A Chosen Generation

One time, I was working in a food store, putting frozen food in the freezer when I noticed a priest walking down the aisle towards me.

Me: “Excuse me, Father.”

Priest: “Yes?”

Me: “Do you believe in Jesus?”

Priest: “Absolutely.”

Me: “Do you believe in the miracles he performed, that he was crucified and died on the cross, that he rose again three days later, and that his resurrection was a return back to life from the dead?”

Priest: “Yes, I do.”

Me: “I do too. Can I ask you something else?”

Priest: “Sure.”

Me: “Do you believe in reincarnation?”

Priest: “Well, I don’t know. Do you?”

Me: “I do.”

I think I wrote about that conversation on here a while ago, and it was because I couldn’t believe the Priest’s answer when I asked him if he personally believed in reincarnation.

If you believe in Jesus, and he’s the central figure of your religion whose greatest victory was conquering death by resurrecting, how could you not believe or have any doubts about reincarnation?

I’ve done some serious and time-consuming studying on reincarnation, and most of that information I presented in Smorgasbord 2, Smorgasbord 3, and here on Nooz Buffet, but some people think I’m crazy for believing in it.

There are lots of people who will never even mention reincarnation in public because they’re in fear of the back-lash and ridicule that’s sure to follow.

I, however, will continue studying reincarnation, I’ll continue presenting my findings, and I’ll continue asking God to show me the truth.

If you’re doing the same thing, or starting to feel the urge to go in that direction with your current studies, let me turn your attention to the First Epistle of Peter, Chapter 2 verse 6.

Therefore, it is also contained in the scripture, “Behold, I lay in Zion a chief cornerstone, elect, precious, and he who believes on Him will by no means be put to shame.”

Some people don’t need the reassurance of the Good Book, but it’s always there if you need it.

Personally, I believe we’re all here for a reason, part of which is to seek our connection to our personal source and remember.

The system we live in is intentionally designed to prevent you from remembering. We’re bombarded with false information right from the start. Like cattle, it’s school, graduation, career, and having children and starting a family.

There’s no time for contemplation, spiritual pursuits, or “finding yourself”.

If you take the time to do that, what do people say?

They say, “Oh, he went off the deep end. Oh, he’s lost. Oh, he’s into some coombaya shit.”

You get ridiculed, people say you’re crazy, and they distance themselves from you.

But it says right in the Bible that we are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, and that we were called out of darkness and into His marvelous light. It says we are now a people of God, who once weren’t, and we’ve now obtained mercy that we were once without.

You see, I really believe we lived before. I believe we all did. I believe remembering is now possible, but we must pursue that knowledge and wisdom personally. I believe we lived before but have no recollection because we were in darkness. We weren’t supposed to know, but now, it’s time.

It’s time to remember.

Station 1

For those who have eyes to see, let them see. Two days ago, I posted an article about Pluto entering Aquarius. In that article, I mentioned a few things about Aquarius that really stuck out to me when I read this description about the 1st Station of the Cross of Jesus.

The description is below, and it’s from Robert Howell’s book, Inside the Priory of Sion.

I just learned about Ganymede, the beautiful young boy who was abducted by Zeus disguised as an Eagle. Zeus, who was obsessed with Ganymede’s appearance, swooped down to earth, picked him up, and took him to the heavens to be the Cup Bearer for the Gods.

Eventually, they gave Ganymede his place in the heavens, which became the Constellation Aquarius.

Now that you have the back story, let’s get into what the pictures above talk about. In all, there are 14 Stations of the Cross that can be found in some churches. The Stations describe 14 key events that mark the Way of Sorrows, or the route taken by Christ from the site of his judgement to his crucifixion at Calvary.

Above, is the description of the first Station only.

What caught my eye here initially was the mention of the golden gryphon, a mixture of a lion and an eagle.

I have, in my chart Aquarius on the descendant, and Leo on the ascendant. Leo, as we all know, is a lion, and there’s a constellation that borders Aquarius called Aquila. Aquila is Latin for Eagle.

The earth plane is represented by our ascendant and descendant, and when you put that specific combination together, you have the mythological gryphon, which is half lion and half eagle.

