Tormenting Beverly 4


Beverly reached into the second bucket and pulled out a pair of thigh high stockings. Naked and leashed, she sat down on the hard cold floor and pulled her stockings up as high as they could go.

“Very good,” it said.

“There’s nothing else in the bucket,” Beverly yelled.

The static from the intercom system went silent once again, and Beverly knew she was on her own for the time being. She stood up, the room turned from bright yellow back to blue and purple, and a short path revealed itself to her. As she walked forward, the rooms behind her turned dark.

There was no going back.

Beverly reached the end of the path, and darkness filled the space around her. There was a mirror in the room she currently occupied, and as much she didn’t want to, she decided to take a look at herself. Beverly was exhausted. The stress, the worry, the anxiety, the fear; she was completely worn out. The skin under her eyes was a little swollen an puffy-from a lack of sleep she figured. She looked down at her stomach; it was slightly sunken in. Without knowing the time or day, Beverly didn’t know when her last meal was. She was hungry though. Her flat belly was growling. Her lips were dry from dehydration. She was cold, and naked, and she smelled like urine.

Beverly was beautiful, and even through all the ugliness brought on by the kidnapping and this matrix, she was able to find a little joy in her reflection. She was lost in thought and a little delirious-swaying, as she stood looking at herself.

“Do you like what you see Beverly,” it asked.

She did, but this question put Beverly on the spot. She was now at a crossroad, and she knew it was decision time; keep fighting or submit, but how much longer could she go without food or sleep?

Too tired to even talk, Beverly nodded her head in agreement.

“Yes, I do too,” it said laughing. “Good. Good girl. Now, I’m giving you a choice. You can go left, or you can go right, but you will not walk out of here.”

Beverly decided to go left, and the room lit up red. The space around it was dark so she had to cautiously move to the perimeter, and feel her way outside the borders like she had done so many times before. She was like a blind person reaching out and feeling her way to freedom. As Beverly made her way around the red room she felt nothing but walls on the other side.

“There’s nothing left,” she shouted. “That’s not a fucking choice!”

She took a deep breath and walked through the purple and blue room to get to the room on the right side of where she started. The room lit up green. In front of Beverly, hanging down around her knees was clamp, and the clamp was attached to a thick metal chain that went all the way up to the ceiling. There was a piece of paper on the floor.

The Note Read:

I told you you wouldn’t walk out of here, however, I still gave you a choice, and it looks like you’re making the right one. After all, you’re so young. You have your whole life ahead of you. Why would you want to die in place like this? Now, I want you to get on your knees and attach the leash to the clamp.

Beverly dropped to her knees and reached behind herself to attach the leash. When the leash was secure a new path opened. Beverly remained still-still on her knees. She thought about what was written in the letter, she thought about what the voice said, and she considered her new surroundings. It was hard to see what was up ahead from her knees, but she could see herself clearly on the television hanging on the wall in the room. Beverly took another deep breath before leaning forward and letting her palms touch the floor.

The voice came back.

“Awesome,” it said. “I didn’t even have to tell you what to do! Good doggy.”

Beverly ignored the taunting voice and crawled forward on her hands and knees. Humiliation and shame washed over her as she crawled fully exposed through the purple and blue rooms. One after another, television after television; and every once in a while she would look up at the television to see if she was still on the screen. She was.

“You wanted to be a star didn’t you Beverly,” it asked. “Didn’t you want to be on television? Oh, you’re so talented.”

Beverly ignored it and kept crawling. Her knees were sore and her neck was cramping, but she kept crawling, and eventually, she came to a room where she could eat and drink. There were two bowls on the floor; dry cereal in one and water in the other. She drank and ate like a dog, and when she drank too fast the the chain would retract and yank her back. Sometimes the chain would retract for no reason at all and so hard it would pull her hands off the floor.

Not long after eating, Beverly crawled to a room with a small mattress. Her eyes lit up-she was craving sleep. It wasn’t much, but at least she was able to curl up on her side and rest for a while; and she was off the cold hard floor.

When she woke up she had no idea how long she’d been sleeping for. Still curled up on the small dirty mattress, Beverly wiped the tears from her face. She thought maybe she was dreaming-like all this had been a terrible nightmare that she’d awaken from, but it wasn’t. She laid there naked, dehydrated, and smelling like urine. The only thing different was the position of her chain. Instead of it going up to the ceiling, it was now behind her-attached way off in the darkness somewhere. Remembering not to stand, Beverly repositioned herself on all-fours. Forward was the only way to go; she looked at herself on the television screen and began crawling.

