P-Block, Lucifer, and the Pirates?

What’s up everyone, it’s your host here at Nooz Buffet, Francis LaManna, and a lot of people keep asking me about the P, so, I’m going to define what the P means to me.

We all know that hat and logo is the official hat for Pennsylvania’s own, Pittsburgh Pirates, the MLB baseball team. I have several versions of this hat, but my most beloved and cherished is the rare one you see in the picture. It’s a special addition with the Steel City logo engraving on the side.

I grew up in New Jersey, and because of that, I’m a Yankee and a Giant fan at heart, but I do live in Pennsylvania now, so I’m gravitating more towards the Pirates and Steelers instead of the Phillies and Eagles.

Now, I broke this down to my Publishing assistant last year, so, I’m going to do that for you as well. As an author and a writer, the fonts we chose for our work tells a story all by itself. In a way, a special font sets the tone for the content.

The same thing can be said with letter design and fonts for letters on hats. A lot of people don’t even think about this because we make decisions unaware of our inner feelings only to realize later on, that what we decided to pick, tells a story about us. For example, with the particular design you see in the picture above as opposed to the design of the P for the Phillies, you’ll notice the Pittsburgh P is harder, it’s edgy, and it’s bold. The Phillies P is softer, and it has a round go-with-the -flow feel to it. It tells a story about the individual who wears it.

Like I said before, people aren’t thinking about this why they’re buying a hat with a logo on it, and I never did either until I noticed a pattern in what I was personally attracted to. And once I see a pattern, I have to analyze it and figure out why.

Moving forward, and this again is highly personal as it came with spiritual progress. According to the Bible, the number 15 means, rest, which is kind of a contradiction because my Midheaven is on the 15th degree of Aries. Aries is fire and action oriented.

How does this all tie in? Element 15 is P, that’s phosphorus in the F-Block.

According to Wikipedia, phosphorus was first isolated as white phosphorus in 1699. White phosphorus emits a faint glow when exposed to oxygen, hence the name taken from Greek Mythology, Φωσφόρος, which means “light bearer” referring to Venus and the Morning Star.

I could get much deeper, but you see where I’m going with this. When you see me wearing my P, now you know, yes, I’m reppin’ Pennsylvania, but I’m also revealing who I am, and the spirit within.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

May the light of truth sustain the temple alter.

Moon Scope; Waxing Gibbous Slides Through Leo

March 3, 2023 Edition

Good evening! We’re three days into the month of March, and tonight’s moon is 11.7 days old and 89% illuminated. The full moon for this current moon cycle, which began on February 20th, will be in four days on Tuesday the 7th.

Tonight’s moon, however, is a waxing gibbous in the astrological sign Leo. Leo is ruled by the sun and both are home in the 5th House.

The fifth house is all about pleasure, and what we do to have fun. The 5th House rules creativity from the heart, sex, children, and short term pleasure. “Short term” is the key here, and because of that, we find the energies of the 5th House manifesting into experimentation and learning. Let’s face it, there are certain things we do when we’re young that are no longer acceptable when we get older, but even more than it being acceptable, we realize if we don’t let certain things go, manifesting our proper future and long term pleasure of the 11th House will be impossible.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Singing, writing, painting, and all the arts are covered in the 5th, and these are things we don’t have to let go of. In fact, creative passions that we become aware of through experimenting or just having fun can be the key to a future full of happiness, love, and success.

As we find Leo and the moon in the 10th House at this current time, it’s the perfect time to examine those things that feel right to us. Leo is a fixed fire sign, that means we can be stubborn when it comes to things we feel a certain way about.

Remember, fire signs represent our emotions.

The receptive Moon in Leo reminds us to be open to the views and advice of others. Yes, it’s true, those creative passions are personal and they do belong to us, but sometimes being in the right place at the right time, and speaking to the right people can jumpstart your career. Sometimes, the people you least expect might come from out of nowhere and drop a blessing in your lap.