It says above that Jesus was condemned by Pilate, and Pilate was being served by a black boy. Black is a color stage in the alchemical process (and so is red, which is the color of Pilate’s hair), and the frequent use of an Ethiopian boy is used in writings and paintings to represent the blackening stage of the ancient process.

Just yesterday, in my article I mentioned that Ethiopia falls under the rulership of Aquarius, and if you continue reading the text in the second photo above, it says a black boy carried a white plate of water with which Pilate washes his hands.

What I just discovered hidden is this text that describes Jesus’s condemnation, is the reference to Aquarius, the Cup Holder, and the Water Bearer!

If Ganymede was taken to heaven to be the Cup Holder or Water Bearer for the Gods, was the crucifixion of Jesus real or a reenactment with subliminal messages for those worthy of understanding?

Also, the four colors of the alchemical process are black, white, yellow, and red. Just when I thought yellow was the only color not mentioned, I remembered the golden (yellow) gryphon.

Red, which is the final color representing completion, is the color of Pilate’s hair. What does this mean for Pilate? Is he in some way, Golden, or like a God?

Well, it says the golden gryphon symbolizes vigilance and courage, and it’s a symbol of good and evil. Think about it; if Pilate’s hair is red, and red is the final color of the process, which means the process is complete and lead has been turned to gold, then Pilate is the golden gryphon. He’s full of courage and vigilance and both good and evil.

I haven’t even looked at the descriptions for the other Stages yet, but this is a good start.

Moon Scope; Full Illumination

March 7, 2023 Edition

Hello, and welcome to the March 7, 2023 Edition of Moon Scope. Tonight’s Moon will be full in the astrological sign, Virgo. Since this moon phase began on February 20th with the new moon in Aquarius, tonight’s moon is culminating, and it will be illuminated 100%. Full visibility is on the menu, so think back to what you had going on in February on the 20th.

Before I move into the rest of our Moon Scope analysis, I wanted to share something that came to me this morning. This picture you see on the left is from a book titled, The Mayan Code, Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind, and it was written by Barbara Hand Clow. It shows the hominid lineage from millions of years ago, up to the present time which was around the publication date of the book, and into the future.

What it’s showing us is pretty clear. Now, we don’t have to do anything. God gave us all free will, but this lineage is showing us the peaceful and spiritual human is what will survive on. Violence and war can continue, and the powers that be can continue to wage it, but that type of human, his/her mindset, and the DNA or genetic makeup of that individual has run its course, it ended in 2012. It’s NOW a thing of the past, and has been for 11 years.

A while ago on here, I was explaining what life in a community was like many years ago before the power of reading, understanding, and sharing our destinies with one another was taken. A citizen experiencing synchronicity would go see an astrologer and manifest for them. In turn, the astrologer would heal and purify the individual’s body and mind from past life traumas and bring them up to date, and then prep their bodies for handling higher frequencies before telling them what their destinies were. The individual would then set out on his journey.

I’ve been listening to Coast to Coast AM for a long time, and lately I caught a good episode. A recent guest was discussing his findings; What we are starting to find out is that it’s our job to heal and purify our bodies because the goal here is to become one with the universe. Yes, the goal of life is to interact with the universe and join the life that thrives beyond our existence.

How is that done?

The answer ties into and goes back to what I was saying about the old communities. It’s involves awakening, healing and purifying the body, and then raising the kundalini energy to blow out and clear the chakra energy centers; that preps the body and prepares it to take on higher frequencies that are beyond the frequencies of earth. They discovered this was common knowledge at one time, and the act of walking in and out of star doorways and portals is called star walking. It was traced back to Osiris.

It might appear that we live in an evil world that’s full of deceit, and as true as that may be, you should know the goodness of old is coming back, and there’s no way to stop it. Eventually, we’ll all become aware of what’s really going on. At this point, from the picture I showed you, there’s only one way to survive on, and you’d be silly to blow this off as hippie talk or call it tree hugger shit like I hear from time to time. This is real, it just hasn’t become your reality yet.

This puzzle is starting to come together, it’s just taking time because not one person has all the answers. Each of us knows a little bit, or holds a piece. Once we come together, we can put the bigger picture together.

Let’s get back into this current Moon Scope, shall we? Because tonight’s moon is in Virgo, I’m going to share another bit of information about Virgo, that’s relevant to the information above.

