Important Highlights From “Alistair Cooke’s America”

Pgs. 1-140

Good afternoon everyone.  😃

I just started reading a new book, and it’s a massive hardcover with about 400 pages and some amazing pictures.  The title is “America,” and it was written by Alistair Cooke.  The author was a child during World War I, which gives us an idea of how old he is or would be today, and he was from Blackpool England.

I love the internet and researching information on the internet, but nothing can take the place of books.  For one, we know Alistair Cooke wrote this book, and he gives us a little background of who he is and where he’s from.

There’s a lot of plagiarism on the internet, and information changes fast.

I’m about a third of the way through this book, and it covers roughly the time between the Columbus Voyage in 1492 to the seventies.  That’s a lot of information.  A lot.  Obviously, there’s a lot of information shaved out as well, so this book in my opinion, is an excellent source of the most important information regarding our side of the globe, written by someone from the other side.

As I’ve read, I also highlighted.  So, I’m going to take out of it what’s most important to me, and share it with all of you.

  • “San Francisco was exclusively founded by Australian convicts.”
  • “The determined adventurer has to make a special effort, if he wishes to imitate the pioneer, and penetrate the Great Basin in Nevada or the vastness of the Bitterroot Mountains or the High Sierras.”- In this quote, the author is giving his opinion about a person today making his or her way across the country from New York to California, because as he says, all of it may be driven across comfortably on cement highways.  The ability to drive and fly has pretty much taken from the spirit of the pioneer.
  • The second region embraces what is now the United States.  It is Tocqueville succinctly observes, “more varied on its surface and better suited for the habitation of man.”  So, indeed it is.  Which is why the almost four million square miles of Canada house only twenty-one million people, and the three million square miles of the continuous land area of the United States (excluding the outposts of Alaska and Hawaii) support a population of over two hundred million.  At one time, the land masses were split into regions.  Canada was the first, North America was the second, and South America, I guess, was the third.  Interesting indeed.  The author’s also talking about habitable land here, and it’s amazing.  Twenty-one million people live in Canada on four million square miles, while in the United States, two hundred million people live on three million square miles.  WOW.  
  • “Father of Waters”-also known as the Mississippi River.
  • “Who was the first white man to discover America?  We do not know.  It was named after Amerigo Vespucci, a Florentine business man.”- Well, there it is.  There were tribes of people already here in North America we’ve always called Indians, or Native Americans.  Where did they come from?  That’s an interesting question. 
  • “Geographers and Mathematicians were beginning to agree that the earth was round, but there were not too many sailors who cared to believe it.  There was however, a superb one, who had spent so much of his time with astronomers and mathematicians and had been a master mariner with the Portuguese.  Christopher Columbus.”- In terms of discovering America, we know it wasn’t Christopher Columbus, but there records concerning the Spanish’s rampage through Central America and Mexico.  
  • “To the Portuguese goes the melancholy privilege of having started the European enslavement of African Negros, in 1444, fifty years before Columbus.”
  • “They would build a New England, and a better one.”- LOL, Yes, it was literally supposed to be a better newer England.
  • Virgina…There developed inevitably a recognizable class system: at the top a small and hard-working class of landowners; a main body of yeomen who, once black slavery relieved them of hard labor, became a middle class; and at the bottom the indentured servants. – An indentured servant is an employee working within a system of unfree labor who is bound by a signed or forced contract.  The employee or servant must work for a particular employer for a fixed time.  I read somewhere once, whenever there’s a class system in place there’s also slavery.
  • John Winthrop believed that hunting with a gun was wrong only if you couldn’t make a profit from the kill.  He thought it would be wrong to move to New England unless the colony could guarantee a financial success.  It was a man’s duty to GOD to use his talents to the full.  His material success would be the visible sign of God’s blessings.- For anyone who thinks God doesn’t want you to work, or money is evil, it’s not true, according to God of course.  In fact God’s does want you to work.  
  • “He advised all young sons to take old women for mistresses because they’re more discreet, and so thankful.  – Benjamin Franklin
  • “He did not like to be touched,and when he became the first President he laid down a rule that all people coming to see him should remain standing in his presence.”  “Yet there are several things about him that made him an unquestionable leader of the new nation.  A pervasive sense of responsibility, an unflagging impression of shrewd judgement, and total integrity.”-George Washington
  • “One thing must be clear by now: a revolutionary chain does not forge itself.  It has to be secured by conspiracy.”  
  • “So there came into being a string of Middle Colonies-New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware-whose only original links were the English language, the English common law, and an itch to start afresh, for various reasons, in the New World.
  • Pennsylvania was founded because Charles II owed £16,000 to a dead admiral who, alive, had been grieved by his son’s embrace of the Quakers and by his frequent wrangles with the Establishment.  The King was happy to get rid of his son, William Penn, by settling the debt with a grant of land in America, very fertile bursting with minerals, no less than three hundred miles long and one hundred and sixty miles wide!”
  • “By 1733 there were thirteen Colonies settled along the Atlantic seaboard-in order of founding Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Georgia.  Each had its own currency, its own government, its own trade laws and religious ways.”I put this quote in bold because it really is amazing when you look at where we started, or how we started as a Nation.  There’s a reason why it was like this.  When you consolidate, or unite the States to make a country, you lose or sacrifice the closeness between the people and government.  When every state had its own government, laws etc. there was a more personable relationship, therefore, the people were always heard.  There input was always taken into consideration.  There was no hierarchy or chain to go through if you were having issues with something.  We had it right.
  • “But the colonies had been on a very loose rein to the old country and took something for granted that London had long overlooked: the rising power and effectiveness of the separate colonial governments.”
  • So it proclaimed that everything beyond the crest of the Appalachians was untouchable Crown property, strictly off limits.  The young colonist had seen a paradise through a door they had prised open and it was slammed in their faces.  They felt cheated of their wartime inheritance.” 
  • The British then reminded them that, inheritance or not, it was a new frontier that would have to be defended.  London gave the colonist a year to suggest ways in which this might be done.  At the end of that time, London offered them a choice: either to raise their own patrol or to pay through taxation for the maintenance of ten thousand British soldiers.  The colonist didn’t want to do either, so Parliament, in 1765, ina routine session with little debate or indignation, passed a tax bill, the Stamp Act.”- LOL, oh boy.  This did not go over well with the colonist.
  • “It was the first internal tax that Britain had ever imposed, and its effect was to unite the colonist in a fury.  The revenue agents appointed to sell the stamps were about as popular as lepers.  If they had any sense they quit their jobs or were soon persuaded to do so by mobs that tarred and feathered them, sacked their homes, and rioted-in Massachusetts, Virginia, New York, and North Carolina-outside the houses of the Royal Governors.  Within the year, a Parliament dazed by the viciousness of this response listened to an eloquent appeal by William Pitt the elder and repealed the Stamp Act.  The rejoicing in America was evidently as widespread as the original defiance.  Toasting the Royal Family was again a safe thing to do at public dinners.”-You see that defiance and rebellion enabled the Americans to live on happy, loose, and talking shit over dinner.  Moral was up.  


