The Three Little Companies

A short story that may or may not be true.

Hand to God, on my divinity.

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There were three little companies with lots of big money. The first little company had a gift for turning plain old manuscripts into beautiful works of art.

The second little company had the equipment. They could take that beautiful work of art and multiply it so that everyone in the world could have their very own copy.

The third little company had the front, a gathering place for people to come and purchase these beautiful works of art.

All three little companies were dependent upon one another as each possessed a small portion of the bigger picture, and things were going great. The three little companies were making an honest living helping people turn their dreams into profitable realities.

The first little company especially. When they showed the people of the world that finished product and what they could do, everyone wanted it. More and more people sought the services of the first little company, and the second little company was busy multiplying, and the third little company was busy selling.

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Then, Big Bad Wolf came along, and he too wanted to turn his dreams into a profitable reality. The first little company took his plain old manuscript, turned it into a beautiful work of art, and people were buying it.

Uh oh, then the Big Bad Wolf, as smart as he was, realized something. People were buying his art, but he wasn’t getting paid. This was discouraging, and unfortunately, no one seemed to have an answer for why this was happening.

Well, as the story goes, the Big Bad Wolf huffed and he puffed and he blew the three little companies down, only this time, a secret underground passageway connecting the second little company to the front of the third little company was exposed.

So, the Big Bad Wolf listened in and he heard:

A small man representing the third little company came up with a plan to make lots of big money. So, he went to a man who had the equipment and worked for the second little company, and told him about the idea.

The conversation went this way:

3: “You’re able to multiple, and you can multiply a plain old manuscript a million times if that many people wanted it, correct?

2: “Yes, that’s our job.

3: “Good, I want you to keep doing your job, and people will continue buying beautiful works of art from my front.

2: “Yes, sir! Not a problem!” Things are going really well. 1,000 people decided to have their plain old manuscripts turned into beautiful works of art.

3: “That’s good, but I want you to do me a favor. You like me right?

2: “Yeah, of course.

3: “You and I can make a lot of money if we don’t involve the first little company. When people come to my front, you multiply the art, and I’ll sell it.

2: “But how’s the first little company going to get paid? And what about the people? How will the people get paid?

3. “They will get paid. They’ll get paid for every sale except 10.

2: “10? I don’t get it.”

3: “Don’t report the sale of ten beautiful works of art from each person. Before that and after that they’ll get paid. Think about it. If people are buying this art for $20 each, we can make $200,000 before anyone realizes what’s going on. Then, we can open our own first little company. All you have to do is not report 10 sales for each new work of art.”

2: “Okay.”

And there it was, the deal was made, unfortunately, they didn’t expect the Big Bad Wolf to show up. They didn’t think the Big Bad Wolf even had dreams, but he did, and he was big business without the big money.

Soon things went back to normal, and all the people got paid again.

The small men got away with their crimes of theft, conspiracy, fraud, and whatever else you can think of, and they ended up opening their own first little company.

The Big Bad Wolf sold millions of copies of his beautiful works of art, and lived happily ever after.

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Where Did God Go?

A sequel to the post, Popping the Big Question

And it will continue until the final bomb is dropped and someone asks the question..

Where did God go?

If what they say is true, that there’s nothing new, and every idea no matter how new and unique it may seem, has already been done by someone else at some other time, then as we’re living and traveling along this beaten path, reawakening is what awaits.

The question surrounding human beings and our origin has been a vehicle of perplexity driving the minds of people to the brink of madness. So, we slow things down and take it from the beginning. Humans procreate, men and women get together and a child is born. It’s a new individual, new life, and the continuation of our species.

Casting every other explanation aside, religious, spiritual, and extraterrestrial, it would only make sense to assume humans have been giving birth to humans since the beginning. Okay, that’s a start. That’s our start.

But our start, in no way possible can be the beginning because the first man and woman had to come from someone or some place.

Every road paved with good intentions has led to hell, and there’s nothing new under the sun; those two sayings are not just two sayings. They’re important clues, and if you read Poppin the Big Question and all that information about gene manipulation, it doesn’t take much to figure out what the result of tampering with the biological makeup of living organisms it will be.

Current gene manipulation will eventually lead to hell. New scientists will realize through a reawakening that what they’re doing has actually been done before, and their refusal to let it go and move on will once again aid in the deterioration of the world. Technological advancements create the appearance of a world in which everyone is connected. It’s a clean, free, and safe world.

The truth is that there’s nothing safe about talking to strangers online and we’re becoming more isolated. When people finally wake up and realize what’s going on, it will be too late. We’ll have already funded the very same people who don’t give a shit about us. They’ll have created so much distance between their world and the general public that they’ll be unreachable. Scientists will eventually believe they themselves are God, and as we become God, we’ll see less and less of God in our world.

