Who Is This Kid?

His name is Trevor Lawrence, and yeah, he’s still a teenager.  Oh yeah, he also just led Clemson to a College Football National Championship victory over the best team in the country, Alabama.

Despite that and the fact that he’s 6’6″ and about 215 pounds, Trevor Lawrence is still operating under the radar.  Perhaps it’s age.  Lawrence just turned 19 this past October, and as unbelievable as this may sound, he is a true freshman.

It takes a special person to graduate high school in the Spring, and lead a major college football program to a National Title in the Fall, but if anyone could, it would be him.

As it turns out, Lawrence was voted Offensive Player Of The Year and All-American in 2017 by USA Today.  Also in his senior year, Lawrence was awarded the Hall Trophey.  The Hall Trophey, also known as the U.S. Army Player of the Year Award, is presented to the most outstanding high school football player in the country.  Basically, it’s the Heisman Trophey for high school athletes.

This year he added to his already impressive resume by earning Second team All-ACC and Atlantic Coastal Conference Rookie of the Year.  In his College Football Playoff National Championship victory he was awarded offensive MVP.

So there you have it.  Trevor Lawrence is young and special and Clemson will have him for a least two more seasons.  By the time the 2019 season ends, Trevor Lawrence will be a regular on the college football scene, and the topic of many conversations.

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