A Whole New World 2

A whole new world has opened up to you because you chose to be honest with yourself.  Welcome.

Has someone said something to you or called you something that hurt you and pushed you into an argument because it wasn’t true?

You’re a racist.

You hate me.

You don’t care about your country.

“There’s a transition taking place from a material world view to a more spiritual world view, and civility is the first thing that goes out the window.  Those holding on to the old world view begin to cling to their obsessions with ever greater ferocity, until their beliefs become an ideology-a system of ideas that are no longer based on truth.  They’re based on the perceived idea that there’s an enemy out there threatening the world, and in such a dire situation, they fell it’s okay to give up on truthful democratic debate and legal procedure.  The political left and right are moving to extremes because each thinks the threat is so great from the other side, that extreme measures need to be taken.  It all self-reinforcing.  When people exaggerate the facts they abandon truth, and then the law of karma kicks in, and each side draws in their opposites, who are lying as well.  They fan each others’s flames.  What’s worse, is that those in the middle, are constantly being accused of being extreme by both sides, so gradually everyone tends to be pushed towards the extreme opposite poles.  The danger lies in this increasing polarization of political thought with more people moving to extremes everyday.  Either side can become violent or despotic.  Those in alignment must find a way to stand up to those in extreme ideologies.”

                                                                                                       –  James Redfield

I’m not asking you to believe this, and you might debate that there’s a transition actually taking place, but ask yourself if this excerpt from James Redfield’s “The Twelfth Insight” resonates true with you.  Some of us are on the other side of this already waiting for you to join.  “Yoohoo, we’re over here!”



Feature Game Analysis, NCAA College Football week 12


Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful morning.  It’s 3 o’clock, and you know what that means.  It’s time for our Feature Game Analysis.  It’s NCAA College Football, and here is our selection.

Feature Game Analysis

Moravian @ Muhlenberg- It’s a Division III, Centennial Conference showdown this weekend, Saturday, November 16th, at Scotty Wood Stadium right here in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Kickoff is scheduled for 1:00.  The Muhlenberg Mules are a perfect 9-0 and look to finish their regular season schedule with one more win.  The Moravian College Greyhounds are 4-5.

Feature Game Pick

Muhlenberg  Mules 42

Moravian Greyhounds 13

Okay my friends, we’re picking Muhlenberg to win big this week, but as always, we shall see.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy all the games in all the divisions.

Table Seven Top 6, NCAA College Football Week 12

Alright everybody, welcome to week 12 of the college football season.  Don’t forget, it’s week 12, 13, and 14, and then, it’s conference championship weekend (week 15).  This is https://noozbuffet.com, and here is our Table Seven Top 6.

Table Seven Top 6

  1. (1)OHIO STATE @ RUTGERS- Well what can I say, I love the Buckeyes, and I’m from New Jersey.  The experts are calling this one a blow out, and maybe so, but it’s still agame of interest for me.  Kickoff is scheduled for 3:30 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  Do you think the Scarlet Knights can slow down Ohio State running back J.K. Dobbins?  He now has 1200 yards on 166 attempts.  That’s 7.2 yards per carry!  Has anyone slowed down J.K. Dobbins?
  2. (9)OKLAHOMA @ (12)BAYLOR- Kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 pm Saturday night, and the 9-0 Baylor Bears are expected to…?  Lose?  Well, they’re underdogs, but we’ll see.  Oklahoma slipped a little in the Top 25 rankings after losing to Kansas State, their only loss of the season, but they’re still ahead of Baylor.  Go figure.  At home Saturday night, Baylor will have something to prove.
  3. (17)MINNESOTA @ (18)IOWA-  After that huge upset win against Penn State last weekend, Minnesota shocked the masses, and continued their win streak to 9 games this season, but Golden Gophers beware.  Iowa is dangerous.  With three losses they’ve pretty much seen their playoff chances fade, but they still have what it takes beat Minnesota looking too far into the future after an emotional win.
  4. (6)GEORGIA @ (11)AUBURN- A classic SEC showdown between Georgia and Auburn is scheduled for Saturday afternoon at 3:30.  Georgia is 8-1 and ranked 6th nationally, but they still have a firm grip on first place in the East division.  Auburn (7-2) cannot afford another loss, and with a win this week, we’ll see a forgiving voter panel open up and welcome the Tigers back into the top 10 with open arms.
  5. (19)WAKE FOREST @ (5)CLEMSON- With Clemson having a #5 rank and Wake Forest a #19th, it seems like these two teams are worlds apart, but they’re not.  In the ACC Atlantic Division these teams are one and two.  Wake is two games behind Clemson in the conference, but the ball is in Wake’s court this week, meaning they can give the Tigers their first loss by handling their own business.  It will be difficult to win on the road here, but stranger things have happened.
  6. INDIANA @ (4)PENN STATE- I can’t believe Penn State is ranked four after losing to Minnesota last week, but I really can’t believe Indiana only has two loses.  Um, how many people knew Indiana was 7-2 overall?  They’re not even ranked, which makes them this week’s best kept secret.  If the Hoosiers pull off an upset this week, they can move right into a second place tie in the Big 10 East.

