Inhale, Don’t Inhale?

I don’t know the first thing about vaping or electronic cigarettes, but I’ve seen both getting a lot negative publicity lately in various news sources.

According to an article published in the Morning Call yesterday titled, Lung disorder hits Valley,”  St. Lukes, a local hospital, is beginning to treat people with injuries related vaping.  To be exact, they’ve treated half a dozen people with severe lung issues over the last several months.

Health officials have even taken steps to send speakers to middle schools and high schools to speak to young students about the harmful side effects that could possibly be related to e-cigarettes and vaping.

In addition to lung disorders, fatigue, coughing, vomiting, and shortness of breath have also been seen as side effects.

Like I said, I don’t much about this, but it did just seem to come out of nowhere.  All of a sudden people were walking around with electronic cigarettes.  Some said it was an alternative to smoking “traditional” or nicotine packed cigarettes.

I think it’s fair to say the worst it yet to come in terms of illnesses and side effects if vaping is fairly new.

I took some time this morning to interview Ray, the manager of Vapor Galleria, a local Vape shop in Pennsylvania.

Ray said he has been in business for five years at his location on Broadway in Allentown.  He also said business has been good and the recent publicity vaping and electronic cigarettes have gotten has not affected his sales.

“We haven’t had any issues here,” said Ray, “all of our juices are manufactured by us in Oklahoma CIty.  I think a lot of the issues are happening when people buy black market Juices.”

“Juices” are the actual substances people are inhaling.  (I just found that out, lol)

So yes, there is a black market for vape juice.  Not everyone who’s vaping or using electronic cigarettes are doing so as intended.  Some people are experimenting and using their own substances, which adds a completely different dimension to this in terms of related illnesses and side effects.

Alright everyone, be smart, and be careful.  Don’t vape weed, crack, or whatever the hell else you’re inhaling.

Have a wonderful day.

Photo by Lee Phillips from Pexels

Kentucky Blows It In Final Seconds

You could actually say the wind blew it because the winning kick sailed wide right with like :43 left on the game clock.

Good Morning NJ, PA, and the rest of the world.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day to today with it being Sunday and all.  Some people work today, some don’t, but what’s important is that we’re doing whatever it is we would like.

I don’t know how many people actually watched the Florida Gators play Kentucky last night, but it was a fabulous game as expected.  I said Kentucky would show up at night, at home, and win this game, but they ended up loosing 29-21.  If you took Kentucky with the 8 points then at least you didn’t lose any money.

I know some people got the spread at 9.5 so congratulations to all of you.

I was a 22-21 ball game with just under a minute left to play.  Kentucky drove the ball down the field in dramatic fashion, and on fourth down, special teams came on the field to kick the potential game winning field goal.  The Wildcats missed the kick and turned the ball over on downs.  Then Florida put the nail in the coffin with another touchdown run that went for 76 yards, and the extra point was good.

When the final quarter bagan, Kentucky was winning this game 21-10, but the Wildcats didn’t score any points in the fourth quarter.  In fact, they were leading the Gators 21-16 all the way up until…

Florida intercepted a pass at the six minute mark, and on their possession, the backup QB, Trask, ran it into the endzone for six.  Florida went for two but failed to convert, and the score was 22-21, which is where it stayed until the  final minute.

Florida is now 3-0 and ranked first in the SEC East, while Kentucky fell to 2-1.  They’re ranked fifth in the same division.

Wait, what?  Hawaii?  I don’t know. is now 1-1 with Feature Game Picks.


Happy Friday….the 13th!😈👽💜🌕


I said to myself I was going to take the next day or two off from writing and posting, but with today being Friday the 13th and all I said, what the hell.


I just wanted to share some things I found, and few opinions concerning the practice.  I would say it was around 2009 or 2010, when I first started having an interest in Astrology.  I guess it started from reading my horoscope every once in a blue moon, I don’t really know, but suddenly it became a subject I enjoyed researching and reading about.

