Taking This Perihelion Seriously?

Good afternoon. After all of the studying I’ve done on my own time during 2022, I came up with several correlations and discoveries. The first was Planet Sedna’s return to its perihelion, which will be the first time since approximately 9,332 BC. The interesting thing about that time is that the earth was going through a devastating flood that pretty much destroyed everything.

That’s the flood we refer to as Noah’s Flood. It is also believed that the catastrophic events that took place at that time were marked by the arrival of a strange planet sweeping through our solar ststem to orbit the sun before heading back out into darkness. According to Zechariah Sitchin and many other scholars, that planet was called Nibiru. Nibiru was believed to orbit our sun from its position inside the asteroid belt (between Mars and Jupiter, but never crossing Mars).

I did a lot of research, and I couldn’t find any information regarding Nibiru, or any planet in a 3,600-year orbit orbiting our sun from inside of the asteroid belt. In the eyes of the general population, Nibiru is just a myth, and of course, because if such a planet exists then there should be proof.

It was probably a day or two after reading Sitchin’s book, the 12th Planet, that I came across Sedna, and after studying the information available, I believed Sedna could be it. I ran my findings past a good friend of mine, Bernie Ashman, who happens to be a famous astrologer, and he said I might be on to something. So, I pursued.

The second thing I found when I went back to re-read one of my books was that flood in 9,332 BC was not the only flood. There were a series of floods, and I don’t have the exact dates in front of me right now, but the first was 10,000-something BC, the second was 9,332 BC, and another in 5,000-something BC.

How serious is all of this?

Personally, I think this meteor strike in the link above is related to Sedna’s return. It just so happens the mythology of Sedna comes to us from an indigenous population of northern Canada. Sedna will orbit the sun outside the orbit of Pluto, but that doesn’t mean it can’t send rippling waves of disruption throughout the solar system, bring in storms of rain and ice, or disrupt the earth’s magnetic field.

The most interesting thing about this is what Edgar Cayce said. Ten years ago, way before I even knew about Sedna, I read in an Edgar Cayce book that Edgar Cayce said he will reincarnate in 2100 with full awareness of his life as Edgar Cayce. He also said his life in 2100 would begin in Nebraska, which at that time, will be the west coast of the United States.

Look what’s going in California right now.


I think Sedna’s return to its perihelion in 2076 (officially in range as of 2022) cannot be dismissed.

I mean who knows, maybe all those dooms day prepper shows were trying to tell us something.

Just an Interesting Find

I just entered a google search for the year, 9,332 B.C., because that’s the year I believe a global catastrophe occurred. I agree with some of our past researchers, and I believe something did in fact happen between 10,860 BC and 8,700 BC, (which is between 13,000 and 11,000 years ago) during the astrological age we call Leo. Age of Leo (AOL).

When I entered the google search for 9332 BC, I was trying to find information of what life was like at that time, but all of these links came up pertaining to COVID. Interesting. There were more than the three listed below, but you get the point.




Anyway, I’ve read in not one, but two sources now that there’s a block of time unaccounted for in our history between 9000 BC and 900 BC.

Several researchers of our past agree that there seems to be a lack of information when it comes to that specific stretch of time, and not only a lack of information, but an unexplained boost in human intelligence. It’s like one day we were cave men, and the next day we were creating automobiles and airplanes. And for some reason, it gets ignored.

In addition, proof that technologically advanced cultures lived on both the North and South American continents 100,000 years ago has been presented. Why we continue to ignoring this and continue going along with the narrative that we’re only 6,000 or 7,000 years old I do not know.

Why is this important?

It’s important because planet Sedna will reach perihelion in 2076. Planet Sedna has an 11,408-year orbit, which means the last time it was at the point it will reach in 2076 was 11,408 years ago, or 9,332 BC.

Interestingly enough, this is also the 300th anniversary of America’s Independence, and I’ve written about a ton of other correlations over the last several months.

Photo by Hert Niks on Pexels.com

Planet Sedna might not be the culprit, but who knows what she’s bringing back with her. The mythology of Sedna comes to us from the indigenous elders living in the northern regions of Canada and Greenland, so that’s probably a good place to start if we’re looking for answers.

And what about that find I wrote about the other day.