“Christ said we would need to enter the Kingdom of Heaven through the eye of a needle. This is the perfect metaphor for the polarity of mastering the 6th house, or eye of the needle to enter the Kingdom or cosmic attunement, the 12th House. Enter totally into your body/mind balance, in your personal life, and God is waiting on the other side.”

That quote also comes to us from Clow, and her book, Chiron Rainbow Bridge Between Inner and Outer Planets.

Virgo is the 6th House sign, and Pisces is the 12th. That the polarity in focus here, and now I’m starting to realize that maybe the eye of the needle is exactly what God was trying to show me in that picture I shared a while ago.

See that little green dot? Watch what it becomes when I zoom in.

It’s and eye. Eye of the needle? Maybe. I’m sitting here almost in tears about my current financial situation and being broke, and maybe Jesus is trying to teach me a lesson about money. It has to be because Virgo in my second house of possessions, and that’s the money house.

Wow, so we just connected these dots together, and that’s exactly what the power of the full moon can help us do. It’s 100% illumination, and it reveals the fruits of our labor that began with the new moon.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and both Mercury and Virgo are home in the 6th house. Virgo is mutable and feminine, and it’s an earth sign. Earth signs, or the element of earth is about sensuality and the senses. Tasting, touching, hearing, seeing, and smelling are our five senses and they help us navigate and make sense out of our environment and the people in it.

This is all starting to connect with the information above and make sense because the 6th House is the house of health and service. Service to others and personal health, health as in healing and purifying the body so that it can take on higher frequencies to enter the Kingdom of heaven through the eye of the needle.


I’m going to reveal the darker side or the not so good qualities of the moon being in Virgo because that’s the only way can become aware of what we’re doing wrong and correct it. Being more critical, high-strung, standoffish, argumentative, hypochrondriac; so if you’re displaying those behaviors, you need to find your way back to the other side, which is intellectual, industrious, meticulous, steadfast, and responsible.

The most important thing here is being responsible. If you’re not honest with yourself and you refuse to take responsibility for you actions, it’s going to be impossible for you to have the conversations you need with the people who do. Does that make sense?

As the Moon tonight lights up Virgo and the 6th House, we become conscious and concerned with our health, which is really the most integral part of the 6th House that involves service to others. How many times have you heard, “How can you help others if you can’t help yourself?”

We’re at the top of our game when we take care of our bodies by getting the proper amount of rest, eating the right foods, exercising, and reading and watching good material (because what we read and watch on television is food too). When we’re in good health, mind, body and spirit, we can be a huge help to the people around us (service to others).

But remember something, helping people isn’t always about money, and you don’t have to be rich. Sometimes, it could be just sharing or passing along information you’re in possession of.

If you’ve made a commitment to your health for this new year, the full moon tonight is reminding you about that. And don’t forget about those who are close to you. The people close to you, family included, depend on you for support and care. If the 12th House (Pisces) is a karmic house where we see the rewards and punishments for the deeds we’ve done, then we can see the relationship to that here in the 6th House with Virgo. How we treat ourselves and the people around us will reciprocate in some way. It’s the Law of Return.

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky Numbers: 5 and 3

American Cities Under rulership of Virgo: Boston

Countries: Turkey and Greece

Virgo is all about focus and analyzation. So get busy! When tonight’s full moon makes it’s revelations, research and study to find out why. Gather your facts and learn the truth about yourself so that you can be of service to others.

Have a wonderful evening!

Nooz Now

January 25, 2023 Edition

Hello, good afternoon, and welcome to the January 25th 2023 edition of Nooz Now, the first of this glorious new year! I’m your host Francis Joseph LaManna..

Let’s Get It!

🏈NFL- Right now, we have four teams remaining in the hunt for the Lombardi Trophy; in the AFC it’s the Cincinnati Bengals against the Kansas City Chiefs, and in the NFC, it’s the San Francisco 49ers against the Philadelphia Eagles. This brought back terrific memories; and what a coincidence! It was Super Bowl XXIII (23), January 22, 1989, when the 49ers beat the Bengals by 4 points. Yup, it was the fourth quarter with 39 seconds left on the clock, and the 49ers were trailing. Joe Montana dropped back and hit John Taylor for the go-ahead touchdown that capped off an amazing final drive. San Francisco went wild. I was just 8-years old.