These periods of research come and go, and I think it’s because they’re really intense and time consuming.  So over the last ten or so years I’ll study, learn a little, let it go, and then get back after it.

There’s a lot of information relating to astrology on the internet, and when you add books, and magazines to the mix, there can be a ton of material to look at, and if you’re the type of person that has a real interest or passion for it, then you know just how distracted from everything else in your life you can become.

What I wanted to share with you was the uniqueness in astrology I found, and this is seriously, what I’ve come to appreciate.

There’s are so many astrologers on the internet.  There are so many people reading tarot cards, and birth charts, and for an aspiring astrologer or someone who wants to do tarot readings for people, it can be intimidating and frustrating.

But, it’s the uniqueness of astrology that ultimately grants you a seat at the table.  I’m not a professional of astrology, and I know there are many many people who know just as much as I do and usually more, but that’s okay.

I’m not trying to become the smartest astrologer. I realized that a vast portion of symbolism and signs are still buried in the subsconscious, and that’s for a very very specific reason.

As much as I research and study astrological material, a lot of it still hasn’t come to the surface yet, for me.

We can all go on the computer and everyone can visit the same websites and read about astrological signs, houses, alignments, and aspects.  This is the basic understanding of what’s out there.  It information that people already discovered and eventually shared.

Over time, the more you live your real day to day life, more of what’s hidden will come to the surface for you, if of course, that’s what you want, and that’s what I look forward to.

Astrology is very personal.  Fun? Kind of, yes, but personal.  I look forward to my personal interpretation of signs and symbols to surface and develop because that’s what separates astrologers.  You give a reading using a system that billions of people can use and have access to, but your interpretation and understanding is completely different.  At that point, astrology has come to life in you.





Social Media

What’s going on Y’all?

I wanted to take a moment to weigh in on social media.  As you know, I’m the owner of, and I also have a Facebook page, and a Twitter account.  I communicate through all three outlets.  I’m not nor do I ever plan on hiding behind my screen.  I’m a writer at heart, but I have a passion for seeking facts, truth, and researching.

I’m here to help, and the best way I can do that is by sharing my personal experiences.  I post my real pictures, and my real name and information because I’m not hiding from anyone, and I’m not doing anything wrong.

Now, if you want to be stupid on Twitter or Facebook and send ignorant comments, pointless insults, and threats behind an account with no picture and a name like G232475648375, well, I’m just going to fucking block you.

In addition, all you really do is fire me up and motivate me to write more.  So in a way, I’d like to thank you before I block you.  Nooz Buffet has been up for just about a year and I have 50,000 words published.  Keep it coming.

Moving forward, you should not even be allowed to have a Twitter account or any other social media account without providing real legitimate information about yourself.  There would without a doubt, be a lot less scumbags and cowards on stage.

Thank you.

Alright Everyone Have A Good Evening



A Letter From Table Seven and

Dear Readers:

And so here we are, the 26th day of August in 2019, and I said at some point, Nooz Buffet would eventually get a little more organized and specific in terms of content, which, right now, the timing couldn’t get any better.

I know the postings on here are random, we jump from one topic to the next because I’m covering what comes to mind, and what I encounter in conversations and outdoors living my life.

As we prepare for another year of blogging, news sharing, and content, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for following and reading along.

We always encourage dialogue and feedback.  Your thoughts and comments are important to us, and eventually, you the readers will have an important part in the direction we decide to go in.

Thank You.



Our Very Own…..

The college football 2019 season is just about here, and I’m excited because……

here at Table Seven and we have our very own College Football Playoff Ranking System.  This is extremely important because every year shit goes really good until conference championship week.

Eventually, we run into the issue of who should be playing who and who should be ranked where.  It becomes a huge mess and no one is ever really happy or confident when  the rankings come out.

Remember last season, UCF was undefeated but the polls were clearly favoring Notre Dame, and why the hell did Oklahoma State get to creep back in with 2 loses over the Buckeyes?

The College Football Top 8 Ranking System is flawless come crunch time.  We analyze, research, and in the end, were confident in how we pick the best matchups.

