Cattitude 2, Donahue Goes to New Orleans

Don was getting lonely. He was aggravated and upset, and despite what he was trying to do, the reality was, his life was passing him by. Goddoo was an older cat in the neighborhood, and felt responsible for Don’s well being. Goddoo convinced Donahue to go to New Orleans with him, and he promised a time so good, Don was sure to get over his bitterness.

So here they were, two cats hanging out in Kansas now making their way over to the Missouri River. Goddoo works in mysterious ways, he and Don were floating along in a tube someone left on the river bank, and before the day’s end, they jumped ship onto a steamboat that was passing by.

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As the steamboat came to its trails end, Don and Goddoo hopped off and headed into town for some good old fun. They had a wild evening. New Orleans was filled with lady cats and cat ladies looking for party beads, and Don met himself a beautiful short hair kitty. He called her Baby Magic, and she was into all types of voodoo. Baby magic was exotic with mixed ancestry, and she loved Don.

Once Goddoo saw Donahue and Baby Magic getting along, he slipped away and into the dark night for some fun of his own. As it turned out, Baby Magic was exactly what Don needed. She put a good spell on him to reverse all his troubles, and in the morning, he was a new man.

To be continued…

He and They

In the privacy of his own world, he played. He held on to his own little secrets, and he laughed at them. They amused him, and no matter what was going on around him, he knew he could always resort back to his inner world for peace and contentment.

Then one day, they realized they weren’t getting to him. They realized, no matter how much they pushed, and no matter how much they tried to annoy and aggravate, they just couldn’t get to him. They tried everything to. As a matter of fact, they went above and beyond. They even broke laws. It didn’t matter anymore, they were going to do whatever they had to do to invade his privacy.

He recognized this, and he thought about it. “Is the world around me that destructive,” he wondered. “Are the people around me that miserable with themselves they’re willing to break laws just to violate my privacy,” he asked himself.

Yes. The answer was yes. They were.

And he accepted this, and he put up no fight. He put up no resistance, and when they came rushing at him, he showed what he’d been hiding. It was a picture of himself from when he was a child, and they laughed with relief. Eventually, they left, and he sat there.

He sat there feeling violated. He was really upset, so upset he didn’t even want to look at himself anymore. His eyes welled with tears, and he cursed them all, and he wished a living death upon them-a curse so bad, they’d wish they were dead.

If you have to break the law to invade someone’s privacy, you lost. You’re a lesser man then he. Concede, and walk away.


Why was the cat mad?  What was wrong with mad cat?  Finally, someone caught up with Don, and they asked him.  “What’s bothering you?”

I’m bitter.  I’m upset.  I f***in’ hate you because I knew what I was doing, and I knew what I wanted, but you made none of it available to me.  You deprived me for your personal amusement.  You gave me eyes to see, but when I needed them most, you turned the lights off.  You made me go the long way, even though I had a shortcut because you didn’t believe in shortcuts.

I learned lessons as a child, but you made me relearn them as an adult.  You wasted my time-my precious time, and the years passed by.  Those years, I’ll never get back.  I’ll never be that age again.  Like death, I was dead to the world.  I’m so angry because you took something from me you can never replace.  Time!  Now you have to tread lightly.

While I try to forgive, and while I’m trying to forget and move on, please stay away.  I’m mad cat, and I’m really mad.

“Donahue, it’s me, God.  Relax man. I got something planned for us. I’m going to take you to the French Quarter.”

The End


The Books

It has been almost ten years since leaving my old place, and  before leaving, I clearly remember packing my books.  I had two small shelves filled with reading material, nothing big.  It was just a modest, but meaningful collection.

I carefully placed all of my books into a tote, and I placed the tote with the other boxed items that were ready to be moved.  Several days went by, and the unpacking was in full swing, but it wasn’t until I wanted to read something one day that I decided to look for that tote.

I couldn’t find it!  Every now then during the passing years, I’d go down into the basement and look for the books, but I didn’t see them.

I started thinking, “where the hell are those books?”  Maybe I forgot them?  Maybe I left them on the moving truck?  Maybe someone stole them?  I didn’t know.  I had no idea.