She crawled until a wall impeded her progress. The room she just left went dark-there was no going back. It was pitch black all around her. The purple and blue lights faded out until she could barely see the room she was in, but she could hear static coming from the intercom.

“Once again, you have a choice,” it said.

She heard the intercom switch off, and the room went silent. From above, a bright white spotlight accented the wall blocking her way forward. At the height of where her head was, there was a round hole. One round hole. The wall moved forward slowly-closing in on her. When it was several feet from her face it stopped, and in a panic, Beverly jumped to her feet.

“I don’t like this,” she yelled. “Stop this! This is going too far!”

Beverly let out a scream, but it was overpowered by the sound of the chain. The chain was changing positions again-going from behind her to overhead. When it stopped moving it began to retract pulling Beverly up onto her tippy toes. Then it went further until her feet were off the floor. Beverly reached up out of desperation-trying to somehow free herself as her feet swung freely. She was gasping.

The voice was back.

“Bad doggy,” it said while she hung there for a short time.

Beverly was eased back down to the floor, and the chain’s connection slid back behind her. She understood now. Life or death was the choice it was giving her, and choosing life meant she didn’t have much of a choice. She fell to her knees again and placed her hands on the floor. Obediently and seductively, she crawled like a dog-on all fours until the wall was inches from her face.

To Be Continued….

Nooz Now

Wow! Lots going on. I was not in D.C. yesterday so I’m not going to comment about what happened. I would, however, like to make a few points.

🗽Voter fraud was proven in at least five states, and mainstream media recognized that by saying, “There wasn’t enough to tip the scales.” Basically, they downplayed it, but let me say this, there should never be voter fraud or rigged elections. We need more honest people in government. Now!

Second, the system of government in the United States was designed by the people, for the people. Those who are acting in government are public servants. They are elected by the citizens, therefore, it’s absolutely necessary for the people to remind them of that.

The Hill reported Federal Prosecutors brought charges against 55 people following the riot. How many people did Federal Prosecutors bring charges against in the aftermath of the George Floyd incident where we saw looting, rioting, and innocent people getting murdered. That went on for months and months. Were they setting a good example for our children? I guess we only bring the children into it when it’s Trump supporters?

I’ve been telling you lockdowns are unconstitutional. Stay at home orders are unconstitutional. The government cannot force you to close your business, wear a mask, or stay home. So, as soon as the people who are in that situation had enough, you’ll probably see another riot.

People will sit home and complain that a $600.00 stimulus check ain’t enough to live on. Duh. How many times did I tell you COVID will eventually bankrupt and destroy the middle class and the economy. Oh that’s right, but the minute you stand up and protest to go back to work, mainstream media labels you a trouble making Trump supporter.

Can’t we see what’s going on here? How long do we allow this to go on for? Well the people in D.C. yesterday had enough.

Someone left a big flag in the White House that said TREASON! Yup, that’s what happens when you take an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States and then get into office and pretend it doesn’t even exist.

In other news…

💕The Lancaster County Pepperidge Farm plant is giving away free Goldfish crackers.

I haven’t been to Lancaster, Pennsylvania in at least twenty years, but the last time I went I had an amazing time. They have homemade Chicken Pie, Shoo Fly Pie, and pretty much any other kind of pie you can think of. Seriously though, it’s a nice change of pace and a good place to go if you want to relax.

🌞The weather report is saying we’re going to have a high of 41 degrees until at least next Wednesday. 41 degrees in January is absolutely amazing. The sun will be shinning for most of those days as well.

👩‍🦰Tormenting Beverly, the latest short story published right here on Table Seven, is an original work of fiction written by yours truly. It’s about a young woman in her early twenties who is kidnapped and put to sleep. When she wakes up she finds herself in an electronic maze and…well, you’ll have to read and check back if you want to know what happens to Beverly. Part 4 will be up soon.

🧙‍♀️February 2nd, for those who know or are interested in ceremonial magic, is Imbolc-a time for purification and dedication. Imbolc is considered a lesser Sabbat; the solstices and equinoxes are the big four. You should really trace the roots of religion, you’d be surprised how much of what we celebrate today is a spin-off of some old or ancient tradition. The mythology and lore is so rich-I love it.

