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March 9, 2023

Hello, and welcome to this latest edition of Nooz Now! Today’s date is Thursday, March 9, 2023, and I’m your host, Francis Joseph LaManna.

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A lot of people are unaware of this, but Thursday is a day that carries a certain significance. That’s right, according to Green traditions, Thursday is the day of our Lord, and it’s associated with pine and oak trees. And what about our Lady, some of you might be wondering? Her day is Friday. Friday is dedicated to the Goddess or Lady, and it’s associated with apple and birch trees. Did you know that Donna means Lady, and Don means Lord? Yup. And, Ma Donna means, My Lady.

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For the Pennsylvanians who don’t live on the eastern side of the state, and for those who are out of state or just not familiar with what the Lehigh Valley and Allentown has to offer, I’m going to share. The Civic Theatre, located at 527 North 19th Street in Allentown, PA, has three shows on the card; three more days of Sister Act, Trouble in Mind will be on stage from March 17th to the 26th, and A Little Night of Music is scheduled to begin May 5th.

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Currently, in the Lehigh Valley, it’s 47 degrees and sunny, but we’re supposed to get a wintry mix of snow and rain Friday into Saturday. Speaking of weather, the weather in southern California has been crazy. Two weeks ago half of the southern portion saw 6 inches of rain, while the other half got 6 feet of snow. A recent report from online source, KTLA 5, just posted an update concerning the bodies of 12 people discovered in the mountain communities of San Bernardino county. The deaths were caused by snow fall and community members are now questioning the communication efforts on the part of local leaders and news outlets. Crazy..

🎙Most of us heard something about Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, signing a deal with Fox, but what was that about? In totality, I have no idea, but supposedly, part of the deal has something to do with Jackson and G-Unit’s production of a scripted live-action and animated series. My guess is that he’s writing or producing a show that’s going to air on Fox. This is interesting because initially, I thought he was being hired as a Fox news anchor. LMAO, can you imagine 50 Cent giving us the nightly news!

🐍Ozzie “Glenn” Lawrence is no snake charmer, but he’s a brave man. According to Newsweek, after spending the entire day out, a family in Australia returned home to see a venomous snake chillin’ on their couch. After being shocked by the family, the snake slithered underneath the couch, but was later captured by Ozzie Lawrence. Three cheers for Ozzie! Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie!

🚗How lucky are they? A 43-second clip posted by USA Today online showed two teenagers from Minneapolis, Minnesota trying to escape police. The police were in pursuit of the teens who were allegedly driving a stolen Kia until the car drove off an overpass. Both suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

🛸I feel like we’re getting ever-so close to full disclosure concerning life out in the universe. It just seems like everyday, news is getting published that confirms my suspicions. The latest comes from online publication, Military Times. According to the head of the Pentagon’s unidentified aerial phenomena research office, there’s a strong possibility that extraterrestrial motherships and smaller probes may be visiting planets in our solar system.

Personally, I feel like this is going to be a delicate subject because I think our government has known the answer for a really long time, which means they’ve been telling us lies for a really long time. Now that we’re starting to reach this point where direct contact is occurring frequently, it’s getting hard for the powers that be to hide the truth. How do you release information that’s old to you, but super new to your audience? Carefully is the answer. However this story develops over the next five or ten years is going to be interesting.

🔺According to CNN dot com, a group of scientists just discovered a secret tunnel in the Great Pyramid of Giza. A Geophysicist and Professor at Munich Technical University, Christian Grosse, spearheaded the team.

In Closing: Astrologically, our sun is on the 18th degree of Pisces ♓, and our waning moon tonight is in the astrological sign, Libra ♎. 🌑 A new moon phase will begin on March 21st. The first day of spring is less than two weeks away, March 20th! The latest concerning the Tate brothers, Andrew and Tristian, is that they’ll remain in detention in Romania until the end of March. There are rumors that a Google Earth search reveals a crashed airplane sitting at the bottom of the water in the Bahamas that was owned by Pablo Escobar. I didn’t look yet, but I think I’m going to today!

Alright my friends, have a great evening!

Baby Make Your Move

I feel like God was taunting me this morning when that old club song started playing on my YouTube mix; Baby Make Your Move, Step Across the Line!