It’s only week 12, but once again we see the issue with the college football ranking system.  Don’t ask how a one loss Penn State team gets a #4 ranking, while an undefeated Clemson team keeps slipping and sliding to a #5 national ranking.  I do not know.  If there are other games on your radar we did not number, please write in and let us know.  We love the feedback.  Don’t forget to check back this afternoon at 3 o’clock for our Feature Game Analysis.  Check ya later!!!!


NCAA College Football 2019

Hey college football fans, here’s the scoop on how it’s going down for the rest of the 2019 season.  Today is Monday, November 11th, which means week 12 of the NCAA college football season is upon us.

We will continue our coverage (Table Seven Top 6, and the Feature Game Analysis) until week 14.  So, we have three more weeks and then it’s conference championship weekend. 

After week 15, conference championship weekend, we are going to use our special College Football Top 25 Playoff Ranking System, to present our Top 7.  That’s right!  Maybe you forgot, but it’s something we started last season because of all the frustration and confusion heading into Bowl Week.

Basically, we came up with our own way of ranking teams because issues can and will arise come Bowl time.  Usually, it’s a two loss team getting a better ranking than a one loss team or a team that went undefeated that’s the root of it all.

Without revealing our mathematical formula, I will say this; our system ranks first according to record.  So, it doesn’t matter where you end up in the Top 25 rankings, if you’re undefeated you will be at the top of our Top 7 Playoff Ranking System.  Whatever happens next, when for example, if two teams have one loss?  Well, leave that to us, but check in.  Let us know your opinion, and if you agree. 

Alright, I’ll see y’all Thursday morning, November 14th, at 6 o’clock for the Table Seven Top 6.  It’s NCAA college football week 12 coming up!  

Feature Game Follow Up, NCAA College Football Week 11

We called it.  I live in Pennsylvania, and I know there’s a lot of Penn State fans walking around right now with mouths open, but it happened.  This https://noozbuffet.com, and it’s NCAA College Football Week 11.

Feature Game Follow Up

(5)Penn State at (17)Minnesota

Both teams came into this game undefeated (8-0), and only one left that way.  Minnesota shocked the world of college football this weekend with a 31-28 upset win over the number five ranked Penn State Nittany Lions.

If you read the Feature Game Analysis than you already know we picked Minnesota to win this game straight up and cover the 6.5 point spread.  Minnesota was getting 6.5 so they did both.

Table Seven is now 5-4-1 versus the spread, but I gotta tell you something, I was so happy for Minnesota I forgot all about the spread.  The Golden Gophers are now 9-0 overall, and still in first place in the Big 10 West.  With Ohio State’s win over Maryland, the Buckeyes and Minnesota are the only two teams still undefeated in the Big 10.

Minnesota scored first when Tanner Morgan passed to Rashod Bateman for a 66 yard touchdown.  Penn State answered with a 45 yard touchdown run by Journey Brown.

Then it was Chris Autman-Bell’s turn as he caught a 21 yard touchdown pass from Morgan.  Penn State kicked a field goal, and it was a 14-10 score at the end of the first quarter.

The Golden Gophers remained in the lead for the rest of the game until the final whistle blew.  Penn State lead Minnesota in all offensive stat categories, but they lost the turnover battle (3 turnovers).

Minnesota’s QB Tanner Morgan was sensational (18-20, 339 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions).  That’s almost a perfect game.  WR Rashod Bateman was sensational (7 receptions, 203 yards, and 1 touchdown).  After Penn State scored in the first quarter at almost the 11 minute mark, Minnesota’s defense kept them out of the endzone until the final minutes of the third quarter.  That’s a tremendous defensive effort there.

Alright everyone I hoped you enjoyed this game.  It was fantastic.  We’ll see you all back here Thursday morning, November 14th, at 6 am for the Table Seven Top 6.  It’s NCAA College Football Week 12 coming up.


“At Will Employment” 4

Job Abandonment does not exist in a state that uses/acknowledges “AT Will Employment” because it works both ways.  Just as an employer can fire you “At Will” for no reason at all, you can also walk out and leave for no reason at all.

They always find ways to put it on the worker don’t they?

We have discovered the loop hole in At Will Employment:

Federal Law States you cannot discriminate in the workplace for any reason based on race, religion, sex, etc., but….

……”At will” employment says you can fire an employee “At Will” for any reason or no reason at all.

Why would you fire someone for no reason?

You wouldn’t.

There is a reason, but every time you get questioned your answer is, “Pennsylvania is an “At Will” state, and I don’t need a reason,” and then of course, the threat, “leave or I will call the police.”

Is that fair?

Doesn’t an employee deserve an explanation after being terminated?

If you live in Pennsylvania and would like to get involved, write in.

Oped Piece Making Good Points

This morning I picked up the Parkland Press and thumbed through it while eating breakfast.

I found this op-ed piece written by April Peterson, and the article was interesting in its entirety, but I found two paragraphs in particular I liked;

oped april peter

The second paragraph in the first column,

“Twenty years ago, the internet was an escape from the real world.  Today, the real world is an escape from the internet.”