If you let the fixed quality Leo run wild, you might be too close-minded to let what you need in. Having said that, Leo is all about doing it big. It’s hard for these cats to go unnoticed, and you don’t have to suppress that. When the Moon is in Leo in the 10th House, it’s time to take the reigns and be a leader. It’s okay to be emotional and show passion, it’s a sign that you’re alive!

Photo by Joonas ku00e4u00e4riu00e4inen on Pexels.com

Just keep this in mind, not everyone is like that. So, it’s important to surround yourself with people who care about you and have your best interests in mind.

Big ideas are probably bubbling beneath the surface, and you could share those grand ideas and the things you love and the things you’re passionate about with the right people, if that’s what you feel like doing.

With the timing of the moon right now though, keeping these thoughts to yourself might be the best thing for you to do. Why? The full moon is revealing, and you don’t want to reveal the hand you’re holding too soon. Grab yourself a small pad, and take notes. Write down how you’re feeling, you’re ideas, and what you’re thinking about doing. Then, let some pass and see how the current situation plays out. When the smoke clears, and the dust settles, you’ll know exactly what to do, and you do it big!

Lucky Numbers: 8 and 9

Luck Colors: Orange and Gold

Other Leo Associations: Felines, Rubies, Sunday

Countries Highlighted Now: France, Italy Romania


I really wanted to make it through this year without complaining, but I have a serious complaint.

I don’t care what company it is, whenever you’re speaking to someone on the phone, and the call is about business, making payments, unemployment, or anything that involves you giving your personal information, full disclosure by both parties should be required by law.

That person should be required by law to give you their first and last name and job title.

Example: Hello, I’m George Washington, a customer service representative here a Fascism Incorporated, with whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with today.

That’s how the call should begin.

It’s not fair that all these people who are working in either government centers or customer service centers for some corporation get to hide and remain anonymous. Some of them are rude, some hang up on you, and some have absolutely no patience. They get upset when you don’t understand something and you need to keep asking questions.

The last time I checked, they’re the ones working in customer service.

Because you’re calling them for help, they have an attitude of superiority that’s reinforced by the fact that we’re not talking face to face, by the fact that you have every little detailed piece of information about who I am, and by the fact that you get to remain anonymous.

Remember something, all you companies out there, without people who purchase your products, there would be no job for you to report to. Get off your fucking high horse and start treating people with respect. And if you work in the service industry, your job is to serve, not to play mind games that give you some false image of yourself. You’re a piece of shit in hiding, and you’ll probably laugh at this comment, which proves how fucking pathetic you really are.

The Path of Spirituality

Friends, fans, and followers, good morning!  It’s 12:35 am here, and I’m blogging from my car. 🤣

So, I was just watching a video of an interview on YouTube of a woman who I think highly of and who has been a tremendous source of understanding and love for at least a decade now. She doesn’t know that, though.

I didn’t know the girl conducting the interview, but I had mixed emotions about her.  I could be wrong, I guess, and maybe it’s because I’ve been trying for the last ten years to talk to the woman she was interviewing, but she just 9didn’t seem right.  And, it got me thinking.

There are a lot of people, probably more than you think, who are in this field of meditation, healing, and spirituality, who are forcing it.  That’s putting it nicely, and I think this is important to say because this field is uniquely different in so many ways.  Like other fields, we have real, genuine, and sincere people here, and of course, we have those who are looking to take advantage.

You have to be careful.  There are lots of people who claim to be experts, gurus, and leaders when they’re not. 

You see, this path is open to everyone, and that draws all types people.  We’re all humans with five senses plus a sixth that most aren’t aware of.  Spirit is within all of us, so it’s not that this is some exclusive club, but there’s a difference between the mix of people you find here.

Personally, I didn’t intrude, and I didn’t wake up one day claiming to be some meditation expert or spiritual guru.  I had an awakening that began with synchronicities.  Part of that awakening meant the realization concerning the truth about the world and myself.  At that point, you have two options.  You can pretend nothing happened and return to your mainstream lifestyle like everyone else, or you could accept and embrace the truth and move forward towards a path of light.

