Yes, Webster.  Noah Webster is his name.  When you think about all the prominent people and famous names that impacted the formation of the United States in the 17th and 18th centuries, I guess it’s easy for Noah Webster to get lost in the shuffle.

Before the invention of spell check, we picked up the good old fashioned dictionary for help spelling words, but even then, didn’t you just always think the name of the dictionary was Webster’s?

Not only was Noah Webster the author of “Webster’s,” America’s first dictionary, he was also an advocate for universal free education as way to aid national unity at a time when the emergence of the modern school system was still in its infancy stage.

Very Interesting!

Thank You Wikipedia for the Photo.


Apartment/Room Hunting

How’s everybody doing?  Today is Sunday, January 12th, and it is beautiful outside.  Sixty-one degrees and sunny! Not bad for the middle of the winter.  Not bad at all.

Tomorrow night I start class at Muhlenberg College, and I’m looking for a small apartment or room to rent that’s close to Chew Street.  If you can help, or know someone who has a place to rent, please write in.

I posted an ad on Craigslist, and it was short and to the point.  I explained that I was starting school soon, and that I was looking for something near the college and Chew Street. The next thing I know I get people replying to me telling me they’re looking for an apartment.  People make me laugh, man they really do.


Alright everyone, enjoy your Monday, and if you hear or know something let me know.

American Preservation

We are being called out.

Well, we’re not exactly being called out.  Lets just say we were sleeping, and then all of a sudden, someone broke into our house and put some things in there that shouldn’t exist.

After waking up and taking a look around, the responsibility falls on us, “We The People” to remove it all.

I must admit, I am a little concerned.  I listen to a lot of news, both mainstream and independent, I watch a lot of videos, and I do read a lot.

America is our Country to lose, despite what I hear.

What is it that I hear?  Well, I hear the country is already lost.  Now, I don’t buy into propaganda, and I take a completely neutral stance on every issue until the truth surfaces, and this is really easy to do because we have a Constitution (Bill of Rights).

When you hear people saying the Country is lost, or we lost our Country, don’t believe it.  What’s really important here is that we’re preserving and exercising our rights as citizens in this country, and if we do that, the Country will never fall.

It’s really simple.  The most important thing to know is that before we became the United States of America, we were 13 Colonies.  After some negotiations, land purchases, and a little strong arming, we went coast to coast, consolidated, and created a central federal government.

That Federal Government gave us (the people) the Bill of Rights as a way to ensure our privacy and freedoms from an overreaching, central government.  The Constitution (Bill of Rights) is the basis and foundation this country was built on.  The colonies wanted to remain separate, private, and maintain the ability to rule and govern themselves, but obviously, there was a much bigger plan in the works, and so 13 Colonies became 52 states.  All under the watchful eye of a centralized government.

In order to preserve our Country, all we have to do is follow the constitution.  Very simple.  Whatever was put into place that’s unconstitutional must go, and then, we must not allow the Federal Government to violate the Constitution ever again.

The People of the United States of America request the removal of such agencies and laws as they are now deemed unconstitutional.

  1. Homeland Security
  2. The Patriot Act
  3. FISA Courts

Well, what are we waiting for?

After the removal of the above mentioned laws and agencies, we really need to do a better job of preventing the formation of unconstitutional agencies and recognizing those laws that if passed, will be unconstitutional.  Is physical violence necessary?  No, I don’t think it is.  All that is required is a free-well informed public that has the courage to speak up, and the persistence and will to not give up or in until its requests are met.

You’re not breaking the law, and you’re not doing anything wrong.  We have the right to speak up and call out our Government when it’s not playing by the rules.

In closing, I would like to say I feel really bad for the people whose lives have been ruined for simply speaking up and bringing attention to issues that violate our rights and privacy as citizens of this country.

This is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Right?

Seek and We Shall Find

They say the answers to our questions are out there, and the truth will set us free.  We must decipher between what’s right and what is wrong for us according to our own perception.

They say there is life on other planets, and we are not alone in this universe, but knowing that would be a major distraction.

I heard we discovered microbial life on Mars, but instead of furthering the investigation, more time and effort has been spent covering it up.

Handle your daily routine and mundane tasks like responsible men and women, but in your spare time, don’t be afraid to investigate.  This thing we call the “cosmos” is beautiful, mysterious, and waiting for us to have fun with it.


Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels

Resolutions For A New Year

What’s Up?  Welcome to 2020!