Three days ago a bird crapped on my shoulder, and people say that’s good luck.  I always believed that to be true as well, however, that particular day didn’t really seem lucky, but a day later, guess what happened…

I found the books!  They were in the tote exactly the way I packed them almost ten years ago.  It’s crazy.  I think about all those times I went into the basement to look for them, and saw nothing.  Even though they were my books, I guess it wasn’t time for me to see them.  How weird is that?

Is It Greenland?

In the Bahamas there’s a resort called Atlantis, it’s a vacation paradise.  Atlantis, however, was originally mentioned a long-long time ago in the works of Plato, Timaeus and Critias.

Plato himself was a Philosopher who lived in Athens during the Classical period of Ancient Greece.  We’re going back now approximately to 360 B.C., and in his work, Plato mentions a continent sitting in the Atlantic Ocean that was larger than Libya and Asia put together.

Atlantis was a place of great importance partly because of its location at the mouth of what the Greeks called the “Pillars of Heracles.”  It was said that Atlantis was a hub, or a central point that made access to both land masses (North America, and Europe) possible.  Atlantis was a great super power of its day, and the people who lived on the continent were intelligent and technologically advanced.

Things were going really well on the island until one day, a major cataclysmic event, destroyed the land and sank it below the Atlantic Ocean.  Gone, in a single day and night.

There is so much to read about Atlantis.  You could spend days on the internet searching websites and discovering material that talks about all kinds things relating to it.  I don’t know how true any of it is because again, all we really know about it originates in the works of Plato.  Many people would assume him to be the only credible source on the topic, but search for yourself, and see what you come up with.

Personally, I don’t think Atlantis sank.  I think Atlantis is here, alive and well.  If the continent hasn’t drifted over time, than I think it’s……..GREENLAND!  Yes, I think Atlantis is really Greenland.  Look at a map.

Thank you WIKIPEDIA, for the photo.

Lucky To Be Alive

One evening in January, 2000, I was driving home.  I was twenty at the time, turning twenty-one in February, and I was driving my newly leased vehicle.  I loved that car, it was brand new at the time-a 2000 Chevy S10 pickup truck.  I wanted a pickup truck so bad.

Anyhow, there was an uphill road I was coming to, but in order for me to go up the hill I had to first crossover a lane of traffic going in the opposite direction.  Slowly, I crept forward, I looked left, and then looked right.  I crept forward some more and then stepped on the gas looking back to my left, but when I look back to the left again I saw lights.

I was sitting in the driver seat (well, what was left of it) with my head leaning forward against the steering wheel when I woke up to the sound of something loud.  It almost sounded like a lawnmower.  I asked the man who trying to pry me out of the car if I was dreaming.

“No, this is real life,” he said.

I had been t-boned by a drunk driver, driving on the revoke list.  He hit me in my driver side door at approximately 60 to 65 mph.  The sound I heard was “The Jaws of Life,” a saw used by paramedics in situations like mine where someone had to be cut out of their vehicle after a car accident.

My car was completely totaled, I mean absolutely crushed.  Immediately, I was taken to the hospital for treatment.

I left the hospital the next morning with no major injuries, just a very sore ankle and knee.  Later on that year, I played my third season of football at William Paterson University.

I’m lucky to be alive.  I’m lucky I wasn’t crippled.  I’m lucky I didn’t lose a limb, or end up brain dead.

I’m thankful for each and every day, and every morning I wake up, because I could’ve been dead before my 21st birthday.

If you’ve never had an experience where your life was in jeopardy, then let me share something with you.  Enjoy yourself.  If you’re not happy, get to a place where you can be.

There are no stupid ideas.  Whatever puts you in position to be the best person you can be, and living the best way you can, then do it.

Please Don’t….

If you want to help, help.  If you don’t, don’t.


Everybody needs somebody.  It doesn’t matter who you are, how great and talented you might be, or how much money you have.  At some point, we all need help.

Mr. X: “I just graduated college.  I was the most talented painter in my class, but for some reason, I can’t seem to get a job.”

Mr. Y: “Well Mr. X, I know Mr. Z.  Mr. Z owns his own art gallery and is always looking to purchase artwork from new talent.”