I chose the second option.  I guess it’s hard for people to accept the truth, but for me, it wasn’t even a choice.  I wanted truth, I wanted real, and if the salvation of my soul was a possibility, then that was a responsibility I felt should be in my hands.

In this field, people claim all types of things, and part of the reason why that happens is because it’s metaphysical.  I don’t know what you saw, what you heard, what you felt, or what you thought.  Only you know, and that’s what makes this so special.  The answers you seek are within you, so if you’re lying to me, you’re lying to yourself as well.

Because of that, you don’t belong, but that’s for you to figure out.  I’m not going to say you don’t belong.  I don’t have to say anything.  I can see it.  The truth, however, is not that you don’t belong, but rather, it’s not the right time, so why force it?

The mainstream life is easy. We’re born into it and conditioned to accept it.  It’s comfortable.  Basically, you’re on autopilot, and it’s like a dream.  I know this because that’s what I came from, but I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to be spiritual.  Most people don’t.  

As you’re living your life, certain things happen, and we’re forced to make changes and adjust.  After we adjust, it will become obvious if our our old lives are accomodating the people we’ve become. 

But believe me, at some point, there has to be an awakening.  You’ll never wake up from the dream unless there’s an awakening.  Something has to happen that either knocks you off course, prevents you from getting what you want, or shows you everything you believed in was a lie.  There has to be hardship, struggle, and pain to the extent that you begin to question the meaning of life.

At that point, you break free from the mainstream and go hunting for answers.

Moon Scope #2

February 14, 2023 Edition

Good afternoon, and welcome to the February 14, 2023 edition of Moon Scope!

Last night, or earlier this morning I should say, I found myself in a dark location, which is excellent for viewing the sky, and because it was unusually warm, I decided to stand outside, light some inscence, and do just that.

It was a cloudless sky, and I was able to see Orion descend below the horizon as the waning crescent moon made its way across the sky overhead.

It was 1:30 a.m., and thoughts pertaining to some really specific issues flooded my mind. When matters are left unresolved, the universe has an interesting way of reminding us, and it will.

So, earlier this morning at 1:30, the moon was in the 12th House in Sagittarius ♐️. This is a sign/house position I find particularly interesting because this is where Sagittarius was when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

🌘The moon itself represents so many things in astrology, but when it comes to the mind, it represents the sub-conscious mind. The mind in its totality was compared to an iceberg. The small tip sticking out above the water is said to be the awakened-everyday mind represented by Mercury, and the larger section below the surface is the sub-conscious mind represented by the moon.

Photo by James Frid on Pexels.com

Last night, the Moon was a waning crescent, which means the current moon cycle is coming to an end. If there are issues left unresolved, things you’ve been putting off, or things you would like to do, it wouldn’t be weird if emotions were stirred up at this time connected to those things. The current alignment is waking you up; a new moon cycle is approaching soon. The opportunity to take care of business is coming up, so get ready.

♐Sagittarius is a masculine fire sign, and its quality is mutable. I always said Sagittarius was one of the best fire signs because the fire is mutable. This means the emotional energy isn’t so overwhelming or so extreme that it burns you up. It burns, but it motivates you. It’s likely that whatever is on your mind or coming to the surface right now, is close to heart. These are matters and issues you care about.

Just because you’ve been ignoring them, or putting them off that doesn’t mean you don’t care. You’ve just chosen to be mature about things and move forward in a controlled and dignified way.

The 12th House is known as the house of secrets. It’s not supposed to be a place of negativity, although most people see it that way because the 12th House governs the limitations life places on us. In the 12th House, we find unseen forces, secret enemies, accidents, and self-defeat. Asylums, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers are found here.

The Law of Return is alive and well here (Karma), so this where we find the rewards or punishments for the deeds we’ve done.

