Good Omen Opens Wormhole


chimecrossPut all the horror movies aside.  Try not to think about films like the Exorcist or Omen, or newer ones like the Conjuring.  Think in terms of everyday living and how a symbol could provide us with meaning and guidance, and perhaps, some necessary reassurance that puts us in the right place at the right time.

Part of our future path includes all the signs and symbols that apply to us personally.  As human beings living busy lives we might not consider how are lives are intertwined with culture, literature, and epic stories that survive through time.  You very well could be a hero, or maybe your life portrays a shocking resemblance to a biblical character, and all of a sudden, things begin to change.

And away we go!

Right now we’re about waist-deep and we’ve learned the upside down cross is the Cross of Saint Peter.  Saint Peter was one of Jesus’s Apostles, who was jailed by Nero in Rome.  From a Biblical standpoint, the the upside down cross symbolizes humility, grace, and peace.  According to St. Peter, the future world is one that will be destroyed by fire.

Metaphysically, it represents the penetrating power of the intellect.  Symbolically, it represents power, protection, authority, strength, courage, chievelry, and knighthood.

Alchemically, it represents purification.


If you notice, in the picture the upside down cross is really a wind chime.

According to Googles Online Dictionary a chime is a bell or metal bar or a tube, typically one

  1. of a set tuned to produce a melodious series of ringing sounds when struck.
  1. 1.
    (of a bell or clock) make melodious ringing sounds, typically to indicate the time.
    “the clock chimed eight”


    A crown of thorns on the tree?

Natural Living

On the website, I just found an advertisement providing details about an event called the Spiritual Holistic Expo.

The event is located at Allentown Fairgrounds, 302 North 17th Street in Allentown P.A., and it will be held on Saturday, May 18th, and Sunday May 19th, from 10 am to 6pm.

Vendors from all over the Country will be there with their supplies and services supporting wellness and balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

This might be worth checking out if your into natural living and looking for help or guidance with a more holistic approach to your daily life.

The Push – part-uno

The push, is it real?  Easily identified, physical contact can and does happen, generally speaking of course, but what about the non-physical push?

The push that’s subtle, so subtle in fact, it’s a matter of personal feel.  Have you ever walked into a room or a store with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart only to have it washed away?  Did you ever arrive at a party or social gathering and think to yourself, man, something is just off here?

It’s a matter of personal opinion I guess, and the truth is that we really can’t control the vibe.  We can however, stay or go.  If we stay, we can do our best to enjoy ourselves, and provide comfort for those around us.

In my opinion, I do think we have an instinctual reaction to the atmosphere around us, and I don’t think we’re necessarily right or wrong for how we feel at certain events, around certain people, or in certain places.

If you show up somewhere and think it feels right, it probably is.  Conversely, if it doesn’t feel right, then more than likely you’re feeling not so safe, maybe uncomfortable, or rushed.  To get the most out of these experiences, and remember we need experiences, especially new ones and those where we’re stepping out of our comfort zones, we’re going to have to stick it out and ignore our feelings.

The whole situation is really strange, I know.  We’ve always been told to pay attention to our feelings, and if something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t, but now we’re going against the grain.  We’re learning to ignore our feelings of doubt and push through them….


We want to grow right?  We do.  We want spiritual growth don’t we?  We claim to be on a spiritual path, don’t we?

Some of us might be shy.  Some of us might not like being the new guy or girl in the group, and it’s way easier to run off, go home, and say ahh I didn’t like that place, or those people, but if we really want to grow and learn we must stay.

What about aging?  You know what’s interesting?  The aging process is interesting.

As time passes by, we change.  We change internally, externally physically, and mentally.  Our minds change, our feelings change, our thoughts change.  We may become more or less tolerant of certain things.  As all these changes take place, people come and go from our lives, and that’s not a coincidence.  The older you might have more in common with a person the younger you would’ve never given the time of day to.

