LVII It’s Going to be Super

This year, the 2023 NFL Super Bowl will be played in Glendale, Arizona at State Farm Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 PM this Sunday, February 12th.

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs come into this game having some things in common. They’re both sporting an impressive 16-3 record, and both teams put together at least one five-game winning streak during the regular season. There is, however, one thing that separates them.


It’s amazing when people pull these stats out of their asses, but it’s true, the last ten teams that were victorius in the Super Bowl, brought a defense ranked in the top 10 to the table.

And as far as defenses are concerned, the Eagles are ranked 8th overall in the NFL. It’s a tough group with an even tougher front that features DT, T.J. Edwards, the team leader in tackles (99). They’re a busy unit that knows how to get to the quarterback, and I think they’re 2nd against the run.

The Chiefs are ranked 5th in the NFL in defense against the pass, and that’s definitely a plus for them considering Eagle receivers, Devonta Smith and A.J. Brown combined for 2,692 yards and 18 touchdowns.

I’m not sure how many people knew about Patrick Mahommes being on the injury list with an ankle injury. I don’t think it’s going to slow him down because the report said he got a full practice in, but you never know. I feel like the Chiefs wouldn’t announce any weaknesses going into the biggest game of the season where every little edge helps, especially when it pertains to their star QB. So, that’s something we’ll have to keep an eye on.

Without a doubt, all eyes will be on Mahommes, who completed 67% of his passes while throwing for more than 5,000 yards.

The other guy is Jalen Hurts, and I guess we can call him the other guy since Mahommes is one of the most popular players in the league, and he happens to play the same position.

Hurts is in his 3rd year out of Oklahoma, and it never hurts to have a Sooner on the squad. 🤔 Get it? Anyway, he’s neck and neck with Patrick Mahommes in completion percentage, Hurts is completing 66.5% of his tosses. He’s good, and he has help behind him with RB, Mike Sanders. Sanders is averaging just about five yards per touch (4.9 YPC), and he rushed for almost 1,300 yards this season. That’s production!

I don’t know, man. I haven’t watched enough of either team this year to deliver one of my world-famous lock picks with confidence. All I know is that the Eagles are favored by 1.5 points, so we’re almost talking about a pickem here, and your guess is just as good as mine.

Alright, everyone, enjoy the game, enjoy your weekend, and thanks for visiting Nooz Buffet. Please don’t forget to visit our online store by clicking on the merchandise link, and if you haven’t already, pick up a copy of Smorgasbord. Smorgasbord and Smorgasbord 2 are both available online in paperback and e-book format.

Muck Fichigan

I’ve been a Buckeye fan since the days of Andy Katzenmoyer wearing the “four-five” with pride and dignity. Happy Birthday Big Kat. I’ve been a Buckeye fan since the days of coach Copper, Eddie George, David Boston, Orlando Pace, Joe Germaine, and Na’il Diggs. Long story short, I just didn’t feel like reporting Ohio State’s recent loss to Michigan.

Michigan has only won three out of the last eleven games against the Buckeyes since 2011, but the Wolverines just silenced those asking, “What have you done for me lately,” by winning the last two. Last week, both teams came into the game undefeated, so once again, the stage was set. It was a traditionally typical Big Ten showdown, 11-0 vs, 11-0, number one in the conference versus number two, and both teams ranked nationally.

The world was watching, and Buckeye fans were feeling confident as Ryan Day and company headed into the locker room leading by three. OSU Quarterback, CJ Stroud, connected with WR Emeka Egbuka on a short completion, and the Buckeyes were on the board first. A couple of field goals were kicked, and Ohio State was up 10-3 to start the second.

Michigan said, “Hell no, we ain’t going out like this,” and Wolverine Quarterback, J.J. McCarthy completed a pass to his 6’3′ senior wideout, Cornelius Johnson. Johnson ran with it for 60 yards and scored Michigan’s first touchdown.

The game was tied at 10.

Ohio state kicked a field goal with 5:41 left in the second quarter.