Tonight and tomorrow night the Moon will be in Sagittarius. You can make this a fun time involving the creative fire. Sagittarius is the sign of the explorer. It’s freedom-loving and adventurous. Now’s the time to think outside the box. The moon in this position is drumming up those 12th House psychic powers giving you insight and a behind-the-scenes peak at who or what’s impeding your progress.

Get creative. Sagittarius is the sign of the higher mind, so don’t go to war when it’s not necessary. Do some research, set some time aside for quiet study or contemplation, or plan a trip to place you’ve never been before. When you return, you’ll return with the secret plan for victory!

Luck Day: Thursday

Lucky Numbers: 5 and 7

Lucky Color: Purple

Football, A World Within a World

I played football for 12 years, four of those in college. I was having a conversation with someone today about issues involving race in sports, and I told that person that I think the majority of the men who play football are innocent.

To understand what I’m talking about, you must understand the game of football and life itself. It was said a long time ago by I think the Gods themselves, if humanity is truly going to prosper here on earth and find their way home, they’ll have to unite in culture and purpose.

Football teams are made up of guys from different places, backgrounds, and religious beliefs. They’re different ages. Some are black, some are white, and some are purple. Despite all those differences, the teams that are successful find a way to unite culturally and for a common purpose. With a little luck, one of those teams ends up winning the championship.

We are given football, and football gives Americans something to lose themselves in. It’s something to look forward to that ultimately takes our mind off of the realities of life for a short season.

Football is world within a world, and it’s given to us by the people who know the winning formula. It’s given to us by the people who know exactly what it would it take for humanity to prosper.

Sometimes, they bust the bubble and inject the football world with political propaganda and narratives driving racial division. They play the role of the devil who’s tempting heaven. Most of the players are innocent, and the good teams don’t let the devil divide them because they know they will never stand divided.

You see, humanity will never be allowed to unite culturally and for a purpose because, inevitably, that affects the money. JFK wanted world peace, and MLK was teaching us the importance of ignoring skin color and the importance of not judging people by the way they look. Both were murdered. As long as there are problems in the world, someone can charge for solutions. So, they get rid of problem solvers.

911 burst my football bubble, and I’ve been a problem solver ever since. Maybe, when the rest of you really wake up, you’ll join in the fight. But I guess for now, go watch some football.

And don’t get too upset when they play with you. Running around in tights and wearing pink, yeah, they get their laughs, but that’s okay.

Who Made Who?

This is so important, and often overlooked or not realized until late in life. The man makes the job, the job doesn’t make the man.

Think about that. Let it swirl around your head, and if you have time, meditate on it. Especially you youngsters. There are lots of men and women in this country who retire after thirty-five or forty years of work, and their lives are empty.


Because as they come to find out, the job they had provided them with everything they needed, including a sense of personal fulfillment. Now, at the age of retirement, when they should be ready to take the next step into the last phase of their lives, they’re lost and don’t know what to do with themselves.

Work-life balance is becoming more important than ever. Money is important, and we all need a good amount of it coming in consistently, but keep this in mind, while working and earning money is important, it’s not the only thing. Personal health and faith-based pursuits are often overlooked but just as important.

Revelation of a Lifetime; Jaguars are Playing the Chiefs? Jaguar Wright?

In 2012, I started a journal. Without any thought or preplanning, I drew a Goddess with wings on the inside cover. I continued to write in that journal for the next two years and then I packed it away and took a long break from journaling.

I think it was in 2020 that I unpacked it and started writing in it again. Running to parallel to journaling was my personal spiritual journey, which began around 2007.

The last sixteen years have been filled with studying and research, sliding down rabbit holes of ancient civilizations and world cultures, bible reading and research, cross-source analysis, and much much more.

Where this journey would end or what would come of it, I did not know-and if that journal I bought was a symbolic representation of the journey itself, then all I knew was that it began with a Goddess.

The Revelation

On January 15, 2023, I was looking at a picture I took last July, and finally after six months I realized what I was looking at. It was at that moment that the bigger picture of this journey came into focus.

