Nooz Now 10/22/2021

What’s up readers, fans, and followers? Today is Friday! Finally, for most of us, the workweek has come to an end, and of course, it’s pay day. It’s another beautiful day here-sunny and 63 degrees. You should enjoy this weather while you can because the winter is fast approaching.

🦉 Days of the week, trees, and deities; what’s the connection for today…For Friday the trees are apple and myrtle, the deity is the Lady, and the association is birch. The Lady and the Lord are God and Goddess, and birch symbolizes purification, blessings, health, and beginnings.

💀 In a Florida nature reserve called Carlton Reserve the remains of a human body were found. The FBI and local authorities combed through treacherous conditions to recover as much as they could. Brian Laundrie, and his fiance Gabby Petito went on a cross country trip last month, but Laundrie retuned home without Petito. Eventually, Petito’s remains were found, and Laundrie disappeared when police wanted him for questioning. When the human remains and other items were found at Carlton Reserve, authorities suspected them to belong to Laundrie. It wasn’t until a dental record check was done that their suspicions were confirmed.

CNN: Dental records show remains found at Carlton Reserve are those of Brian Laundrie, FBI says.

💥 No charges have filed yet against Alec Baldwin who is speaking out for the first time today about the so called “gun accident” that left one person dead and one hospitalized. Baldwin was on set filming a scene for his new movie, Rust, which required him to shoot a gun loaded with blanks, but some how and someway, the director and the director of photography were hit with either bullets or shrapnel?!? The investigation continues. Can you imagine that? Unbelievable. Didn’t the same thing happen to Bruce Lee’s son Brandon?

TMZ: One Dead, One Injured on Alec Baldwin Movie, Loaded Gun Incorrectly Fired.

☠ So tragic, so sad, and so young. The death of Texas linebacker Jake Ehlinger happed in May, but his family just recently shared his cause of death. It was ruled an accidental overdose; xanax laced with fentanyl. Ehlinger was just 20-years-old.

ESPN: Texas linebacker Jake Ehlinger died of accidental overdose, family says.

🥓 The United States Department of Agriculture just issued a recall for 10,000 pounds of pork products from Evans Food Group.

Thank you for checking out this edition of Nooz Now. Enjoy the remainder of this beautiful day and have a wonderful weekend!

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Nooz Now

What’s up readers, fans, and followers? Today is Thursday, October 21, 2021. It’s a beautiful sunny and 64 degree day out here, and I hope you’re all having a wonderful day.

✡ There’s a connection between trees, days of the week, and deities. Thursday is associated with oak and pine and the Lord.

🩺🩸 On Tuesday October 19th, the former Pennsylvania Health Secretary, Dr. Rachael Levine, was sworn in as Admiral of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. In her new role, she’ll be responsible for overseeing a group that responds to emergencies and provides medical assistance after hurricanes.

💪🦵 There are good and bad ways to loose weight, and some of us would like loose weight and tone up areas of our body that are often overlooked. How about those upper thighs? I know because I’m one of them. I think I have nice legs that grow evenly and look defined when I train legs properly, however, I can’t seem to get rid of the loose skin and cellulite on the upper portions of my thighs. I just came across an article that gives us tips for targeting that area specifically. Check out the link below.

📘 Look out Hobbes and Rousseau! The men who bestowed to humanity a conventional account of human social history are now being challenged. Before dying on September 2, 2020 at the age of 59, genius, David Graeber left humanity one final gift. His book titled The Dawn of Everything, offers a different perspective of the last 30,000 years.

⚓🚢 On Saturday, October 16th, amateur divers hit the jackpot! Off the coast of Israel on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea divers found some artifacts including stone anchors, pottery, and a sword. Everything found was rare, but the sword turned out to be “priceless.” It was a 4-pound sword, 4-feet long, and made of iron. Extremely rare, this 900-years-old was used during the Third Crusade when European Monarchs tried to reclaim Jerusalem after its fall to the Muslims.

Okay my friends, thank you for checking out this edition of Nooz Now. Enjoy the remainder of this beautiful day and the rest of your week.

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Girl Claims Amazon Owns Thousands of Audio Files From Home Devices

Listen to this. I don’t know much about Tiktok, but a Tiktok user, requested her personal data from Amazon. She said she has three Amazon smart speakers, and her house contains smart light bulbs.

Eventually, she downloaded the zip file and a ton of folders showed up. She said she was not only scared but uncomfortable with the data she found. Amazon had recorded almost 4,000 audio files from the privacy of her home. In addition, they have a full list of contacts saved to her phone but never synced, and of course, her exact location.

Like I said, she said she was scared and uncomfortable; I think most of us would be.

And of course someone makes the comment, “Can someone explain to me why this is scary? I’m not interesting enough to care if they have my contact or audio.”

To the young female, I would like to say I agree with her reaction. It is scary, and although I don’t think Amazon has audio files of my conversations, I am uncomfortable with my mobile device having my exact location and tracer. Everywhere I go my phone logs in the data. Every route, every store, and every stop. No one should have that information.

To the person who made the comment, I would like to first ask why he’s challenging the female. If she’s scared and uncomfortable, that’s how she feels. She feels that way because her privacy has been invaded. Why does Amazon need to have her conversations on file, or need to know when she tells someone to put the light on? It’s an overreach, it’s an invasion of privacy, and it’s just a little creepy.

I don’t know how you wouldn’t at least be uncomfortable with someone having full access to your contact list and location. They know who you talk to and where you are. Why do they need to have access to that information?

