I really wanted to make it through this year without complaining, but I have a serious complaint.

I don’t care what company it is, whenever you’re speaking to someone on the phone, and the call is about business, making payments, unemployment, or anything that involves you giving your personal information, full disclosure by both parties should be required by law.

That person should be required by law to give you their first and last name and job title.

Example: Hello, I’m George Washington, a customer service representative here a Fascism Incorporated, with whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with today.

That’s how the call should begin.

It’s not fair that all these people who are working in either government centers or customer service centers for some corporation get to hide and remain anonymous. Some of them are rude, some hang up on you, and some have absolutely no patience. They get upset when you don’t understand something and you need to keep asking questions.

The last time I checked, they’re the ones working in customer service.

Because you’re calling them for help, they have an attitude of superiority that’s reinforced by the fact that we’re not talking face to face, by the fact that you have every little detailed piece of information about who I am, and by the fact that you get to remain anonymous.

Remember something, all you companies out there, without people who purchase your products, there would be no job for you to report to. Get off your fucking high horse and start treating people with respect. And if you work in the service industry, your job is to serve, not to play mind games that give you some false image of yourself. You’re a piece of shit in hiding, and you’ll probably laugh at this comment, which proves how fucking pathetic you really are.