Charles Hapgood visitng JFK at the White House in October of 1963, a month before the President’s assassination to ask about receiving an aircraft carrier to explore the bedrock at the base of Rock Saint Peter and Saint Paul. That’s where Hapgood believed Atlantis was before it was submerged beneath the Atlantic.

Hapgood also believed earth was hit by a comet. This comet, according to the book, The Atlantis Blueprint, landed in the Mid-Atlantic around 9,600 BC, sunk Atlantis, and caused the destruction of earth by flooding (Noah’s Flood).

There seems to be nothing but lies, coverups, and murder surrounding this whole event. I guess some people prefer to hide the truth, until they’re ready to reveal it. Look what happened to Bob Lazar and that whole story with element 115. Now, all of a sudden, they’re like, Bob wasn’t lying.” Did it really take them that long to figure it out? I doubt it.

Have a good night.

The Astrological Mind

When it comes to the mind in astrology, we think of the air signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Of course, and why shouldn’t we? Air equals intellect.

Let’s go a little deeper though. From a psychological perspective, the subconscious mind or the unconscious is the part of the mind that’s not of focal awareness. If the mind was represented by an iceberg and split into two levels (like it is on Wikipedia) with one portion sitting below the water and the other portion above the water, the subconscious makes up the 90% portion below the water.

That’s a large portion of our mind operating outside of consciousness! The portion above the water, which is 10% of the iceberg, represents our fully aware, critically thinking, high-functioning everyday mind.

[After looking at the iceberg in this context, I couldn’t help but think. I always say and believed the answers we seek concerning out past could very well be located beneath the frozen ice in the Antarctic, but perhaps, they’re not buried under the ice. What if our memories have been frozen in time? What if when the ice melts eventually, the humans on earth will have a natural enlightenment, and all those questions we have will be answered naturally? In due time of course.]

So, our subconscious mind in astrology is represented by the Moon, and if the Moon is involved then we know Cancer has to be also somehow because the Moon rules Cancer, and the 4th House must be involved as well because the Moon and Cancer both live there.

The high-functioning conscious part of our mind has always been represented by the planet Mercury. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, and the 3rd and 6th houses. Mercury was and is known as the Messenger God, and Mercury represents communication and commerce amongst other things.

Mercury is fast in its orbit and never exceeds more than 28 degrees from the Sun-that’s where we get our high-function and focus from.

Since the ancient times Mercury has been known to man, but in 1781 man made another discovery. Uranus! Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, which means it operates at higher levels and from metaphysical perspective, in other dimensions.

Photo by ZCH on Pexels.com

Uranus is the genius of the Zodiac, and the planet that represents Astrology. He was the original sky God, and God of the Universe. Today, we know Uranus rules Aquarius in the 11th House.

Isn’t it interesting how this all works? Because Uranus was discovered just after the American Revolution, (1776) he represents electricity, and free thinking. Uranus is the planet of change and originality, and it symbolizes the element of surprise in our lives. It awakens and revolutionizes. Uranus represent that sudden flash of genius thought.

As time has moved forward from the days when humans were consciously aware of only Mercury, you could say our minds have changed and evolved as well. Well, the conscious portion anyway. It’s unbelievably interesting to see how the powers and characteristics of the heavenly bodies coincide with what’s being done here on earth.

As for the subconscious, I assume it will just keep taking inventory and jotting notes for us to explore at a later date, or maybe, when the ice melts and joins the rest of the sea.

Don’t you think it’s time that we had a subconscious upgrade?

I think it was Edgar Cayce that referred to the subconscious as a filing cabinet in which all information gets stored, and the funny thing is that we aren’t even aware of 99% of the stuff.

Photo by Adi K on Pexels.com

I proposed the Antarctic theory earlier in this article, but there’s something else, and in the process of explaining it, I’ll demonstrate how Uranus works.

Every time I hear the number 300, I think about the scene in the movie, 300 where the Spartans are overwhelmed and outnumbered by their opponent during a battle so they utilize a narrow entrance between two mountains as their front line for fighting. They chose it because their opponents could only enter a few men at a time, which solved Sparta’s problem of being outnumbered 10 to 1, or whatever the ratio was.

300, the number, and the funnel is what I take from this. The funnel because I imagine an upgrade to the subconscious would be “funnel-like.” Tons of information and memories in the beginning that slowly gets narrowed and more specific until we have exactly what we must retain.

