Upon this Rock…

I was just listening to a speech delivered by former President, JFK. In his speech, which he talked about the press, and the release of information that could be harmful to the United States if it was released during a time of war (clear and present danger). He was referring to National Security, and how the release of certain information could put our country at risk.

The basis for this speech was partly to talk to Americans, about the importance of having to sometimes give up our 1st Amendment right to free speech if what we have to say gives an advantage to our enemy during a time of war.

He further explained the complications Americans face as a nation of free people. I don’t know if we still are, but we were at one time the envy of the world. Our freedoms and liberty made us the target of more than openly visible enemies.

This is when he mentions that America is the target of a monolithic ruthless conspiracy whose covert means involve infiltration and not invasion, subversion and not elections, and intimidation instead of choice. It’s guerillas by night instead of armies by day.

So, the problem here, is that America is constantly under attack even though our enemies aren’t visible. The last thing an honest and patriotic publication wants to do is put its own country at risk of loosing a war or getting invaded, so they refrain from speaking freely, but if we’re constantly under attack then..well, you can see the issue, but this isn’t about the first amendment.

Because of this speech I looked up the word monolith. A monolith is a huge, humongous, indivisible, immovable rock. It’s one very large rock. If something is monolithic it’s made of one large rock. So, when he refers to America’s enemy as a “monolithic ruthless conspiracy” that uses covert means, he’s saying our enemy has no weaknesses and operates in secrecy. It has no leaks because it’s whole.

Think about the opposite as something put together in many different sections with many different pieces. When something is put together from different pieces it’s always at risk of falling apart or leaking. Maybe there’s a weak section. A weak link in a chain, or one bad apple that spoils the bunch, right?

A monolith is whole all by itself. There are no weaknesses. It is what it is. It’s indivisible.

The opposite can be broken down.

This can be examined in several different ways.

The first, is that America is the target of a world wide conspiracy. The world around us is filled with monoliths. Italians come from Italy, Russians come from Russia, Indians come from India, Germans come from Germany, the French come from France, etc. What this suggests is that our greatest strength is in fact, our greatest weakness. Our diversity. America is a melting pot made up of people from all over the world who are seeking a better quality of life, liberty, and freedom.

Understand this, if American’s can come together and be whole, there’s nothing in this world that can beat us, but that’s hard to do. The Pledge of Allegiance says, “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

In order for us to be the greatest country in the world, and conquer the monolithic conspiracy, we must first believe in a higher power, God (whatever kind we chose). Then, and only then, with liberty and justice for all, we can be indivisible.

The second way is this:

Throughout the history of the world, empires rose up, and then they fell. The Akkadians, the Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, and the Romans, all rose to power and conquered before falling eventually. Now, it’s America’s turn.

This tells me a few things:

The world will support America, if America is successful. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France. In a sense, they passed the torch to us, a new Nation. Rome and other cultures gave us architecture. From around the world, and from different cultures, we were gifted something.

If America shows weakness or looks like it’s falling apart, someone will come for our spot with the quickness. That means we lose our freedoms, liberty, and way of life, and fall into the hands of probably a dictator, while another country enjoys what we once had. If we don’t surrender it, then we’ll probably have to fight to keep it.

The monolithic ruthless conspiracy that preys on America, is the same enemy the other world superpowers fell to. This is a challenge to humanity. Did you get that? This is a challenge to humanity. This enemy of ours, the one we cannot see, has been the enemy of every other empire or superpower. They all fell.


Jesus said, Upon this rock, I shall build my church.”


On the surface of the earth, we have built our churches. All of us. Every culture, and every country. We live on the surface of the earth. Humanity lives on the surface of the earth.

The monolithic ruthless conspiracy is the enemy we can’t see because it’s the indivisible rock we live on.

Humans inherited the surface of the earth from a race of beings that were here already. Were did they go?

They went inside and underneath! Our enemy lives below us, and that’s why we built the church on top of it. Our planet must be layered in some way. We have a surface world and an inner or subsurface world.

As long as we keep looking up, as long as we keep believing there’s more out there, and as long as we believe in God, we can stay on top. We’re good as one nation.

But in order for us to do more, and in order for us to rise up and get the fuck out of here, we must conquer and defeat America’s enemy, which has been humanity’s enemy throughout time.

And in order for us to do that..

Liberty and justice for all makes our one nation that’s already under God, indivisible. Our nation of Americans must be indivisible like the rock we live on.

Our advances in technology have been beneficial, and I actually think any advancements we make are gifts. We’re restricted by time, and in time, we get a little smarter and evolve a little further. A boat allows us sail across the waters, and airplanes give us the ability to travel greater distances at faster speeds through the air. These advancements allow us to explore more of this rock we can’t see.

We have the ability within us, however, to rise above it all anytime we want. We can do that if we become indivisible.

Technology has also created a problems. Technology has given humans the power to manipulate other humans and our environment. Without the ability to fly or sail, there’s only one way to go.

We’re out and up, maybe it’s finally time to go down and in and see what this enemy of ours really looks like.

The Road Less Traveled 2

Did you read the first part of The Road Less traveled?

I mentioned I could very easily watch the CNN’s, MSNBC’s, and the rest of those mainstream sources. If that’s what you do, there’s nothing wrong with that.

For me personally, I was trained and educated in the importance of unbiased reporting. So, I was shocked when I realized our major new outlets or sources were in fact biased and in some way, politically slanted. The most important thing is delivering the facts to the public.

I don’t sit here today and say all the news is fake, but I do question the accuracy. I do question the talking points of focus, and I do question a news story loaded with personal opinions. I don’t like the ostracization and casting out of those who seek alternate news sources.

If the mainstream news is biased and slanted then we have no other choice but to seek alternate sources if the truth is what we want. Life is short, and it goes fast. I don’t want to waste any more time.

Speaking of truth..

Jesus represented the road less traveled.

Today, is the observance of the “resurrection” of Jesus. Today is Easter Sunday, the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead three days after his crucifixion.

After isolating myself, meditating, and many hours and days of contemplation, I arrive at the conclusion that if you only take away from his story that he was crucified and willingly died for our sins, then for whatever reason, you’re leaving a lot on the table.

Jesus was the truth. He spoke the truth, he represented the truth, and he was hated for it. “What shall I do with this man,” Pontus Pilate asked the crowd. “Crucify him,” they yelled.

But he has done nothing wrong. We have, over here, Barabbas, a known criminal. Do we crucify the criminal, or do we crucify Jesus, a man who has done nothing wrong?

Jesus! Crucify Jesus!

That’s how much people hated him.

Prophetic Intuition

On the coordinate plane, is a blue inverted triangle, representing water and its gift of intuition.

Inverted Triangle

At the top, on the left point it says Isis. Isis is the ancient Egyptian Goddess. At the top right point it says Isus, and it sounds just like Isis.

At the bottom point it says Jesus, to represent the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The first two letters in Jesus, “Je,” is French, but its translation into the English language is “I”. So, if you spell Jesus with the English translation, it spells “Isus,” it sounds like Isis, but it means Jesus.

There are different offerings from prayers to different Gods. Jesus, being complete, and a perfect transfusion of man and woman, 6 and 9, yin and yang, red and blue, has his identity hidden within the ancient Egyptian Goddess, Isis.

If you say Isus, people will either think you’re talking about the Egyptian Goddess, or thanks to modern culture, some terrorist organization, but you could in fact, be referring to Jesus Christ.

The significance of this is something I’ve come to learn through my own spiritual journey. When the identity of Jesus was hidden in Isis, so were the keys to obtaining intuition and the gift of prophecy.