This is about the Virgo/Pisces polarity, which is also the 6th and 12th House, and I’m finally becoming aware of this polarity.

The 12th House is ruled by Pisces, and Pisces by Neptune. The polar opposite of Pisces (water) is Virgo (earth). The 6th House is ruled by Virgo, and Virgo by Mercury.

Virgo is home in the 6th House, and the 6th House is the house of health and service. Like we discussed earlier, it’s the house of personal health and service to others. Pisces is home in the 12th House, and amongst other things, the 12th House is the house of Karma. It’s in the 12th House that we’re either rewarded or punished for our deeds, and we can see how this directly relates to the 6th House-how we treat ourselves and the people around us.

Where is my Mercury? 0° Pisces in between Aquarius and Pisces and the 7th and 8th Houses.

Where is my Neptune? 22° Sagittarius, 5th House.

In my chart, this polarity between Virgo and Pisces is: Virgo houses 2 and 3, and Pisces houses 8 and 9.

What does this mean?

In accordance with Matthew chapter 19 and the work of Barbara Hand Clow’s book, Chiron:

The polarity between Virgo (6th) and Pisces (12th) is the polarity of entering the kingdom of heaven through the eye of the needle. Naturally, this involves the 6th and 12th houses, but because everyone is different and we have different charts, this polarity is learned in different areas of life.

For me, it involves houses 2 and 3 for Virgo, and houses 8 and 9 for Pisces.

Now, I was shown the eye of the needle, and I shared that photo with you. That means, according to my personal interpretation, the kingdom of heaven is open to me if I can get through the eye of the needle.

As I’m sitting here, thinking about that photo of the eye I took in my bedroom, which is in my parent’s house, and thinking about the petty arguing, and my concern about my financial situation (2nd house) and if I’ll ever have enough money to leave home (3rd and 9th houses), I see (3rd house communication) Matthew Chapter 19 verse 23-24;

And Jesus said to his desciples, “Truly, I say to you, it will be hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again, I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

And now my situation and all this astrology and biblical work starts to make sense, and the biblical verse of Matthew at the end of chapter 19 becomes clear because it’s spelled out in my chart and it coincides with what I just heard on Coast to Coast AM.

The Bible says to leave your mother, father, brother, and sister in the name of Jesus.

Now, when I look at my chart, I see. Virgo occupies houses 2 and 3, that’s possessions and money falling under the 2nd, and communication, the neighborhood, and short traveling falling under the 3rd.

Pisces occupies the 8th and 9th houses, that’s death and rebirth in the 8th, and long distance travel and higher mind falling under the 9th.

Mercury is on the 0° degree of Pisces in the 8th, Venus is on the 27° of Pisces in the 9th, and Neptune is on the 22° of Sagittarius in the 5th, and of course, Sagittarius rules the 9th. Neptune is higher frequency, and that’s the reward for letting go. That’s Christ Consciousness!

“And everyone who has left houses, or brothers, or sisters, fathers, or mothers, or lands, or children, for my namesake, will receive a hundred fold, and inherit eternal life.”

Matthew Chapter 19 verse 29.

Stay and fight, and worry, or leave it all in the name of Jesus?

Baby make your move, step across the line, is the song, but Nibiru is the crossing.

Moon Scope; Full Illumination

March 7, 2023 Edition

Hello, and welcome to the March 7, 2023 Edition of Moon Scope. Tonight’s Moon will be full in the astrological sign, Virgo. Since this moon phase began on February 20th with the new moon in Aquarius, tonight’s moon is culminating, and it will be illuminated 100%. Full visibility is on the menu, so think back to what you had going on in February on the 20th.

Before I move into the rest of our Moon Scope analysis, I wanted to share something that came to me this morning. This picture you see on the left is from a book titled, The Mayan Code, Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind, and it was written by Barbara Hand Clow. It shows the hominid lineage from millions of years ago, up to the present time which was around the publication date of the book, and into the future.

What it’s showing us is pretty clear. Now, we don’t have to do anything. God gave us all free will, but this lineage is showing us the peaceful and spiritual human is what will survive on. Violence and war can continue, and the powers that be can continue to wage it, but that type of human, his/her mindset, and the DNA or genetic makeup of that individual has run its course, it ended in 2012. It’s NOW a thing of the past, and has been for 11 years.

