Girl Claims Amazon Owns Thousands of Audio Files From Home Devices

Listen to this. I don’t know much about Tiktok, but a Tiktok user, requested her personal data from Amazon. She said she has three Amazon smart speakers, and her house contains smart light bulbs.

Eventually, she downloaded the zip file and a ton of folders showed up. She said she was not only scared but uncomfortable with the data she found. Amazon had recorded almost 4,000 audio files from the privacy of her home. In addition, they have a full list of contacts saved to her phone but never synced, and of course, her exact location.

Like I said, she said she was scared and uncomfortable; I think most of us would be.

And of course someone makes the comment, “Can someone explain to me why this is scary? I’m not interesting enough to care if they have my contact or audio.”

To the young female, I would like to say I agree with her reaction. It is scary, and although I don’t think Amazon has audio files of my conversations, I am uncomfortable with my mobile device having my exact location and tracer. Everywhere I go my phone logs in the data. Every route, every store, and every stop. No one should have that information.

To the person who made the comment, I would like to first ask why he’s challenging the female. If she’s scared and uncomfortable, that’s how she feels. She feels that way because her privacy has been invaded. Why does Amazon need to have her conversations on file, or need to know when she tells someone to put the light on? It’s an overreach, it’s an invasion of privacy, and it’s just a little creepy.

I don’t know how you wouldn’t at least be uncomfortable with someone having full access to your contact list and location. They know who you talk to and where you are. Why do they need to have access to that information?

He probably works for Amazon, but I’ll let that go for now. The bigger issue is that these are the types of issues that people are waking up to. You wake up one day and realize you’re being violated in every way.

What can I say besides these are the times we live in. One day, god-forbid if another event happens in this country like 9/11, what do you think is going to happen?

Oh you thought your information was safe because Amazon is a private company? Well, so was Verizon, but that didn’t stop the government from forcing them to hand over private information; call logs, and text messaging recordings of millions of customers. In the name of national security, they’ll subpoena Amazon and their customer audio files.

And I wouldn’t expect Jeff Bezos to defend the privacy of your information.

Do we have to now be silent in our own homes? I guess, if want smart devices.

The original article was written by Charlotte Edwards of the Sun and published on the New York Post.

Halloween-23 More Days

Can you feel the excitement in the air? It’s almost that time! We are twenty-three days away from Halloween 2021.

For whatever it’s worth, there’s another Halloween movie (as in Michael Myers) coming out this year. I can’t believe it. I’m just one of so many people who grew up watching Halloween on Halloween. It was a tradition. 🀣

The latest is called Halloween Kills, and its release date for movie theatres in the United States is October 15th. Jamie Lee Curtis will be the star, of course, unbelievable, and incredible at the same time, and from what I read, she leads a vigilante mob to destroy Michael Myers once and for all. I can’t wait. I hope it’s good. For all of you youngsters who haven’t seen and aren’t familiar with the original, make sure you see it. The original Halloween came out in the 1970’s, and it was one of the greatest horror movies of all time. Part 2 was good also, but after the first two, things get a little weird and drawn out. True fans of the movie understand what I mean, and you will to once you start watching them.

So, Halloween, the night we all dress up and go out for candy is the pre-celebration for the western Christian festival of All Hallows day or All Saints Day on November 1st. (111) It is believed the tradition of celebrating Halloween was influenced by ancient Celtic harvest festivals, and the Gaelic Festival, Samhain. Samhain marks the end of the harvest season, which makes way for the winter and generally, the darker half of the year.


All right my friends, have a wonderful night and a blessed day tomorrow!

School Board Runs to President Biden for Federal Help

This article definitely stirred a reaction in me, and I’m going to explain. If by now the current condition of the United States on a whole (citizens and government) hasn’t made itself clear or shown itself to you, then you’re either sleeping, turning away from it, completely buried in socialistic propaganda, or just plain old, fucking stupid. I’m sorry, but I’m not.

We’ll begin here;

Is it wrong for one group to threaten another? Yes, absolutely. But you cannot jump to conclusions and take the side of the school board. Obviously, there’s a problem here. Actually, there are several.