I wanted to share something special with you. I was reading an article in a Magazine that was talking about the law of attraction and manifestation, and I want to leave you with this; you are in charge of your life. The things you read, the conversations you have, the shows you watch, the company you keep; make sure it’s all good and positive. You’re actively creating the reality you live in, and weather or not you’ve recognized it yet-it’s true. I took a break from astrology, but I was deep ten years ago. I was studying nodal points, and they said the south node is where you start or come from, and the north node is where you’re going or where you should be striving to get to. My north node is in Leo. Anyway, I put astrology away and four or five years later I started to see, in real life, all the the symbolism associated with Leo. I knew I was headed in the right direction.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday night!

Tomorrow is Friday!

Tormenting Beverly 3

Pissed off and sad all at once is pretty much how Beverly was feeling. She grabbed the scissor off of the table and began cutting her beautiful black hair.

“Why waste time,” she yelled. “I know what you want me to do!” Clump after clump hit the floor, and when Beverly was finished cutting, she took the scissor and threw it as hard as she could at the floor. She was loosing it, and she didn’t give a shit, unfortunately, a bad haircut was just the beginning.

The green room turned back to that purple and bluish color, and a new path opened before her. Beverly stood looking down the long corridor. There was something off in the distance that caught her attention. Hoping the worst was now behind her, Beverly got a huge burst of energy and sprinted down the hallway. She thought she was sprinting to freedom, but eventually, the path ended. Darkness filled the space around her.

There was a static or something coming from the ceiling. Someone was trying to speak to her, but it wasn’t clear. Remember those old radios where you could turn the knob to your favorite stations, but if the dial was in between two stations, there was that static? Well, that’s what it sounded like at first, but the speaker tuned in.

“Beverly. Well done,” it said.

“What do you want from me,” Beverly yelled out. “Why am I in here?”

“You weren’t given permission to speak,” the speaker replied. “Now, do yourself a favor and close your mouth. I’d keep it closed if I were you.”

Beverly could hear the man laughing before the room went quiet again. The square to her right lit up bright yellow. It was a strange looking room; it couldn’t have been any bigger than a 6×6, but the ceiling was really high-maybe twenty-five feet or so. Beverly stepped into the room, and the space behind her went dark. There’s was no backing out now-no going back. The room was tight, she felt cramped in it.

When she looked up again she saw holes. There were round holes in the walls above her head. Strategically placed, theses holes began ten feet high, and there was one every few feet all the way up to the ceiling.

Beverly didn’t know what to do, there was just enough room for her to stand and so she stood there with her mouth closed. After several minutes a liquid came forth from every hole in the room. She thought it was water.

When she realized it was urine, she put her head down and closed her eyes. She was ashamed, embarrassed, and after several minutes, she was soaked. Finally, the peeing stopped, the room lit up purple and blue, and a new path opened before her.

When she stepped into the new square the voice came back.

“Very good,” it said. “See, I told you to keep your mouth closed. I wouldn’t steer you wrong; you listen well. Now, if you look to your left you’ll see two buckets. One is empty, and the other has something for you to wear. Put everything you have on in the empty bucket. Change for me.”

Beverly did as she was told; her eyes were filled with tears, her makeup was smeared all over her face, and she still had dry blood in her nostrils.

“Accessories first,” the voice said.

Beverly reached into the second bucket and pulled out a doggy collar. She fastened it around her neck and the attached leash dangled down around her feet.

To be continued….

Day 1

Hello everyone. If you’ve been following us than you might’ve noticed we usually take off the last week of December and the first week of January; been doing it since 2018, however, this year I said fuc! the break. It’s not that I don’t need one, I just don’t feel like it’s time to take one.

Sometimes we must toss our feelings aside and push through. There has been an overcast all day, it’s drizzling, and my phone says it’s 32 degrees outside, but it feels more like 62.

I can’t wait until Smorgasbord is on the shelf at your local Barnes & Nobles or available for you to buy an e-version of-soon. I promise. In one of the chapters I mentioned something about normal everyday people having the opportunity to become heroes out of this “pandemic,” and a good example just came to me.

If the government doesn’t violate our constitutional rights and just informs us about the dangers concerning COVID-19, then the scenario plays out like this:

Government “We cannot force you to stay home, and we cannot force you to close your business, but…..”

90% of Americans who are business owners would probably say, “Okay, if we can die from this virus, then we should close our business until its safe.”