🙏Meditation- In Barbara Hand Clow’s book, Chiron Rainbow Bridge to the Outer Planets, she mentions a sacred meditation technique; inhaling, but imagining the breadth entering through the right side of the neck. The ancients called this a wryneck. Personally, I took this information with a grain of salt, because it comes to us from an ancient time, however, I happened to see a picture from 1619 that showed our invisible energy centers. As it turns out, there are two locations indicating the breadth entering from a side position; the first, like she mentioned, is the right side of the neck, and the second is the right side of the body above the navel, but just below the solar plexus. If you were to meditate, imagine two hearts sitting on their sides in these locations. (<3 <3)

🌞SOL- After doing some research, I found that the speed of light travels at 186,000 miles per second. So, if you wanted to calculate how far light would travel in a year all you’d have to do is multiply 186,000 by 60, because there are 60 seconds in a minute, then take that answer and multiply it by 60 again because there are 60 minutes in an hour, then take that answer and multiply it by 24 because there are 24 hours in a day, and finally, take that answer and multiply it by 365.25 because that’s how many days are in an earth year. Your answer would give you the distance light travels in a year’s time.

🧙‍♂️Father- Yesterday, I had a brief-light hearted conversation with a priest I saw shopping in the food store. I approached him our conversation went like this:

Me: Hello Father, do you believe in reincarnation?

Priest: I don’t know, why?

Me: Well, it’s just something I’ve been studying a lot lately.

Priest: Do you feel like you’ve been here before?

Me: I almost don’t want to answer that because people will judge you for admitting to such a thing.

Priest: I won’t.

Me: I know you wouldn’t, and we’d have a great conversation because of that. Do you believe in Jesus?

Priest: I sure do.

Me: Jesus resurrected. Our faith is based on the resurrection of Jesus, so I don’t know why people feel it’s impossible for us to do.

Priest: [laughing] Do you want to come back?

Me: [laughing] I guess that depends on what I come back as..

Like I said, it was a light hearted conversation that left us both laughing, but I find it interesting. Here’s a priest who of course, believes in Jesus and all his works and abilities, but yet, he didn’t know if he believed in reincarnation..

💯Hip Hop- I love Hip Hop, but I’ve been fascinated with the rap world lately, and when you talk about rap, you gotta keep it a buck. So, let’s do that. I mentioned recently on twitter that I found it interesting how rappers and some groups represent blocks in the numbers of the 60s, and without mentioning specific cases, the 60s in the United States was a time of many untimely deaths.

I feel like nothing happens without reason, and we see history repeating itself on many occasions, and part of the reason for that is because I sometimes feel like the people involved aren’t aware of the unique opportunities they find themselves in, which if they were aware, would allow them to reconcile the past and put an end to negative energy and previous karmas.

What do I mean?

If for example, we look at the short but successful life of rapper, King Von. Von was O-Block, and he represented 64th street. Von was just 26-years-old when he died from gunshot wounds in Atlanta. Of all dates, this tragedy occurred on 11/6, and out of all streets, it occurred outside a hookah lounge on “Trinity Ave.”

Now, from what I’ve heard, he was on his way home after celebrating the release of his new album, but in the last second, he decided to go to the hookah lounge- a decision that eventually cost him his life.

We’ve been seeing the chess board floor a lot lately in videos, and people have been talking about it a lot as well. The chess board is used by freemasons in their temples. There are 64 squares on the floor, and it’s connected to the astrological sign of Taurus.

We can make a connection here to King Von. Obviously, 64, but Taurus as well. Taurus is a Bull, and because of that, everyone sees its exterior and assumes it’s exactly what it looks like, but on the inside, Taurus represents a warm loving defender that extremely territorial.

I know Von was a Leo, a second zone Leo born on August 9th. That’s a zone ruled by Leo and Sagittarius energy (both fire signs), and it equates to “A Playful and Highly Energized Spirit”.

I think he was starting to manifest his personal destiny, but there were some obvious blocks still there. I think he had an amazing opportunity to not only overcome a situation he was born into, but to resolve a lot of karma connected to him through the number 64 as well. It’s a shame to see people die so young. It was another untimely death that will leave us all wondering.

