That Mysterious Moon

Talking about certain topics could possibly land you in the conspiracy theorist category, which could seem like a punishment, but there’s nothing wrong with sharing a little information or exercising your rights to speak freely.

What are they saying you ask?  Okay I’ll share.

There’s a long list of literature, articles, and general stories about the Moon, but the truth is no one really knows anything about the Moon.  Just like any other topic you’re attempting to form your own opinion about, the Moon is no different.  You should read, watch, and listen to as much material as you can, before forming an opinion.

If you can wrap your brain around this, someone said the Moon is artificial.  It was put there by someone human or extraterrestrial for a very specific reason.

Our evolution is supposed to be more than what we think, it’s supposed to be on a planetary and universal level.  Our Universe does not discriminate, it gives everyone a chance to grow and evolve equally, which on a planetary or universal level is done through the release of high frequency radiation.

The Moon is blocking those higher frequency waves and emitting only lower frequency waves.  Low frequency waves keep us living in tension.  Low frequency waves are responsible for stress and aggression.

I also read our two stranded DNA is actually supposed to be twelve, but without exposure to high frequency waves, we’re stuck at two.

There’s a lot of documentaries out right now about Giants.  At one point in human history we were 8, 9, and even 10 feet tall.  Today we couldn’t imagine that.  Many of us laugh it off as being fake, but if we had access to high frequency waves at one time perhaps that was one of the benefits.

So you see, maybe all those things that seem really far away and impossible only do because of our lack of adaptation to the everchanging environment we live in.  After all, we are at the top of the food chain.  Imagine yourself standing at nine feet tall with a rock hard chiseled body.  You’re roaming the jungle and capable of tearing apart a lion with your bare hands.

You’re alert, fast, and highly intelligent.  Interesting thought isn’t it?

Some people say there was a time when we could see other planets with the naked eye.  Today only the Sun and Moon are visible to the naked eye.  Isn’t that weird?  If Venus and Murcury are closer to the Sun than our planet Earth than why aren’t they visible?

Maybe the Moon is obstructing our view.


Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pexels


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