You Can’t Do That

“Five people own 50% of the wealth in America, and Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos is one of them. Amazon is an American company sold out to the political, social, and economic philosophies of Socialism, which is why it operates in the tyrannical way it does. There’s no room for the individual there.”

It’s really interesting, what we wake up thinking about sometimes. Almost a year has passed now since my employment with Amazon, and I can’t help but think how my experiences from my last day there are so perfectly aligned with what’s going on today in general, especially online.

If you remember the story, I was walking back into work after my third and final break of the day. It was the height of tyranny with COVID protocols, and the socialist sellout companies like Amazon were (and some still are) all about forcing people to cover their mouths and noses.

The news about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails were just released to the public, and for the first time, since COVID began, people, through the Freedom of Information Act were finally getting the truth about the ineffectiveness of masks. No mask will prevent you from catching COVID-19.

So, after break, I came walking back into work without a mask. My rational behind that was since Dr. Anthony Fauci is the same person everyone listened to in the beginning, they would do the same now. This is great right? We just found out the source of COVID protocols has been lying to the American people. We no-longer need to wear these face diapers! Right?


After scanning into the building, I walked through the turnstile, and while I was passing the COVID enforcement station, the woman sitting behind the desk told me I needed to take a mask.

And I said, “Well, I haven’t been wearing a mask for the last three days, didn’t you see the news about the masks being ineffective against the prevention of COVID??”

Her passive threat, “If you don’t like your job here you can leave.”

So, that’s what started it, and when I asked to make a complaint about this woman’s blatant threat, I was lied to and told there was no such form even though I had filled out one before.

Management arrived at that time, and all they were interested in doing was silencing me and getting me out of the building.

They denied me the opportunity to fill out the employee complaint form, and they threatened to call the cops on me for trespassing, even though I was still an employee at the time. At one point, a manager ordered the security guard to physically remove me from the building. You can’t do that, and he didn’t.

Eventually, I left on my own, but I learned something that day. People laugh when they hear big tech giants taking over, collusion with government, etc. That’s all true, and there’s an untouchable attitude held by the employees who work there at Amazon.

If you speak up, you’ll get threatened, lied to, silenced, and possibly, physically assaulted. The sad thing is that if I was attacked that day and the cops did show up because of it, I guarantee you, I would’ve been the one in trouble. They would’ve lied of course.

Dialogue With Amazon

Am I Talking to a Robot?? Here’s the conversation I had with Amazon concerning their force. They still haven’t responded to my final question.

It’s going to be interesting to see how they deal with this. Are they going to admit what I’m calling them out on, or are they just going to keep sending me a copy of the guidelines? This must be the culture at Amazon; take no responsibility admit no guilt.

A message from Communities2


  • <>To:xxxxxxxxx@yahoo.comWed, Feb 16 at 7:54 PM Message From Customer Service
  • Hello,

    To write a Customer Review, you must have used your account to make at least $50.00 in purchases in the past 12 months on with a valid credit or debit card. Once your order has shipped, you’ll be able to write your first review. (Promotional discounts don’t count toward the $50.00 minimum.)

    You can access your purchase history in your account under “Your Orders”.

    If you’ve made purchases in the past, you may have done so using another account. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can request password.

    I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
    We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

    Best regards, Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem?
    Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.
    • No
  • Frank Lamanna <>To:customer-community+A359FXRZBWFFTX@amazon.comThu, Feb 17 at 6:50 PM
  • My friends and followers keep telling me they wrote reviews for my book, the book I wrote and sell on Amazon, Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories, but for some reason their reviews aren’t getting posted.  
  • Do you know why that is?  
  • I really hope they don’t have to purchase $50 worth of merchandise from Amazon to leave a review for my book because that would mean you’re forcing them to buy from you.  Is that what’s happening here?
  • Sincerely,
  • Francis Joseph LaManna
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The Strong Arm of Amazon

What’s up friends, fans, and followers?