And it will continue until someone pops the big question, Where did God go?

It’s a humbling moment as scientists concede and accept they are not God. Humanity itself keeps moving in a circle that seems to begin slow, and then speeds up until things are out of control. Things are out of control because instead of coming together, we divided ourselves into Gods and people who worship them.

The self-proclaimed God realizes he fucked up when his road leads to hell, but who does he run to? He can’t go to the worshiper because his problems are beyond that guy. He has no alternative but to seek God.

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Laughter breaks the silence. In shambles mentally and physically, the Man of Science is unsure about what he hears. Is it all in his head? Can others can hear what he’s hearing?

GOD is speaking: “HOMO SAPIENTIE! Of what? Wisdom. Homo Sapientie, that is you, MAN OF WISDOM. WIS, MIS, SIM , play with it if you like. If you want to be closer to me you can move to Wisconsin or Mississippi. You don’t laugh much do you?

Well, all seriousness aside, it’s only fitting that you believe yourself to be God because I made you in my image. But I did that so you would not be able to see me or recognize me. You can look at yourself or your neighbor-it’s a mirror reality-I’m in you and all around you. The SUN creates. He himself is not GOD, he is my creator, and this thing was spoken into being. I spoke and he listened.

He told you, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. And so you look up to the SUN. I’m in the SUN, hidden by the SUN, and it is through the SUN I work.

Why do you seek me Man?

Oh that’s right, you’re in hell.

Why not go to your neighbor?

Oh that’s right, you can’t. How in the hell can you turn around and ask your neighbor for help when you had him worshipping you?

You can’t or you won’t? Cast aside your pride, ask him for help, and release him from the prison you placed him in.

You cannot know me if you’re still full of pride.

So, you’re in hell and you need me to get you out, but you never believed in me before. You were arrogant as the Man of Science, but I didn’t make Man of Science, I made Man of Wisdom. I tried to warn you. You were aware of the sayings, but you just had to keep going.

How do you know you’re in Hell Man? I guess Hell is personal. What is your Hell like Man? Is every day the same? Nothing changes, things seem to be moving in circles and repeating, everything is cloudy, gloomy, and gray? Are the walls closing in?

Well wipe the dust off your face my friend because are definitely walking is someone’s ashes. Nothing you can do is new, it’s all been done before, and that’s why all roads paved with good intentions lead to hell.

Duh! That’s why every day feels the same and that’s why nothing is changing for you. We’ve been through this before.

I am salvation.

It’s like this; you’re born, you’re brought into this world through birth, therefore you are not and cannot be me. And thank God for that because look at the situation your in now. This is why things are they way they are. Someone has to remain above, outside, and beyond, while at the same time, having the ability to go below, go in, and come up close. I’m every where you are because I’m waiting for you to come to me, and it will be that way until you die because I’m your salvation.

I’m right here! I’m right in front of you screaming and yelling, I CAN SAVE YOU! But there are very few people who actually come to me.

You have from the time you’re born until the time you die to come to me. And the the only way you can come to me is if you really truly want to come to me. I cannot force you. I cannot interfere. You must want to come to me.

HOMO SAPIENTIE, I leave you with this. Very few people find the path to salvation, that’s why the world in which you live is designed the way it is. When something is difficult and border line impossible people give up eventually and concentrate on the things they can do.

But let me tell you this because things have become so twisted and misunderstood. Listen carefully HOMO SAPIENTIE. LISTEN CAREFULLY and understand what I’m telling you in its entirety.

  1. Nothing is impossible.
  2. People give up on their salvation because they say, “I wanna live , I wanna enjoy myself, I wanna have a good time, etc., BUT THERE IS NO SACRIFICE INVOLVED HERE. Those are the words and beliefs from individuals who don’t understand. This isn’t like playing a sport or doing something where you sacrifice to be the very best and most successful. You will never and have never been required to sacrifice for me.
  3. What’s good for you might be bad for your neighbor. Good and Bad don’t exist on a universal level. Good and Bad are why you’re in hell. Good and Bad were defined by the church. Decide what’s Good and Bad for you personally. Good and bad are only a start but you must define good and bad for yourself.
  4. When you discover Right behavior, you’re on the right track. When something is the Right thing to do it can never be bad.
  5. I’m salvation.

There’s catch to all this, there has been from the very beginning, we knew this coming in and we knew it all along. We wanted to take ourselves as nonphysical entities and place ourselves in a physical world so we could enjoy the senses. To feel, to touch, to smell, to hear, to taste, and to see beauty; this is creation, our playground.

There’s creation and there’s salvation. You live and play in my creation, but you will fucking die there if you don’t come back to your salvation. I’m the way out.