We move and change our surroundings to accommodate what we enjoy and what we want to see more of.  This is obviously not a coincidence.  We’re actively building our lives.

So you see, change within us happens before we know it because..time flies.  Twenty years could pass, but it doesn’t seem like twenty years to us.  It is though.  You’re a different person, and you haven’t figured it out yet.  You woke up the other day lashing out at everyone around you because you were upset, but you were upset on the surface.  Below the surface is frustration because you’re not yet in alignment with the new you.

In comes the Spiritual Path.  In comes the need for personal time.  In comes the idea or the need for you figure things out.  Why?  It’s only natural.  You’re not who you were twenty years ago.  We know that’s true because we knew who we were, the problem is we haven’t figured out who we are now.  Let the past go.  Yup.  Just let it go, and focus on right now.

Once upon a time you were outgoing, friendly, and you had so many friends or small group of close friends.  Once upon a time everything felt right.  You knew what you wanted, where you wanted to go, and who you wanted to spend your time with.  Parties and social gatherings were awesome.  You had fun.  Leaving was never an option.  LoL, are you kidding.  You were the life of the party.

That was twenty-five, maybe thirty years ago.

Right now, nothing feels right.  You spend most of your time alone.  You feel alone, out of touch, and you’re ready to run back home.

And….you do, but for the last time.




The Devil Is In the Details

0324191551_Film2     The truth, is that signs are all around us.  We may not know what they mean, but I can assure you throughout your life there has been a trial of signs following you.  You’re making your own life daily.  Everyday you wake up and carry on with your plans, you’re allowing it to unfold.  You’re creating opportunities and opening doors revealing more and more about the secret-unseen force guiding and supporting you.

     The devil is in the details is an old saying many of us are familiar with, and it’s better to just remain familiar with it because in depth, it’s an entanglement.  In the end we may look back and think, wow, what have I been doing.  The problem arises when we stop to think about “the meaning of life and things.”

Please, don’t take that the wrong way.  I’m a spiritual person, and I’m walking my path everyday.  Reflection and contemplation are necessary, you just don’t want to get stuck in the awe of it all.

     Sometimes, for those of us who are just waking up to this, it can be very very exciting.  We want dive in head first and immerse ourselves in research because essentially, we’re waking up to our creativity.  We’re understanding that maybe something special does exist.  Coincidences aren’t so coincidental anymore.  It’s okay to admire.  It’s okay to look around and see what dots you can connect because in all actuality that’s part of what the spiritual path is about.

     There are companies that have fun with the symbolism, and some use it to mock and slam a joke on the public, but the good thing about symbolism is that the same sign or symbol won’t appeal to every person.  At least not in the same way.  Some people will look at that advertisement and see nothing more then a pack of cigarettes for $6.66.

     Some people will look at that pack of cigarettes and think the price is bad because they’re connecting $6.66 to 666 and then to something cult like or evil and demonic.  Other people will look and laugh at it.

     Some people might connect the Pyramid to the infamous All-Seeing-Eye and the back of the one dollar bill.  There really is an abundance of meaning in symbolism, and professionals or gurus on the subject say the idea or psychological reasoning behind symbols are to wake up the subconscious within us.

     When I see 666 it reminds of The Omen, a movie that came out in I think 1980.  The main character, whose name was Damien, was a child branded with the number 666 on his scalp making him officially, the Devil.  Pyramids make me think of Egypt of course although there are many places besides Egypt that have pyramids.  My mind will make the connection between the Pyramids and Egypt and then to the Orion Star Belt, the Dollar Bill, etc.

In reality I’ve never been to Egypt, and although I’ve been known to act devilish at times, I am not the Devil.  For me personally those signs or symbols don’t have much meaning, they do however trigger a wide array of thoughts and stimulate creativity and imagination.

There is quite a connection between real living experience and symbolism, but the key is real living experience.  Live, and let the story unfold.