Okay, this concludes my selection of important highlights from the book,  ” Alistair Cooke’s America.”  I selected the text that was important or stood out to me from the first 140 pages.  When I finish reading I’ll post highlights from the last 260 pages.  Thanks for reading.




Antarctica And The Ozone

I wasn’t going to write about this, but shit man, I’m excited.  I watched a documentary about Antarctica.  It was very long, and there was a lot of information covered.  Of course, those brave people who attempted to reach the plateau from the ice shelf (coastline) were recognized as well as those actually ended up making it all the way to the South Pole at 90 degrees.

Here’s the part that got my mind racing.  There were people down there, scientist I’m sure, and they were conducting experiments.  Accidentally, someone opened a hole in the ozone layer directly over the Pole, which is pretty much the center of the icy continent.

Normally, the South Pole is -100 degrees, and it doesn’t receive strong sunlight because of it’s location.  Antarctica is completely covered with ice and snow, and the waters around the continent are 2 miles of frozen depth.  I don’t think the hole that was opened was that a big, obviously,  but if it had been, we could’ve been in serious trouble.

This got me thinking about Noah and the flood.  What if, that’s what happened in biblical times.  It’s not far fetched.  The documentary said 70% of our planet’s fresh water is the frozen ice on and around Antarctica, and if it had melted, sea levels would rise 300 feet.

Now, if that were the case, Antarctica which is one of the only places on the globe we can’t really occupy and maintain a “normal” way of living because of the weather extremes, but would probably become the safe place to go.  Antarctica and some really high mountain tops.