Go enjoy yourself, and good luck!

The Upright, the Enemy, and the Other

People who are stand up, up-right, tell the truth, self-aware, and living in the moment, will always be a natural enemy of someone who’s deceitful and manipulative. And unfortunately, that enemy will never confront the up-right; everything the enemy does will be behind the back, in the dark, in secret, tattle-tail-sneaky, and immature.

This will drive the upright crazy, especially if he gives too much attention to what the enemy is doing, but sometimes, the upright doesn’t have a choice. At some point, he must focus on and address what the enemy is doing and how the enemy’s behavior is affecting him.

The upright is non-confrontational, but when it’s necessary, he can be a fierce defender. He would rather not confront the enemy because the enemy doesn’t make sense to him. In the eyes and mind of the upright, the enemy is petty, immature, and hypocritical. The enemy doesn’t make sense to the upright, but because the enemy is passive aggressively and nonchalantly attacking the upright, the upright must find a way to defend himself.

The upright knows exactly what’s going to happen if he confronts the enemy. The enemy is going to lie, deny, and refuse to take responsibility. This will anger the upright even more, and the upright will suddenly appear to be the bad-guy.

What we have here is an accurate portrait of abuse, it’s the kind of abuse you’ll see from someone who’s mentally abusive.

No one sees what the enemy is doing to you, and that’s exactly the situation the enemy wants you in. Everything the enemy does, which is a direct attack on the upright, is subtle, indirect, and questionable.

So, the upright questions himself; is he really attacking me? Is he really talking about me behind my back? Is he really making up lies about me. Is he really rallying a small group of followers behind my back who entertain him and agree with everything he says?

This person is no good, how come no one sees it? He’s creating a sub-group and alienating me, what am I going to do?

Yes. The answer is yes, and finally, the upright kicks the door in and unleashes. And because it was the upright who ultimately made a scene, the upright is now wrong in the eyes of his peers.

Wrong in the eyes of his peers? Think about that? Is he really wrong though?

“Woah, woah, calm down,” everyone says. “You’re out of control man, are you having a bad day,” they ask condescendingly.

The upright gives everyone the middle-finger and walks out. “To hell with all of you,” the upright says.

Maybe the upright was wrong in the minds and eyes of his peers, but the upright feels his behavior was necessary and absolutely justifiable.

So, according to himself, upright was right, not wrong.

This exact same situation plagues the upright, and he feels like he’s constantly in this battle of good and evil and right and wrong.

After some time, the upright learns that it doesn’t matter what people think. As long as he knows he’s right, then that’s all that matters.

After some more time, with this new wisdom secured in the back of upright’s head, he begins to smarten up.

He realizes he’s good, and he realizes his enemy is bad. So, at all costs, he must maintain the high-ground. The upright must keep his cool, and not let the enemy have him spinning out of control.

And this is the point when a simple upright person asks God, “Why are things so fucking difficult?” And the upright finally realizes; there’s no way win this, instead he must overcome it.

As soon as the enemy realizes his antagonizing behavior no longer effects the upright, he moves on to someone else.

Overcoming it. Think about it.

The upright decides to do things to the enemy behind his back, in secret, and in the dark. Now, the enemy becomes so occupied with trying to figure out why things in his life are suddenly going wrong, he doesn’t have time to fuck with other people.

The upright is happy finally, he feels good, and although his behavior isn’t typical, he’s giving the enemy a taste of his own medicine. Suddenly, the pressure loosens up a bit. The upright laughs to himself, and moves on. He overcame.

There’s only one gigantic mistake the upright made. He told the person closest to him what he was doing. He revealed his secrets and how he decided to deal with the enemy.

And what do you think upright’s friend said to him?

I just want to let you know that what you’re dong isn’t right!!!!!

Well, thank you mister fucking obvious. I mean seriously, I guess my peace of mind and happiness pissed you off that much that you had to tell me I was wrong?

Haven’t I kicked enough doors in? Haven’t I endured enough? Haven’t I given enough people the finger? I can’t curse anymore to hell! Hell is full! It’s at max capacity!

I’ve dealt with enough enemies head to head to know it’s a no win situation. I’ve seen enough of them speak in agreement with me in front of me, and in the very same breadth, turn around to someone else and take the opposing side of the argument in agreement with the other.

I’ve seen them completely contradict themselves and change their views mid-sentence, literally talking out of both sides of their mouth. Literally! They play the crowd and tell everyone what they want to hear. They take no stance. They take no responsibility for what they do and say, and somehow, miraculously, it’s never them and they’re always right.

As you get older, you’ll realize how fast life passes you by. You’ll realize how valuable your time is, and little by little, you’ll start disassociating yourself, creating distance between, and spending less time with the enemy.