A while ago on here, I was explaining what life in a community was like many years ago before the power of reading, understanding, and sharing our destinies with one another was taken. A citizen experiencing synchronicity would go see an astrologer and manifest for them. In turn, the astrologer would heal and purify the individual’s body and mind from past life traumas and bring them up to date, and then prep their bodies for handling higher frequencies before telling them what their destinies were. The individual would then set out on his journey.

I’ve been listening to Coast to Coast AM for a long time, and lately I caught a good episode. A recent guest was discussing his findings; What we are starting to find out is that it’s our job to heal and purify our bodies because the goal here is to become one with the universe. Yes, the goal of life is to interact with the universe and join the life that thrives beyond our existence.

How is that done?

The answer ties into and goes back to what I was saying about the old communities. It’s involves awakening, healing and purifying the body, and then raising the kundalini energy to blow out and clear the chakra energy centers; that preps the body and prepares it to take on higher frequencies that are beyond the frequencies of earth. They discovered this was common knowledge at one time, and the act of walking in and out of star doorways and portals is called star walking. It was traced back to Osiris.

It might appear that we live in an evil world that’s full of deceit, and as true as that may be, you should know the goodness of old is coming back, and there’s no way to stop it. Eventually, we’ll all become aware of what’s really going on. At this point, from the picture I showed you, there’s only one way to survive on, and you’d be silly to blow this off as hippie talk or call it tree hugger shit like I hear from time to time. This is real, it just hasn’t become your reality yet.

This puzzle is starting to come together, it’s just taking time because not one person has all the answers. Each of us knows a little bit, or holds a piece. Once we come together, we can put the bigger picture together.

Let’s get back into this current Moon Scope, shall we? Because tonight’s moon is in Virgo, I’m going to share another bit of information about Virgo, that’s relevant to the information above.

“Christ said we would need to enter the Kingdom of Heaven through the eye of a needle. This is the perfect metaphor for the polarity of mastering the 6th house, or eye of the needle to enter the Kingdom or cosmic attunement, the 12th House. Enter totally into your body/mind balance, in your personal life, and God is waiting on the other side.”

That quote also comes to us from Clow, and her book, Chiron Rainbow Bridge Between Inner and Outer Planets.

Virgo is the 6th House sign, and Pisces is the 12th. That the polarity in focus here, and now I’m starting to realize that maybe the eye of the needle is exactly what God was trying to show me in that picture I shared a while ago.

See that little green dot? Watch what it becomes when I zoom in.

It’s and eye. Eye of the needle? Maybe. I’m sitting here almost in tears about my current financial situation and being broke, and maybe Jesus is trying to teach me a lesson about money. It has to be because Virgo in my second house of possessions, and that’s the money house.

Wow, so we just connected these dots together, and that’s exactly what the power of the full moon can help us do. It’s 100% illumination, and it reveals the fruits of our labor that began with the new moon.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and both Mercury and Virgo are home in the 6th house. Virgo is mutable and feminine, and it’s an earth sign. Earth signs, or the element of earth is about sensuality and the senses. Tasting, touching, hearing, seeing, and smelling are our five senses and they help us navigate and make sense out of our environment and the people in it.

This is all starting to connect with the information above and make sense because the 6th House is the house of health and service. Service to others and personal health, health as in healing and purifying the body so that it can take on higher frequencies to enter the Kingdom of heaven through the eye of the needle.


I’m going to reveal the darker side or the not so good qualities of the moon being in Virgo because that’s the only way can become aware of what we’re doing wrong and correct it. Being more critical, high-strung, standoffish, argumentative, hypochrondriac; so if you’re displaying those behaviors, you need to find your way back to the other side, which is intellectual, industrious, meticulous, steadfast, and responsible.

The most important thing here is being responsible. If you’re not honest with yourself and you refuse to take responsibility for you actions, it’s going to be impossible for you to have the conversations you need with the people who do. Does that make sense?

As the Moon tonight lights up Virgo and the 6th House, we become conscious and concerned with our health, which is really the most integral part of the 6th House that involves service to others. How many times have you heard, “How can you help others if you can’t help yourself?”

