Peaceful Protests Hijacked by Violence

We were learning during the lockdown.

While we were sitting at home letting the events, laws, and policies surrounding Covid-19 playout during May, we were finally starting to awaken to the realization that our rights, in the name of safety, we’re once again in the grip of an overreaching government.

This time, however, things were different.  Americans, although scared, were finally starting to understand the need for protesting, and the importance of letting our government know, we know when they’re overreaching.

We realized, when we recognize something isn’t right, we have to call it out.  I was proud and happy to see all the people out in Ohio, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and so on, protesting the lockdown stay-at-home order, and martial law as they both are unconstitutional.

Then, peaceful protesting and progress was hijacked by violence, looting, and crime.  It’s really a shame, and I can only hope that’s not the result whenever Americans start catching on to how they’re being violated.  Good Americans should never be afraid to protest.

Where are we?

Section 215 of the Patriot Act violates the Fourth Amendment, which says the Government cannot conduct a search without obtaining a warrant and showing probable cause.  I don’t know how many American citizens were aware of that back when it was signed during the “911” crises to protect us from terrorism, but if you we wondering why Ben Franklin’s quote, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety,” was gaining in popularity, that’s why.

According to Gerald Celente, on New Year’s Eve in 2011, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which stripped Americans of Amendments Five and Six, and officially declared the United States as a battle zone.

I did my own research, and I think he’s referring to subsections 1021-1022 of Title X, Subtitle D, titled “Counter-Terrorism,” but I don’t know.  Either way, I think Gerald Celente is a reputable guy, and he’s definitely vocal, but I don’t think he would bull-shit about that.

If it is true……

Our Bill of Rights was given to us to protect us from an overreaching government, which includes police brutality, illegal searches and seizures, and so on, so those rights cannot be taken from us.

The American citizens would never give those rights up either.

…………how did we lose our Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment Rights?

I guess we didn’t realize we were giving them away, and buying safety.

We live in a very unique time, and we must be careful.


I’m not trying to sell you a story, I’m giving you my honest opinion.

Our government is using terrorism, and terrorist to sell us safety, which strips away our rights once the Bill is signed into law.  Violence is not the way to beat this, the answer is exercising our rights as they are written.

Afterall, the last thing you would want as an American citizen is for your government to call you a terrorist.

More Than a Point

Located in the Western United States, there’s a quadripoint.  It’s the dot, the point, and the exact location where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet.

I’ve never been there, but the Four Corners Monument is located on the Colorado Plateau west of Highway 160.  This intriguing location also serves as a boundary between two American Indian tribal governments, the Navajo Nation, and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Reservation.

I don’t have a bucket list of places I would like to visit, but I think the Four Corner Monument is definitely worth seeing, and just think, after visiting you’ll actually be able to tell people you were in places at once.  If you’ve ever been there, write in, and tell us your story.

Photo: By Rich Torres – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Hey Frank, what is it that you believe in?

I believe in equality.  I believe in the Bill of Rights as guide to protecting us against an “overreaching government,” and I believe this country could be “magical” if everyone was on the same page.

Every time we get close to making some real progress in this country, “the establishment,” “the globalist,” or whoever or whatever you want to call them, brings us backwards.

How do we beat this?

We beat this by not participating in the narrative.  We beat this by being ourselves.  We beat this by being open and honest with ourselves.  We beat this by striving for equality.  We beat this by remembering there are a lot of other people in this country who aren’t white or black, and we’re all Americans.

We beat this by not allowing slanted media sources to pull at our heartstrings.  We beat this by staying neutral, understanding all viewpoints, and then making better decisions for ourselves.

We beat this by respecting other people’s opinions.  We beat this by not forcing change, but by accepting things for what they are.  I always say, we have to accept things for what they are, and not what we would like them to be.  Once we can do that, we can educate ourselves, become more informed, and then make the proper decisions for how we want to live, and who we want to surround ourselves with.