13-10 Ohio State.

On the next drive, J.J. McCarthy connected with Cornelius Johnson once again, and this time, the result was an 80-yard touchdown pass. Michigan was leading 17-13, but Ohio State answered the call with a touchdown pass of their own. It was Stroud to Marvin Harrison Jr., and the Buckeyes took the momentum back before the half ended.

20-17 Ohio State.

Little did we know, that was just about it for Ohio State. I don’t even think they came back out for the second half. Michigan scored 28 second half points, and ended up winning the game 45-23.

Michigan running back, Donovan Edwards had one hell of a day; 216 yards on 22 carries and 2 touchdowns! J.J. McCarthy threw for over 200 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Like I said, I wasn’t in the mood to write about this Buckeye loss, but I was motivated by the chance Purdue has tonight to be a spoiler. Tonight, at 8 PM, it’s another Big Ten showdown between the Boilermakers and the Wolverines!

Upset Alert!

Big Ten Football

The NCAA College football season has begun, and I thought it’d be a good idea to reacquaint ourselves with the confusing split between teams in the Big Ten Conference. So, here it is.


Indiana 1-0
Penn State 1-0
Maryland 1-0
Michigan 1-0
Michigan State 1-0
Ohio State 1-0
Rutgers 1-0
Northwestern 1-0
Iowa 1-0
Minnesota 1-0
Wisconsin 1-0
Illinois 1-0
Purdue 0-1
Nebraska 1-1
Big Ten Football Conference

If you look at the chart, you can see by the records that every Big Ten team has played at least one game so far in this 2022 season. Nebraska is the only team to have played two games, and Purdue is the only team in the conference without a win.

Week 1 comes to an end tomorrow when the final game is played between Clemson and Georgia Tech, and then week 2 action picks up again next weekend, Saturday, September 10th.

NFL Round-Up

April 28, 2022

The top story right now around the NFL is the re-signing of RB, Melvin Gordon, with the Denver Broncos. Gordon, who racked up over 1,000 yards on the ground and 10 touchdowns last season, will agree to a new deal with Denver.

The NFL Draft will begin tomorrow night, April 28, 2022, in Las Vegas. The first round will begin at 8 o’clock. The 2022 NFL Draft will continue with rounds 2-7 on Friday and Saturday. The Jacksonville Jaguars have the #1 pick. The New York Giants have the 5th and 7th pick overall and plan on taking the best available talent on the board, although rumors suggest Evan Neal, an offensive tackle out of Alabama, and CB Ahmad Gardner from Cincinnati.

Pittsburgh will get the 52nd and 84th overall selection when they make their selections in rounds two and three with the 20th pick.

The Oakland Raiders traded their first and second round picks to Green Bay for wide receiver Davante Adams. They’ll make their first selection in round three with number 86 overall.

For complete coverage of the 2022 NFL Draft, tune in tomorrow night at 8 o’clock to ABC, ESPN, and the NFL Network.

What are Those Birds Up to?

On March 10, 2022, the Philadelphia Eagle’s organization made deals, specifically, 1-year deals. All three players were already Eagles, but have found themselves in different situations over the last two seasons.


Guard, Nate Herbig: Herbig made the Eagles as an undrafted rookie free agent out of Stanford. As a rookie, his playing time was minimal, but he started 12 games in 2020. He’s a big guy, 6’4″ and 334 lbs., and depth on the o-line is important.

Defensive Back, Andre Chachere: Chachere was with the Indianapolis Colts before getting picked up by the Eagles last season. The hopes for him were high when he was acquired, but most of his contributions were made on special teams, and not with the starting defense. Chachere found himself in a pretty shitty situation-Exclusive Rights Free Agent. This mean he must accept the offer given by the team, which is usually the minimum. Nobody says this, but I feel like it’s an ultimatum. Take shit money or leave the team.

Wide Receiver, Greg Ward: Ward was a starter with the Eagles back in 2020, but a backup in 2021. He was set to be a restricted free agent, but the Eagles signed him to a new contract.