We’re at the top of our game when we take care of our bodies by getting the proper amount of rest, eating the right foods, exercising, and reading and watching good material (because what we read and watch on television is food too). When we’re in good health, mind, body and spirit, we can be a huge help to the people around us (service to others).

But remember something, helping people isn’t always about money, and you don’t have to be rich. Sometimes, it could be just sharing or passing along information you’re in possession of.

If you’ve made a commitment to your health for this new year, the full moon tonight is reminding you about that. And don’t forget about those who are close to you. The people close to you, family included, depend on you for support and care. If the 12th House (Pisces) is a karmic house where we see the rewards and punishments for the deeds we’ve done, then we can see the relationship to that here in the 6th House with Virgo. How we treat ourselves and the people around us will reciprocate in some way. It’s the Law of Return.

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky Numbers: 5 and 3

American Cities Under rulership of Virgo: Boston

Countries: Turkey and Greece

Virgo is all about focus and analyzation. So get busy! When tonight’s full moon makes it’s revelations, research and study to find out why. Gather your facts and learn the truth about yourself so that you can be of service to others.

Have a wonderful evening!

Current Studies; the Perfect Imperfection

Hello, and good morning my beloved. 😉 Right now, I’m involved in a deep investigation that centers around Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac. What prompted this you might wonder? Well, I noticed a difference between the Libra we all know and understand from astrology, and the Libra from within the context of astronomy.

I mentioned several times that astrology is part of the reason why the more important information contained in Libra is unknown and hidden, and this may or may not be on purpose. I know it’s fun to jump to the conclusion that a secret group has been hiding all this relevant information from us, and as true as that might be sometimes, I think information, if not properly preserved and passed on, can get buried and forgotten over time.

What I discovered during my studies, is when we look at, contemplate on, and consider Libra in its position on the ecliptic (astronomy), we begin to understand “The Scales” in a completely different way. It’s not only a center point providing balance and harmony, but it’s a transition point and an open door to the past and present moment.

From the numbers alone, something jumps out at us.

If you have 12 of something, in this case we’re talking about zodiac signs, they can be split in half; a perfect split or separation of 6 and 6. So, in astrology Libra is the seventh sign, but it’s the 7th of 12, and it belongs to the second group of six lining up with its polar opposite, Aries.

But if you have 13 of something, in this case, which is astronomy and we’re talking about constellations, we can no longer make a perfect split because we’re dealing with an odd number. When you’re dealing with an odd number, there will always be a standout center. The interesting thing here is that Libra is still the 7th sign, but it’s now the 7th of 13. In this scenario, Libra is the perfect imperfection, and it takes its rightful place in the center to provide balance with six on one side and six on the other.

Once we get to this point, everything begins to unfold because we’ve made the proper alignment. Eventually, we realize all the secrets, all the meaning, and real true purpose of our seventh zodiac sign has been hidden simply by it’s placement as a zodiac sign in astrology. Instead of standing out, it was apart of the group, and over time, our scale got lost in the shuffle.

Getting lost in the shuffle it did, but Libra was always easy to find. After all, Libra was the only object in the zodiac-everything else was either an animal, a human, or a mythological creature.

Truth be told, you’re going to love the information uncovered during this study that leads us all the way back to the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

From Sirius with love

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

Moon Scope; Waxing Gibbous Slides Through Leo

March 3, 2023 Edition

Good evening! We’re three days into the month of March, and tonight’s moon is 11.7 days old and 89% illuminated. The full moon for this current moon cycle, which began on February 20th, will be in four days on Tuesday the 7th.

Tonight’s moon, however, is a waxing gibbous in the astrological sign Leo. Leo is ruled by the sun and both are home in the 5th House.

The fifth house is all about pleasure, and what we do to have fun. The 5th House rules creativity from the heart, sex, children, and short term pleasure. “Short term” is the key here, and because of that, we find the energies of the 5th House manifesting into experimentation and learning. Let’s face it, there are certain things we do when we’re young that are no longer acceptable when we get older, but even more than it being acceptable, we realize if we don’t let certain things go, manifesting our proper future and long term pleasure of the 11th House will be impossible.