He probably works for Amazon, but I’ll let that go for now. The bigger issue is that these are the types of issues that people are waking up to. You wake up one day and realize you’re being violated in every way.

What can I say besides these are the times we live in. One day, god-forbid if another event happens in this country like 9/11, what do you think is going to happen?

Oh you thought your information was safe because Amazon is a private company? Well, so was Verizon, but that didn’t stop the government from forcing them to hand over private information; call logs, and text messaging recordings of millions of customers. In the name of national security, they’ll subpoena Amazon and their customer audio files.

And I wouldn’t expect Jeff Bezos to defend the privacy of your information.

Do we have to now be silent in our own homes? I guess, if want smart devices.

The original article was written by Charlotte Edwards of the Sun and published on the New York Post.

Cape of Good Hope

I was curious about the location of South Africa. Whenever I heard people talking about it, it sounded like a place that was separate from the rest of the continent. In my head, I assumed South Africa was the southern portion of Africa; like America, one country with a north and south split by some line across the middle.

As it turns out, South Africa is it’s own place, and boy, is it south! If you look at a map of Africa, the southernmost country all the way down at the bottom tip is South Africa.

Somewhere down there is a Cape of Good Hope, which is the legendary home of the Flying Dutchman. The Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship, and as the myth goes, this legendary ship was said to be unable to make port. As a result, it was doomed to sail the oceans forever.


National UFO Reporting Center

The NUFORC logged 90 reports for the month of September, that’s 139 less than the month of August.

Of the 90 reports last month, 11 came from the state of Pennsylvania.

On September 4th at 10:30 PM, someone in Pittsburgh saw five orange objects moving in the sky at a high altitude. They were moving from south to southwest to north and then to northeast-clockwise in a circular motion. All the objects were traveling at the same speed, but remained totally silent. The witness said this went on for two minutes and it was definitely not an aircraft.

Also on the 4th, someone in Jacksonville, Florida reported seeing a translucent v-shaped craft flying at a normal altitude with absolutely no sound. This person also said when the craft was just about out of sight he saw a flash of light shoot across the sky.

Hello Friends, What Are Those 3 Stars?

I’ve felt really distant from my blog lately, and so I wanted to say hello and give all my readers and friends a warm welcome. Speaking of warm, we’ve had quite an “Indian Summer.” I’m kind of kicking myself in the ass for taking my air conditioner out of the window, but I thought October 1st was a reasonable date considering how cold the nights have been.

I don’t know how many of you keep up with basketball, but I read yesterday Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets has walked way from the NBA and a boat load of cash. Irving refused to get vaccinated, and basically that’s what it all came down to. Get vaccinated and play, or refuse and don’t. I have a lot of respect for Irving after making this decision because here’s a man who walked from fame, money, the NBA-all of it, for what he believed in. He has a higher purpose in life and he knows it. Good luck Kyrie Irving.

Monday the 11th was Columbus Day, and I was taught in school that Christopher Columbus discovered America. When I got older I realized there was a great possibility he didn’t, and the evidence was overwhelming. I have a book in my personal collection that claims America was discovered at least a half a century before Columbus even stepped foot on the continent. The things we learned in history class in school were all taught from a book, and as time goes on people research and challenge those historical topics, but I must be honest, it seems like once something is accepted into the text book, it’s often difficult to have that content changed.

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Did anyone look up at the sky last night?

That bright ball of light is the Moon, but if you look closely, you can see two small white stars above and diagonal from the moon. There’s a third star but it’s faint. This picture was taken with my cell phone camera. The brighter of the two stars is on the left. If you look closely below that star about 3/4 of an inch and a little to the left, you’ll see the third star.

I have no idea what these three stars are, but I would love to know.

Alright everyone, it nice to have some time to blog again. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this wonderful October!

Halloween-23 More Days

Can you feel the excitement in the air? It’s almost that time! We are twenty-three days away from Halloween 2021.

For whatever it’s worth, there’s another Halloween movie (as in Michael Myers) coming out this year. I can’t believe it. I’m just one of so many people who grew up watching Halloween on Halloween. It was a tradition. 🤣

The latest is called Halloween Kills, and its release date for movie theatres in the United States is October 15th. Jamie Lee Curtis will be the star, of course, unbelievable, and incredible at the same time, and from what I read, she leads a vigilante mob to destroy Michael Myers once and for all. I can’t wait. I hope it’s good. For all of you youngsters who haven’t seen and aren’t familiar with the original, make sure you see it. The original Halloween came out in the 1970’s, and it was one of the greatest horror movies of all time. Part 2 was good also, but after the first two, things get a little weird and drawn out. True fans of the movie understand what I mean, and you will to once you start watching them.

So, Halloween, the night we all dress up and go out for candy is the pre-celebration for the western Christian festival of All Hallows day or All Saints Day on November 1st. (111) It is believed the tradition of celebrating Halloween was influenced by ancient Celtic harvest festivals, and the Gaelic Festival, Samhain. Samhain marks the end of the harvest season, which makes way for the winter and generally, the darker half of the year.


All right my friends, have a wonderful night and a blessed day tomorrow!

Smorgasbord 3 The Final Platter

All I’m going to say is that I was up in the air about writing a third book, well, a third Smorgasbord. But, something propelled me and inspired me to do it. At this moment, I’m not going to reveal what that was because it has to do with something I wrote in Smorgasbord 2, which is still in publication and not on the store shelves yet.

It’s going to happen though, there will be a third Smorgasbord; Smorgasbord 3 The Final Platter.