The third paragraph in the center column, “I would be remiss…….

Good stuff April!  👍

Feature Game Analysis, College Football Week 11

What is up, what is up?  Hello everyone, did you enjoy the Table Seven Top 6 this morning?  Yes, that LSU, Alabama game is going to be awesome, but hey now, don’t forget about that Big 10 game.  It’s college football week 11, and this is our Feature Game Analysis.


When I was in high school, I went to the Penn State Football Camp.  There was kid there named Greg White.  Greg was a highly recruited football player coming out of the class of ’98.  He played high school ball at Shabazz in Newark, New Jersey.

This was over the summer of 1997, and I know Penn State wanted him bad, but Greg ended up going to, Minnesota.  Yes, he went to Minnesota, and Minnesota wasn’t that good then, but that’s where he went, and I think he ended up playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What does this story have to do with this weekend’s game between the 8-0 Nittany Lions and the 8-0 Golden Gophers?  Absolutely nothing, but Greg White was from New Jersey, and I’m from New Jersey.  He went to Minnesota, and I will pick Minnesota this weekend to not only win straight up, but to cover the 6.5 point spread.

Feature Game Winner


Feature Game Winner (V.T.S)

Minnesota +6.5

Okay everyone, thank you for coming back this afternoon to peep out the Feature Game Analysis.  If you want to write in and chat with us, please do.  Leave a message, or whatever.  Enjoy the rest of your week, and enjoy all the games on the schedule this weekend.  

Penn State Football Camp Summer 1997

Photo 1 and 2- Random Stadium Photos


Photo 3 and 4

The top photo, back left is me!  Next to me was a guy Named Mitch, he was a quarterback.  Front Left is I have no idea, and next to him was my friend Nick.  Nick and I drove to the camp together.

In the bottom photo sitting in the front right is my friend William.  He also drove to the camp with me.  William was recruited to Rhode Island.


Table Seven Top 6, College Football Week 11

Um, yes, it is week 11.  I can’t believe how fast these weeks are going, but here we are.  There are two big time matchups this weekend, Saturday, November 9th so I will not keep you waiting.  It’s College Football week 11, and this is the https://noozbuffet.com Table Seven Top 6.

  1. (11)Baylor at TCU- TCU is home this weekend, and they play host to an undefeated (8-0) Baylor team that’s 3-0 on the road, and in first place in the Big 12 ahead of Oklahoma.  Currently, TCU is 4-4 overall, so they’ll be looking to break .500 with a win this week, and it might be possible.  The Horned Frogs are underdogs at home, but not by much, which tells me a lot of people think they’re much better than their 4-4 record would lead you to believe.
  2. (5)Penn State at (13)Minnesota- Minnesota is 8-0 and in first place in the Big 10 West.  Penn State is 8-0, and they’re neck and neck with Ohio State in the East.  Penn State’s defense is ranked 9th overall, and they’re second in the Nation against the pass, but that pass defense will surely be tested this weekend.  Minnesota’s Rashod Bateman, (626 yards, 6 touchdowns) and Tyler Johnsons (626 yards, 7 touchdowns) are two very good receivers.
  3. (20)Kansas State at Texas- The 5-3 Longhorns are favorites at home this weekend, but K-State is red hot.  The Wildcats are 6-2 overall, and finally, they’re back in the Top 25.  First it was Oklahoma, and then it was Kansas.  If the old saying that everything comes in 3’s holds true, Texas will fall next.
  4. (1)LSU at (2)Alabama- Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than Penn State and Minnesota, number one and number two in the country showed up.  This will be another matchup of undefeated 8-0 teams, but not only that, we’ll get to see two of the best quarterbacks in college football right now compete.  LSU’s Joe Burrow (2,805 yards, 30 touchdowns) is almost completing 80% of his passes, and Tua Tagovailoa (2,166 yards, 27 touchdowns) has only thrown two interceptions this entire season. 
  5. (18)Iowa at (16)Wisconsin- This is another big time Big 10 game this weekend.  The Badgers are home and look to control this game on the ground with Jonathan Taylor who is now over 1,000 yards rushing.  The Hawkeyes have been playing tremendous defense all season though, and currently, they’re 8th against the run.  Expect them to put the pressure on Wisconsin’s QB Jack Coan, and attempt to make the Badgers one-dimensional.  Jack Coan is very consistent, and despite not having some of the numbers a Joe Burrow has, he’s capable of winning this game for Wisconsin if his number is called.
  6. Iowa State at (9)Oklahoma- Kickoff is scheduled for 8 o’clock Saturday night, and Oklahoma is a two touchdown favorite at home in Norman.  Remember, Iowa State plays their best football when they’re not ranked in the Top 25.  Not many people know about Cyclone QB Brock Purdy (2,567 yards, 15 touchdowns), but maybe they will after this game. 

Thank you for checking in this morning.  Don’t forget to come back and visit us this afternoon at 3 o’clock for the Feature Game Analysis.  Right now, we are 4-4-1 versus the spread.  See y’all later!