What if in our attempt to explore space, and our never ending desire to know our place in this world, was almost our own demise?  What if we knew what were doing, and we knew what the outcome would be, but someone in biblical times went ahead and made that hole anyway, and melted the ice on and around Antarctica.  Maybe Noah built his Ark and sailed to Antarctica, and now it’s buried under the frozen ice.

What is really on that continent?

If you take Noah’s Arc out of Antarctica, you’re left with Attica!

Nooz Now


Sometimes I wonder, and I’m just speaking in general here for a moment, but I’m wondering how long it really takes for a person to get over someone they had a relationship with and who they really truly loved.  Is it possible for two people to have a relationship filled with so much love, it plants the seeds for that same love to blossom years and years after the breakup?  There has to be a way to find new love, and make new memories, even when all the signs point to the past.  Maybe that’s just it.  Maybe real love replaces real love, and all signs will point to the past until you’ve found a new love that conquers all.

I don’t know, if we were talking I’d say I’m just thinking out loud, which means I’m probably not making much sense.


The 4th of July came and went.  Shit, it went so fast I didn’t even see the fireworks.  That’s how this whole year is going.  You blink, and it’s gone.  There’s like a little more than a week left in this month.   August is fast approaching.  The dog 🐶 days of summer as they call it.  August always reminds me of football season.  High school and college.  That’s when double sessions started.  I laugh when people complain about the heat during the summer.  Try putting on all that football equipment, and practicing twice a day in the depths of August.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but I played four years of football at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey.  Much love to WIlly P.  I had some great times there.  I really hope the team has a better season this year.  I was just on the WIlliam Paterson Website a few days ago, and I saw they were winless in 2018?  We must change that this year.  Good luck Pioneers.


Right now the Phillies are 52-48.  They’re in second place, 6.5 games behind Washington in the National League East.  The Pirates are 46-53.  Currently, they’re in fourth place, 7.5 games behind the Cubs in the National League Central.  There’s just about 62 games left in the MLB regular season.

In much more local baseball news, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs minor league baseball team is 47-52.  They play their home games right here in Allentown, Pennsylvania at Coca Cola Park.  They’re about to beat Toledo’s ass tonight, the game is in the 9th.  The IronPigs are in fifth place in the International League North, and 9 games out of first.  The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders are in first place.

All right everyone.  Have a good night, and a wonderful day tomorrow.  Make everyday count, and be the best person you can possibly be.



Is anyone a fan of Rick and Morty?  I was hooked from the first episode I watched, and I ended up buying all the episodes on google play, however, I have moved on.

Now, I’ll always love the show, and I do still watch reruns every now again, but I think people are delusional about a season four coming out.  It’s wishful thinking at this point people, and I say that with compassion because I would really like to see a season four also.  I’m just tired of getting my hopes up for it.

Above in the title section, you’ll notice a link to an article written on  I read this article while I was eating lunch this afternoon, and it was really good by-the-way.  Ben Sherlock wrote it.  Good Job Ben!

It listed the top ten characters people would like to see make a return at some point during season four, (if it ever happens) and I wanted to share my thoughts and comments as well.

I’m going to use Ben’s list in the order he wrote it, but just add my two scents of course.  Here we go…

10. Morty Jr. – I think that would be hilarious.

9. Snowball – Yes, you have to bring the family dog back.  Maybe he dies though, and they buy another one?

8. Mr. PoopyButtHole – At one point I would’ve, but not now.  As a matter of fact, I’ve grown to really dislike him over this past year.  Like I cheer during that episode when he reaches for the Butler’s tray and gets smacked. Stupid Shithole!

7. Abradolf Lincler – I thought he died!?

6. Jaguar – Definitely.

5. Evil Morty – Absolutely.

4. Squanchy – Originally, I would’ve said no, but after he turned into that battlecat and protected Morty’s Family during Birdman’s wedding, it’s a yes.

3. Unity – Yes.  Unity was one of my favorites.  As a collective of course…

2. Supernova – Whatever right?  What about Noop Noop?

1.PhoenixPerson – I thought he was Birdman.

Alright, this was fun.  Ben Sherlock, cool article man.  I hope you enjoy my opinions.  I’m looking forward to reading more of your material.


Have A Wonderful Evening



Training; Appearance and Decisions

How’s everyone doing with their weight training routines?  Today is the first day of July, can you believe it?  2019 is just about half way gone, and as I promised in January, we’d be taking this journey together.