Seeing Love



There are so many occasions when I’ll be cleaning, working, walking, or just out and around when I notice these hearts.  It’s amazing how often, and what actually makes the shape.  The picture on the left is the wire to my headphones.  I tossed my headphones on a mattress, and the cord formed a heart.  On the right is a smudge of I don’t know what, and it’s been fermenting on my dresser for a while.

A few days ago I decided to use some Pledge wood cleaner on the dresser top and when I looked closely, I saw a crusty heart. lol  So funny.  A time of love I guess.  I’ll post and share the hearts as I see them.

Robot Writers


What’s up you all?  How are you this evening?

     I read a tweet today that said something about robots replacing journalist, and it just got me thinking about what I wrote in my post a few days ago.  I told you journalism is wide open.  I also told you what I write in my news now and commentary categories was real and up-to-date.

     The point is, the only way robots could replace humans in any field is if humans are that dependent on machines to do their job.  If your local television news station decided to print the news and allow you the viewer to read it during the news hour, do you really need the reporter to tell you the news?  Probably not.

     Do you need to watch the television news at night if you read the newspaper every morning?  Probably not.

     Can a robot go to a job fair and interact with local businesses, and then write about it?  Probably not.

     Journalism and news reporting in general is one career area that has benefited from the use of machines and computers, but humans were reporting the news way before machines, and they’ll continue to do so when technology breaks down.

    I wouldn’t worry about it.

For all my fellow Aquarians out there, when it comes to love and relationships our two most compatible signs are Leo and Sagittarius.  That’s really interesting because they’re both fire signs, and as you know we’re an air sign.  According to the elemental language of love, air and fire can be very compatible.  A lot of air may put a fire out, but a little air could fan the flames of love for a very long time.

Now that I think about it, I don’t know if I ever dated a Leo.

Have A Good Night

Spring Cleaning

I guess you can say it’s old fashioned, but I’m sure Spring Cleaning is still popular.  You know the time of year when we open all the windows in our houses to let the fresh spring air blow through and cleanse the winter germs and dust away.

Depending on our wardrobe size, some of us might even give those winter coats, clothes, and accessories a good washing before packing them away until next winter.  Some of us guys probably have that one pair of cargo shorts we keep on hand all year, but you get the point.

In our lives, April is an important time as well.  When April is over the year will be 1/3 complete.  Usually people split the year into four to keep pace with the seasons, but thirds work just as well.

Take a moment to think about where your life is, and ask yourself, “Am I better now than I was at this point last year?”  “Have I been keeping up with my New Years Resolutions?”

If you’re not happy with your progress, and expected to be closer to achieving your goals than find out what’s holding you back.  April is a good time to remove all the stuff from your life that isnt helping or working for you.  It could be a certain relationship, a job choice, or something in your immediate surroundings.

Whatever it is, remove it or change it.  Life is interesting, it really is.  Shake things up.   You’d be surprised how different your current situation could be by making a few decisions.

If things are going well for you, congratulations!  Keep it going.  Feel free to write in.  We would like to hear how 2019 is treating you.

You might recognize the picture posted with this article.  I used it once before for symbolic purposes.  It shows life sprouting through a less than accommodating foundation.  It’s something positive coming from a rocky start.  It shows the difficulties that surround us.  Most importantly, it represented the start that kicked our year off together.

By the time August ends and 2019 is 2/3 complete, that plant is going to be in full bloom and surrounded by a more suitable and supportive environment.


9 11 Foreshadowing in Children’s Game


If you remember, I posted the picture of the Level 3 Map from the Nintendo classic game Zelda.  The shape of the map was a swastika, and it was shocking to see because I never noticed it when I was a playing the NES original game as a young child.

Here’s the second thing I found in the same game, which let me remind you, Zelda came out in the 80s.

The picture above is a room in the last Level, Level 9.  If you look in the upper left corner, you’ll notice the L has been cropped out, but the word is Level.  So you have Level – 9, and down the center of the room are two separate rows of blocks stretching from one end of the floor to the other.  It clear as day to see both rows make the number 11.