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Singing, writing, painting, and all the arts are covered in the 5th, and these are things we don’t have to let go of. In fact, creative passions that we become aware of through experimenting or just having fun can be the key to a future full of happiness, love, and success.

As we find Leo and the moon in the 10th House at this current time, it’s the perfect time to examine those things that feel right to us. Leo is a fixed fire sign, that means we can be stubborn when it comes to things we feel a certain way about.

Remember, fire signs represent our emotions.

The receptive Moon in Leo reminds us to be open to the views and advice of others. Yes, it’s true, those creative passions are personal and they do belong to us, but sometimes being in the right place at the right time, and speaking to the right people can jumpstart your career. Sometimes, the people you least expect might come from out of nowhere and drop a blessing in your lap.

If you let the fixed quality Leo run wild, you might be too close-minded to let what you need in. Having said that, Leo is all about doing it big. It’s hard for these cats to go unnoticed, and you don’t have to suppress that. When the Moon is in Leo in the 10th House, it’s time to take the reigns and be a leader. It’s okay to be emotional and show passion, it’s a sign that you’re alive!

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Just keep this in mind, not everyone is like that. So, it’s important to surround yourself with people who care about you and have your best interests in mind.

Big ideas are probably bubbling beneath the surface, and you could share those grand ideas and the things you love and the things you’re passionate about with the right people, if that’s what you feel like doing.

With the timing of the moon right now though, keeping these thoughts to yourself might be the best thing for you to do. Why? The full moon is revealing, and you don’t want to reveal the hand you’re holding too soon. Grab yourself a small pad, and take notes. Write down how you’re feeling, you’re ideas, and what you’re thinking about doing. Then, let some pass and see how the current situation plays out. When the smoke clears, and the dust settles, you’ll know exactly what to do, and you do it big!

Lucky Numbers: 8 and 9

Luck Colors: Orange and Gold

Other Leo Associations: Felines, Rubies, Sunday

Countries Highlighted Now: France, Italy Romania

The Path of Spirituality

Friends, fans, and followers, good morning!  It’s 12:35 am here, and I’m blogging from my car. 🤣

So, I was just watching a video of an interview on YouTube of a woman who I think highly of and who has been a tremendous source of understanding and love for at least a decade now. She doesn’t know that, though.

I didn’t know the girl conducting the interview, but I had mixed emotions about her.  I could be wrong, I guess, and maybe it’s because I’ve been trying for the last ten years to talk to the woman she was interviewing, but she just 9didn’t seem right.  And, it got me thinking.

There are a lot of people, probably more than you think, who are in this field of meditation, healing, and spirituality, who are forcing it.  That’s putting it nicely, and I think this is important to say because this field is uniquely different in so many ways.  Like other fields, we have real, genuine, and sincere people here, and of course, we have those who are looking to take advantage.

You have to be careful.  There are lots of people who claim to be experts, gurus, and leaders when they’re not. 

You see, this path is open to everyone, and that draws all types people.  We’re all humans with five senses plus a sixth that most aren’t aware of.  Spirit is within all of us, so it’s not that this is some exclusive club, but there’s a difference between the mix of people you find here.

Personally, I didn’t intrude, and I didn’t wake up one day claiming to be some meditation expert or spiritual guru.  I had an awakening that began with synchronicities.  Part of that awakening meant the realization concerning the truth about the world and myself.  At that point, you have two options.  You can pretend nothing happened and return to your mainstream lifestyle like everyone else, or you could accept and embrace the truth and move forward towards a path of light.

I chose the second option.  I guess it’s hard for people to accept the truth, but for me, it wasn’t even a choice.  I wanted truth, I wanted real, and if the salvation of my soul was a possibility, then that was a responsibility I felt should be in my hands.

In this field, people claim all types of things, and part of the reason why that happens is because it’s metaphysical.  I don’t know what you saw, what you heard, what you felt, or what you thought.  Only you know, and that’s what makes this so special.  The answers you seek are within you, so if you’re lying to me, you’re lying to yourself as well.

Because of that, you don’t belong, but that’s for you to figure out.  I’m not going to say you don’t belong.  I don’t have to say anything.  I can see it.  The truth, however, is not that you don’t belong, but rather, it’s not the right time, so why force it?