So here we are.  Are you dropping those pounds?  I know I wanted a tighter – harder body, and I’m not even close to what I envisioned for myself at this point, but I am still going to the gym.  I’m not in beast mode, but I have been consistent.  I just completed my second consecutive week of three training days, and boy, am I sore as shit.

My workout has changed a lot so let me update you.  Right now, and for the remainder of the summer I’m going to continue with three days per week of weight training.  The days vary, but the routine is as follows:

Day 1 – Chest, Tri’s

Day 2 – Shoulders, Bi’s

Day 3 – Legs, Back, Abs

I discovered something about myself that I wanted to share, and I know everyone’s body is different, but just in case you’re in my boat, this will be helpful.  Do not get discouraged! 

It has been 14 or 15 years since I trained with weights, and if you’ve been out of the game for a while then you know part of your motivation to train again was that initial observation of your body.  It’s the one when you’re like, “Man, I’m out of shape.  I need to join the gym again.  I look like shit.  I feel like shit.”

There is however, another observation that’s more of a revelation, and this is why I’m asking you not to be discouraged.  I think I joined the Gym in October last year, but the other day I looked at myself again.  The opinion of myself was definitely a little more serious this time around.

I’m really out of shape I said to myself.  I’ve been training since October, and I know I was only training one or two days during the week up until two weeks ago, so I’m not putting unfair pressure on myself.  I’m just being honest.  My body, over the years, has become a blob mass.  It’s kind of funny, but true when I compare myself to a 230 pound lump of clay.  There’s no definition, and no shape.  Needless to say, I have work to do.

At this point, it easy for us to quit.  It’s easy to convince ourselves at this point that weight training isn’t doing anything for us because after-all, we’ve been lifting since October.  Do not get discouraged, and don’t quit.  Let this new, more serious realization of your appearance be the motivation that propels you into 2020.


Life is filled with decisions.  Everyday whether we realize it or not, we make choices.  Sometimes we make choices without thinking, which is why we don’t realize this in the first place, but let me remind you that you’re at a crossroad here.  Which direction will you move forward in?

Route 20    Route 18


If you chose Route 20, you’ve decided to continue with your current training routine.  You were honest with yourself, and you didn’t like what you saw, but you’re deciding to do something about it.  Within the near future you’re going to adjust your weight training routine by adding another day and turning up the intensity.  In six months you will go in front of the Judge (you) for another observation/revelation.  You will continue doing this until you’re satisfied with what you see, and then you will maintain.  Welcome to the future!

If you chose to vere right onto Route 18, turn off at the next exit.  Make a left, drive over the bridge and merge back onto the road you were just traveling on.  One minute up the road on the right is the Route 20 exit.  Go that way.

Have a Wonderful Day!


Forever Mine

Forever Mine was a movie that came out in 1999.  It was a crime/romance/drama starring Ray Liotta, Joseph Fiennes, and Gretchen Mol.  Ray Liotta just married a beautiful younger woman, and when he took her on vacation, she fell in love with the cabana boy working at the resort.

Liotta tried to stop the cabana boy’s hot pursuit of his wife by having a cop plant drugs on him and arrest him.  While in jail, the cabana boy wrote letter after letter to Liotta’s wife, which really angered Ray.

In response, Ray staged a prison escape from a prison paddy wagon while his wife’s lover was being transported, but this was only to get her lover out in the woods so Liotta’s goons could kill him.

They tried.  They shot him in the face with a shotgun and left him for dead, but he didn’t die.  Fifteen years later, Liotta got himself into legal trouble that would’ve cost him  a shitload of money and ultimately, his freedom.  When Ray seeks council to help him get out of this jam, he ends up hiring….YES…his wife’s lover.

They don’t recognize him though….

I’ll leave it there.  It was really really good.

Checking In – Catching You Up..


What’s up everyone how are you?  I hope you are all doing well, getting out there and living your lives, and trying to be the best person you can be.  For real.

I was just watching a preview of the movie, Noah.  It was the one that came out in 2014 with Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly.  The part of the movie being shown was Russell Crowe’s narration of the creation of Earth as written in Genesis, and it was really really interesting.

In my mind I was just imagining God as this non-physical entity, flying through space looking for a home, at the same time Earth was forming.  At the end of the 7-day creation period, everything was good, and in perfect harmony.  It showed Adam and Eve as light bodies or light beings, pure, and innocent.  Of course the snake comes along, Adam eats the apple, sin is committed, and murder ensues, but this whole scenario got me thinking.

