New Year Magic

For the last ten, a shift has been felt,

It’s way deep beyond, past Orion’s known Belt.

From the home of the Archer, where the fire burns bright,

A shooting star arrow brings visions and light.

I shall pour out my spirit, a quote from the bible,

Mull over connections, however, this knowledge is tribal.

The arrow, yes, eventually it hit its mark, and it gave possibilities.  There are gifts I believe, that do come from the heavens.  My belief however, is beyond a belief as in believing by chance or having blind faith.  There are many things going on in this world around you, and there are so many paths, roads, and possibilities.  When this becomes apparent, you will think you’ve completely lost your mind, but the reality is, for whatever reason, your awareness is being heightened.

As you dive into the strangeness and look even stranger to the people around you, know that you’re not crazy.  As matter of fact, you haven’t lost your mind at all.

Photo by Leo Cardelli from Pexels


Seek and We Shall Find

They say the answers to our questions are out there, and the truth will set us free.  We must decipher between what’s right and what is wrong for us according to our own perception.

They say there is life on other planets, and we are not alone in this universe, but knowing that would be a major distraction.

I heard we discovered microbial life on Mars, but instead of furthering the investigation, more time and effort has been spent covering it up.

Handle your daily routine and mundane tasks like responsible men and women, but in your spare time, don’t be afraid to investigate.  This thing we call the “cosmos” is beautiful, mysterious, and waiting for us to have fun with it.


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Happy Friday….the 13th!😈👽💜🌕


I said to myself I was going to take the next day or two off from writing and posting, but with today being Friday the 13th and all I said, what the hell.


I just wanted to share some things I found, and few opinions concerning the practice.  I would say it was around 2009 or 2010, when I first started having an interest in Astrology.  I guess it started from reading my horoscope every once in a blue moon, I don’t really know, but suddenly it became a subject I enjoyed researching and reading about.

These periods of research come and go, and I think it’s because they’re really intense and time consuming.  So over the last ten or so years I’ll study, learn a little, let it go, and then get back after it.

There’s a lot of information relating to astrology on the internet, and when you add books, and magazines to the mix, there can be a ton of material to look at, and if you’re the type of person that has a real interest or passion for it, then you know just how distracted from everything else in your life you can become.

What I wanted to share with you was the uniqueness in astrology I found, and this is seriously, what I’ve come to appreciate.

There’s are so many astrologers on the internet.  There are so many people reading tarot cards, and birth charts, and for an aspiring astrologer or someone who wants to do tarot readings for people, it can be intimidating and frustrating.

But, it’s the uniqueness of astrology that ultimately grants you a seat at the table.  I’m not a professional of astrology, and I know there are many many people who know just as much as I do and usually more, but that’s okay.

I’m not trying to become the smartest astrologer. I realized that a vast portion of symbolism and signs are still buried in the subsconscious, and that’s for a very very specific reason.

As much as I research and study astrological material, a lot of it still hasn’t come to the surface yet, for me.

We can all go on the computer and everyone can visit the same websites and read about astrological signs, houses, alignments, and aspects.  This is the basic understanding of what’s out there.  It information that people already discovered and eventually shared.

Over time, the more you live your real day to day life, more of what’s hidden will come to the surface for you, if of course, that’s what you want, and that’s what I look forward to.

Astrology is very personal.  Fun? Kind of, yes, but personal.  I look forward to my personal interpretation of signs and symbols to surface and develop because that’s what separates astrologers.  You give a reading using a system that billions of people can use and have access to, but your interpretation and understanding is completely different.  At that point, astrology has come to life in you.





Antarctica And The Ozone

I wasn’t going to write about this, but shit man, I’m excited.  I watched a documentary about Antarctica.  It was very long, and there was a lot of information covered.  Of course, those brave people who attempted to reach the plateau from the ice shelf (coastline) were recognized as well as those actually ended up making it all the way to the South Pole at 90 degrees.

Here’s the part that got my mind racing.  There were people down there, scientist I’m sure, and they were conducting experiments.  Accidentally, someone opened a hole in the ozone layer directly over the Pole, which is pretty much the center of the icy continent.

Normally, the South Pole is -100 degrees, and it doesn’t receive strong sunlight because of it’s location.  Antarctica is completely covered with ice and snow, and the waters around the continent are 2 miles of frozen depth.  I don’t think the hole that was opened was that a big, obviously,  but if it had been, we could’ve been in serious trouble.

This got me thinking about Noah and the flood.  What if, that’s what happened in biblical times.  It’s not far fetched.  The documentary said 70% of our planet’s fresh water is the frozen ice on and around Antarctica, and if it had melted, sea levels would rise 300 feet.

Now, if that were the case, Antarctica which is one of the only places on the globe we can’t really occupy and maintain a “normal” way of living because of the weather extremes, but would probably become the safe place to go.  Antarctica and some really high mountain tops.

What if in our attempt to explore space, and our never ending desire to know our place in this world, was almost our own demise?  What if we knew what were doing, and we knew what the outcome would be, but someone in biblical times went ahead and made that hole anyway, and melted the ice on and around Antarctica.  Maybe Noah built his Ark and sailed to Antarctica, and now it’s buried under the frozen ice.

What is really on that continent?

If you take Noah’s Arc out of Antarctica, you’re left with Attica!

Sidereal/Tropical? Who Are We?