Mr. X allows Mr. Y to hook him up with Mr. Z because Mr. X needs a job.  Two years later, Mr. Y becomes resentful and angry at Mr. X because Mr. X is doing really well for himself and became a top selling artist.

Mr. Y continuously throws it up in Mr. X’s face  that it’s because of him that he got the job in the first place.  Mr. X can’t even enjoy the fruit of his labor.

There will come a time when you’ll realize what your capable of, and also, come to grips with your shortcomings.  At that point, you will look elsewhere for someone to help in those areas, because face it, if you don’t, you’ll be stuck in neutral.

To all those Mr. Y’s out there; No one wants to feel imprisoned because of your help.  Please don’t.  If you’re going to help someone out, do it out of the kindness of your heart.  Do it because you want to help, and because you really want Mr. X to become successful.

If your intentions aren’t genuine, Mr. X will see that eventually.  Mr. X, please don’t use people.  Mr. Y could be feeling the way he does because he feels used.  Thank Mr. Y, and let him know your decision to have him speak to Mr. Z was because out of many others, you trusted him.  Perhaps, when you become successful, you can repay him with dinner?

Have A Freakin Good Night



Training; Appearance and Decisions

How’s everyone doing with their weight training routines?  Today is the first day of July, can you believe it?  2019 is just about half way gone, and as I promised in January, we’d be taking this journey together.

So here we are.  Are you dropping those pounds?  I know I wanted a tighter – harder body, and I’m not even close to what I envisioned for myself at this point, but I am still going to the gym.  I’m not in beast mode, but I have been consistent.  I just completed my second consecutive week of three training days, and boy, am I sore as shit.

My workout has changed a lot so let me update you.  Right now, and for the remainder of the summer I’m going to continue with three days per week of weight training.  The days vary, but the routine is as follows:

Day 1 – Chest, Tri’s

Day 2 – Shoulders, Bi’s

Day 3 – Legs, Back, Abs

I discovered something about myself that I wanted to share, and I know everyone’s body is different, but just in case you’re in my boat, this will be helpful.  Do not get discouraged! 

It has been 14 or 15 years since I trained with weights, and if you’ve been out of the game for a while then you know part of your motivation to train again was that initial observation of your body.  It’s the one when you’re like, “Man, I’m out of shape.  I need to join the gym again.  I look like shit.  I feel like shit.”

There is however, another observation that’s more of a revelation, and this is why I’m asking you not to be discouraged.  I think I joined the Gym in October last year, but the other day I looked at myself again.  The opinion of myself was definitely a little more serious this time around.

I’m really out of shape I said to myself.  I’ve been training since October, and I know I was only training one or two days during the week up until two weeks ago, so I’m not putting unfair pressure on myself.  I’m just being honest.  My body, over the years, has become a blob mass.  It’s kind of funny, but true when I compare myself to a 230 pound lump of clay.  There’s no definition, and no shape.  Needless to say, I have work to do.

At this point, it easy for us to quit.  It’s easy to convince ourselves at this point that weight training isn’t doing anything for us because after-all, we’ve been lifting since October.  Do not get discouraged, and don’t quit.  Let this new, more serious realization of your appearance be the motivation that propels you into 2020.


Life is filled with decisions.  Everyday whether we realize it or not, we make choices.  Sometimes we make choices without thinking, which is why we don’t realize this in the first place, but let me remind you that you’re at a crossroad here.  Which direction will you move forward in?

Route 20    Route 18


If you chose Route 20, you’ve decided to continue with your current training routine.  You were honest with yourself, and you didn’t like what you saw, but you’re deciding to do something about it.  Within the near future you’re going to adjust your weight training routine by adding another day and turning up the intensity.  In six months you will go in front of the Judge (you) for another observation/revelation.  You will continue doing this until you’re satisfied with what you see, and then you will maintain.  Welcome to the future!

If you chose to vere right onto Route 18, turn off at the next exit.  Make a left, drive over the bridge and merge back onto the road you were just traveling on.  One minute up the road on the right is the Route 20 exit.  Go that way.

Have a Wonderful Day!

Good Omen Opens Wormhole

chimecrossPut all the horror movies aside.  Try not to think about films like the Exorcist or Omen, or newer ones like the Conjuring.  Think in terms of everyday living and how a symbol could provide us with meaning and guidance, and perhaps, some necessary reassurance that puts us in the right place at the right time.