Alright everyone, I really didn’t want to end our first edition of Nooz Now that way, but that whole situation with Von has been on my mind lately. Have a blessed day!

PS: here’s that equation I ws talking about.

The 808 view drumming up spirits.

Visions and Dreams

Often, I have these visions of loved ones, people I work with, or people I just met. And it’s not like something is happening in the vision, and it’s not a dream. It’s more like a flash image or a still image of the person that can occur at anytime despite what I’m doing.

Sometimes they’re facing me, and sometimes I see them from the side in a profile view. Something very powerful and very spiritual is going on daily.

As far as dreams go, lets just say I don’t dismiss them anymore. There’s always a message, and I make sure to follow up on them when I wake up.

Weather it’s a dream or a vision, I contact the person, but unless, it’s someone close to me, I don’t tell them that they came to me in a dream or I saw them in a vision because most people would dismiss the conversation.

Instead, I’ll just call or email the person and tell them I was thinking about them lately and I ask how they’re doing.

This may or may not have anything to do with this post, but I was flipping through Robert Howell’s book again, Inside the Priory of Sion, and I noticed the chapter titled, “Mary Magdalene,” was chapter 13.

Chapter 13, that’s a connection to my numerology system, Occultus 13. In Occultus 13, both Magdalene and Mary fall under the number 4; Magdalene (49/13) and Mary (31).

So, it was interesting to notice that. In a way though, I do think Magdalene does have something to do with dreams and visions because dreams and visions are considered gifts of intuition, and intuition is connected to the “divine feminine.”

Man is slowly waking up, but for a while there we were without intuition, our connection to our God Source. The suppression of feminine energy was not only detrimental to females in general, but the feminine energy in males as well, which is intuition or intuitive abilities.

I think it was Pope Gregory that said Mary was a prostitute, but that could be so far from the truth. Mary was a follower of Jesus, she was one of his disciples even though that’s never mentioned, and she was the “chosen one.”

There are even rumors circulating that Jesus and Mary were married and conceived a child.

All throughout my life, all of this stuff was present in my life, but I never thought twice about it because I was immature and less informed at the time-or maybe, the time wasn’t right for me to know.

Here’s an example. When I was in my twenties I used to go to this night club in Manhattan, New York. It was called the Sound Factory. The Sound Factory closed down and it reopened as Pascha!

The name didn’t mean anything then, the only thing that mattered was the club reopened.

But now, I see. Pascha is the Greek word for Easter, and Easter is about resurrection.

I also found out today, that special day of 7/22, we’ve been analyzing and I spent a considerable amount of time writing about in Smorgasbord 3, is the Feast Day for Saint Mary Magdalene. I would’ve written about that in my book, but I just found out.

The connection here is that sometimes Mary is seen holding a red egg. Well, the red egg, according to followers of Christianity, is a symbol for resurrection. In Orthodox Churches, Easter eggs are blessed by the Priest at the end of the Paschal Vigil, which is the first official celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

Here’s another thing I saw that you’re not going to believe; a perfect circle of 12 blue stars in the night sky. I sure did-about 10 years ago.

A Nodal Nightmare?

For those who aren’t familiar and/or disconnected from astrology circles, I just saw the Dragon’s Tail is not only in the 1st House, but in Scorpio as well!

Most of us are familiar with the Moon-we know it orbits the Earth. As it orbits our planet, is does so on an angle. The Moon has two nodal points, the north node and the south node.

The Moon’s nodes mark the point where the Moon’s orbit crosses the Sun’s path on the ecliptic. I call them X-points, but;

The north node represents the point at which the Moon ascends in its orbit, and the south node is the point where the Moon descends in its orbit. North node=going up. South node=going down.

The ancients envisioned a dragon in the heavens, and they named the north node, Caput Draconis, which is Latin for Dragon’s Head, and the south node, Cauda Draconis, which is Latin for Dragon’s Tail.

Geomancers will throw out a chart and end a personal reading if the Dragon’s Tail, or south node happens to fall in the first house. They say it’s ill-fated and terribly unlucky. And they might be on to something.

After conducting my own research, I found the Moon’s south node in the 1st house on April 4, 1968, in the assassination chart of MLK. Coincidental? I don’t know, but there was an article published online today on the site, The Conversation, that said the Earth’s magnetic field could be disturbed today by solar flares.