Now, I’m not going to share what I learned about myself personally because for one, it’s personal. And two, some people might consider that to be bragging or that I’m trying to convince them of something. I’m not.

I will share, however, the revelation itself, and what I learned from it in general.

The revelation was what I believed to be the holy spirit or the spirit of God. And while that specifically is debatable because like some people would say, that’s my opinion, what I actually realized or saw it to be cannot.

This revelation, and it took time to put this together, showed me the spirit of an ancient Mayan Temple. Like I said, I took the picture in July 2022, and I had no idea what it was until I started thumbing through a book I bought in 2012! Around the time I purchased the journal.

Mayan Code was the book, and it was written by Barabra Hand Clow. It was from that book that I learned my day sign was the Jaguar, and I remember writing Tikal on the back seats of my school bus on the way to school, but I still didn’t put it together. Until..

I saw the picture of Temple 1 again last week. “Oh my God,” I said. In that picture I took, which was really of my bedroom window, there was an entity in it that fit perfectly on Temple 1.

A picture of the temple is below. It’s from Clow’s book.

That is Temple 1, an ancient Mayan Pyramid and Tomb in (Tikal) Guatemala, Mexico. It’s also known as the Temple of the Great Jaguar or the Temple of Ah Cacao.

If my Mayan day sign wasn’t the Jaguar, this revelation would still be significant because of the spirit that showed up randomly in the picture I took of my window. And I showed you guys this picture before because I was blown away by the sun moving to the center of the triangle. Remember that? I was writing about the eye of God, and I didn’t even realize this thing was in the picture!

The picture is below. And from this picture I learned:

1.The spirit of God is shaped like an eye, or what some would say, and alien UFO.

2.The colors; Blue is the entity. Red is the father in the brilliance of fire. Green is life. Yellow is son. White is the brilliance of God’s majesty as a quintessence.

3. As the spirit of God fits over the Temple, you’ll notice a dark blue square that lines up with the Temple opening. That also represents the throat chakra (the voice box, Taurus). The lighter shade of blue below the dark square lines up with the stairs leading up to the opening. And God (eye) rests about the head piece or the temple itself.

Looking at the picture above, look above the sun and above the triangle that was accidentally created by me flipping my curtains up on the rod so they wouldn’t block the air conditioner vent (it was July). That’s the spirit of the Jaguar Temple!

So, this journey that symbolically began with the journal and winged Goddess in (2012) lead to Temple 1, an ancient Mayan tomb, and the Jaguar God.

Did you notice on how Jaguar related things are becoming popular right now in our culture? In the NFL the Jaguars are playing the Chiefs? YouTube star Jaguar Wright?


Hello, and good-almost afternoon everyone. I posted several times about this topic over the years, and it’s probably because I’m not a stranger to it. If you feel suffocated in the presence of someone, that means two things. You’re probably in a loving, kind, and calm mood, and they’re absolutely angry about something.

On at least two occasions while visiting “friends,” I showed up only to feel suffocated and like the walls were closing in.

So, I kindly asked, “Are you upset at me, or just upset in general?” Of course, they would look at me like how the hell did I know, but that’s all it would take. They would tell me, and we would resolve the issue.

There is a lot of information on the internet that could offer you help with this issue. I read on two or three sites myself, that if a relationship is suffocating, it’s an indication there’s a serious problem. Both sites recommend siting down with this person and talking. The lines of communication need to be reestablished.

Relationships are important, and I believe a certain amount of understanding we need to gain for our own development is tied up in relationships. And I say “tied up” because time and circumstance dictate when you meet the people that could set you free from your own beliefs about yourself.

As always, have a wonderful and blessed day. Today, is the 17th of January, and yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. The timing of that is perfect because we start the year with a reaffirmation that the content of character is always more important than one’s skin color. This is true on many levels and in every direction.

Let’s keep the good energy going and the positive vibes everlasting. Life is short people. If people rush you, push your panic buttons, or cut down everything you feel good about, find new company. There’s a big world out here.