The mainstream life is easy. We’re born into it and conditioned to accept it.  It’s comfortable.  Basically, you’re on autopilot, and it’s like a dream.  I know this because that’s what I came from, but I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to be spiritual.  Most people don’t.  

As you’re living your life, certain things happen, and we’re forced to make changes and adjust.  After we adjust, it will become obvious if our our old lives are accomodating the people we’ve become. 

But believe me, at some point, there has to be an awakening.  You’ll never wake up from the dream unless there’s an awakening.  Something has to happen that either knocks you off course, prevents you from getting what you want, or shows you everything you believed in was a lie.  There has to be hardship, struggle, and pain to the extent that you begin to question the meaning of life.

At that point, you break free from the mainstream and go hunting for answers.

The Zero Degree and the New Moon

Happy birthday season to all the fish!  Yes, the sun just blazed a trail through Aquarius, and today, Sol sits on the zero degree of Pisces.  Casablanca, Alexandria, and Dublin are several cities ruled by the astrological sign Pisces, and pale green and turquoise are its special colors.

The duality, element, and quality is feminine, water, and mutable.  Pisces is a feminine sign that shares an axis with its polar opposite, Virgo. 

According to astrology, you’re a Pisces if your natal sun is in Pisces between the dates of February 19th and March 20th, approximately.  Pisces are known to be imaginative, emotional, intuitive, romantic, and because of their quality, they can be quite adaptable. 

Neptune is the ruling planet, and Neptune is home in Pisces in the 12th House.  Neptune is the god of the sea and the Roman equivalent to ancient Greece’s Poseidon.  The 12th House is considered one of the more mystical houses, and I’ve been talking about it a lot here on Nooz Buffet during my astrological interpretations of people who suffered untimely deaths. 

It’s not that the 12th House is that bad. We just perceive it as bad because it’s where we find the limitations that life places upon us.  Sometimes, though, as we’ve come to understand with Saturn, limitations aren’t always a bad thing.  If you just won a million dollars, but you’re terrible with handling money, a $1,000 per week maximum payout can be a good thing. 

In order to understand the 12th House, you have to be honest with yourself because this is also where we find karma and the law of return.  This is where we’re awarded or punished for the deeds we’ve done.  If you refuse to take responsibility, then how will you learn?

🌚 I don’t know if it’s always like this, but it seems lately, every time the sun enters a new sign, there’s a new moon in the same sign around the same time.  Now is no different.

Tomorrow night, 2/20, there’s a new moon in Pisces, and every time we talk about new moons, I remind you guys that it’s a time for planting seeds.  That, of course, is harvest language.  I don’t mean literally to go outside and start a garden.

The new moon is when a new moon cycle begins.  It’s a time of endings and new beginnings, and it’s the perfect time to start something new.

Here is the most important part; a lot of people say bullshit to this or that it doesn’t matter when you begin something, and to them, I have two things to say.

Starting something at the time of the new moon is like being in the ocean and timing that wave that allows you to coast gracefully ashore.

The second thing is about endings and new beginnings. Again, people say bullshit or they don’t get it or see any difference.

When something ends, something new begins. The end of one thing is the beginning of something else. Essentially, endings and beginnings are the same.

What are we doing wrong?

When the moon turns from a waning crescent that’s lit at 1% to a new moon, it’s like turning a page in a book. There’s is no overlap or dragging it out. If you want something new to begin, like a real true beginning, you have to put an end to whatever you don’t want anymore. Not 75%, not 50%, not 10%; you have to end it totally.

That’s why we’re not seeing the change we want.

The key phrase for Pisces is, “I believe.” With the sun entering Pisces and the new moon phase beginning tomorrow night, it’s the perfect time to commit to something you believe in, change your belief system, or just be done with and over lies, falsities, and whatever has failed the test of time.

It’s time to get with yourself and figure it out. Is what you believe truly what you personally believe? What beliefs have you adopted through birth, because of peer pressure, or because they were popular? It’s time to separate what’s yours from what isn’t.

The lucky numbers for Pisces are 2 and 6, and amethyst is the lucky stone.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and have a great week!

An Astrological Look Into the Death of King Von

A while ago, I shared my analysis of the astrological chart for the murder of rapper, Pop Smoke. Pop Smoke was murdered in 2020.