I wrote in the last post, Nooz Now, that people were starting to get back to me because they were having issues posting a book review for Smorgasbord on Amazon’s website.

Last night I tried myself to write a review, and there was a pop-up that said “this account hasn’t met the community guidelines.”

When I clicked the link to see what the guidelines were, it said in order to post a review you have to have purchased at least $50 worth of merchandise from Amazon dot com in order to leave a review.

I sent Amazon an email today, and I wrote, ” I think this is absolutely ridiculous and frankly, not fair.  Why is Amazon putting my followers on the spot and forcing them to buy $50 worth of stuff from them before they can leave a review?  That’s not fair to me, and that’s not fair to the people who are purchasing my book.

I don’t know if this is the same issue everyone else is having, but this is what happened when I tried to leave a review.

Hey, you know what?

We live in free-market system. You can purchase the book from Barnes and Noble for the same price with no 3rd party involvement, and you can leave a hassle free review within minutes.

Girl Claims Amazon Owns Thousands of Audio Files From Home Devices

Listen to this. I don’t know much about Tiktok, but a Tiktok user, requested her personal data from Amazon. She said she has three Amazon smart speakers, and her house contains smart light bulbs.

Eventually, she downloaded the zip file and a ton of folders showed up. She said she was not only scared but uncomfortable with the data she found. Amazon had recorded almost 4,000 audio files from the privacy of her home. In addition, they have a full list of contacts saved to her phone but never synced, and of course, her exact location.

Like I said, she said she was scared and uncomfortable; I think most of us would be.

And of course someone makes the comment, “Can someone explain to me why this is scary? I’m not interesting enough to care if they have my contact or audio.”

To the young female, I would like to say I agree with her reaction. It is scary, and although I don’t think Amazon has audio files of my conversations, I am uncomfortable with my mobile device having my exact location and tracer. Everywhere I go my phone logs in the data. Every route, every store, and every stop. No one should have that information.

To the person who made the comment, I would like to first ask why he’s challenging the female. If she’s scared and uncomfortable, that’s how she feels. She feels that way because her privacy has been invaded. Why does Amazon need to have her conversations on file, or need to know when she tells someone to put the light on? It’s an overreach, it’s an invasion of privacy, and it’s just a little creepy.

I don’t know how you wouldn’t at least be uncomfortable with someone having full access to your contact list and location. They know who you talk to and where you are. Why do they need to have access to that information?

He probably works for Amazon, but I’ll let that go for now. The bigger issue is that these are the types of issues that people are waking up to. You wake up one day and realize you’re being violated in every way.

What can I say besides these are the times we live in. One day, god-forbid if another event happens in this country like 9/11, what do you think is going to happen?

Oh you thought your information was safe because Amazon is a private company? Well, so was Verizon, but that didn’t stop the government from forcing them to hand over private information; call logs, and text messaging recordings of millions of customers. In the name of national security, they’ll subpoena Amazon and their customer audio files.

And I wouldn’t expect Jeff Bezos to defend the privacy of your information.

Do we have to now be silent in our own homes? I guess, if want smart devices.

The original article was written by Charlotte Edwards of the Sun and published on the New York Post.

An Inside Look at How Amazon Treats Their Employees

Yesterday, I was threatened by another employee at work. She threatened me with my job when I told her I’ve chosen not to wear a mask based on new evidence suggesting mask are ineffective against the coronavirus spread.

When I went to HR to fill out an incident report, the girl said I could fill out the report, but I needed to wear a mask in the building. I said I didn’t come to you to discuss the mask I came to you for help writing an incident report. Then she asked, are you getting aggressive? I said no I’m not getting aggressive, I’m asking you to help me with the incident report. When we walked over to the room where I filled out incident reports in the past, she tried to slam the door on me. I asked her not to close the door. I want it open. I have claustrophobia.