This is all so interesting to me-considering tomorrow is July 22nd. Remember when I published that article about July 22nd? I didn’t make any predictions, but I said to myself, let me share with my readers what lined up for me on the 22nd just in case something strange happens like a resurrection or a rapture. LOL, hey, I didn’t want anyone saying, “You could’ve saved us but you didn’t say anything.” So I did. I told you about how the Fibonacci numbers lined up with certain days on the calendar, and how those days could be important from a biblical perspective.

The crazy thing is that Scorpio, the sign the south node is in currently, is the sign of death, birth, rebirth, resurrection, and transformation. I had no idea this was going to line up this way because I was focusing on the location of MakeMake.

The 1st house is the house of self, and Scorpio is the sign of death and resurrection! Incredible. Keep your eyes open-LOL-for the rest of the night, tomorrow, and tomorrow night too.

Upon this Rock…

I was just listening to a speech delivered by former President, JFK. In his speech, which he talked about the press, and the release of information that could be harmful to the United States if it was released during a time of war (clear and present danger). He was referring to National Security, and how the release of certain information could put our country at risk.

The basis for this speech was partly to talk to Americans, about the importance of having to sometimes give up our 1st Amendment right to free speech if what we have to say gives an advantage to our enemy during a time of war.

He further explained the complications Americans face as a nation of free people. I don’t know if we still are, but we were at one time the envy of the world. Our freedoms and liberty made us the target of more than openly visible enemies.

This is when he mentions that America is the target of a monolithic ruthless conspiracy whose covert means involve infiltration and not invasion, subversion and not elections, and intimidation instead of choice. It’s guerillas by night instead of armies by day.

So, the problem here, is that America is constantly under attack even though our enemies aren’t visible. The last thing an honest and patriotic publication wants to do is put its own country at risk of loosing a war or getting invaded, so they refrain from speaking freely, but if we’re constantly under attack then..well, you can see the issue, but this isn’t about the first amendment.

Because of this speech I looked up the word monolith. A monolith is a huge, humongous, indivisible, immovable rock. It’s one very large rock. If something is monolithic it’s made of one large rock. So, when he refers to America’s enemy as a “monolithic ruthless conspiracy” that uses covert means, he’s saying our enemy has no weaknesses and operates in secrecy. It has no leaks because it’s whole.

Think about the opposite as something put together in many different sections with many different pieces. When something is put together from different pieces it’s always at risk of falling apart or leaking. Maybe there’s a weak section. A weak link in a chain, or one bad apple that spoils the bunch, right?

A monolith is whole all by itself. There are no weaknesses. It is what it is. It’s indivisible.

The opposite can be broken down.

This can be examined in several different ways.

The first, is that America is the target of a world wide conspiracy. The world around us is filled with monoliths. Italians come from Italy, Russians come from Russia, Indians come from India, Germans come from Germany, the French come from France, etc. What this suggests is that our greatest strength is in fact, our greatest weakness. Our diversity. America is a melting pot made up of people from all over the world who are seeking a better quality of life, liberty, and freedom.

Understand this, if American’s can come together and be whole, there’s nothing in this world that can beat us, but that’s hard to do. The Pledge of Allegiance says, “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

In order for us to be the greatest country in the world, and conquer the monolithic conspiracy, we must first believe in a higher power, God (whatever kind we chose). Then, and only then, with liberty and justice for all, we can be indivisible.

The second way is this:

Throughout the history of the world, empires rose up, and then they fell. The Akkadians, the Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, and the Romans, all rose to power and conquered before falling eventually. Now, it’s America’s turn.

This tells me a few things:

The world will support America, if America is successful. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France. In a sense, they passed the torch to us, a new Nation. Rome and other cultures gave us architecture. From around the world, and from different cultures, we were gifted something.

If America shows weakness or looks like it’s falling apart, someone will come for our spot with the quickness. That means we lose our freedoms, liberty, and way of life, and fall into the hands of probably a dictator, while another country enjoys what we once had. If we don’t surrender it, then we’ll probably have to fight to keep it.

The monolithic ruthless conspiracy that preys on America, is the same enemy the other world superpowers fell to. This is a challenge to humanity. Did you get that? This is a challenge to humanity. This enemy of ours, the one we cannot see, has been the enemy of every other empire or superpower. They all fell.