NBA News

🏀Yesterday, the Miami Heat beat the Brooklyn Nets 113-107. Forward, Bam Adebayo, led the team in both points (30) and rebounds (11). The Nets came out hot taking a 12 point lead into the second period, but it was all Heat after that.

🏀The Dallas Mavericks beat the Golden State Warriors yesterday 122-113, improving their record to 38-25. Maverick’s G, Luka Doncic, scored a team high 41 points.

🏀Today, the Houston Rockets are on the road travelling to Denver to play the Nuggets. That game tips off at 9:00 PM eastern time.

🏀What’s going on with Orlando Magic? 15 wins? I guess they’re out of tricks! 🤣 They’re on the road today travelling to Toronto to play the Raptors.

🏀The San Antonio Spurs lost by three yesterday to the Sacramento Kings, 115-112.

🏀The Philadelphia 76ers are home tonight against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 7:00 PM tipoff.

Nooz Now

February 18, 2022 Edition

🏈-I’m going to tell you a story, one I’ve never told before. I was chillin in the parking lot of a chicken place in Paterson, New Jersey. I can’t remember the name of it, but they were known for their fast food chicken meals and sandwiches.

So, I’m leaning up against the railing outside there talking to a guy I knew from work when all of a sudden this black Range Rover (it was either a Range Rover or a Land Rover) pulls into the parking lot. Antonio Pierce gets out of the vehicle and starts walking toward the front door of the chicken spot.

I guess if you weren’t a New York Giant’s fan you wouldn’t have known who he was, but I knew.

Of course, I called him out, “Yo Antonio! What’s up man!” Like I knew him for 30 years…

He was cool as hell, as most of the Giants were at that time (Ron Dayne and Ralph Brown used to frequent the night club I was bouncing at). He was like, “what’s up,” and continued walking into the store.

When he went inside to order his food, I went to my car to get the New York Giant’s hard hat I just bought for work. I was working as an estimator for a demolition company back then. Anyway, my friend and I went inside to talk with him.

I asked him if I could take a picture with him while I was wearing the hard hat (my arms were bigger than his); 🤣🤣 he just laughed and said okay. And then we sat down, and I asked him a million questions about the Super Bowl they were just in. It was the year they beat the undefeated Patriots.

It was a great day. We had a friendly conversation with a lot of laughter, but I really wish I saved the picture.

I just read an article posted on the Star Ledger Online (NJ Newspaper) that was really about Herm Edwards, head coach of the Arizona Sate Sun Devils and former coach of the New York Jets, that Antonio Pierce was on his staff as a defensive coordinator, but just left to take a job with the Raiders as their new linebackers coach.

That’s the story with AP. He’s a good guy-very personable.

Herm Edwards, om the other hand, is on the hot seat at ASU, but that’s only partly because of Pierce’s departure. Apparently, he lost his offensive coordinator, five other coaches, and his QB and most important player Jayden Daniels is transferring. If that’s not enough, there’s also an investigation going on there for some reason I’m unaware of.

People love Herm Edwards, but his coaching career has been mediocre at best. He’s 25-18 in fours seasons with Arizona State, he was 39-41 in five seasons with the Jets, and 15-33 in his three seasons with the Chiefs.

We’ll see what happens there. Herm might be the next one leaving town.

Which Cowboy Crew?

All right all you Dallas Cowboy fans, I have two questions:

  1. Which 6 was better as a unit?
  2. If you could mix and match, coach included, which 6 would put together for your all-star fantasy crew?

1993 Dallas Cowboys

Head Coach: Jimmy Johnson

QB: Troy Aikman

FB: Daryl Johnston

RB: Emmit Smith

TE: Jay Novacek

WR: Alvin Harper

WR: Michael Irvin

1982 Dallas Cowboys

Head Coach: Tom Landry

QB: Danny White

FB: Ron Springs

RB: Tony Dorsette

TE: Doug Cosbie

WR: Tony Hill

WR: Drew Pearson