Several months later, in November of the same year, another rapper was killed on the 6th. 26-year-old rapper and Chicago native, Dayvon Bennett aka King Von, was shot and killed on the street in Atlanta.

There’s a difference between the two murders though. Pop Smoke was attacked while he was taking a shower in his Air B&B rental. There were a lot of rumors about a possible setup, but I don’t know if any of that was proven. Either way, Pop Smoke wasn’t the aggressor.

Von’s situation was a little different, and I analyzed his chart as well. The time I spend analyzing a chart I call a session. My sessions begin when I’m moved by spirit, and they go for however long it takes for me to feel satisfied. They involve contemplation in a meditative state, so they’re done in places where I can get uninterrupted silence for an extended period of time. And you wouldn’t believe how hard that is to find! 🤣

The story was that King Von was at Opium Night Club in Atalnta, celebrating the release of his album, Welcome to Oblock. Afterward, they said he was thinking about going home, but at the last minute, he decided to go to the hookah lounge on Trinity Ave.

Opium Night Club was on Spring Street. That’s a good omen. He was celebrating the release of his new album, and he had a beautiful spring season to look forward to. There are countless stories about how people are pressed to make a decision only to find out later they made the right choice, but this was not one of them.

Unfortunately, Von made the wrong choice because it cost him his life, but that’s our view of his decision.

Von wasn’t the type of person who lived in fear, and he wasn’t the type to run from trouble, so I didn’t get the sense at all during the reading that he made a bad choice.

On a subconscious level, Von had a date with destiny. He knew it, and he didn’t avoid it (this rang true).

Dying was not on his mind because he didn’t fear death. That was just his mindset. There were several alignments that stuck out to me, which ultimately revealed the story on a spiritual level.

Pluto in Capricorn 22°: In the world of astrology, the 22nd degree is known as the kill or be killed degree. It’s not always about death, murder, and killing, but it does have a reputation for being stressful.

Sabian Symbols for Capricorn:

21°/22° By accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character.

22°/23° A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat.

The second alignment was Part of Fortune on the 1st degree of Aquarius. In a birth chart, the Part of Fortune represents a location where the native is said to see success throughout his or her life, sometimes worldly success. For a better understanding of how to increase your success, you’re told to look to the planet that rules the sign where the Part of Fortune is. Because Part of Fortune was in Aquarius on the first degree, the ruling planet was Uranus.

Interestingly enough, Uranus was located in the 8th House, which is the house of death and rebirth, and the 8th house is the home of Scorpio and its ruling planet, Pluto. So, we went in a little bit of a circle there, especially with the Sun located on the 14th degree of Scorpio in the house of possession.

If you’ve never seen the Part of Fortune symbol, it looks like a circle with an x or a cross in it. Symbolically, it’s derived from Phoenician Teth, and the ancients used it as a symbol to represent death.

In Greek, Teth became Theta. Theta was the 8th letter of the Greek alphabet, and it had a value of 9. Well, King Von was born on the 9th day of the 8th month, or August 9th, and this symbol was 9 degrees away from Pluto in this chart.

Coincidence? No. Remember, what I said before rang true!

The third alignment was Mars and Chiron in the 7th House. This tells me King Von knew his enemies, which we all know he did. Enemies of the seventh house are the people we know through partnerships or through competition. We call them known enemies as opposed to the enemies of the 12th House, which are hidden and operate in secrecy. Pop Smoke’s chart had 12th House activity.

Pluto didn’t have a lot of good aspects in this chart. The only one that stood out was the sextile (60 degrees perfect harmony) to Neptune.

Neptune was located on the 18th degree of Pisces in the 6th house.

Sabian Symbols for Pisces:

17°/18° In a gigantic tent, villagers witness a spectacular performance.

18°/19° A master instructing his deciple.

As sad as this was, that’s exactly what this situation turned out to be, a spectacular performance.

RIP King Von

Moon Scope #2

February 14, 2023 Edition

Good afternoon, and welcome to the February 14, 2023 edition of Moon Scope!

Last night, or earlier this morning I should say, I found myself in a dark location, which is excellent for viewing the sky, and because it was unusually warm, I decided to stand outside, light some inscence, and do just that.