After sitting home for five months, 90% of Americans who own businesses would probably say, “Okay, I think it’s time for us reopen. We haven’t been able to pay our bills, and we’re losing our business.”

At this point all 90% become heroes because they left their homes and chose to reopen their business despite the “deadly conditions,” but they were only able to do so because they weren’t forced to stay home and close their businesses.

Instead, because the government is violating our constitutional rights, forcing businesses to close, and forcing stay-at-home orders, these people are evil, they’re Trump supporters, they’re racist, and they don’t care about other people. According to some people, these business owners are causing more stress on the rest of us.

Do you see what happened here? The government violated the constitution, and the government used the media to tell us who the heroes are. They control the whole narrative from beginning until they decide to end it.

I don’t want to start 2021 by talking about this bullshit, I just wanted to let all the business owners around the country know that you’re all heroes for opening your businesses and serving the public during a pandemic. Anyone who’s helping and working during this is a hero. Mainstream media will demonize you and make you out to be enemies of the state, but you’re not. It’s actually the opposite.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Currently, the sun is in the astrological sign of Capricorn. Happy birthday season to all the Capricorns out there. Saturn is Capricorn’s ruling planet-it’s a planet known for hard work and discipline. Popular culture in America is subliminally saturated with Saturn symbolism.

The moon is in the astrological sign of Leo. Leo is a fire sign. The moon will remain in Leo until it goes into Virgo on Sunday. Right now, we have 9 hours and 19 minutes of daylight, and 14 hours and 40 minutes of darkness or night.

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Did you remember to make your New Year’s Resolutions? Is there something you want to start or stop now that the new year is here? New Year’s Resolutions are fun, but more importantly, they’re pretty much the goals and hopes we go into the new year with. Dieting is huge. Everyone wants to establish a good diet or join a gym. Whatever you decide, I hope you stick with it, and I hope everything works out for you.

🏈NCAA- In college football Bowl action today, (9)Georgia beat (8)Cincinnati 24-21, and (14)Northwestern beat Auburn 35-19. (It was really weird not seeing a rank in front of Auburn) Clemson and Ohio State play tonight at 8pm. (1)Alabama is ahead of (4)Notre Dame by 7. That game is in the second quarter.

💲The Mega Millions Jackpot is up to $401 million. Hitting that would be an excellent way to start the year.

-20 states are raising the minimum wage, Pennsylvania is not one of them.

-Portland is kicking the new year off with a riot.

-We can’t wait for Cobra Kai season 3 to begin!

-The Owner of Eastend Bar in Costa Mesa, California is facing jail time for opening during a COVID lockdown. (Is California still property of the United States?)

Alright everyone; don’t forget to visit our new merchandise, services, and donation pages. Don’t forget to follow us and like us! Register with you’re email! Visit our Facebook Nooz Page, and have a wonderful night.

Day 1 of 2021 is almost over; here and gone. I’m looking forward to another year on the web, writing, and interacting with the WordPress community. Smorgasbord will be out soon, get you a copy.

Good night!

“Donations,” Someone Asked.

Amidst all the creative writing and fun stories I post on my blog, it would be an honor to bring you the truth (not that I don’t already), but real life truth and the best breaking news stories. If this blog turned into America’s number source for real news you don’t see on television or hear on the radio, I’d be pretty content, and donations would make that possible.

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Tormenting Beverly 2

The room Beverly stood in was bright, glowing with purple and blue lights. A florescent strip of white outlined the perimeter. Beverly was a young pretty girl in her early twenties. She was athletic and bubbly with a good sense of humor, but she wasn’t laughing now. An hour passed, and the blood flowing from her nose finally slowed down. After hitting the wall Beverly walked forward. She covered at least a mile by now, maybe a little more. Room after room lit up with purple and blue, while the previous space went dark.

She stood still for a moment and then slowly turned to her left moving with caution to the edge of the room. Beverly extended her arms into the darkness, and it appeared to be open. She didn’t want to commit just yet though; once she exited a room, there was no going back. She walked to right side of the room she currently occupied once again reaching out with her arms to explore the darkness ahead. Just beyond the border she could feel a wall. There was only two ways to go now, forward or left.

She knew had to try something different and so she made up her mind to go left. When both feet were planted in the new room the square space lit up green. The color change was a breath of fresh air. There was a table in the center of the room and on the table was a scissor. It wasn’t a scissor for cutting clothing or an art scissor; it was a scissor for cutting hair. Beverly recognized the difference as everything suddenly seemed to take on meaning; very specific meaning. The matrix she woke up in was obviously some sort of puzzle. Everything mattered, and perhaps the green lighting was a hint at the way to go.