You can’t change people, people have to be willing to change themselves.  We are who we are.

We beat this by not going along with something if we don’t believe in it.  If you do that you’re hurting yourself.  You’re stopping yourself from growing.

We beat this by overcoming fear and doing what’s right.  The Black Lives Matter movement is not new.  I think it came out around 2018 or 2019.  People think Black Lives Matter was created for George Floyd, but it wasn’t.  It was way before.  Educate yourself.

When Black Lives Matter first came out, White Lives Matter quickly followed, and then somebody woke up and created All Lives Matter.  All Lives Matter stood strong until the George Floyd incident.

This is where we regressed.

Out of fear, perhaps, I don’t know I’m guessing fear, we “threw the baby out with the bath water” and everyone stood with Black Lives Matter.  Real people understand this.

It’s possible for two people of different ethnic backgrounds to hate and despise each other without it having anything to do with racism.

All Lives Matter!  Equality!  Truth!

We can all stand up and say the George Floyd incident was a display of racism, and as true as it may be, people will always debate that.

You cannot debate, however, the fact that George Floyd’s treatment was “Cruel and Unusual,” which falls under the 8th Amendment.  The government violated the constitution not the people.  We should be raising the American Flag in the face of those who violated it to remind them what they’re in service to uphold and protect, not burning it.


Police brutality or police violence, is legally defined as a civil rights violation where officers exercise undue or excessive force against a civilian. This includes, but is not limited to, physical or verbal harassment, physical or mental injury, property damage, and death.

Can’t all people be victims of police brutality and excessive force?




Table Seven Nooz Update 6/4/2020

Hello!  🖐  How’s everyone doing today?  I woke up today at almost 3 a.m. with some stuff on my mind, and I figured, why not blog about it.  Check it out, and write in.  Let me know what’s up.

This morning I Tweeted, ” Okay so we’re going to attack Drew Brees now for stating his opinion about flag burning and kneeling. YOU’RE STILL NOT GETTING IT! (They’re calling him lost, and saying he’s not ready.) LMAO. The minute you say something against the narrative, you’re demonized.”

“I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country,” Brees said in an interview with Daniel Roberts. “Let me just tell what I see or what I feel when the national anthem is played and when I look at the flag of the United States.”

-Drew Brees

It’s amazing how many people would agree with this quote until they see the picture of the man who said it.

A major problem in this country is that we as a people receive backlash and pushback for stating our opinions.  I talk about this all the time.  Every person in this country has the right to talk about and share their personal opinions.

No one should ever be threatened, attacked, demonized, red flagged, blacklisted, or outcasted for sharing their opinions.  You cannot argue with someone for giving an opinion.  I don’t understand why people aren’t accepting that.

This is why we are are ill as a nation.  Good therapy encourages you to talk about what you’re feeling, and what’s on your mind, but the minute we do, we get attacked, demonized, and labeled.

Yesterday, I wrote a story titled Sports in America because I wanted to:

  • Bring attention to the fact that we live in a very diverse country.  There will always be racist people in this country.  Racism, bigotry, and prejudice will always be present in a nation that’s as diverse as America, but you cannot solve racial issues by forcing people to accept one another.  

That’s why sports are important.  Good teams, and successful teams are able to put their differences aside.  When they do, there’s a real magical feeling, and ultimately, they win.  Trust me.

My brother and I always laughed and joked about the town we grew up in because we said it was a microcosm of the world.  It was very diverse culturally.  If you walked into our high school cafeteria at lunch you would see white kids sitting with white kids, black kids sitting with black kids, Asians sitting with Asians, Jewish people sitting with Jewish people, and of course there were lunch tables made up of people who played sports together.

This was never done on purpose.  People just naturally gravitated into groups they felt comfortable in.  For the most part, there weren’t any issues either.  Everyone really got along, but when it came time to eat, people ate with the people they felt comfortable with.