Jesus said, Upon this rock, I shall build my church.”


On the surface of the earth, we have built our churches. All of us. Every culture, and every country. We live on the surface of the earth. Humanity lives on the surface of the earth.

The monolithic ruthless conspiracy is the enemy we can’t see because it’s the indivisible rock we live on.

Humans inherited the surface of the earth from a race of beings that were here already. Were did they go?

They went inside and underneath! Our enemy lives below us, and that’s why we built the church on top of it. Our planet must be layered in some way. We have a surface world and an inner or subsurface world.

As long as we keep looking up, as long as we keep believing there’s more out there, and as long as we believe in God, we can stay on top. We’re good as one nation.

But in order for us to do more, and in order for us to rise up and get the fuck out of here, we must conquer and defeat America’s enemy, which has been humanity’s enemy throughout time.

And in order for us to do that..

Liberty and justice for all makes our one nation that’s already under God, indivisible. Our nation of Americans must be indivisible like the rock we live on.

Our advances in technology have been beneficial, and I actually think any advancements we make are gifts. We’re restricted by time, and in time, we get a little smarter and evolve a little further. A boat allows us sail across the waters, and airplanes give us the ability to travel greater distances at faster speeds through the air. These advancements allow us to explore more of this rock we can’t see.

We have the ability within us, however, to rise above it all anytime we want. We can do that if we become indivisible.

Technology has also created a problems. Technology has given humans the power to manipulate other humans and our environment. Without the ability to fly or sail, there’s only one way to go.

We’re out and up, maybe it’s finally time to go down and in and see what this enemy of ours really looks like.

The Road Less Traveled 2

Did you read the first part of The Road Less traveled?

I mentioned I could very easily watch the CNN’s, MSNBC’s, and the rest of those mainstream sources. If that’s what you do, there’s nothing wrong with that.

For me personally, I was trained and educated in the importance of unbiased reporting. So, I was shocked when I realized our major new outlets or sources were in fact biased and in some way, politically slanted. The most important thing is delivering the facts to the public.

I don’t sit here today and say all the news is fake, but I do question the accuracy. I do question the talking points of focus, and I do question a news story loaded with personal opinions. I don’t like the ostracization and casting out of those who seek alternate news sources.

If the mainstream news is biased and slanted then we have no other choice but to seek alternate sources if the truth is what we want. Life is short, and it goes fast. I don’t want to waste any more time.

Speaking of truth..

Jesus represented the road less traveled.

Today, is the observance of the “resurrection” of Jesus. Today is Easter Sunday, the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead three days after his crucifixion.

After isolating myself, meditating, and many hours and days of contemplation, I arrive at the conclusion that if you only take away from his story that he was crucified and willingly died for our sins, then for whatever reason, you’re leaving a lot on the table.

Jesus was the truth. He spoke the truth, he represented the truth, and he was hated for it. “What shall I do with this man,” Pontus Pilate asked the crowd. “Crucify him,” they yelled.

But he has done nothing wrong. We have, over here, Barabbas, a known criminal. Do we crucify the criminal, or do we crucify Jesus, a man who has done nothing wrong?

Jesus! Crucify Jesus!

That’s how much people hated him.

Prophetic Intuition

On the coordinate plane, is a blue inverted triangle, representing water and its gift of intuition.

Inverted Triangle

At the top, on the left point it says Isis. Isis is the ancient Egyptian Goddess. At the top right point it says Isus, and it sounds just like Isis.

At the bottom point it says Jesus, to represent the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The first two letters in Jesus, “Je,” is French, but its translation into the English language is “I”. So, if you spell Jesus with the English translation, it spells “Isus,” it sounds like Isis, but it means Jesus.

There are different offerings from prayers to different Gods. Jesus, being complete, and a perfect transfusion of man and woman, 6 and 9, yin and yang, red and blue, has his identity hidden within the ancient Egyptian Goddess, Isis.

If you say Isus, people will either think you’re talking about the Egyptian Goddess, or thanks to modern culture, some terrorist organization, but you could in fact, be referring to Jesus Christ.

The significance of this is something I’ve come to learn through my own spiritual journey. When the identity of Jesus was hidden in Isis, so were the keys to obtaining intuition and the gift of prophecy.