9 11  The number 9 from Level 9 and the columns show us 9 11.  Additionally, in this particular room you can use two bombs to blow two holes in the walls.

Foreshadowing the 9 11 explosion in a children’s game from the 80’s.  Two bombs and two explosions = two planes making two explosions into the two towers represented by the number 11 or the two rows of blocks on the floor.  On September 11, or 9/11.

Coincidence?  Write in, and let me know what you think.  What’s up?  I’m shocked.

I’ll leave you this shocker.  After using the bomb to blow a hole in the wall at the bottom of the screen, the next room you go into is the eye of the skull.  Oh yea, the shape of the Level – 9 map is of a skeleton.




Conquer Karma and Master Universal Law 2

     I would like to begin this second part article by revisiting certain key points.  We’re talking karma here.  We’re talking about getting back what you put out.  In Conquer Karma and Master Universal Law 1 I told you that if you wanted to be on the favorable side of karma then you must absolutely be sincere in your actions.  You should also be humble.

     Sometimes however, things just happen.  Sometimes things happen to people that are completely random.  I think it’s important to supply you, the reader, with additional information.  This topic for most people, is in one ear and out of the other, but if you are truly interested and you understand and you can relate to what I’m writing, than you’re an individual who will gain from this conversation.

     If you are on a spiritual path, really on a spiritual path, then you cannot in no way be a know-it-all, and I’m not saying that in a way like I’m trying to tell you what to do or how to act.  You just understand there’s a randomness about the universe, and it’s a beautiful thing because all experiences are opportunities for us to learn.

     I think the most important thing for me to share is we shouldn’t have a belief so strong about something like Karma that it limits our perceptions of it.

Anything related to the idea of, “what we put out eventually comes back to us,” is considered Karma.  It’s not always something like, “you get robbed, and someone steals from the thief  soon after.”

Here’s a good example of what I mean.  Your having a garage sale, and most of your customers are going to be your neighbors and people from your neighborhood.  You really enjoy hosting these sales because you enjoy watching other people get excited about things you haven’t looked at in years.  Everything is priced very low because you want to get rid of your stuff, you don’t want to carry it back in the house.

Someone comes along and steals a few items you were selling for  dollar.  You were very upset because one, they were $1 items, and two, the thief had to live close.  Just when you were about to let it ruin your day a new customer pulls up and buys the one item you thought you would never sell because it was really expensive.  Selling that one item made your whole sale worth it.

So you see, this is how it works sometimes.  Maybe nothing bad had to happen to the thief to complete the Karmic Circle, but rather, you were due for something good to happen to you.

After all, you really really enjoyed garaged sales.

Are You Not Entertained

The year is 2107.   Economic conditions, and public institutions, although perhaps not totally to blame, are said to have given rise to rebellion.  More specifically, a powerful individual.  He’s a hero amongst the people,but nevertheless, rebellious.

He appears at a time when humanity is lost and without answers.  Humanity has made significant progress, but the current situation is at a stale mate.

The heroic man speaks up on behalf of the public, pointing to the lack of consideration for future planning within the systems they’ve grown to trust.

The crowd rallies behind him.  As the years pass the situation grows more intense.  Humanity is desperately seeking a savior.  They cry out with their arms raised, and they kneel to pray.  Their hero is right there though.

He’s on edge, and without thinking he jumps into action.  He steals himself a horse and rides into a mental holy war.   The screams are loud, there’s shouting, and people run for cover.

They’re evil, that’s what the hero tells himself.  He’s spirited, and he slays slowly, manifesting a destiny for a new world.

When he’s finished, he’s out of breath.  Breathing heavy atop his horse.  He’s sweating and blood drips from his sword.  As his current situation slows down he catches a glimpse of the crowd.

They just stare back, mouths open, and speechless.