2,400 English Cents

With the current trend of ripping down and destroying statues representing the history of the United States, I’m finding it more important than ever to talk about our history. In the 1600’s, when the colonies were forming, the North American Continent was occupied by Native American Indians.

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A man named Peter Minuit was chosen by the early Dutch settlers as the leader of New Amsterdam, which today, we know as Manhattan. As the story goes, Minuit met with the local Indian chiefs and a deal was reached.

For two boxes of trade goods and 2,400 English cents, the Dutch purchased Manhattan. 2,400 English cents is equivalent to $24. With all the money made in Manhattan today, and the outrageous cost of acreage, the $24 sale will forever go down in history as one of the best deals ever.

Despite the sale, New Amsterdam remained New Amsterdam. It did not become Manhattan until the English showed up and stole it from the Dutch. The Dutch had a lot to offer. Among their many contributions, it was the Dutch, in defense against local Indians, who built the wall in lower Manhattan-the same wall that’s credited for the name Wall Street, but their ownership of the land was short lived.

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Not Your Typical First Day of Work

Today I was watching President Trump speak, and my mind started to wonder. I began to think about the condition of this country when he took office, and then I started thinking about other messes that American Presidents have inherited over the years.

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I’m telling you, when you think about some of the stuff that has gone on over the course of our country’s history, you have to laugh-it’s the humor we find in things when they’re so bad, you laugh to keep from loosing your mind.

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With that, let’s go back to the presidency of Ronald Reagan and Vice President, George Bush Sr. Before Reagan was in office, America was in the post-Vietnam and post-Watergate phase. The confidence and mood of the country was teetering on the brink of disaster. While in office, Reagan and Bush dealt with sky-rocketing budget deficits, and the Wall Street scandal involving the manipulation of junk bonds.

Inheriting a mess, and dealing with one? You bet. It gets worse though. There was a banking crises going on in the eighties that was costing tax payers billions of dollars, crack-cocaine became an epidemic, and urban crime was reaching an all-time high! (No pun intended)

Let’s not forget about AIDS.

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During the first two years as president, Bush Sr. saw Communism unravel in Europe, Mikhail Gorbachev’s attempt to restructure the Soviet’s economy, and the collapse or destruction of the Berlin Wall.

In 1990, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, and Bush ordered Operation Desert Shield to protect the Saudi Arabian oil fields (and freedom and liberty) but probably the oil fields more. 😂🗽

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I didn’t know Saddam Hussein’s role model was Joseph Stalin!? Anyway, at 3 A.M. on January 17th, 1991, Operation Desert Storm commenced and the air-strikes began! With the United Nations approval, the Untied States led the way, and we were backed by 39 other nations.

History is amazing, and it does repeat itself. I think Reagan and Bush did a pretty darn good job restoring American confidence and fixing the economy, but I was just a baby then.

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