You’re constantly moving forward and progressing, and they’re standing still playing the same old games. The upright doesn’t want to play anymore, and the upright doesn’t want to entertain or give anymore of his valuable time or attention to someone who’s incapable of seeing the bigger picture. People change. We grow apart. That’s normal.

You like to spend your time lying, and talking about people behind their backs. You like to use your time trying to figure out how to push and antagonize people who don’t even know you exist. You spend your time perfecting deceit, manipulation, and trickery.

I’m trying to figure out how I can improve myself and how I can become a better person. I’m trying to make friends and build real quality relationships grounded in trust. I want people to know I’m accountable and dependable.

You’re caught up in ego and pride, and I let that go a long time ago.

So, in the eyes and minds of the other, the upright was wrong for making a scene and approaching this problem head-on. And the very first time the upright decided to sink down to his enemies level and enter through the back door, the other was right there again to quickly remind him he was wrong.

Well, I guess in the eyes and minds of the other, the upright is always wrong. And as long as the upright is without peace and without happiness, then he’s okay in the eyes and mind of the other.

I guess no peace and no happiness is what the upright wins for being upright. I guess upright’s life has to be a miserable debacle for walking the straight and narrow. I guess good suffers and evil triumphs?

Is that the message here?

Popping the Big Question

Man-meaning of humanity, was originally called; lulu, meaning “primitive.” He was “lulu amelu,” which meant primitive worker. The terms used by Sumerians and Akkadians for Man, spoke of his status and purpose.

Humans were created as primitive workers.

According to evidence presented by Zecharia Sitchin, in his book, The 12th Planet, in Biblical times, the deity was Lord, Sovereign, King, Ruler, and Master.

And the term commonly translated as worship was avod. Avod meant “work.”

This proves that ancient and biblical man didn’t worship his god, he worked for him.

In order to rest and relax, god created man to do his work, and this coincides with the bible text that talks about god creating for six days and resting on the seventh. They could rest and relax because they created us.

So when did the change occur? At what point was working for god no longer considered worshiping him, and at what point did worshiping god come to mean going to church?

Some people think the gods left us, I think they’re still here amongst us.

There’s a bit of confusion about our beginning or origin, and from what I’m starting to understand, that’s because there was Man, and there was modern Man, the Homo Sapiens.

Man is the product of evolution as the discovery shows. This was an ape-like individual known as Homo erectus. Homo erectus evolved here on earth after millions of years.

When the ancient astronauts got here 450,000 years ago, the earth was going through an interglacial stage. The climate was warm and it brought about a proliferation of food and animals, and it speeded up the appearance and spread a man-like ape (Homo erectus).

In Sitchin’s book, proof is shown that the visiting Nefilim were not only aware of, but lured in and began studying Homo erectus.

Before he was civilized, Home erectus was described as being covered with shaggy hair on his whole body, endowed with hair like a woman, he knew nothing about people or land, and he was one with the grass fields. He fed on grass with gazelles, he jostled with wild beasts, and his hearts delight was in the watering place with the creatures in the water.

The alien hunters were afraid of Homo erectus, and Homo erectus was a nuisance to them because he was friends with and protected the animals he lived amongst. He would pick up the hunter’s traps and refill holes they dug.

The Nefilim quickly realized the Homo erectus was somewhat intelligent, and when the Nefilim were faced with the problem for manpower, they saw a ready-made solution in the domestication of a suitable animal. Homo erectus was the animal but he presented a problem. He was too intelligent and wild to become a docile beast of work, and his physic made him unsuitable for the task.

Without time and in need of a quick solution to mass-produce a work force, it was decided that the image of the gods would be imprinted on the being that already existed. Thus, the evolutionary advancement of Homo erectus was genetic manipulation.

The Nefilim did not create mammals, primates, or hominids. The Adam, of the Bible is the being who is our ancestor-he was the first Homo sapiens.

Man was not created out of nothing. He was a creature that already existed here. He was manipulated by the Nefilim so they could “bind upon it” the “image of the gods.” Man is the product of evolution, but modern Man is Homo sapiens, a product of the “gods.”

I think the confusion should be cleared up now. We are not and were not Homo erectus, we are the genetically manipulated product.

Now, some people will laugh at this explanation and dismiss it, even though there’s enough significant proof that we shouldn’t.

But the funny thing is that we seem to be coming full-circle on our existence and origin. And I think as we continue to walk down this road of genetic manipulation and cloning, someone, if they haven’t already, is going to have a sudden awakening.

They already said there are no new ideas, everything that’s being done and discovered now, already was.

The awakening is going to be the realization that cloning and genetic manipulation was not only done already, but it’s the missing link to our creation and sudden emergence.

