The Humanity Bureau

Rating: 🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬

Top Actors/Actresses: Nicolas Cage, Sarah Lind (😍), Hugh Dillon, Jakob Davies, and Vicellous SHannon

Time: 94 minutes

Year: 2017

I loved this movie, and it actually gave me chills. I should probably let you know this isn’t a true movie review. Sometimes when I watch a movie I like and consider good, it usually awakens something in me, resonates with me, or gets the wheels turning. The Humanity Bureau did all three.

The movie takes place post-food shortage, post-economic collapse, post-modern civil war, and post-total breakdown. The government gave up and turned the reins over to a corporation that’s monitoring and controlling the people of America. Walls were built all around the country to close off the borders. Citizens had to produce and be considered an asset just to stay in a dirty dwelling with contaminated water. If you were unproductive, The Humanity Bureau would take you to a new colony know as New Eden.

That’s all I’m going to tell you about the movie. You really need to watch it for yourself, and I’m not going to ruin that for you.

My thoughts: Anytime someone mentions building walls and or securing a border, I always wonder, is it to stop people from coming in, or prevent the people inside from leaving. In this movie it was the latter. In reality it does both. I’m not going to argue that what took place in the movie is happening in real life, because….it was just a movie.

BUT, I’m starting to see a common thread.

Anyone who prevents you from living your life and pursuing liberty and freedom is an enemy. Everyone in that movie told Nicolas cage he would never make it out of the current situation. They gave every reason; the radiation was too high, the people out there will rape and kill you, you’re not going to make it because no one ever does, etc. etc.

Anyone who infringes on your God-given freedom is your enemy. Be extremely wary of the people who are forcing you to do something.

Have a good evening and a blessed day tomorrow!

I Didn’t Know

When I was hard at work in the Journalism program at William Paterson University, I would sometimes take short breaks, walk to the local 7Eleven, and buy a copy of the Star Ledger. The Star Ledger, now that was a newspaper.

When I moved to Pennsylvania I bought the Morning Call, and I was like what is this, anyway…….

I would sit in my car and thumb through the paper. I played football at the time so the Sports Section was most important, especially on Mondays after the NFL played on Sunday.

“Thank God for the Sports Section, it’s the only thing that’s real,” that’s what I used to say.

Real. What did I mean by real back then because at that time (2000-2003), there was not a doubt in my mind that the Middle East and Muslim terrorists were responsible for 911, and that was almost twenty years before President Trump began calling out the mainstream media?

Real. What did mean by real?

Ten years later it came to me.

New York Giants 19 Washington Redskins 10.

This is a fact, and you cannot debate it. It doesn’t matter how much you hate either team, and it doesn’t matter how much you inject your poisonous personal opinions (PPO’s) into the article itself; at then end of it all, you have to accept the New York Giants as the winner because of the score.

Case closed.

Now, if we can just keep out all the political over and undertones and propaganda, we might get our sport back.

Have a blessed day.

Manifesting Smorgasbord 2

I’m going to share a little something that happened today that I thought was awesome.

In my new book Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish, there’s a story that’s spilt into two separate chapters, it’s called Witches In Heat, Part 1 and Part 2.

It’s about a guy, who gets taken back in time by a girl working at a local Farmer’s Market. While walking to the store to buy a new laptop for work, he comes across a barn that’s really a store selling fresh fruits and vegetables. His walk was a long one so he stopped at the barn to take a break, and while he was there he fell asleep. When he woke up there was a dark cloud overhead, and that’s when all the strangeness begins.

The inspiration for this story came from a day when I actually spilled coffee on my laptop. I didn’t have a car at the time so I walked to the local Target. On my way there I saw a red barn. I didn’t stop or anything, but that’s where the inspiration for the story came from.

Since writing that story I haven’t been back that way, but today, now that I have my car, I decided to drive over to where the Target is. On my way home, I passed the barn on my right, and there was a girl outside mowing the grass. The barn was open and they were selling flowers, and fresh fruit like raspberries and blueberries.

I had to stop! LOL

This will be amazing to you when you read the story in Smorgasbord 2, but I stopped. Without getting too in depth, many of the details written in the story were coming to fruition right in front of me. It was so eerie, especially when the raincloud rolled in, but like I said, when you read the story you’ll appreciate this post.

I should’ve stayed there..


You are an American Citizen.

You’re powerful.

You have rights.

You have a voice.

Now, I ask, where’s your moral compass? Where’s your ability to differentiate between right and wrong? What happened to your common sense?

The large companies we all work for are not going to close down. If you worked your ass off to build a successful company would you allow the government to shut you down?

No, you’re going to do everything in your power to keep your business afloat, and that includes having the best attorneys and most up-to-date information on hand.

In order to remain successful, companies, weather it’s right or wrong, remove problems because their goal is to keep making money. They don’t care if it’s your human right to not wear a mask. They don’t care if it’s a medical issue. They’re going to work with government and government agencies to ensure the future success of their business.

If ten people refuse to wear masks, they’ll fire them and hire ten people who will.