In my opinion, and I do say my opinion because people will jump all over me saying this; I think human origin has been, and perhaps, will always be a thorn in the side of humanity.  Where did we come from?

Finding an answer to that question is almost impossible, but after watching that scene in Noah I wondered about the idea of Adam and Eve as light bodies.  What if they were?  What if, today, one man and one woman – soulmates, found each other and connected, and stole the light of the world, but this time, they didn’t sin.  That would take us all the way back to creation, and if they didn’t sin, well, that could be the end of humanity.

It’s something to think about.


What’s everyone doing for Memorial Day?  This year Memorial Day is Monday, May 27th.

For me Memorial Day hasn’t quite been the same since leaving New Jersey.  In New Jersey, Memorial Day is one of those special weekends where everyone who lives in the Northern portion of the state, invades the middle and southern coastal areas for beach access.

It’s really funny now that I’m looking back.  The people who live in these areas year-around really hated us Northerners for over-populating their cities and towns, partying, and creating all types of traffic issues, but hey, their economies thrived because of it.

LOL  😆😛🚗🚐🚲🛴🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗

Personally, I didn’t make any special plans this year.  I’ll be around.  Hopefully, soon, I can start finding some new Pennsylvania traditions.


B-Ball 🏀🏀👍

It has been a while since we discussed basketball, and that’s probably because the 76ers were eliminated from the championship race.  There is a game tonight though.  Tonight at 8:30 is game 6 for the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors.  The Raptor lead the series 3-2.  The winner of the series will play the Golden State Warriors for the NBA Championship.

Dating Sites?  💑

There are so so many dating sites on the internet, and I swore that I would never use an internet dating site to meet someone, but that was when I was twenty,  Now, in my thirties, my opinion towards dating sites has changed, and I did join one, but I still haven’t met anyone.

Has anyone had any luck?  I’m starting to wonder if these sites are even real.  Are the people on them real? Are the profiles real?  If you joined a dating site and met someone, please write in and let me know what site you’re using, and how much if anything did you pay to become a member.  I’m definitely interested.


Alright everyone.  I always appreciate the time I get to write freely and speak on a personal level with all of you, my audience.  If you’re visiting Nooz Buffet for the first time, don’t forget to like us and click the follow button.

Were up to 30,000 words, and our archives are filling up fast.  Check out some of the past articles, I’m sure you’ll find something that interests you.

Write in, say what’s up, share your feelings…whatever.

Have A Wonderful Weekend!

We Need It


     Love is important.  It’s important in many ways.  I was watching a television show called “Blood Drive,” it was about the state of the world and what was happening in the future, which took place in 1999.

     A large corporation pretty much took control, and they were able to clone and robotize human beings.  This was just one small portion of the show, but there was a scene when a woman was very robot like and technical, and it was love, and love making that brought her back to her human form…for the most part.

     It’s important to feel love, to know love, and to share love, and touch is a basic human need.  Touch is a sense.  We can show love and share love love in many ways.  I can give you a heart, a card, maybe write some type of love-themed poetry to you.  I can tell you I love you.

     All of that is good, necessary, and perhaps, expected, but nothing can take the place of touch.  At some point, all humans will need hugs and kissing.  We all need romance and love making.

     How are your surroundings?  What are the people like around you?  Are they serious?  Is everyone really tight, and technically speaking?  There’s obviously a connection between all of those symptoms, and the depiction of the robotized human, especially technically speaking, technology, and robots.  It amounts to serious and stiffness.

     Show love.  Feel love.  Touch.  Romance.  It’s what makes us caring compassionate humans.

Battle of the Books – Follow Up

     I’ll admit, I was really nervous, but the night was fantastic.  I just recently became a member of GLVWG, Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group towards the end of last year.  They’ve had so many events and gatherings since, but they always seemed to be scheduled when I had work.  So tonight was the first chance I had to show up and participate.

     I was one of two timekeepers, and my responsibility was to…. keep track of a time.  Each author had a series of categories that I guess you could say were parts or elements of a story.  Their stories.  They had three minutes to read from their books showing how they incorporated these elements in to their stories, and the audience voted.

     It was fun.  I’m glad I went.


I Don’t Usually……


20190405_114119I’m not really a person that keeps up with fashion trends or styles, and I don’t usually notice what’s “IN” until it affects me in some way or I need something…

but listen to me.  LOL  Personalized coffee mugs are in right now.  That’s right.  You heard it here first.  LOL  Personalized coffee mugs.