All living organisms contain or come with complete hereditary characteristics of their parent cell. In normal conception between father and mother, each of their chromosome sets merge to make 46, and then split to remain at 23 chromosome pairs, which leads to chance combinations.

Where do you think the saying comes from, “God doesn’t roll the dice?” It means God doesn’t take chances.

And with that in mind, technics already exist for cloning human beings. You can take the DNA of any human cell (not necessarily sex organs), and place its 23 sets of complete chromosomes into the female ovum to get the conception and birth of a “predetermined” individual!

Cloning produces the offspring that’s an exact replica of the source of the unsplit set of chromosomes. That means we right now, contain the knowledge to make exact copies of human beings. Sitchin goes on to sate that if their cell nuclei was preserved, we could’ve produced a limitless number of Hitlers, Mozarts, or Einsteins.

Keep that in mind as you’re swabbing the inside of your nostrils for that COVID test that the pharmacy sends off to some lab, or that sudden drug test your place of employment springs on you and asks you to place the cotton swab-stick under your tongue for three minutes.

We haven’t mastered every technique but we’re getting ever so close, and as we do, we’re going to come to realization that what we’re actually doing is pursuing the understanding of our own creation. That’s why they say every road to hell was paved with good intentions.

The closer we get to our beginning, the more resentment we’re going to have for our creators. There’s going to be that time of anger followed by crying and then laughter. That’s the awakening. Like an abandoned child who meets his parents for the first time, we will approach with anger and hatred asking them why they brought us into this world and just left us.

The closer we get to our beginning, the more we are going to hate each other. The knowledge of our origin is going to divide people, and it will create, once again, Gods and those who are worshipping or working.

As we become God, we’ll come to hate God and seek the removal of anything Godly.

And that’s how it will remain. We’re seeing the beginning of it now as technology continues to progress and our culture becomes increasingly digital.

And it will continue as things gradually deteriorate. Women will fight with men, when they realize they don’t need sperm to conceive. We’ll hate each other and say I don’t need you to one another as those with all the knowledge continue distancing themselves from the mainstream and go further and further down the rabbit hole.

Less and less of the world will be habitable, but it won’t matter because the ruling elite will only be concerned about themselves and their own preservation. We’ll have to struggle and conserve and live in meager conditions while they thrive.

And the answer to head this terrible situation off has been right here all along. All we had to do was unite, become one species united through culture with purpose. Some were too blind to see it, some were too greedy to be apart of it, some knew it and just didn’t care, and some were too afraid of the unknown to make real progress.

And it will continue until the final bomb is dropped and someone asks the question…

An Astrological Interpretation of Gen. X

I just contacted an online publication because I wanted to write a feature story about Generation X, but there’s no guarantee they’re going to accept my offer. As a matter of fact, you have to be careful who you submit your work to because there’s a lot of people who are looking to put their name on other people’s work. I’m not saying that’s them, but you never know. All to often you hear stories about people submitting a piece that’s declined, only to find someone else taking the idea and submitting it.

What I’m going to do right here on my website is an astrological interpretation of Generation X as a sub-group within the United States. I used to produce the chart, and the information I used was January 1, 1965, at 12 o’clock midnight. The place was Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Generation X is a group or a portion of the American population born between the years of 1965 and 1980. It’s a fifteen-year period. The time and date I used because that’s officially when the first X’er would’ve been born, and since we’re talking about America, I could’ve used Washington D.C. or Philadelphia. I chose Philadelphia.

The Chart (

Let’s begin with Libra on the ascendant (AC). Libra in the first house indicates a generation that’s all about justice, balance, harmony, equality, and love, and since Libra is on the ascendant, Venus (love) rules the chart.

With the moon present in the 3rd house, Generation X will have an awakening at the subconscious level. That awakening will cause issues concerning communication, short distance traveling, and our neighborhoods to rise to the surface.

Venus can also be found in Sagittarius in the 3rd house. This means there’s a direct link between equality, balance, justice, and harmony on the ascendant, and the matters covered under the 3rd house. Communities are important to this generation, there’s a belief that small scale progress can go a long way, therefore, the community or the neighborhood is a microcosm of the country at large. Strong communities equal a strong country.

Sagittarius is naturally a 9th house sign. Sagittarius embodies philosophy, higher learning and a broad range of concepts. It’s energetic, freedom loving, open to exploration, ambitious and generous. Venus in Sagittarius shows that we love our freedom, and we love living energetic ambitious lives. If we don’t have those things and we don’t feel free then this generation will want to know why. That’s why the moon is there.

Mercury is also in the 3rd house. Generation X will not be afraid to talk about these issues. If there’s no harmony we’re going to discuss it. If our neighborhoods are falling apart we’re going to talk about it. Communication in all it’s forms are going to be utilized by Generation X as they’re responsible for restoring balance and harmony.