She started crying. Hysterically crying. Then she called for Mike, and Mike brought two managers with him. They wouldn’t let me talk, they wouldn’t let me write the report, and they told me to leave the building. I told them I would leave after I wrote the report. They said no it doesn’t exist. There is no report. Then Mike told the security guard to remove me from the building. When he tried to put his hands on me I moved away and asked him not to touch me. Then they threatened me with the cops. They kept telling me I was going to get arrested and so on.

I’ve been an employee with Amazon for six months. I was never in trouble, and never written up, yet, I was fired on the spot yesterday with no warning written or verbal. The Managers and HR Staff at Amazon in Breinigsville should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of professionalism, arrogance, and mistreatment of me their employee.

Afterwards, Mike the Human Resource manager had the nerve to call me an offer a program that gives employees support with domestic issues and mental counseling.

The audacity and nerve. I’m shocked. I worked for Amazon in 2019, and again in 2020 and 2021, and I never had an issue. I worked hard everyday, and I didn’t deserve to be threatened or treated like I had a mental issue.

They surrounded me. Three managers and a security guard surrounded me, and they overpowered me verbally until I left the building. That’s what happened. The whole truth, nothing but, so help me god and Jesus.

Corporations Backed by Government; Police Guidance

“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”


Another good thing to come out of the coronavirus…(hold on)

I called the local police department today, non-emergency of course, and I asked them, “Can you be fired from a place of employment for not wearing a mask?”

The police officer’s response was “Eh ah umm eh, you’d have to see what the company policies are, but I can’t answer that. If you were fired for not wearing a mask I would definitely call a lawyer.”

Okay, so here we are. There’s a struggle in the workplace. Amazon’s policies are as follows, if you’ve been fully vaccinated you can take your mask off. If you haven’t then you have to wear a mask.

This sounds like 2020 information doesn’t it?

I mean we just found out the truth right now in 2021, from the Dr. Fauci emails revealed to the public through the Freedom of Information Act that masks cannot stop the spread of the virus.

Yes, Amazon is a private company, but Amazon is also one of the largest Corporations in the WORLD. We seem to be having a growing issue in this country with Corporations and Governments laying in bed together. (Fascism)

What’s the problem with someone choosing to not wear the mask based on the new information? We’re talking about the same person, Dr. Fauci who last year was a dictating-know-it-all. The same Corporations used last year’s news and reports from the same person to shut everything down, but now that there are corrections being made they don’t want to know anything.

Here’s what happened to me on what became my last day at Amazon.

Because the news is changing and we’re finding out new information, I decided not to wear a mask. Why wear something over your nose and mouth that doesn’t do anything?

Someone wearing a Philadelphia Phillies hat said to me today, “If you don’t wear a mask you can’t stay in the building! While he was bulging his eyes out at me and gritting his teeth. (And this was supposed to be the building manager)

And I asked, “Why would I wear the mask when it’s useless at preventing the spread of the virus?”

Phillies hat said, “That’s your opinion.”

My response, “Okay then, well it’s your opinion that it works.”

Now can you see the struggle I’m talking about.

That happened in the middle of the incident, but here goes. I come walking into the building after break. The slob behind the desk says, “Sir, you have to wear a mask.” I said, “I haven’t worn a mask in three days, and no one said anything to me. I stopped wearing it when I found out it didn’t work.”

Slob said, “Amazon is a private company, and the policy is you have to wear a mask if you haven’t been vaccinated.” Then came the subtle threat, “If you don’t want your job here you can leave.”

At the time she said it, I didn’t recognize it for what it was, but frankly, that’s how this has been happening since the beginning. A little threat, a little force, a little strong-arming, and a little bullying by anyone who has the power to enforce such policies.

And wear do they get such moxie from?

Well, Dr. Anthony Fauci (liar), World Health Organization, CDC, and of course, state health departments. Government + Corporation = Policies that are enforced on the work force.