The first thing I’m going to give you is my opinion.

The citizens of this country sat quietly and idle for years-going with the flow, adjusting to new trends, and embracing change. Some of those situations were forced upon us, and we had to adjust, go with the flow, and change weather we wanted to or not.

We sat and watched Obama tell us how he was going to fundamentally change the country while the television showed us an old white lady in her 90’s getting encouraged to get close to Obama. “Hug him, shake his hand, tell him your scared grandma because you’ve never seen a black president before. It’s okay see! He’s nice!”

Basically, it was like a dog meeting it’s owner’s friends for the first time.

Then we said NO! We don’t want Obamacare! We don’t want to be like Europe or Canada. Their systems are failed systems!

The government shoved Obamacare up our asses, and a socialist medical system came out of our mouths.

We sat by while the government used crisis and emergency situations to implement new bills and laws that limited our freedoms.

For almost seven months after George Floyd was murdered, rioting, looting, destruction, and violence carried on. The country’s history was attacked and the country’s foundation was attacked, but that was okay…right?

Now, parents are starting to see what’s going on because their children are being targeted through school curriculums, and teachers who want to use their positions of power and authority to spread their personal beliefs and opinions. This is making children uncomfortable because the schools (government) are overstepping their boundaries. It’s one thing to teach a child how read or write or solve a math problem, but it’s another for a teacher to say white people are evil for owning slaves and forcing the natives off their land. Now the child thinks it’s not okay to be white. That’s fucking mental abuse from an extreme left agenda.

Parents feel like their losing control over what goes on with their children while the children are in school. They’re right.

There’s another divide here. It’s the government and the agencies employed and paid by the government, versus the people.

The teachers are forcing students to wear masks and get vaccinated regardless of what parents are saying or if the child has a religious or medical reason not to do so.

The teachers are forcing because the Board of Education is making them. I told you a while ago, the teachers are going to do whatever they’re told. There’s a real life situation presenting itself, but the majority of educators are going to do exactly what they’re told because they don’t want to lose their jobs, they don’t want to jeopardize their quality of life, and they don’t want to stand for what’s right.

Instead, they’d rather pretend everything is fine, and it’s business as usual and all this will blow over.

The parents will not allow that to happen. The parents are right.

Without the Bill of Rights, the United States would be much worse than it is today. Time has shown us that.

Our Government was created to protect and secure our God-given rights. Fact! It was not designed to tell us what to do. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance is. A mandate is not a law, and our government cannot force anyone to wear a mask or vaccinate.

So the coward-ass board of education wants to run to the President for federal protection against the parent’s threats.

That’s a local police matter.

The parents are rocking the boat so hard, the board of education is now feeling it. The administrators are now felling it. That’s good. But the board of education doesn’t want that.

Well why they fuck are you forcing someone else’s child to do something their parent’s don’t want them to do? The board of education and the teachers are creating this problem because they’re resisting, they’re not going with the flow, and they’re not listening to their parents.

It’s time for all the mask Nazi’s and all the coward ass control freaks who are hiding behind their masks to get down off their high horses and face the truth.

The truth is that the government cannot force its citizens to wear a mask or vaccinate, and if you’re running to them to enforce that then you don’t know what this country is about or the role of its government.

You’re all puppets.

By all means, if you want to vaccinate then vaccinate. If you want to wear a mask then do it, but you cannot force someone else to do what you’re doing and the government is supposed to protect us from people like you.

Socialist institutions on the government payroll are running to the government for support, and private companies are using the fact that they’re private and that’s why they can force their employees to wear a mask and get vaccinated for work. At the end of the day it’s Fascism/Socialism.

It’s interesting how no one is saying masks and vaccinations are optional. I wonder why?

As far as I’m concerned, school is out. This is the reason why I haven’t gone back to teach and this is the reason why I haven’t gone back to school. I have a moral compass, I understand the difference between right and wrong, and I will not be forced into teaching something just because its in the curriculum. These teachers are selfish, and they’re failing their students. If the school board and the teachers don’t want to listen to the parents then the parents should pull their children out of school until the issue is resolved.

