Buccaneers Set To Make History

In NFL news yesterday, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers took the field in an all-out battle, and it was the Buccaneers who were victorious 31-26. With the win, Tampa Bay earned a trip to the 2021 Super bowl which will be their first appearance since 2002; John Gruden was the Head Coach then.

Here’s the kicker, and no, I’m not talking about Ryan Succop; Tampa Bay won’t have to travel far because..

Super Bowl 55 will be played at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida, making this year’s Tampa Bay team the first team in NFL history to host a Super Bowl in their home stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for Sunday, February 7th, at 6:30.

And their opponent? It’s the Kansas City Chiefs. Kansas City won yesterday defeating the Buffalo Bills 38-24. This will be the Chiefs third Super Bowl trip in 41 years. In 1970 they beat the Vikings, and in 2020, the 49ers.

Enjoy the game!

Wisconsin Nebraska Canceled

Not even a week after opening, the Big 10 is already cancelling. According to Nick Bromberg, a writer for Yahoo Sports, Saturday’s Big 10 football matchup between the Wisconsin Badgers and the Nebraska Cornhuskers has been canceled because of COVID-19.

Apparently, twelve people within the Wisconsin program tested positive for the coronavirus.

This is the reason why I was on the fence about covering college football this season, and having said that, I would really like to recognize even though I don’t remember who they are, but those NFL players who opted out for this 2020/2021 football season. In addition, the XFL as well. They get it.

Some people would rather beat their heads against a wall, and if you haven’t realized by now that we aren’t living during normal times, then you’re going to keep setting yourself up for a letdown.

Obviously, I’m straying from college football; even though I love football, and I played it at the college level, I’ve woken up to fact that football is a game within a larger system of life (911). There are things going on today that are not only challenging our way of life as it has been for the last one-hundred years, but also calling for us to live in unpredictable ways. That’s not a bad thing.

It’s like this- if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to get the predictable result, obviously, you know that, and you want that, even though it’s going to require resistance, pressure, fighting, hostility, anger, and so on, or you could turn and go the other way for a nice easy slice of heaven.

🏈The Big 10 was only planning on playing conference games this season as way to reduce the risk and spread of the virus, and I hope they’re able to do so. I love football, I’m a fan of football, and I’d like to see those games get played-and frankly, so would millions of other people.

Have a good day. I love you.


Buckeye Football & Big 10 Clarification

No doubt, this has been a strange NCAA college football season from a scheduling standpoint, but the Ohio State Buckeyes will begin their 2020 season tomorrow afternoon against Nebraska. I’ve been a little thrown off myself-and a little frustrated, but here’s the scoop. It’s the 8th week of the NCAA College Football season, but for the Big 10, it’s only week 1. Technically speaking of course.

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 24th at 12 noon, Ohio State and Nebraska will kickoff. Next Saturday, the Buckeyes travel to State College, Pennsylvania for a night game against Penn State.

In August, Big 10 Commissioner Kevin Warren released a letter stating that all Big 10 Fall sports would be cancelled this season, but obviously that’s not the case. Wisconsin and Illinois play tonight, which is officially the Big 10’s opener, and all 14 Big Ten teams will play this weekend.

As far as predictions go, Athlon Sports Online has Ohio State winning big. The Buckeyes are a 26 point favorite, and that’s partly because Ohio State has beaten Nebraska by 40 or more the last three times they’ve met; the other reason is because Ohio State is just that good, and they’re home.

The rest of the conference looks like this:

Saturday, October 24th

Rutgers at Michigan State, kickoff at 12 Noon

Penn State at Indiana, Kickoff at 3:30

Iowa at Purdue, Kickoff at 3:30

Michigan at Minnesota, Kickoff at 7:30

Maryland at Northwestern, Kickoff at 7:30

I would think we could toss National Rankings out the window since some teams are playing more games then others (I mean, you would think), and by more games I don’t mean one or two. Clemson, for example, played four games already. If Big 10 teams are only playing conference games this season then, well, you get the point. The inconsistencies in scheduling have caused all kinds of concerns. Think about it. As much as we think we know about Ohio State or any other Big 10 team, we won’t know anything until this weekend has come to pass.

Okay everyone! Enjoy your weekend.


NCAA Football Week 4 Recap

(12)North Carolina 31 Syracuse 6

The 12th ranked Tar Heels beat Syracuse this past weekend, 31-6. Syracuse hung in there until around the 3rd quarter, and they actually missed a field goal with :05 left in the second quarter, which would’ve made it a 7-6 ball game at halftime. North Carolina RB, Michael Carter averaged 11.1 yards per carry, but teammate Javonte Williams scored the points. Williams rushed for 57 yards and three touchdowns on 14 carries.