As we cross over the IC and enter the 4th house of home and roots, we see Capricorn and the sun, and the sun’s conjunction with the IC. At the deepest, darkest, most private and most intimate part of the chart, which also represents the core of Generation X, it’s sunny! Our will and life force revolves around our careers, and our careers ground us and provide stability. This is a generation grounded through work, and if work is taken away, we become a generation uprooted and lost.

The 5th house deals with creativity and short term pleasure, love, and having fun. Saturn is there, which on a good note, indicates a responsible generation, but in a house where the sky is supposed to be the limit, do we really want someone limiting and controlling our potential? That’s what happening. Saturn has taken control and slowed down love as it relates to creativity, fun, and pleasure. This validates the moon’s presence in the 3rd house in Sagittarius.

The problem is that Saturn’s only good aspect is to the MC, the midheaven. With Saturn in trine with the MC, Saturn dictates how we reach the highest levels as a generation, and if it relates to fun-loving creativity and pleasure, there will be limitations, but if we’re good, there’s always the possibility that our patience will be rewarded.

Saturn is in Pisces, that’s means he’s leveraging religion and spirituality to place limitations on us. Pisces is a 12th house sign, and the 12th house is the house of secret enemies. There are secret enemies in the house of love and creativity and that’s throwing us off balance as a sub-group and as a country.

Chiron, the little key symbol you see in the 6th house, represents a core wound. On an individual level, this wound is created early in life, or brought into this life from a previous one, but since we’re talking about the core wound of a generation, it would only make sense that this wound was created before Generation X came into existence. That means Chiron’s wound in the 6th house/Pisces is one Generation X has inherited and now bears the burden of healing.

The wound is related to self-care and the immaterial world. Generation X is dealing with victimization and betrayal in the house of health and service, that means, America as a country has experienced victimization and betrayal. When this wound isn’t healed we’re a generation depleted because we compensate by being overly selfless. Healing the United Sates has become the responsibility of Generation X as of January 1, 1965.

The issue and the wound here is personal, but tremendously clear. If Generation X is going to leave America in better shape than they found it, we need to accomplish three things.

1.Create healthy boundaries. This translates to border issues. Wall or no wall, the issue here is controlling the flow of illegal immigration. Before coming into the United States, immigrants must enter through a port of entry. They should be checked, examined, and documented. When they are documented and legal, they should be required to assimilate into the American culture, and reminded that they’re now leaving their home land behind.

That’s how it always was. I don’t know why or when it stopped, but returning to that is absolutely necessary for our healing.

2.Be nurturing towards ourselves. America nurturing (Cancer) America. This is at the MC. America nurturing America is the highest part of this chart, and what we as a generation should be aiming and striving towards. This is one of the biggest questions we have as country. Why aren’t we taking care of ourselves? Why aren’t we manufacturing, making, and exporting? Why are we sending jobs overseas?

3.Improve and develop an intuition we can rely on.

The answer or key to numbers 2 and 3 once again revolve around Saturn. Intuition and nurture, that’s Pisces and Cancer. Creating healthy boundaries is possible. Our healing gets tricky when we come to our second and third needs, but if we’re serious about healing then I’ll bring the problem and the solution to light.

You tell me.

What? You want to know? Okay.

If you look at the chart, you’ll notice the natural order of things is flipped. Cancer is where Capricorn should be, Aries is where Libra is supposed to be, Taurus is where Scorpio should be, and so on.

With Libra on the ascendant, love rules the chart. Aries (mars/wars) is on the descendant, that means we should now start distancing ourselves from war. We did the war thing, and now it’s sinking below the horizon. Let’s remove ourselves from international issues, we’re not the police force of the world.

Nurturing (Cancer) ourselves, America taking care of America; it’s one of our biggest questions and one of our most important needs, yet, it’s the furthest away. It’s the highest and hardest thing to reach. We’re supposed to be grounded through nurture (Cancer/Moon).

In it’s place, is work (Career/Public Standing/Capricorn). Generation X has been blessed with a Grand Earth Trine; Jupiter/Taurus, Sun/Capricorn, Pluto and Uranus/Virgo.

The Baby Boomers, Generation W, was 14-years-old when President Kennedy was murdered in public. They were kids. Can you blame them for putting their heads down and going to work without questioning anything? Talking, nurturing, and getting to the root of problems just didn’t happen back then, and that’s when work replaced nurturing. That’s when fear replaced love.

Something else happened around that time. Yes, the 60s! The flow of drugs into the culture; Drugs to help generations of Americans mask, deal, and cope with the problems we were avoiding by putting our heads down and going to work.