How the hell do we do it?  Well, that’s our secret.

Philadelphia Eagles preseason nooz

8/29/19- Tonight the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jest are playing, and this my friends, is the final preseason game of the 2019 season.  It went fast didn’t it.  This should be a game where the Eagles will fine tune things, maybe they’ll give starters a half of playing time.  Either way, the roster will be lean, mean, and set for the opener against the Redskins.

8/27/19- LB Asantay Brown was one of a long list of players cut in order for Eagles to make 53 man roster. 

8/25/19- The Eagles are traveling to New Jersey to play the Jets for their final preseason game Thursday, August 29th.

8/23/19- Not that it really counts, but the Ravens beat the Eagles last night 26-15.  The Eagles are now 1-2 this preseason.  

McCown looked really good.  Statistically, he completed 17 passes out of 24 attempts.  He threw two touchdowns and had zero interceptions.  That’s not bad at all.  

Both teams headed into the locker room with 11:43 on the clock in the fourth quarter because of severe weather concerns.  The game was eventually called off, and that’s where it ended.

8/22/19- Tonight, preseason, Eagles vs. Ravens.  I don’t think Carson Wentz will see any game time. 

8/20/19– Right now, the eagles have five quarterbacks on the roster, and one just came out of retirement.  I guess you could say the Eagles “quarterback situation” is somewhat of an emergency after losing Nate Sudfeld (broken bone on his left wrist) and Cody Kessler (concussion) in the first two preseason games.

Josh McCown, who is now 40, just came out of retirement for his 17th season.  He signed a one-year deal that could be worth up to $5 million. 

The other two QB’s on roster are Carson Wentz and Clayton Thorson.

8/19/19– Preseason for the Philadelphia Eagles began this year on August 8th.  They opened with a home lose against the Tennessee Titans 27-10.  The following week the Eagles traveled to Jacksonville, and evened their record with a 24-10 win over the Jaguars.

They have two preseason games left, and that will wrap up the month of August.  They’re at home hosting the Ravens on Thursday August 22, and then they’ll travel to Jersey to play the Jets.

Official regular season play begins Sunday, September 8th.  The Eagles will play home against the Washington Redskins. 

Antarctica And The Ozone

I wasn’t going to write about this, but shit man, I’m excited.  I watched a documentary about Antarctica.  It was very long, and there was a lot of information covered.  Of course, those brave people who attempted to reach the plateau from the ice shelf (coastline) were recognized as well as those actually ended up making it all the way to the South Pole at 90 degrees.

Here’s the part that got my mind racing.  There were people down there, scientist I’m sure, and they were conducting experiments.  Accidentally, someone opened a hole in the ozone layer directly over the Pole, which is pretty much the center of the icy continent.

Normally, the South Pole is -100 degrees, and it doesn’t receive strong sunlight because of it’s location.  Antarctica is completely covered with ice and snow, and the waters around the continent are 2 miles of frozen depth.  I don’t think the hole that was opened was that a big, obviously,  but if it had been, we could’ve been in serious trouble.

This got me thinking about Noah and the flood.  What if, that’s what happened in biblical times.  It’s not far fetched.  The documentary said 70% of our planet’s fresh water is the frozen ice on and around Antarctica, and if it had melted, sea levels would rise 300 feet.

Now, if that were the case, Antarctica which is one of the only places on the globe we can’t really occupy and maintain a “normal” way of living because of the weather extremes, but would probably become the safe place to go.  Antarctica and some really high mountain tops.

What if in our attempt to explore space, and our never ending desire to know our place in this world, was almost our own demise?  What if we knew what were doing, and we knew what the outcome would be, but someone in biblical times went ahead and made that hole anyway, and melted the ice on and around Antarctica.  Maybe Noah built his Ark and sailed to Antarctica, and now it’s buried under the frozen ice.

What is really on that continent?

If you take Noah’s Arc out of Antarctica, you’re left with Attica!