(2)Alabama Crimson Tide 38 Missouri Tigers 19

Alabama (1-0) looked impressive in their game against Missouri. QB Mac Jones threw for 249 yards and 2 touchdowns to WR, Jaylen Waddle. DB Daniel Wright led the defensive in tackles with 11. This game was never even close as Bama was ahead 35-6 at the start of the 4th quarter. Yes, they played like the number two team in the nation.

(17)Oklahoma State 27 West Virginia 13

West Virginia and Oklahoma State came into this game with one win and zero loses, and when the first quarter ended without either team scoring, the Mountaineers hopes for upsetting the 17th ranked Cowboys were high. Oklahoma scored first in the second quarter when RB La’Darren Brown busted one up the middle for a 66-yard touchdown, and the Cowboys never looked back. On the following drive, West Virginia QB Jarret Doege dropped back to pass, but he was hit and fumbled. Oklahoma picked up the ball and scored, and it was 14-0 that fast. The Mountaineers couldn’t stop Oklahoma’s ground game as Brown and Chuba Hubbard both rushed for over 100 yards; they both also scored touchdowns.

Are you excited about this college football season?

Write in, and let’s talk about it.

Alright everyone, have a wonderful day.

NCAA College Football Week 4

I know I know, I’m a little late, but I have to be honest. This whole COVID thing had me almost giving up on this NCAA college football season, but after this weekend-college football is back baby!

If you’ve been following Table Seven then you know we put in some serious work covering the NCAA college football 2019/2020 season, but here we are; it’s week 4 of the 2020 season, and the K-State Oklahoma game revived me. For the second time in two seasons, the Kansas State Wildcats upset the Oklahoma Sooners. This year the Wildcats were unranked, while Oklahoma was ranked 3rd nationally. Kansas State rallied from a 21-point deficit, and ended up winning the game by 3. The final score was 38-35.

(5)Florida 51 Mississippi 35

(13)UCF 51 East Carolina 28

(8)Auburn 29 (23) Kentucky 13

(21)Pitt 23 (24)Louisville 20

(8)Texas 63 Texas Tech 56

Mississippi State (1-0) beat LSU (0-1) today 44-34. Mississippi QB K.J. Costello was 36 for 60, and threw for…get this…623 yards and 5 touchdowns! Yes, he threw for 623 yards against the 6th ranked Tigers.

Teams in the Big 10, Mountain West, Mid-American, and Pac-12, have not yet played. It looks like we’re in for a wild season, but at least we have a season. Having said that, I do agree with teams and players that decided to opt out this season.

Alright everyone, stay tuned.

Sports in America

We must see things for what they are, and not for what we would like them to be. There will always be an element, or a group of people that seek to ruin a good thing. Sports in America are good, and they’re necessary because of what they represent and the qualities they instill.

America is united, and the people of sports teams unite for a cause. Through sports we learn the concept of coming together for a goal, and that goal is winning. A team is made up of humans, people of different colors, religions, and ethnic backgrounds, and sports in this country are set up for children by the time they reach age ten.

Wars, racial issues, prejudices, and civil unrest are nothing new to the people of this country, afterall, we did fight for our freedom, but we should constantly strive to overcome our differences. Some people do, and some don’t. Sports are by no means the answer to all the problems in this country or our communities, but they are necessary because they attempt to teach. They instill the qualities we need to be successful as adult men and women.

Sports, for that reason, should be protected from the ‘element’. Sports should be free from any and all religious and political propaganda. The people who get it, need to prevent the infiltration of the ‘element’ because the element wants to destroy something good. The element wants to destroy the integrity of the game, and ultimately, the game itself.

For The Love Of Football

Woha!  The XFL appears to be something worth your time if you’re a football fan.  My brother suggested I take a look at some of the XFL YouTube videos, and so I did.

I watched the highlight videos from week 1, and I was impressed.  I liked what I saw.  After doing some research, here’s what I discovered;

The XFL is a football league that just started February 8, 2020, and yes, it is eleven on eleven.  There are eight teams split into two divisions, (West, East) and they play a ten-week regular season schedule.  There’s also a two week postseason that includes two semi-final games, and one championship game for all the marbles.

Here’s the split:


New York Guardians

St. Louis BattleHawks

D.C. Defenders

Tampa Bay Vipers


Seattle Dragons

Los Angeles WildCats

Dallas Renegades

Houston RoughNecks

The XFL is founded on Three Core Principals:

  1. Fan First- this league claims that they will listen to what their fans want!
  2. Ultra Accessible- Fans will be able to interact and engage in all types of ways!
  3. True To The Game-The XFL is faithful to the foundations of football!

