Nooz Now

May 22, 2022 Edition

💥Dave Chappelle, as most of us know, has been doing comedy for a long time. Like the many comedians who came before, and the many who will come after, Chappelle’s act won’t be enjoyed by everyone. We all know this. Comedy is matter of perception. You might think something is funny, and your neighbor might not. I just can’t believe this guy who jumped on stage and attacked Chappelle claimed he was triggered by Chappelle’s insensitivity. Look man, you have no self-control. This is a free country, and if you find Chappelle’s act offensive, don’t pay money to see him.

Yes, you know exactly where I’m going with this. This is how the left censors speech. Because of this act of terrorism, and that’s exactly what it was, Chappelle will think twice before he speaks. And because of that, he’ll have to be twice as strong because if he isn’t, he’ll end up censoring himself and ultimately loosing confidence in his jokes.

👶The United States is now importing baby formula from Europe. WTF is going on? Americans can’t make baby formula anymore? Well, I hope the FDA plans on testing that shit before we feed it to our future.

🥜Jif peanut butter is being recalled after NYC batch linked to salmonella.

🔫Another hookah lounge shooting! 1 person was killed and 8 were injured just before midnight last night at Tha Blu Flame in San Bernardino, California.

🌪Luckily, no deaths were reported from the tornado that ripped through southeastern Illinois at 115 mph.

🌞According to the Tropical Zodiac, the sun entered Gemini yesterday. Happy Birthday season to all the Geminis out there. Astronomically speaking, the sun is still in Taurus, where it will stay until June 21st.

🌔Tonight, the moon is a waning crescent illuminated at 42%. It’s 22.3 days old and has just crossed over into Pisces. Different parts of our bodies fall under the rulership of different planets, and Pisces rule the feet. With the moon in Pisces in the 2nd House of Possessions, it’s good time to get rid of those old and worn out sneakers, shoes, and boots. Ladies, go get your feet done. Everyone, clean and moisturize your feet. Clip your toenails. 🤣 Seriously.

⚾MLB The Philadelphia Phillies are 19-22 now after their 4-3 win over the Dodgers today. Tomorrow, the Phillies travel to Atlanta to play the Braves.

The St. Louis Cardinals scored 6 runs in the top of the second inning before going on to route the Pirates 18-4. Pittsburgh fell to 16-24, and host the Rockies tomorrow.

National League Leaders

(East) Mets 28-15. (Central) Brewers 26-15. (West) Dodgers 23-15.

American League Leaders

(East) Yankees 29-12. (Central) Twins 25-16. (West) Astros 27-15.

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I hope everyone has a safe return to the workweek tomorrow. Have a good night and thank you for visiting Nooz Buffet.