I digress. I took the mask and went back to work. While I was working, I said to myself, that woman threatened me. Subtly, but she did. Because who said anything about me not liking my job or wanting to leave. That was her way of saying if you don’t wear the mask you can’t work here.

I left what I was doing, and decided to go to HR to sign an incident report. When I asked the girl at HR for the form this is what happened..

Girl “You can fill out the form, but you have to wear a mask in this building.”

Me “I didn’t come here to discuss the mask with you, I came to you to help me with the complaint.”

Girl “Are you getting aggressive?”

Look how this is escalating. I go to HR for help, and they’re turning me into the bad guy.

I said, I’m not getting aggressive. I’m going into the room, please bring me the complaint form.”

When I went into the room she tried to slam the door on me.

“Please, don’t close the door. I want the door open,” I said.

She starts hysterically crying. She get on her walkie talkie and said, “Mike I need you!” While she’s hysterically crying.

So, Mike brings three guys I’ve never seen before, who claim to be managers in the building. None of them let me speak. They kept threatening me with the cops. They kept saying if you don’t leave the building we’re calling the cops.

“I’ll leave the building as soon as I write the incident report on that woman who threatened me,” I said.

Their response was, “What report? There is no report.”

All of a sudden the incident report didn’t exist. When I first started working there they told me to fill one out when a black guy was cursing at me.

And then six months later when a Spanish guy said to me, “When I ask you a question you better fucking answer me,” they practically applauded me for going to them. But now that it was them, the report didn’t exist. I digress.

They never gave me the opportunity to write the incident report, and the barely gave me a chance to speak. They were coronavirus Nazi’s ganging up on one person who deserved the freedom the choose.

My outlook is this, if you want to get vaccinated and wear a mask go ahead. I want to wait on the vaccination and I don’t want to wear a useless mask that already has adverse health affects.

But I couldn’t do that. Why? Why was my reason for not wanting to wear the mask dismissed as my opinion, but his belief that it worked was the final word?

Agendas, Agendas.

Today, I noticed really big banners hanging on the wall. They said, “Latinos @ Amazon” “Women @ Amazon” “BEN (black employment network)” “Warriors @ Amazon”

What about “Caucasians @ Amazon”

What about “Italians @ Amazon”

What about “Asians @ Amazon”

What about “Men @ Amazon”

Again, the far left, over the edge over-compensation for the above and beyond special treatment of certain racial and ethnic groups. Because let’s face it, only a place that’s racist would hang such banners.

Over on the West Coast, schools again are being FORCED to teach children a course called Critical Race Theory. A course that teaches children that it’s bad to be white, and being born white is a disease. While on the East Coast white people continue to police each other over masks and vaccinations. White people continue fighting over masks and vaccinations. I mean wow, maybe that course is right.

Major issues here. Major manipulation, psychological manipulation, mistreatment, and unprofessionalism.

Bottom line, I got fired from work for asking to file an incident report against a woman who threatened me with a loss of a job for not wearing a mask.

Can you believe after all that the HR man called me and said, “We offer a service to our employees who are having domestic issues or need mental counseling.”

LMFAO Can you believe that? I should’ve said give it to the girl who started crying for no reason, but instead I said, not interested.

Then he said okay, well I have some feedback to read to you.

“Based on todays events,”

“Whoa,” I said. “You just kicked me out of the building and wouldn’t let me write that report, but now you wrote one about me instead and you want to read it to me?

You gotta be kidding.

..So, what other good came out of the coronavirus?

The corporations and local governments failure to keep up with the new information of this tyrannical medical agenda has left them exposed. They’re egos are so inflated, and they’ve become so greedy from having the power to enforce coronavirus guidelines and medical treatment that they don’t want it to end now. 🐽🐖

Whether it works or not, suggesting that someone wear a medical mask to prevent a medical condition is medical treatment, and that cannot be forced.

What is your obsession with making people do something against their will? All the mask did was provide comfort because it made us feel safe.

“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”


Have a good night and a blessed day tomorrow.