Worth Investigating

The death of Charles Hapgood is worth investigating. I knew nothing about him or his life, but after reading the back cover of Rand Flem-Ath’s book, The Atlantis Blueprint, I said to myself, under these circumstances, it’s strange.

Charles Hapgood was a lot of things, a writer, a researcher, a man dedicated to ancient civilizations, etc. What also made him unique was his relationship with Albert Einstein. In 1982, (Which was also the same year the investigations into M-DNA, revealed that all humans came from one woman approximately 200,000 years ago) Hapgood wrote a letter to Rand Flem-Ath to tell him he had evidence that the last displacement of the crust shifted both American continents 30 degrees. Civilzation and life on both continents were completely devastated.

Flem-Ath replied immediately, but for weeks, nothing came in return. Finally, his letter was retuned and stamped “deceased.”

When I “googled” Charles Hapgood, it said he was struck by car and died.

How convenient.

What do you think?