Rules 😈

We live in a system of rules.  They’re everywhere.  Some people think they’re for our own safety, and some think they’re put in place to limit us.  Either way, if you and I are in a position, and following rules are required, then we both shall follow them.

If I follow them, and you don’t, then that’s not fair to me.  This is kindergarten, but obviously some of us weren’t paying attention, or our teachers dropped the ball.  Perhaps some of us just lack consideration.

Is it fair that I arrive on time every day and you don’t, but we’re both required to arrive at the same time?  How long do you think a person can deal with the short end of the stick?  How long do you think it’s going to take for a problem to start?

There’s an old saying, “Without rules there’s chaos.”  When rules are put into place that’s the truth.  That saying means that we all follow the rules or none of us follow them because the genius who coined it foresaw the problems that will eventually occur.

What ends up happening in a situation such as this is eventually the person who follows the rules and does everything they’re required within the framework of the establishment, is seen as a problem.  This happens because eventually they start to talk about the way they’re feeling.  They’re feeling upset because no one is correcting or saying anything to the people who aren’t following the rules.

They’re upset.  Are they wrong for complaining or venting?  What do you think?  Has this happened to you?

Are you a problem?  Comment.

7 thoughts on “Rules 😈

  1. There is a story in the Bible, if you read that sort of thing, that tells about a manager hiring a person for a full day’s work, then another for a half day’s work and then another for an hour’s work. He pays all of them the same agreed-upon amount. It rubs us the wrong way, doesn’t it? This lack of “justice”. But the manager makes the rules. If you work for a full day and get paid your agreed-upon amount, then YOU are doing the right thing. Even though it’s difficult, we can’t look at what others are doing. Because it will just piss us off. Completely and wholly. Now, I saw all this, even though it is easier said than done. I personally am built with this strong sense of justice. I want to see justice and fairness done. Unfortunately, that’s not the kind of world we live in. Karma isn’t real. Neither is Santa Claus. The good don’t get presents while the bad are passed by (or taken by the Krampus). No. We see the bad being rewarded and the good being spit upon. I guess the thing to do is to be the very best that we can be, treating others the way we want to be treated, working hard and with integrity, and loving those who might not seem that lovable. These are just my own opinions.

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  2. I agree with you and I feel the same way. It happens a lot and many people get away with it. I’ve experienced these kinds of situations many times to the point of feeling so helpless that all I could do was cry. Thanks for writing and sharing this fantastic article! Have a great weekened


    1. Matilde, thank you. That’s a really awesome heartful reply, and I appreciate your interest. I am sorry you were brought to tears, that happens sometimes. I understand exactly were you’re coming from. You have a good day as well.


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