If you have a love for Astrology,  then I’m sure you’ve had your moments of obsession.  I’m also sure you’ve had your moments of fatigue after spending hours and hours studying and researching.  There’s a vast sea of information available and easily accessible right on the internet.

Interestingly enough, it’s seems like the more you research and understand, the more questions you have.  It may take time for some, while others might quickly find certain points that take them deep down the wormhole.

For me personally, it was after I took a long break from the practice that I started questioning our planets role, or lack of role in the system.  We live on Earth, and Earth is a Planet, third from the Sun to be exact, but it’s not used.  Why?  The Earth does rotate around the Sun.  Shouldn’t it have a placement in a house.

In astrology we know Planets rule signs, and there were some signs that shared rulers.  Saturn for example rules Capricorn, and traditionally it also ruled Aquarius until the discovery of Uranus.  How awesome would it be if the Earth ruled a sign?  Maybe one day our planet will have an active role in the heavenly used and popular Tropical System that so many of us use.

Speaking of systems, there is another system called Sidereal System.  I never studied the Sidereal System, but recently I learned something about it that has me considering a change.  In the Sidereal System I noticed the dates of the zodiac signs were different from the Tropical System by a WHOLE MONTH!  I don’t know why exactly, but what I do know is the Sidereal System is based on the suns movement through the actual constellations during the year.

If your birth is March 30 then you’ve more than likely always thought you were an Aries.  That’s the Tropical System.  According to the Sidereal System, you would be a Pisces.  This is a major discovery.  If Astrology never made sense to you, or you never thought your sign described your actual personality, well, now you know why.

My advice, for those of you who have a sincere interest in astrology is to start reading the other sign.  Study it.  See if makes sense to you.  See if it resonates.  Does it better suit your personality and describe who you really are?

This could be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

Before ending this article, I wanted to point something out.

I guess maybe I would like to think out loud.

In astrology, there are 360 degrees in the zodiac wheel, and that covers 12 signs throughout the year.  (30 degrees in each each house, 12 signs, and 12 houses.)

The year, however, is 365 days.

Is the zodiac wheel missing 5 degrees or 5 days? There are 30 days in April, September, June, and November.  February has 28 days, and January, March, May, July, August, October, and December all have 31.  That’s 365 days.

The Calendar year could be a perfect 360 degrees if we took one day from January and one day from March and added it to February.  Then January through April would have 30 days.

That leaves five extra days, one in May, July, August, October, and December.  In order for our year to be perfect we would have to remove the 31st day of those months, and then all the months would be 30 days.  12 months x 30 days= 360 days/degrees.

I guess that’s what they did, but then what if you were born on one of those days that were removed?

Just thinking out loud….



Thank You

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Robot Writers


What’s up you all?  How are you this evening?

     I read a tweet today that said something about robots replacing journalist, and it just got me thinking about what I wrote in my post a few days ago.  I told you journalism is wide open.  I also told you what I write in my news now and commentary categories was real and up-to-date.

     The point is, the only way robots could replace humans in any field is if humans are that dependent on machines to do their job.  If your local television news station decided to print the news and allow you the viewer to read it during the news hour, do you really need the reporter to tell you the news?  Probably not.

     Do you need to watch the television news at night if you read the newspaper every morning?  Probably not.

     Can a robot go to a job fair and interact with local businesses, and then write about it?  Probably not.

     Journalism and news reporting in general is one career area that has benefited from the use of machines and computers, but humans were reporting the news way before machines, and they’ll continue to do so when technology breaks down.

    I wouldn’t worry about it.

For all my fellow Aquarians out there, when it comes to love and relationships our two most compatible signs are Leo and Sagittarius.  That’s really interesting because they’re both fire signs, and as you know we’re an air sign.  According to the elemental language of love, air and fire can be very compatible.  A lot of air may put a fire out, but a little air could fan the flames of love for a very long time.

Now that I think about it, I don’t know if I ever dated a Leo.

Have A Good Night

Spring Cleaning

I guess you can say it’s old fashioned, but I’m sure Spring Cleaning is still popular.  You know the time of year when we open all the windows in our houses to let the fresh spring air blow through and cleanse the winter germs and dust away.

Depending on our wardrobe size, some of us might even give those winter coats, clothes, and accessories a good washing before packing them away until next winter.  Some of us guys probably have that one pair of cargo shorts we keep on hand all year, but you get the point.

In our lives, April is an important time as well.  When April is over the year will be 1/3 complete.  Usually people split the year into four to keep pace with the seasons, but thirds work just as well.

Take a moment to think about where your life is, and ask yourself, “Am I better now than I was at this point last year?”  “Have I been keeping up with my New Years Resolutions?”

If you’re not happy with your progress, and expected to be closer to achieving your goals than find out what’s holding you back.  April is a good time to remove all the stuff from your life that isnt helping or working for you.  It could be a certain relationship, a job choice, or something in your immediate surroundings.

Whatever it is, remove it or change it.  Life is interesting, it really is.  Shake things up.   You’d be surprised how different your current situation could be by making a few decisions.

If things are going well for you, congratulations!  Keep it going.  Feel free to write in.  We would like to hear how 2019 is treating you.

You might recognize the picture posted with this article.  I used it once before for symbolic purposes.  It shows life sprouting through a less than accommodating foundation.  It’s something positive coming from a rocky start.  It shows the difficulties that surround us.  Most importantly, it represented the start that kicked our year off together.

By the time August ends and 2019 is 2/3 complete, that plant is going to be in full bloom and surrounded by a more suitable and supportive environment.