to see how the powers and characteristics of the heavenly bodies coincide with what’s being done here on earth.

As for the subconscious, I assume it will just keep taking inventory and jotting notes for us to explore at a later date, or maybe, when the ice melts and joins the rest of the sea.

Don’t you think it’s time that we had a subconscious upgrade?

I think it was Edgar Cayce that referred to the subconscious as a filing cabinet in which all information gets stored, and the funny thing is that we aren’t even aware of 99% of the stuff.

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I proposed the Antarctic theory earlier in this article, but there’s something else, and in the process of explaining it, I’ll demonstrate how Uranus works.

Every time I hear the number 300, I think about the scene in the movie, 300 where the Spartans are overwhelmed and outnumbered by their opponent during a battle so they utilize a narrow entrance between two mountains as their front line for fighting. They chose it because their opponents could only enter a few men at a time, which solved Sparta’s problem of being outnumbered 10 to 1, or whatever the ratio was.

300, the number, and the funnel is what I take from this. The funnel because I imagine an upgrade to the subconscious would be “funnel-like.” Tons of information and memories in the beginning that slowly gets narrowed and more specific until we have exactly what we must retain.

When the year 2076 arrives it will be America’s 300-year anniversary! That’s right, 300 years since claiming our independence in 1776. Do you know what else happens in 2076? Sedna will reach its closest distance or point to our sun, which is called a perihelion.

I believe Sedna is a planet, even though astronomers will probably settle on dwarf planet, but when Sedna reaches its perihelion, it will do so outside the orbit of Pluto. When Sedna reaches its aphelion, which is its furthest distance from our sun, it goes all the way out, way past Neptune, and touches a place called the Oort Cloud.

Astronomers refer to that area in deep space past the orbits of Neptune and Pluto as a dark frozen sea. A dark frozen sea like Antarctica? Exactly.

So, here comes planet Sedna in its orbit, a goddess of the sea known as the Mother or Mistress of the Sea according to the Inuit mythology and takes on the form of a mermaid. Could this be the divine feminine we hear so much about the suppression of? Maybe, because when Sedna reaches her perihelion in 2076, it will be her first time back there since 9,386 B.C. or 11,408 years ago since her orbit takes 11,408 years!

If the feminine Moon represents the 90% of our subconscious that’s below the water, then Sedna must be the opposite tip of the iceberg as far as the subconscious is concerned. Who knows what Sedna will bring with her, and how we’ll be affected here on earth, but we’ll find out in 54 years.

Astrology, Planetary Discovery, & Digging for Answers

If there’s a 10th or a 12th or a 3rd or a whatever planet missing, that if found could unlock the key to this whole mystery, then, perhaps we’re not digging deep enough.

What do I mean?

Well, if you haven’t realized it yet, every time the discovery of a new planet is announced, we coincidentally discover the comparable element.

What do I mean?

my table

All of these elements are radioactive, and like we found out yesterday in our post “I Might Be on to Something Here,” electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves is broadcasting from Sagittarius A near our Galactic Center.

Wouldn’t it be something if our galaxy was quite literally a cosmic dance? Radio active planets powered by radio waves.

Getting back to my point, if there’s a 12th Planet, then the keys to finding it are probably buried within our earth.

This is somewhat unrelated, but super interesting. The roots of astrology have been traced all the way back to 5,000 B.C. to 3,000 B.C. with Vishnu, the reigning god of Hinduism, the sun incarnate, and their most divine being.

The Sun has it’s element, and that’s gold. According to Wikipedia, gold was discovered in the Middle East before 6,000 BCE.

Do we dare to say astrology began with the discovery of gold?

And what about the Moon and its relationship to silver? Wikipedia said silver was discovered before 5000 B.C. So, first we dug and found gold, and our sun was brought into visibility. Then, we dug some more, and our moon was visible.

Copper is said to be the first element discovered, and copper is associated with Venus. As a matter of fact before gold and silver were found, we found copper (Venus) and lead (Saturn).

I find it amazingly interesting that Venus and Saturn are the two planets spoken about between Thoth Hermes Trismegistus and the Great Dragon when the most important secrets concerning life after death and our Galaxy were revealed. It was said that the secrets to reincarnation, or coming back with an awakened memory and full awareness of a previous life is connected to Venus. The Great Dragon said our Milky Way Galaxy was the seed ground of stars that Saturn returns souls to after death without memory. The Milky Way is a prison for souls and Saturn is the warden.

Breakthrough! Astrology and Squares

There are many reasons for why I love astrology, but I enjoy something very specific about it. Through my spiritual path and journey of self-discovery, with astrology obviously being the tool, the more I learn about myself means the more I can help you learn about yourself.

Let’s start with the Sun. There’s lots to know about the Sun, but the most important thing to understand is that it represents the self, you. It also represents the father and those in authority.

There are tons of keywords, associations, parallels, and personifications when it comes to the planets, and sometimes it’s enough to make people close the book and walk away, believe me I get it.

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But, if you take it on case by case basis, you’ll avoid that problem of feeling so overwhelmed that you become confused and discouraged.

For me personally, I’m trying to figure something out about myself in relation to authority figures, so that’s how I’ll interpret the sun in my chart.

What I’m looking at specifically is the square between my natal Sun and Uranus.

The Square is an aspect of 90 degrees. That means two planets are separated by 90 degrees, in this case it’s the Sun and Uranus. For those who don’t know, an aspect is the relationship between two planets or points in the chart. If you imagined the planets to be people, the aspect would describe their relationship.

Squares are challenging and stressful, they present obstacles, and teach lessons. But don’t get discouraged. Squares present the energy we need to achieve greatness. A person can develop tremendous drive and strength when they find ways to overcome.

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All those sayings you hear like, “nothing worth having comes easy,” “seeing the sunshine sometimes requires us to travel through the rain” etc. That’s what the square is about.

To truly understand Uranus, you must keep in mind that it was discovered in 1786. That’s 10 years after America claimed independence. Uranus is the planet of change and originality. He’s revolutionary. He awakens and shocks and brings about sudden opportunities.

Uranus is in the 5th house of my chart. That’s the sector controlling creativity, short term pleasure, fun, and enjoying life.

So, I have a 7th house Sun squared with a 5th house Uranus. Uranus is exalted in my chart, and I’m an Aquarius (Uranus rules Aquarius) so fun, creativity, and pleasure can be had at the highest levels. At times they have been.

I think you can understand the relationship now with the sun, and that’s the breakthrough. A Sun in the house governing marriage, relationships, and open enemies, squared with a 5th house sun means basically, the devil’s giving you rope and it ain’t his fault if you hang yourself with it.

Also, because Libra rules the 7th house, harmony and balance come into the picture. I’m single and I’ve never been married, but I think if I find the right person, we can have a lot of fun together.

There’s so much more that goes along with this reading. What I wrote here is just the tip of the iceberg. Outside of myself, lets say the sun represents authority figures, then we can see the types of problems that can result from the energy present. Did Britain like when America claimed independence?

Authority figures like to maintain some form of control, some way more than others. So because of the square they’re not going to appreciate the sudden decisions, originality, and revolutionary nature of Uranus. When it comes to creativity, pleasure, and fun, there will always be obstacles. And there has been. This alignment and shared aspect is at the root of who I am and it is the focal point when it comes to fifth house matters and my relationship with authority figures.

Overcoming this alignment can bestow rare opportunities in life.

Where are the squares in your chart?