Is the XFL here to stay?  We shall see.  If you’re interested, the games are played on Saturday and Sunday.  Check it out!

Thank You http://www.actionnetwork.com for the Photo

NFL Draft

The 2020 NFL Draft will be April 23rd through the 25th.  Right now then CBS Sports website has the top 10 picks listed, which are as follows:

NFL Draft Projected Top 10

  1. DE Chase Young, JR Ohio State
  2. QB Joe Burrow, SR LSU
  3. QB Tua Tagovailoa, JR Alabama
  4. CB Jeff Okudah JR, Ohio State
  5. LB Isaiah Simmons, JR Clemson
  6. DL Derrick Brown, SR Auburn
  7. DL Javon Kinlaw, SR South Carolina
  8. WR CeeDee Lamb, JR Oklahoma
  9. OL Jedrick Wills, JR Alabama
  10. OL Andrew Thomas, JR Georgia


NCAA College Football; Ranking the Flawless

So, this year, according to CBS Sports College Football rankings, it is LSU at number one, followed by Ohio State, and then Clemson.  All three are 13-0.

When it comes to Table Seven’s College Football ranking system, there are no arguments there because as you know, we rank according to record.  13-0 is 13-0, but I have to be honest.

My curious mind just pulled me back.  For the hell of it, I just wanted to “crunch the numbers” to see if CBS really got it right.  Without using our system, we had Ohio State at number one, followed by LSU, and then Clemson, but let’s see what the math has to say about that.

Table Seven’s College Football Rankings

  1. OHIO STATE- 13-0 (29)
  2. LSU- 13-0 (28)
  3. CLEMSON- 13-0 (24)


I used to laugh about Clemson winning every week and sliding down in National rank, but after taking some things into consideration, I can see why that happened.  In my opinion, the Big 10 was the strongest conference in college football this year, and it kind of sucks that Ohio State ended up with a number two seed, but regardless of what we do on paper the games must be played, and inevitably, the best team will win the National Championship when all is said and done.

I said earlier this season, LSU might be the only team capable of beating the Buckeyes this season.  Ohio State is that good.  I think we’ll see a final game played between OSU and LSU, and it will be one hell of a game.

Photo by Matthew T Rader from Pexels

NCAA College Football Wrap-Up


What is going on in the wild world of college football right now?

There will be one game played during Week 16, and that’s Army versus Navy.  Kickoff is scheduled for 3 o’clock, Saturday, December 14th, at Lincoln Financial Field.

Then, is Bowl Championship Season!

Week 15 was Conference Championship Weekend, and listed below is the CBS Sports College Football Rankings (top seven teams).

  1. LSU 13-0
  2. OSU 13-0
  3. Clemson 13-0
  4. Oklahoma 12-1
  5. Georgia 11-2
  6. Oregon 11-2
  7. Baylor 11-2

Why seven?  Because here at https://noozbuffet.com, we pick for you, our very own special top seven teams.  We’ll piggy back a little bit off the CBS rankings up to a point, and then we’ll use our own formula to see who belongs and who doesn’t.

Our first criteria is the overall record, so we are in agreement with CBS’s top 4 regardless of any point or ranking system, with the exception of LSU and Ohio State.  I don’t think the Buckeyes should’ve slide a place because of their “struggle” with Wisconsin.  A win is a win.  That’s what I think anyway.

https://noozbuffet.com Top 4

  1. Ohio State 13-0
  2. LSU 13-0
  3. Clemson 13-0
  4. Oklahoma 12-1

Number five and number six…we agree with CBS Sports.  In our ranking system Georgia’s score was 21, and Oregon’s score was 20.

5. Georgia 11-2

6. Oregon 11-2

Number seven is where the argument is coming into play, and I know it really doesn’t matter because the top 4 teams make the College Football Playoff, but if it was, let’s say, the top 8, we would raise a serious question.

In our ranking system, Baylor’s score was 15.  That’s a 6 point difference between the number 7 team Baylor, and the number 5 team, Georgia.

Just for the heck of it, I decided to run Florida and Wisconsin through the ringer, and they both scored 17.

Table Seven Top 8

  1. Ohio State 13-0
  2. LSU 13-0
  3. Clemson 13-0
  4. Oklahoma 12-1
  5. Georgia 11-2
  6. Oregon 11-2
  7. Florida 10-2
  8. Wisconsin 10-3