Here’s what’s on my mind for this brand new year:

  • Love Myself
  • Work Consistently
  • Let the people in my life know they’re appreciated
  • Two to Three days per week in the gym
  • Make good decisions
  • Win
  • Start Applying the lessons and mentality I learned through sports to real life
  • Save money
  • Get back into a vehicle
  • Repay debts and repair friendships-if possible
  • Rediscover my love for the night-life, and Social Life (Not Social Media) Going out Again

Resolutions are good because they give us direction.  We’re starting a brand new year together, with goals.  Get your shit together, and get your head right.

As the year progresses, there will be moments when those resolutions come into focus.  Don’t forget about them.  Maintain them, achieve them, and become the person you want to be.

Write in.  What are your New Years Resolutions?  What would you like to achieve?

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Taming A Wandering Mind

If you’re like me, then your mind wanders.  Topic after topic.  If you’re worried about this and fell like you’re loosing control, then listen to what I’m about to say.

My mind, I don’t know why, wanders, but I’m starting to think it has something to do with “the task of the moment,” but the advice I can give you is “don’t pay attention.”  All types of thoughts of thoughts and temptations pass though, but remember, it’s all in your head.  We shouldn’t live in our heads.

It’s not a bad thing if you have a wondering mind, but remember, we live in our physical reality.  While our mind drifts from the here and now, our bodies don’t.  Do not let random thoughts and temptations interfere with what you’re doing, or what you say to someone if they’re completely unrelated or something you normally wouldn’t or shouldn’t do.

If you, for example, just sat down to read a book, read that book.  If the thought crosses your mind to check your email, send a text message, or do something else, ignore it until you’re done reading.  Focus on what you’re doing, and see it thorough completion.

In his/her possession, the average person has a cell phone, tablet, laptop, computer, books, and magazines.  Younger people have all that stuff including video games, so the urge to bounce from one thing to the next is great.  So great in fact, it takes a mindful decision, and some effort to concentrate on one thing at a time.

When speaking and interacting with people, remember, that person doesn’t know what you’re thinking.  They do however, hear what you say.  They can see you, they can see how you react, how you stand, and what you do with your hands.  Your body language is visible.

Someone approaches you for the first time.  They want to speak with you because they want to get to know more about you, but during that conversation, the thought crosses your mind to say “fuck you,” and run away.

What do you do?

What should you do?

The answer is to stand there, and have the conversation.  Let the person get to know you, and if it’s in the cards, make a new friend.  Your mind is telling you to say, “fuck you,” and run away, but should you?

Is the person threatening you, attacking you, or disrespecting you?  No, so, you wouldn’t and shouldn’t run away, and say, “fuck you.”  Cursing at the person and running away doesn’t make sense.

It sounds funny, but a small percentage of us will curse and run away.  Why?  I can’t answer that.  I cant tell you why people do what they do, but I can help you make the right choices if that’s what you want to do.  This whole article is about fighting random thoughts that interfere with our lives while we’re working, completing a task, or speaking with someone.  The reason why this is an issue in the first place is because we’re told to listen and pay attention to our thoughts, but if our thoughts aren’t “good,” then we must dismiss them.

This leads me to my next point, “knowing the difference between right and wrong.”  If you know the difference between right and wrong, then you know which thoughts you should dismiss because acting them out would either be wrong, or not make sense in a given situation.  Remember the actions you take, and your behavior, weather physical, or verbal, must make sense.  No one can see your thoughts, and people cannot read your mind.  Having the thought to curse at someone who is trying to be your friend, is nothing more than a passing thought so long as you don’t act on it.

How did we get here?  I don’t know.  I think the mind should be silent, but most people do have a busy mind.  I have a busy mind, but it wasn’t always that way.  There was a time when I was fully, 100% in the moment.  Just living-acting and reacting.  It would be extremely nice to find a way back to that point.  It was a time when your mind wasn’t a beacon for the thoughts and emotions of others.

It was a time when your mind was your own, no distractions, no interference, and no delays.  100% fully in the moment.

Photo by Jonathan Andrew from Pexels

A Whole New World 2

A whole new world has opened up to you because you chose to be honest with yourself.  Welcome.

Has someone said something to you or called you something that hurt you and pushed you into an argument because it wasn’t true?

You’re a racist.

You hate me.

You don’t care about your country.

