The definition right from Wikipedia:


create and maintain a state of extreme fear and distress in (someone); fill with terror.

“he used his private army to terrorize the population”


Terrorism is the act of terrorizing someone.

-People who jump on stage during performances are terrorists.

-People who troll your comments on public message boards and verbally attack you are terrorists.

-The JFK assassination was an act of terrorism.

-The MLK assassination was an act of terrorism.

If you are living in fear you are being terrorized.

Terrorists aim to destroy the love, joy, and fun you have in something. They want you abandon what you enjoy and and what you love. In a sense, it’s bullying you out of what you’re interested in.

Anytime someone interjects themselves into your life in some way and leaves you mentally distressed or in fear they’re terrorizing you.

Terrorism produces terrorists that terrorize you.