The government is responsible for protecting the God-given rights of the people-that means if the board of education, private companies, or anyone is infringing on those rights and forcing people to wear a mask and vaccinate in order to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the government must protect the individual’s interests.

NBA Star Shunned

According to an article written on Yahoo! Sports by Chris Cwik, The Golden State Warrior’s Andrew Wiggins cannot even enter the Chase Center unless he gets vaccinated.

This decision was decided by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and get this, they don’t care if Wiggins has a medical or religious exemption.

Again, we come to this point where the system is forcing citizens to get vaccinated. They’re not even hiding it or denying it anymore.

They’re making us chose:

No Shot/No Work

No Shot/No Money

No Shot=Outcast

The United States government was created to protect the rights/God-given rights of the individual, not tell people what to do.

If private companies are forcing citizens to get vaccinated, and they aren’t even recognizing religious or medical exemptions, then it falls on the government to protect Andrew Wiggins and the rest of the United States citizens.

SFL Socialist Football League?

It’s sad to even write this, but I don’t expect any high profile athlete or coach to open their mouth. I started playing football when I was 10. I played 3 years in Pop Warner, 4 years in high school, and 4 years of college between the years 1990 and 2001.

And I didn’t just just play football, I loved the game. I loved everything about it, and my life revolved around it. I used watch college football on Saturday and NFL on Sunday. My entire Fall and Winter weekend schedule was booked solid with watching and playing football. From the time I woke up on Saturday morning with College Gameday until I went to bed after Monday Night Football-it was all football.

What happened to the NFL? What happened to the American game of football? Today I Tweeted the NFL was done, and what I meant by done is that their is no more individual-like everything else. Upper level Management, Team Owners, and the Board of Directors have completely sold out the sport to that same socialistic globalist agenda that’s seems to be taking over the country.

I have nothing against women, but there’s no place for women in football. Okay, cheerleading. I don’t understand how a woman could become a coach or a head coach in the NFL. A Coach in the NFL? A woman?

I don’t even think you should be allowed to be an announcer, a game day analyzer, or even participate in any of these shows on Sunday that cover NFL games if you didn’t play the game. All those jobs should be reserved for the men who played the game.

Football is a violent game. It’s an aggressive violent game that’s meant to be played and coached by men. Real men.

Women Coaches, can’t say Redskin, forced vaccinations, and you don’t even have to recognize our country’s flag during the National Anthem.

It’s a shame. The family has been attacked. Men are being feminized. The flag isn’t recognized anymore.

The same agenda that has the NFL in it’s grip is the same agenda that’s gripping our Nation.

The Humanity Bureau

Rating: 🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬

Top Actors/Actresses: Nicolas Cage, Sarah Lind (😍), Hugh Dillon, Jakob Davies, and Vicellous SHannon

Time: 94 minutes

Year: 2017

I loved this movie, and it actually gave me chills. I should probably let you know this isn’t a true movie review. Sometimes when I watch a movie I like and consider good, it usually awakens something in me, resonates with me, or gets the wheels turning. The Humanity Bureau did all three.

The movie takes place post-food shortage, post-economic collapse, post-modern civil war, and post-total breakdown. The government gave up and turned the reins over to a corporation that’s monitoring and controlling the people of America. Walls were built all around the country to close off the borders. Citizens had to produce and be considered an asset just to stay in a dirty dwelling with contaminated water. If you were unproductive, The Humanity Bureau would take you to a new colony know as New Eden.

That’s all I’m going to tell you about the movie. You really need to watch it for yourself, and I’m not going to ruin that for you.

My thoughts: Anytime someone mentions building walls and or securing a border, I always wonder, is it to stop people from coming in, or prevent the people inside from leaving. In this movie it was the latter. In reality it does both. I’m not going to argue that what took place in the movie is happening in real life, because….it was just a movie.

BUT, I’m starting to see a common thread.