One day, the Vice Principal said he had an issue with this, and he wanted to break these tables up and force students to take random seats at lunch, but he never did.  There was never a problem, but he almost created one.

There’s nothing wrong with people sitting and eating with who they’re comfortable with, eventually they’ll come out of their comfort zones, but if you try to force it prematurely, you’re going to do more harm than good.

Random Thoughts/Opinions About Covid-19 and George Floyd

  • I encourage you to use some common sense here.
  • We never shut the country down for an illness before.
  • When you’re sick, you stay home until you’re better.  Right?
  • Many people were curious about the closure of the economy.  All government centers closed and people went home.
  • Almost three months later, riots break out, and conveniently, no one was working.
  • Why didn’t the people who were filming the police officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck try to push the cop off?  They just kept saying, “You’re killing him, you’re killing him, you’re killing him, you’re killing him, you’re killing him, oooooooh he’s dead.”
  • If the Coronavirus is legit, we should be able to test for it.  If you’re sick then you stay home until you’re better.  People who exercise for thirty minutes a day live longer than people who sit around doing nothing.  Life extension is increased by 30%. (I hear that on Coast to Coast.)
  • The beach is extremely beneficial and it promotes good health and skin care.  Salt water and sunshine are essential.
  • Excessive force and police brutality are real issues in this country, and we should always call it out and bring attention to it.
  • I don’t think the military should ever be turned on the people.  If people are peacefully protesting, marching, and walking, why are they in a standoff with an armed militia?
  • There are many reasons why people protest, but one main reason is to show the government they are not in charge.  The people are.  The people put you in power.  It’s a government created by the people, for the people.
  • When the government no longer works for the people, the people can abolish and start anew.
  • If I was ever arrested and killed, I would hope someone would avenge my death, but right now, a lot of  people are just taking advantage.


  1. Excessive police force and brutality should not be tolerated, ever.  It doesn’t matter what color you are.  Victims have to bring attention to it and call it out.
  2. Let’s try to recognize narratives.  This is important because it’s because of the narratives that people get attacked for speaking their minds and sharing their opinions.  Individual Americans are being outcasted and demonized when they speak against the popular narratives.   
  3. We all should keep a copy of the Bill of Rights on hand.
  4. Listen to people.  Give people a chance to speak.  Stop trying to silence people when you don’t agree with them.
  5. Let’s keep sports strong, pure, and free from people who are trying to distort the meaning of teamwork and undermining the value of perseverance, hard work, and winning.
  6. If “we the people” are upset, than the system isn’t working.  What’s the problem?  What can we fix, what can we change?
  7. Let’s go back to paper prescriptions because e-scripts are causing unnecessary inconveniences.  Little things like that.  Think.
  8. We can’t fix everything at once.  We have to start with smaller issues, and get some small victories under our belts.
  9. People don’t want to be controlled, or forced to do anything.  We like to make decisions for ourselves.


Okay everyone.  Pay attention, stay alert, and educate yourselves.  Feel free to write in.  Have a joyful and blessed day.

Did We Just Get Set Up?

Back before the United States was shut down because of Covid-19, I’m talking like January and February of this year 2020, we saw videos of people in China walking around with face masks.

I remember laughing to myself, and asking myself, “What the heck is going on out there?”

Not long after asking myself that, I watched a news story about citizens in China wearing face masks to protect themselves against facial recognition technology.  The people in china were trying to protect themselves, and their privacy from a government trying to imprison them for commiting crimes in the past by using advanced technology.

I said to myself, “Oh, there it is.”

Then, in March, the United States began closing down because of Covid-19, and now Americans were wearing the masks.

Americans wanted to know where the virus came from, and we were told Wuhan, a city in China.

Then I heard, America could have been better prepared to deal with the virus if the people in Wuhan didn’t lie to the world about being sick.

At that point, I started to think about the story about the facial recognition technology, and I said to myself, “They weren’t being spied on, they were sick, and they used the story about facial recognition to deceive the world.