Someone was tormenting Beverly, but how far would they go? Who were they? What did they want?

To be continued……..

An Infringement of the U.S. Constitution is Revolutionary

Good evening. How’s everyone doing? Yes, it is Christmas Eve, and I hope you’re enjoying the time you’re spending with family and friends. I think any occasion that comes around once a year is special, and we should try to make the most of them.

Concerning shutdowns and closings due to COVID-19; It’s frustrating. The government is ordering shutdowns, and that’s causing a chain reaction of problems especially when it comes to things like the mail. I ordered Christmas gifts for my nephew in the beginning of December and they still haven’t arrived.

I’m going to jump ahead a little bit here and say that it’s a shame when someone who supported the reopening of businesses and the rallies against the unconstitutional stay-at-home-orders ends up getting sick and people say good, he/she deserved it. That person is putting their life on the line to protect our rights as citizens. WTF is wrong with you?

The problem with this whole situation is that the mainstream media isn’t straying from the narrative. Information from alternate sources is in constant conflict with what our major news stations are telling us. Issue number one the “emergency.” Alternate sources told us 1 out of every 300,000 people under the age of 65 will die from COVID, but mainstream media has us believing local emergency rooms are jammed packed with COVID patients.

The Lehigh Valley Commentator is local paper, and on the front page of an issue published almost a year ago was an article telling us that COVID-19 had traces of HIV in it, which was the proof experts needed to conclude COVID was man-made in laboratory.

Right now, we as a Nation are facing issues that are REVLUTIONARY. If you don’t believe me than defy the lockdowns and shutdown orders. Your answer to that would be, “Well Frank, no one wants to get sick.” Okay.

I’m not an expert on viruses and illnesses, but I’m pretty good at seeing through the bullshit. The people want the truth. We need the truth. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the experts got together for a televised debate. If all the people who are telling us COVID-19 is a deadly emergency got with the people who are telling us it’s no more dangerous than the flu then maybe someone would come to a final conclusion about what’s true and what isn’t, and “We the People” would be better off and more informed. Right?

Right now, the United States Constitution is being violated. Forced and ordered lockdowns are illegal and unconstitutional. Martial Law in unconstitutional. Our rights are not supposed to be infringed upon NO MATTER WHAT. The government could suggest, but they cannot order or force.

How are they getting away with it?

Because they are making you believe COVID-19 is deadlier than it really is. If you think your life is in jeopardy, you’re going to listen.

I’m trying to figure out a way that I can make this as clear as possible. This past April, the people in this Country were coming together. We all were out protesting the stay-at-home orders implemented in March, and we were winning. I saw a video of an ex-marine win over a standing militia during a protest. He said to them, “Your orders were to protect and defend the constitution, so why are you standing here armed and ready to fight with the citizens of this country who are out protesting the stay-at-home-order?” Then put their weapons down and went home. Some joined the protest.

The real enemy of the United States are those who manipulate and violate our Constitutional rights. That’s the enemy of the American people. The only reasons why the peaceful protesting didn’t win was because of the backlash from the George Floyd incident. How convenient. Murder, rioting, and looting swept the Nation, and it was back to our houses with our masks on.

If you don’t believe me, defy COVID-19. There people in this country who are out to destroy this country, its history, and everything built over the last 250 years. They’ll use whatever they can gain control.

This is what we learned in 2020. COVID-19 is the agenda. Masks, lockdowns, and stay-at-home orders are the agenda. If you defy, murder, rioting, and looting sweep the nation.

All businesses should remain open. All government centers should remain open. It should be business as usual. The Constitution should never be violated.

Have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow. Have a wonderful holiday season and a safe and happy New Year. Don’t forget to check out our donations, merchandise, and services pages.


Emotional Manipulation

Okay, so I was going to put a little time between “Tormenting Beverly,” and my next post, primarily because I wanted to establish some type of sequel, but then I found an article that was way to important to pass up on.

Before I get into what the article talks about, I’m going to digress for a moment, however, it’s not a total digression because the two things I’m about to say are in some way related.

