Dichotomy-A short Story of Good and Evil

Chapter Four


     There are 12 known portals, and all of them are twisted and blurry in appearance.  Each portal is a doorway that opens up to a specific point, and these points are actually referenced in degrees as both good and evil, or the awakened ones, are using the zodiac system for traveling.  It’s a system of precision, and those who are really smart can be any where in any time, the only draw back is that it’s based on the movements of planets and other heavenly bodies so traveling is delayed sometimes.  It seems like the struggle between good and evil is one that never ends, and that’s probably because as time moves on and more people awaken, they follow in the footsteps of those who woke up before them.  Once a person wakes up and realizes what’s going on, they can choose to ignore it or be apart of it, and those who decide to involve themselves always fall into the category of either good or evil.

     It’s curiosity and an inner drive to find some explanation for their discoveries that keeps them going, but how far they go depends on the individual.  Some people are willing to risk everything to get what they want.  They seek knowledge, and they learned there are two realities taking place parallel to each other.  They share a simultaneous coexistence and timeline with the sleeping population.

     What’s good?  What’s evil?  Good and evil are  only perceptions the sleeping population have of the awakened ones.  The only real way of knowing who or what is truly good or evil is by observation.  Good and evil are fighting amongst themselves for control of the zodiac, the great wheel of time, so how their actions affect the sleeping population will be the true indicator.  The zodiac is split into twelve perfect areas or houses that represent areas of human life collectively and individually.  Victory in any section or house means the winner has total control over such area and the corresponding portal or doorway.  It’s the seventh house of partnerships that’s in focus here.  Right now it’s a neutral area, but it’s under attack.  The side that wins will ultimately be whoever is in possession of the Scale.  Marriage falls in this area.  Guy and Maureen are married and currently, they possess the key.

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