You’re not insignificant though. You do have rights and you do have a voice. Don’t let corporate greed deter you. There’s a huge overreach going on right now.

I’ve had almost ten jobs in last year. I’m not bragging, I just want you to know Nooz Buffet is here for you.

Have a wonderful day.

Emotional Rebounds

We all have days that start wonderful and end well, not so good; those are the days when we’re triggered for reasons we can’t identify with.

It’s an emotional response to something, usually it’s something to come-so the emotional response is to the premonition. Other times it could be the outcome when we don’t confront issues as they appear to us.

Either way, your response isn’t bad, but it could become bad if it controls you and you lose all control of yourself.

In those moments, find ways to slow down and get yourself back into the present.

Okay everyone, have a blessed day.

6:45 AM

Never have I seen a sky more beautiful. I stood outside on a frigid morning in December admiring nature’s art. This morning sky was a blend; at its highest point it was still dark. A slice of the moon’s crest and stars were still visible. At its lowest point just above a mountain top, the rising sun electrified the horizon with a thick strip of bright orange. The bright orange fade was subtle but brilliant in its becoming of a creamy pastel; and then there was the blend; an artist’s best work-simply magnificent as the creamy orange somehow blended perfectly with the still lingering darkness of the night sky. It was 6:45 AM.


There are several sayings that get to the heart of what I’m feeling, and the message I’m trying to convey, but I’ll give you one-mostly because I can’t think of the others.

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

The world we live in is a crazy place right now, and there’s a lot going on that we don’t even know about. The reason why times like this are dangerous is because of the lies and the deception.

It’s clear to see we have issues in government-we saw that during the Trump impeachment trial, and that energy when not channeled, rolls downhill. The next thing you know, the animosity and hatred (which is energy) between political parties at the highest levels gets played out at the citizen level.

We’ve been given a ton of energy, and lots of things to fight over, and that’s a recipe for disaster. Don’t buy into the things that divide us. Stay true to who you really are. It’s harder now than ever before, but it’s a real test to your character.

I’m an outgoing person, I’ve always been. I like to talk, and I like meeting new people. Every once in a while I’ll run into someone who dislikes me because of that. There are people out here who take kindness for weakness, and there are people out here who hate without reason, but where would I be if I let those people change me?

“If I threw the baby out with the bathwater,” how many decent people and quality relationships would I blow off? Keep being the person you are. Don’t let the actions of a few people get you to the point where you’re taking it out on everyone you cross paths with.

Alright Everyone, Have a Great Night!

Amazing Coincidence!

Last night I reconnected with an old friend, and we talked on the phone for hours, almost until the sun came up. Finally, in a desperation attempt to salvage a few hours of sleep, I had to force myself off the phone. This morning when I woke up, I noticed a utility vehicle parked on my street.

What I found most interesting, was the license plate on this truck was from the same state as the girl who I just got off the phone with not even five hours ago. I still haven’t figured out yet if this is all just coincidence, or purposefully designed.

Think about this. You live in New Jersey, and you spend all night on the phone with someone from Idaho, then you wake up three hours later and there’s a truck from Idaho parked on your street pretty much in front of your house, and a man is doing underground utility work. Strange? You better believe it.

Anyway, I probably should at this point, give the company a little publicity.

USIC is an underground utility location and damage prevention company, and they’re located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Why their trucks have Texas license plates I do not know, but they are located in PA.

According to the man working on the street, “It’s a fleet thing.”

Okay, whatever that means.

I remember getting a ticket when I was driving in New Jersey with Pennsylvania license plates, but apparently it’s okay for certain companies to do it, and get away with it.

Um, no buddy, I think it’s an insurance thing, but I digress.

I actually wanted to interview the worker, and do an in depth story on USIC, but he said he needed permission to do that. I don’t know, apparently, workers at USIC have taken a vow of silence?


Alright everyone, have a good day!

Let Go

A clenched fist caused the world to pause,

Until it opened,

And people saw there was nothing inside.

Francis LaManna

Interesting times we’re living in.  It seems like everything that was normally down is up now; right is wrong, and it’s good to be bad.  What’s make this moment in history so special is that it seems like now more than ever, this universe-this amazing universe is urging us to become more-self reliant.

It seems like now more than ever, the universe want us to follow our hearts, or maybe, just go with that gut feeling, and the best part is that it’s offering rewards.  It’s very difficult to walk-away from something you’ve been with for a long time- be it a job, a relationship, or just throwing away possessions during your annual Spring cleaning, but I truly believe something greater awaits.

When you release your grip and stop clinging to what has always been, what you’ve always known, and what you’re now used to, you allow your life to unfold, and the only way to do that is by following your intuition and listening to your heart.

I know the world has been a crazy place lately.  Our televisions and computers have shown violence, crime, pandemics, and people walking around with doctor masks on, the world absolutely looks like a scary crazy place.  Taking a leap of faith into the unknown is last thing on most peoples’ minds, but the most difficult and challenging times produce the greatest rewards.

Anything is possible right now, don’t let fear prevent you from experiencing something that may never again be possible.  There are still good people in this world.