Smorgasbord 3 Prophecy and Poverty

In the last section of my third book, Smorgasbord 3 Prophecy and Poverty, I dedicated a chapter to the JFK assassination, and you guys are going to be shocked at my analysis. I don’t want to give too much away, but I saw 5 layers of coverup, the involvement of secret societies, and more than one shooter.

I will share with you why Lee Harvey Oswald couldn’t have done it, and how Jackie Kennedy’s family roots to French Royalty and her marriage to JFK put her right in the middle of one of the biggest coverups in American history. It was like JFK was reaching up through the dirt covering his grave.

All this and much much more soon to come, but if you haven’t picked up Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish, please do so. You can purchase Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish in paperback and e-book on Amazon, Branes and Noble, Target, Walmart, etc.

Thank you, and have a wonderful weekend.

Smorgasbord 3 Prophecy & Poverty

You know, it’s funny. When I started writing the first Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories, I wasn’t sure what it would lead to or where it would take me. The interesting thing is that I never stopped writing.

Even with a full time job and keeping up with this blog, I still found time to write. As soon as my first manuscript was accepted into publication, I began working on the second. Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up & Relish was released almost one week ago, and I’m about half way done with the 3rd book.

This has been quite a journey that honestly, I wanted to share with my readers. There’s a natural progression in this series of books, and I don’t know if Smorgasbord 3 is going to be the last, but wherever we do end up, I’m sure it will be special.