It was a cloudless sky, and I was able to see Orion descend below the horizon as the waning crescent moon made its way across the sky overhead.

It was 1:30 a.m., and thoughts pertaining to some really specific issues flooded my mind. When matters are left unresolved, the universe has an interesting way of reminding us, and it will.

So, earlier this morning at 1:30, the moon was in the 12th House in Sagittarius ♐️. This is a sign/house position I find particularly interesting because this is where Sagittarius was when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

🌘The moon itself represents so many things in astrology, but when it comes to the mind, it represents the sub-conscious mind. The mind in its totality was compared to an iceberg. The small tip sticking out above the water is said to be the awakened-everyday mind represented by Mercury, and the larger section below the surface is the sub-conscious mind represented by the moon.

Photo by James Frid on

Last night, the Moon was a waning crescent, which means the current moon cycle is coming to an end. If there are issues left unresolved, things you’ve been putting off, or things you would like to do, it wouldn’t be weird if emotions were stirred up at this time connected to those things. The current alignment is waking you up; a new moon cycle is approaching soon. The opportunity to take care of business is coming up, so get ready.

♐Sagittarius is a masculine fire sign, and its quality is mutable. I always said Sagittarius was one of the best fire signs because the fire is mutable. This means the emotional energy isn’t so overwhelming or so extreme that it burns you up. It burns, but it motivates you. It’s likely that whatever is on your mind or coming to the surface right now, is close to heart. These are matters and issues you care about.

Just because you’ve been ignoring them, or putting them off that doesn’t mean you don’t care. You’ve just chosen to be mature about things and move forward in a controlled and dignified way.

The 12th House is known as the house of secrets. It’s not supposed to be a place of negativity, although most people see it that way because the 12th House governs the limitations life places on us. In the 12th House, we find unseen forces, secret enemies, accidents, and self-defeat. Asylums, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers are found here.

The Law of Return is alive and well here (Karma), so this where we find the rewards or punishments for the deeds we’ve done.

Tonight and tomorrow night the Moon will be in Sagittarius. You can make this a fun time involving the creative fire. Sagittarius is the sign of the explorer. It’s freedom-loving and adventurous. Now’s the time to think outside the box. The moon in this position is drumming up those 12th House psychic powers giving you insight and a behind-the-scenes peak at who or what’s impeding your progress.

Get creative. Sagittarius is the sign of the higher mind, so don’t go to war when it’s not necessary. Do some research, set some time aside for quiet study or contemplation, or plan a trip to place you’ve never been before. When you return, you’ll return with the secret plan for victory!

Luck Day: Thursday

Lucky Numbers: 5 and 7

Lucky Color: Purple

Saint Valentine

Some people celebrate it, and some people don't.  
Some people did, but now they won't.
Either way,
Happy Valentine's Day!

-Francis Joseph LaManna

I feel like when I was younger, the celebration of Valentine’s day was much more popular. I can’t say for sure if it’s losing in popularity, but it seems like everyone I talk to nowadays isn’t really into it.

I don’t judge though.

So, Valentine’s Day, the day we’ve all come to know and associate with chocolate hearts, roses, and giving extra special love to that special someone in our lives is really about the commemoration of Saint Valentine. Saint Valentine was born in Rome around 226 AD, and it was “courtly love” that was attributed to him. It was about chivalry, and being a gentleman, and the things that Kings and their soldiers would do for the women they loved was to be recognized.

Can you imagine living during a time when you would leave your wife to go fight a war for the survival of your village and have no way of calling home, telling her when you’d be back, or if you were injured? Yes, it was a time of uncertainty, but it was a time when love was honored.

Saint Valentine was eventually martyred on February 14, 269 AD, but it took another two-hundred years before his day of commemoration was established under Pope Gelasius I in the year 469.

I hear lots of people talking about how “marriage” doesn’t hold the meaning it once did, or that mental illness is becoming such a big problem. And, love! People are always complaining about love. Where is it? I don’t feel it?

Well, did you know Saint Valentine is the patron saint of happy marriages, beekeepers, love, epilepsy, and mental illness? Yes, he is!

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Just because you aren’t buying our mainstream version of what Valentine’s Day is or has become, that doesn’t mean you can’t pray to Saint Valentine in the privacy of your home.