Why do you think Chiron is in Pisces in the 6th house of health and service? We’re depleted because we’re doing everything we can to avoid our problems, and where’s Virgo, the 6th house sign? Where’s the Great Mother, the healer, and the nurturer?

In the 12th house of secret enemies. We’re being victimized and betrayed through health and service. I’ll repeat that. We’re being victimized and betrayed through health and service.

For the third need, developing and improving an intuition we can rely on:

Nothing happens without reason. This chart was flipped for our benefit.

Mars in the 12th house means we as a generation and a nation keep our feelings secret from the world. It means we do have strong intuitive powers (we need that #3). On the good side there’s and active imagination, but on the bad side, there’s an immediate danger from secret enemies.

We come full circle to my point about Saturn in the 5th house and in the 12th house sign of Pisces. Mars in the 12th house is telling us we have the creativity and the intuition, but we’re under Saturn’s control because of secret enemies.

Mars, as it represents the threat of secret enemies, steps aside and just watches. The trine connecting the 12th house to the 4th and the 8th has nothing to do with him. If we will (sun) ourselves to work (Capricorn), prosperity, luck, and benevolence (Jupiter) are bestowed and result in money and possessions (Taurus).

Wait, that’s only two signs, the grand trine is made up of three. What about Pluto and Uranus in Virgo? Pluto and Uranus in the 12th house are two amazing placements that would not only complete this trine, but would without a doubt, be the force we need to promote the healing of Chiron’s wounds.

Uranus in the 12th: You are very intuitive, perhaps psychic, and are attracted to unusual beliefs in religion or metaphysics. Your need to be independent in thought (freethinker) fights against limitations (Saturn) placed on you by others. On the good side, we’re humanitarian. On the bad side, we’re subject to sudden and unexpected adversities.

Like JFK. Oh, he was just riding in the car and all of a sudden he was shot in the head. Oh, that damn unexpected adversity.

Pluto in the 12th means we have a compelling desire to understand, and see deeply into philosophical issues. We want to know, we want to understand, and we want transformation.

Uranus is eccentric, unpredictable, and creative. He’s revolutionary and known as the great awakener. He wakes us up to get us moving in the right direction. Pluto is the detective of the zodiac. He digs and brings the truth to the surface.

Both however, are in conjunction with mars. Mars is close enough to where his presence is felt, but he’s not directly involved with the trine. Pluto and Uranus are under a direct and immediate threat, and all that is hidden in the 12th house of secret enemies.

We can be eccentric, but don’t get too out of control.

We can investigate and bring the truth to the surface depending on what it is and who’s involved.

Limited and controlled; but there’s a way around all that because Chiron is in trine with the midheaven, Neptune is also in trine with the midheaven, and the sun is in opposition to the midheaven.

The quickest and easiest way to do this, and don’t laugh, would be through the sun’s opposition. Stop going to work. There’s a constant pull for power going on between between the sun in the 4th house and the midheaven. Make it easy. Surrender to Cancer and nurturing and pursue happiness. Don’t put your head down and go to work, instead, get involved and make a commitment to reaching our highest potential.

That won’t happen.

So, we can solve the border issue, but that’s only one out of three. If want to go three for three, we need to go directly to the source.

Neptune is our connection to source, but if Neptune is going to work for us, it must be grounded. With natural power, Neptune can do for us whatever we need him to do, which is increased intuition, powerful dreams, and psychic ability.

How do we ground Neptune? Neptune can be grounded with truth.

In addition, we can look to the sign and house it rules (Pisces/12th house). Every part of our body falls under the rulership of a sign. Our feet are ruled by Pisces. We need to stand on our own two feet in the 12th house of secret enemies without fear, hate, or jealousy, and let Uranus and Pluto do what they do best without the threat of Mars.

The rest is a matter of taking care of our health, and removing the restrictions and limitations on the 5th house.

Right now, on the young end, Generation X is 42-years-old. On the older end, we’re 57. It’s not too late. We have another 30 years in power.


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What are They Doing?

[fictional work]

The day was just beginning as the sun’s firey rays peered through the blinds. A young couple lay nestled together in bed under a warm heavy comforter. There was so much to think about, and so much on their minds, but at this moment, their thoughts about each other consumed them, for each other was all that mattered.

Their apartment was high above the city streets where traffic was slowly mounting and pedestrians scrambled to get to work on time, but from the sounds of the day, it was not out of reach. Through the small opening in the window where the sun’s rays peered, the sounds of the city penetrated their lair. Some would say only beasts reside in lairs, but in a sense, the couple was beasty; two animals, heated with passion.

As her head lay in the comforts of his hairy chest, he ran his fingers through her hair.

“You’re a good girl,” he whispered.

