Our Obligation

It has been a long time since I debated political issues, or even gotten upset about anything political.

When I was old enough to start voting I never did because I didn’t think politics affected my life.

I’m 38, and just recently, I registered to vote in the state of Pennsylvania.  I’m nonaffiliated, but I am a registered voter.

I guess you can say I’m taking baby steps, however, I know there are a lot of people who feel like I do, and for those of you who do, I would like to share something that came to me this morning.

It is true that certain political issues do not have an immediate affect on our lives, but most will affect our lives at some point in the future.  Maybe I was right when I was 18; maybe political decisions weren’t going to change my life when I turned 20, but how many bills that were passed and signed twenty years ago with or without our knowledge, are coming to fruition today?

Many people would like to see a third candidate in the Presidential Elections, and some are happy with the two party system.

There’s a lot of people who don’t give a crap about Democrats or Republicans.

So, if you’re older and really involved in what’s going on, or younger and really don’t care about what’s happening, just keep in mind that we do have an obligation as Americans to preserve what we have.  This means we all have an active part in shaping the future.  Our futures and our children’s futures.

In politics, change isn’t something that happens overnight.  It takes TIME.  Change occurs over time so stay informed.

Maybe if we consider the future, long term agendas, and change over time, the right candidate or political party will become visible to us.

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