David Icke is somebody I’m starting to have more of an appreciation for because of his back story about getting bullied and made fun of. According to Icke, he was stuck in a perceptual prison-imprisoned by the thoughts other people had of him. I understand that-where you feel like you’re the topic of everyone’s conversation-good or bad. These people could be having a conversation with one another as you pass them on the street or in a store, or perhaps, you’re sitting in a restaurant eating, while they sit at a table nearby. I haven’t figured out how or why that happens, or how to get out of it, but he apparently did.

Alex Jones; I love his show, and I love the information he passes along. He has done an incredible job exploiting the main stream media and anyone else attempting to lie and manipulate the masses. What truly impresses me about him is how good he has gotten at making complicated and intricate issues involving deep deceit understandable. He has found a way to bring high level manipulation down to a level the average person can understand. (For example; the government must at all costs make us believe in the pandemic emergency, otherwise it would be extremely difficult for them to get away with and justify their violation of our constitutional rights.)

Okay, moving forward to the article.

Article written by Travis Bradberry, and published December 7, 2016.

Pulling out the main points here; Without the peoples consent, Facebook teamed up with researchers from Cornell and the University of California, and conducted an experiment where they intentionally played with the emotions of 689,000 users by manipulating their feeds so that they only saw negative stories while others saw positive stories.

This article is really about emotional and mental manipulation and how skilled manipulators could destroy your self-esteem and have you questioning your sanity. This is a serious issue.

Lucky for us, this article has outlined 9 signs for us to look for that will help us identify an emotional manipulator.

  1. They undermine your faith in your grasp of reality-emotional manipulators are incredibly skilled liars. They insist something didn’t happen when it did, and they insist they said or did something when they didn’t. (Call these motherfuckers out right away)
  2. Their actions don’t match their words-emotional manipulators will tell you what you want to hear, but their actions are another story. They pledge their support, but when it comes time to follow through, they act as though your requests are entirely unreasonable. They tell you how lucky they are to know you, but then act as if you’re a burden. This is just another way of undermining you sanity.
  3. They’re experts at doling out guilt-emotional manipulators are masters at leveraging your guilt to their advantage. If you bring up something that’s bothering you, they make you feel guilty for bringing it up. If you don’t say anything, they make you feel guilty for keeping it to yourself. Whatever you do is wrong.
  4. They claim the role of the victim– when it comes to emotional manipulators nothing is ever their fault. No matter what they do or fail to do, it’s someone else’s fault. Someone else made them do it, and usually, it’s you.
  5. They are too much, too soon-weather it’s a personal relationship or a business relationship, emotional manipulators always seem to skip a few steps. They share too much too soon-and expect the same from you. They portray vulnerability and sensitivity, but it’s a ruse. The charade is intended to make you feel “special” for being let into their inner circle, but it’s not only intended to make you feel sorry for them, but responsible for their feelings.
  6. They’re an emotional black hole-whatever emotional manipulators are feeling, they’re geniuses at sucking everyone around them into those emotions. If they’re in a bad mood everyone around them knows it, but the worst part, they’re so skilled, everyone around them feels their mood as well.
  7. They eagerly agree to help-and maybe even volunteer, acting like a martyr-an initial eagerness to help swiftly morphs into sighs, groans, and suggestions that whatever they agreed to do is now a huge burden. And, if you shine a spotlight on that reluctance, they’ll turn it around on you, assuring you that, of course, they want to help and that you’re just being paranoid. The goal? To make you feel guilty, indebted, and crazy. (This is sort of what I was referring to when I was talking about Alex Jones. When you recognize the manipulation, call it out, and they make you seem crazy when you’re totally sane and know what you’re talking about.)
  8. They always one-up you-No matter what problems you have, emotional manipulators always have it worse. They undermine the legitimacy of your complaints by reminding you their problems are more serious.
  9. They know all your buttons and don’t hesitate to push them-emotional manipulators know your weak spots, and they’re quick to use that knowledge against you. If you’re insecure about your weight, they comment on what you eat and how your clothes fit; if you’re worried about an upcoming presentation they point out how intimidating and judgmental the attendees are. Their awareness of your emotions is off the chart, but they don’t use that knowledge to help you, they use it to manipulate you.

That’s it! Those are the 9 signs to look for in someone you suspect is emotionally or mentally manipulating you. If I was you I’d read this article in its entirety. At the end, it tells you how to defeat them.

Emotional manipulators drive you crazy because their behavior is so irrational. Their behavior goes against reason.

Alright everyone. I had to get this information out to you as it is definitely in my wheelhouse. Have a great night.