November Fourth

Howya doing?

Today is November 4th, and the end of Daylight Savings.  Did you remember to turn your clock back one hour?

October is finally over, but I think finally is the wrong word to use because it did go fast.  Kind of.  September, October, and November are three beautiful months that I love.

If you’re a person who acknowledges holidays and calendar events like Veterans Day coming up on the 11th and Thanksgiving on the 22nd, then this time of year carries extra meaning for you.

If you’re in a shitty relationship then this is definitely a good time to consider meeting someone new.  I’m not an expert on relationships, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are two holidays that will have you reconsidering that special person at your side.  Imagine having to sit and eat with your boyfriend and his family on Thanksgiving if you’re just not feeling it, and buying Christmas gifts for your girlfriend can be a big waste of money if you’re going to break up with her after the New Year.  Break up now.  Do everyone a favor.

If you’re in love and with someone special, November is a good Month for visiting small cottages, wine tasting, and weekend getaways at a romantic bed and breakfast.  Soak in the traditional lore, mythology, and ancient practices, or simply enjoy a good football game.

I don’t know where I’m going with this but hey, it’s November.




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