Part of our future path includes all the signs and symbols that apply to us personally.  As human beings living busy lives we might not consider how are lives are intertwined with culture, literature, and epic stories that survive through time.  You very well could be a hero, or maybe your life portrays a shocking resemblance to a biblical character, and all of a sudden, things begin to change.

And away we go!

Right now we’re about waist-deep and we’ve learned the upside down cross is the Cross of Saint Peter.  Saint Peter was one of Jesus’s Apostles, who was jailed by Nero in Rome.  From a Biblical standpoint, the the upside down cross symbolizes humility, grace, and peace.  According to St. Peter, the future world is one that will be destroyed by fire.

Metaphysically, it represents the penetrating power of the intellect.  Symbolically, it represents power, protection, authority, strength, courage, chievelry, and knighthood.

Alchemically, it represents purification.


If you notice, in the picture the upside down cross is really a wind chime.

According to Googles Online Dictionary a chime is a bell or metal bar or a tube, typically one

  1. of a set tuned to produce a melodious series of ringing sounds when struck.
  1. 1.
    (of a bell or clock) make melodious ringing sounds, typically to indicate the time.
    “the clock chimed eight”


    A crown of thorns on the tree?

Career; Separation and Hate



What’s up everyone?  How ya’ll doing?  If you’ve been keeping up with my blog here then you probably read “Show Quote; Scene Making Sense,” and I hope life hasn’t hit you with a spinning heel kick to the balls like it has me.

Yup things were going great.  I was on my way to work, I had a few days left before break, and all of a sudden, BAM!  I was rear ended.  A spinning heel kick to the balls and a big steaming shit right in my mouth.  That’s how it goes.  I am okay.  I will fight to keep my head above water, and I’ll fight to win because life shows us no mercy.


Moving forward, there’s been a lot of talk about careers.   There’s also been a lot of hating going on, and I really don’t like using the word ‘hating’ in situations involving work, and I made a promise to not give anymore attention to negativity so I’m briefly going to talk about careers while gingerly intertwining hate into the conversation.

Career path/Future Path

When discussing your future or your future path there’s a focus on the individual level.  Individuality is something I really stress because I love the fact that we’re all different.  It’s fascinating to me.  Nothing is more interesting than watching a professional at work; a master of his/her craft.

I watched the college wrestling finals because I wanted to see the two top wrestlers (in each weight class) in the Nation, compete, and it was like watching art in motion.  There is a future in the cards for the world, but your future will be your world as it applies to you, and this includes all the symbolism and clues that go along with it.  The future path, which includes your career path, is about individuality, self-realization, maturity, and self-awareness.

Your career path is your method of getting paid, which ultimately sets you apart.  There’s a separation between those who can, and those who can’t, and those who do, and those who don’t.  Separation causes hate.

A position with ABC Company required a high school diploma.  100 people applied.  Everyone was happy.  A position with ABC Company then required a Bachelor’s Degree.  40 people applied.  There were 60 haters who weren’t qualified.  A position with ABC Company then required a Master’s Degree.  15 people applied.  There were 85 unqualified haters.

ABC Company is very successful.  They want the most qualified candidates, and more importantly, they want people who want a career within their company.  A position with ABC Company requires a Master’s Degree, and a clean background check.  10 people applied.  There were 85 unqualified haters, and 5 haters who were qualified criminals.

1 person got the job.  There were 9 jealous people.

The following week, the person who got the job put his new suit on and drove to ABC Company.  On his way into the office building he was faced with an angry mob of protestors.  They had signs and chanted, “no work, no money.”  Some of them were even throwing rocks and bottles at him and the ABC Building.

He passed the security guard, who ignored him, and headed to the elevator.  The elevator guy threw an evil look in his direction before pressing the button to the floor he was going to.  He greeted the woman sweeping the floor, but she just gave him a fake smile.  The two secretaries gave him the middle finger when his back was turned, and the guys washing his office windows were cursing at him, but he couldn’t hear them because they were outside.

He worked at ABC Company for a year.  As soon as his boss got his Master’s Degree, he fired him.


LOL Have A Wonderful Night