“There’s a transition taking place from a material world view to a more spiritual world view, and civility is the first thing that goes out the window.  Those holding on to the old world view begin to cling to their obsessions with ever greater ferocity, until their beliefs become an ideology-a system of ideas that are no longer based on truth.  They’re based on the perceived idea that there’s an enemy out there threatening the world, and in such a dire situation, they fell it’s okay to give up on truthful democratic debate and legal procedure.  The political left and right are moving to extremes because each thinks the threat is so great from the other side, that extreme measures need to be taken.  It all self-reinforcing.  When people exaggerate the facts they abandon truth, and then the law of karma kicks in, and each side draws in their opposites, who are lying as well.  They fan each others’s flames.  What’s worse, is that those in the middle, are constantly being accused of being extreme by both sides, so gradually everyone tends to be pushed towards the extreme opposite poles.  The danger lies in this increasing polarization of political thought with more people moving to extremes everyday.  Either side can become violent or despotic.  Those in alignment must find a way to stand up to those in extreme ideologies.”

                                                                                                       –  James Redfield

I’m not asking you to believe this, and you might debate that there’s a transition actually taking place, but ask yourself if this excerpt from James Redfield’s “The Twelfth Insight” resonates true with you.  Some of us are on the other side of this already waiting for you to join.  “Yoohoo, we’re over here!”



“At Will Employment” 4

Job Abandonment does not exist in a state that uses/acknowledges “AT Will Employment” because it works both ways.  Just as an employer can fire you “At Will” for no reason at all, you can also walk out and leave for no reason at all.

They always find ways to put it on the worker don’t they?

We have discovered the loop hole in At Will Employment:

Federal Law States you cannot discriminate in the workplace for any reason based on race, religion, sex, etc., but….

……”At will” employment says you can fire an employee “At Will” for any reason or no reason at all.

Why would you fire someone for no reason?

You wouldn’t.

There is a reason, but every time you get questioned your answer is, “Pennsylvania is an “At Will” state, and I don’t need a reason,” and then of course, the threat, “leave or I will call the police.”

Is that fair?

Doesn’t an employee deserve an explanation after being terminated?

If you live in Pennsylvania and would like to get involved, write in.

Oped Piece Making Good Points

This morning I picked up the Parkland Press and thumbed through it while eating breakfast.

I found this op-ed piece written by April Peterson, and the article was interesting in its entirety, but I found two paragraphs in particular I liked;

oped april peter

The second paragraph in the first column,

“Twenty years ago, the internet was an escape from the real world.  Today, the real world is an escape from the internet.”

The third paragraph in the center column, “I would be remiss…….

Good stuff April!  👍

“At Will Employment” 3-Petition Update

Employment at Will in Pennsylvania: The Basics

Since 1891, Pennsylvania has subscribed to the theory of employment at will. Thus, as the court noted in Stumpp v. Stroudsburg Municipal Authority 540 Pa. 391, 396 (1995), “as a general rule, employees are at-will, absent a contract, and may be terminated at any time, for any reason or for no reason.”

The above article was copied from the site, corporate.findlaw.com


Hello.  I wanted to give everyone a heads up about what has been going on with Table Seven’s attempt to remove the “At Will Clause” regarding employment in the State of Pennsylvania.

Today, I started the petition, and I would like to thank everyone who signed it.  Some people had no idea what it even was, and that’s okay too.  Some people didn’t want to have anything to do with it (until they’re affected of course).

If you scroll to the bottom of my blog, you’ll see a CATEGORIES search bar.  Open that up and click on “News Now.”  There are two articles I’ve written about “At Will” employment and how I was affected by it.

You can start your research there, and then if you want, go to a real search engine like google or whatever you like using.  I didn’t know what “At Will” employment was either until I was fired or let go from at least two jobs for no reason.  When I asked them to give me a reason, they said they didn’t have to because in the State of Pennsylvania, an employer can fire you for any reason or no reason at all.  That’s “At Will” employment.

Then I realized, if this is true, then an employer can fire you for, being gay, being a female, being black, being a christian, muslim, or any other reason federal laws prohibits because legally, they don’t have to have a reason.

I’m all for states rights, but I realized non-contracted employees are at a serious disadvantage here.  There’s a loophole, and States participating in “At WIll” employment are finding ways around federal laws that prohibit discrimination in the workplace.

We’re going to continue with the Petition, and get as many signatures as we can.  Then we’re going to present our case to whoever we need to.

Be apart of this.  This is our chance to stand up and make a real change.  We can make history here and become a generation that made a difference.

Do your research and educate yourself about “At Will employment in Pennsylvania or any other state that participates in it.