When the year 2076 arrives it will be America’s 300-year anniversary! That’s right, 300 years since claiming our independence in 1776. Do you know what else happens in 2076? Sedna will reach its closest distance or point to our sun, which is called a perihelion.

I believe Sedna is a planet, even though astronomers will probably settle on dwarf planet, but when Sedna reaches its perihelion, it will do so outside the orbit of Pluto. When Sedna reaches its aphelion, which is its furthest distance from our sun, it goes all the way out, way past Neptune, and touches a place called the Oort Cloud.

Astronomers refer to that area in deep space past the orbits of Neptune and Pluto as a dark frozen sea. A dark frozen sea like Antarctica? Exactly.

So, here comes planet Sedna in its orbit, a goddess of the sea known as the Mother or Mistress of the Sea according to the Inuit mythology and takes on the form of a mermaid. Could this be the divine feminine we hear so much about the suppression of? Maybe, because when Sedna reaches her perihelion in 2076, it will be her first time back there since 9,386 B.C. or 11,408 years ago since her orbit takes 11,408 years!

If the feminine Moon represents the 90% of our subconscious that’s below the water, then Sedna must be the opposite tip of the iceberg as far as the subconscious is concerned. Who knows what Sedna will bring with her, and how we’ll be affected here on earth, but we’ll find out in 54 years.

Holy Sh*t! I Just Realized This; They’re Still Here!!!

If you just read my last post then this will make sense. It just dawned on me;

Well, okay, we got the story, BUT.. what ever happened to the Nefilim?

According to Sitchin’s work, the Deluge, or Noah’s Flood occurred 13,000 years ago. The Nefilim was the civilization that landed on earth 445,000 years ago. They came here as astronauts from their home planet as it was orbiting our sun.

They stayed here on earth, set up their civilization, and created humanity to do their work, which was mining gold. When humans began procreating they grew in numbers. Eventually we began moving to other continents.

The Nefilim became envious and jealous of humans-even though they created us because their civilization was declining and ours was on the rise. We were evolving and getting just as smart as them.

The Nefilim’s home planet was coming around to make its orbit around the sun 13,000 years ago. Only the Nefilim knew their planet’s arrival into our solar system was going to bring a tidal wave, but they didn’t tell humans because they wanted us to die in the flood. Not all of us did though.

13,000 years ago was 10,978 BC!

I just posted an article right here on Nooz Buffet about how I thought, even though not everything matched perfectly, that planet Sedna could possibly be the 12th Planet Sitchin was talking about.

Where Sitchin got it wrong was the planet’s orbit, Sitchin was hung up on the fact the 12th Planet orbited the sun from within the asteroid belt.

Well, when I researched Sedna I realized that it was definitely unique. It does orbit our sun but outside the orbit of Pluto. Also Sedna’s orbit takes 11,408 years.

Number 1. Sedna is due to reach its closest point to our sun in 2076. 2076 is the 300th anniversary of the United States. This means one of the reason for why the United States was created was to prepare for this return orbit. This is probably why the Natives were pushed aside by the French. (French and Indian War)

Number 2. If Sedna’s return here will be in 2076, then it had to leave its furthest distance from us and begin its return 5,704 years ago.

5,704 years ago on earth was year 3,628 BC!


If Sedna is the 12th Planet, and it left its furthest distance to return here in 3,628 BC, then that means the last time Sedna was where it’s going to be in 2076 was the year, 9,332 BC!

If the Noah’s Flood happened 13,000 years ago, which was 10, 978 BC then this makes perfect sense. Their space stations and everything they created on Earth beginning 445,000 years ago when they first arrived was destroyed by the Flood!

1,646 years later in 9,332 BC Sedna came around again but the Nefilim couldn’t leave Earth! All their stuff was destroyed. They weren’t able to build another space station until around 3,628 BC. The place on Earth where they set that space station up was called “Holy”. Only authorized personnel was allowed in, anyone else would be killed on site immediately.

Sedna’s orbit takes 11,408 years, that means they had no choice but to stay here and not be seen for the next 11,408 years, while they controlled humanity on Earth and prepared for their next departure.


They have to be. All the information lines up. And I pulled from various sources. If Sitchin’s research is accurate, then my conclusion has to be true.