Forget about everything you just read.  Fast forward to now.  People around the country are rioting because of what happened to George Floyd.  In addition, people are also wearing masks because of Covid-19.

You have people rioting for one reason, and wearing a mask for another (which is the deception because sometimes rioters wear masks), but both are joined together so you have rioters wearing masks.

Was there really facial recognition technology in China?  I don’t know, but America might consider it now because….

what do we do if in the future, people are wearing masks because of a viral outbreak, but then decide to steal, destroy, or kill just because their identity is concealed?


Welcome to the future, I think we just got played.

I’d Hate to Say it but,…

For a while now, people have been telling you the first amendment is under attack.  For a while now, people have been telling you that Youtube and FaceBook and Twitter are social media platforms that people can use to post their information and videos.  It’s unconstitutional and against the first amendment for Social Media platforms to pull videos.

The point that I’m getting at here is, when you were told you’re first amendment rights were being violated, you called those people conspiracy theorist…..

But now you’re whining and crying because your videos are getting pulled off Youtube for no reason.  You see, most people put their blinders on to the realities until they’re directly affected.

The problem with that approach is that unfortunately, those are the times when you need your rights.

Be proactive.


Jentry 2

Today was one of those days, but it was a good day.  Weather wise, it was pretty crappy though.  I was outside walking almost the entire day, and there was a constant mist.

You know that rain where it’s not coming down hard, but it’s just a steady mist?  The kind that if you’re in all day, you’ll be soaked, and confused because it really didn’t seem like it was raining, but it was.

It was humid too, but enough about the weather.  I’m just in this weird situation right now where I need to work.  I needed to work and make money yesterday, but for reasons beyond my control, my plans keep getting delayed.

Enough sitting around though right?  If you follow my blog, you probably know I’m going back to school for a teaching certification, but for work, I’ve been substituting.  Until the district was closed because of Covid-19.

I can’t keep waiting, and I think there’s a really good lesson to be learned here about moving on and moving forward even though you might actually be walking down a different path than you intended.

So, I went to the Amazon recruiting center today because I was supposed to complete the “final step” to a tedious hiring process, and get my start date confirmed, but there was a mix up with the shift time.  I don’t really want to work over night.  Then I walked to a couple of other places and dropped off a resume, so we’ll see.

Tomorrow, same thing.  I cannot wait any longer for what I want to happen because it seems like the harder I try, something beyond my control prevents me from doing what I want.  Is it personal?  Some no, some maybe.

I will keep applying, and I will keep trying everything and anything else.  I’m not getting younger.  There’s a life that I have envisioned for myself, and I will have it even if it means flying to another part of the country and moving to a different state.

How is everyone else doing?  Write in.  You know we encourage feedback and dialogue, and I would love to chat.  Have a great night, and a wonderful day tomorrow.

Please…Allow Me

Under normal circumstances, a person shouldn’t really have to express what they’re about or what they believe, but because this is my blog, and some of the issues that I discuss on here can be political, and perhaps, controversial at times, please allow me this moment.

Keeping it simple, I believe in freedom.  I believe in an individual’s freedom to choose and an individual’s freedom to express him or herself.  As long as what you do doesn’t affect the people around you, then do as you wish.   Obviously, this is generally speaking, but I think you get the point.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself.

I’m Qualified

What’s up everyone?  How are you today?  Look, I’m not sitting here trying to brag about my qualifications.

I’m shocked, and seventeen years after graduating college, I’m starting to realize why I don’t have a job with a newspaper.

Your job as a reporter is to gather the facts of a newsworthy story.  Local injustice and personal issues within the local job market is newsworthy.

I’m sorry if you don’t have the balls to get to the heart of an issue, but don’t cast me aside like I’m some kid who’s confused.

Here we are, once again during the Covid-19 crisis…., helping each other, humanitarianism, love, brother and sisterhood.  Where is it?

I can’t be the problem all the time.