Anyone who prevents you from living your life and pursuing liberty and freedom is an enemy. Everyone in that movie told Nicolas cage he would never make it out of the current situation. They gave every reason; the radiation was too high, the people out there will rape and kill you, you’re not going to make it because no one ever does, etc. etc.

Anyone who infringes on your God-given freedom is your enemy. Be extremely wary of the people who are forcing you to do something.

Have a good evening and a blessed day tomorrow!

I Didn’t Know

When I was hard at work in the Journalism program at William Paterson University, I would sometimes take short breaks, walk to the local 7Eleven, and buy a copy of the Star Ledger. The Star Ledger, now that was a newspaper.

When I moved to Pennsylvania I bought the Morning Call, and I was like what is this, anyway…….

I would sit in my car and thumb through the paper. I played football at the time so the Sports Section was most important, especially on Mondays after the NFL played on Sunday.

“Thank God for the Sports Section, it’s the only thing that’s real,” that’s what I used to say.

Real. What did I mean by real back then because at that time (2000-2003), there was not a doubt in my mind that the Middle East and Muslim terrorists were responsible for 911, and that was almost twenty years before President Trump began calling out the mainstream media?

Real. What did mean by real?

Ten years later it came to me.

New York Giants 19 Washington Redskins 10.

This is a fact, and you cannot debate it. It doesn’t matter how much you hate either team, and it doesn’t matter how much you inject your poisonous personal opinions (PPO’s) into the article itself; at then end of it all, you have to accept the New York Giants as the winner because of the score.

Case closed.

Now, if we can just keep out all the political over and undertones and propaganda, we might get our sport back.

Have a blessed day.

Manifesting Smorgasbord 2

I’m going to share a little something that happened today that I thought was awesome.

In my new book Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish, there’s a story that’s spilt into two separate chapters, it’s called Witches In Heat, Part 1 and Part 2.

It’s about a guy, who gets taken back in time by a girl working at a local Farmer’s Market. While walking to the store to buy a new laptop for work, he comes across a barn that’s really a store selling fresh fruits and vegetables. His walk was a long one so he stopped at the barn to take a break, and while he was there he fell asleep. When he woke up there was a dark cloud overhead, and that’s when all the strangeness begins.

The inspiration for this story came from a day when I actually spilled coffee on my laptop. I didn’t have a car at the time so I walked to the local Target. On my way there I saw a red barn. I didn’t stop or anything, but that’s where the inspiration for the story came from.

Since writing that story I haven’t been back that way, but today, now that I have my car, I decided to drive over to where the Target is. On my way home, I passed the barn on my right, and there was a girl outside mowing the grass. The barn was open and they were selling flowers, and fresh fruit like raspberries and blueberries.

I had to stop! LOL

This will be amazing to you when you read the story in Smorgasbord 2, but I stopped. Without getting too in depth, many of the details written in the story were coming to fruition right in front of me. It was so eerie, especially when the raincloud rolled in, but like I said, when you read the story you’ll appreciate this post.

I should’ve stayed there..


You are an American Citizen.

You’re powerful.

You have rights.

You have a voice.

Now, I ask, where’s your moral compass? Where’s your ability to differentiate between right and wrong? What happened to your common sense?

The large companies we all work for are not going to close down. If you worked your ass off to build a successful company would you allow the government to shut you down?

No, you’re going to do everything in your power to keep your business afloat, and that includes having the best attorneys and most up-to-date information on hand.

In order to remain successful, companies, weather it’s right or wrong, remove problems because their goal is to keep making money. They don’t care if it’s your human right to not wear a mask. They don’t care if it’s a medical issue. They’re going to work with government and government agencies to ensure the future success of their business.

If ten people refuse to wear masks, they’ll fire them and hire ten people who will.

You’re not insignificant though. You do have rights and you do have a voice. Don’t let corporate greed deter you. There’s a huge overreach going on right now.

I’ve had almost ten jobs in last year. I’m not bragging, I just want you to know Nooz Buffet is here for you.

Have a wonderful day.