Smollett; Just SMH

F You SEE Kay EYE N G Loser, is the most fitting name for Jussie Smollett-in my opinion anyway. Obviously he was seeking attention, but there has to be something wrong with you to carry out a lie at that level.

If you’re not familiar with the case Smollett lied to the police, telling them he was the target of a racist who also hated gays.

False accusations concerning hate crimes should be taken serious, and Smollett, should undoubtedly face some type of consequences for his actions. And what happened to perjury?

The White House did call him a shame, but what if he actually won this case with his false accusations? Somebody would’ve been in a lot of trouble so it’s only right that he gets in a lot of trouble for lying.

I know, this seem really childish, but so were his actions.