She just looked at him and remained quiet, but it was the touch of his lips to her forehead and his breadth that washed over her face that ignited her primal lust. Like two animals, they rolled around entangling themselves in the bedding. Nothing else mattered.

Funny Story

I think you’ll laugh at this, I don’t know, I thought it was funny.

When I was at my last book signing for my first book, a customer purchased the book and wanted it signed. I thought she said her name was Mary, so I began to sign it, To Mary..

Then, she stopped me and said, “No! My name is Jenny.”

So, I grabbed a new book and signed it, but for the longest time I was stuck with the book that said, To Mary.

I thought, maybe I’ll meet a Mary and I could give her the book. A year went by and I never met a Mary, but I did meet a Marilyn.

I was so excited. All I had to do was squeeze i and l before the y, but for some strange reason, I wrote “land” after Mary.

Now I was stuck with a book that said, To Maryland!

I decided to send the book to the state of Maryland, and that’s what I did.

Opus Magnum

Opus Magnum
By: Francis Joseph LaManna

Celestial coordinate grids-
Spun from arachnids,
And the world's fear,
is sight unclear.

They sit in meditation, hoping for a little intuition,
to fix a situation, with more imagination.  

But to tell the truth, 
Imagination might be enough,
For humans to conquer,
And break through the rough.

Time lines of history,
millennia mysteries-
still making sense of it all;
Time in space,
We're recalling The Fall.
The more I walk-
The more I crawl.

Slow down my sun,
He doesn't say it, but I know he feels it.

Our hands meet,
and something happens,
either a deal is made,
or it's congratulations.

The path forward, 
now set to unfold,
it's one that favors action-
the courageous and bold.

We're awakened by incompatible opposites, 
which change our focus,
to the possibility-
we've returned for a purpose. 

That's destiny!
And we learn, 
we aren't trying to complete a process,
but rather, we are the process.

The Great Work is us!
We're being molded and engineered,
as our soul journeys to completion.  

4311 The House on Furnace Street Part 2

A work of fiction

By Francis J. LaManna

4311 Furnace Street remained vacant for the next 30 years. No members of the Ottenbury family showed up or called in to claim the property so it sat. Once or twice during the year employees from the Department of Public Works would show up and cut the lawn, that was in the beginning though. I don’t think anyone trimmed a bush or cut the lawn there in last ten years. People just avoided that place, it was like it didn’t exist. As a matter of fact, in all my years living in Scarlet, I’ve never even seen a For Sale sign on the lawn.

Old man Ottenbury died when I was in high school, I was a sophomore at Scarlet High, and I can remember walking past 4311 everyday on my way home from school. It felt strange-the whole area around his house was one big cold spot. It was eerie too like as if someone was watching me. Sometimes I would run home.

If you take Furnace Street all the way out until you come to the first cross street and cross over, Furnace became Gate Street. My parents and I lived at the end of Gate Street. Sometimes I would get that eerie feeling walking past Ottenbury’s and haul ass. A few years after I graduated Scarlet there was a series of stories in the local paper. Locals thought his house was haunted, and some people reported seeing the ghost of an old man standing in window. There’s a lot of people who think Ottenbury’s house was haunted at the time of his death, and that’s why he didn’t try to get help or leave. No one understood why he just sat there and bled out.

Well, I’m in my forties now, and I ended up buying a house of my own on Gate Street right across from where my parents lived. I don’t go near that house anymore, and here’s the weirdest thing. If I go out onto my front lawn at night when it’s dark and look in the direction of Furnace Street, the sky about that area looks like it’s on fire.

I wish there was a way of closing Gate Street-you know, completely separating our side from Furnace Street. In a sense it would be like closing the gate to the furnace; maybe make it a dead end or something.

4311 The House on Furnace Street

A Work of Fiction In Progress

By Francis J. LaManna

It was pouring rain and old man Ottenbury was moving frantically around his house trying to get the windows closed. It’s a good thing, however, not all the windows were open because a house that big could’ve been soaked by the time a man as old as old man Ottenbury got around to closing them. There was no Mrs. Ottenbury, she passed naturally more than a decade ago, and his three kids were grown with lives of their own.

That last window, the one in the living room area was putting up a fight again as it always had. It was near impossible to close; for old man Ottenbury at least. As he pressured down on the small handle, he steadied himself with his left hand pressed against the glass. And then it happened, the glass shattered underneath the pressure of his hand. The sharp glass cut deep into his arm from his wrist all the way up to his elbow.

Ottenbury pulled his arm free and sat on the floor beneath the window. It was still pouring rain, but the sound of rain was soothing. The carpet around the old man was soaked. He closed his eyes and let his thoughts flow, occasionally grabbing onto the memories of his wife. He loved and missed her.

The body of old man Ottenbury was found several days later when the rain stopped. A woman walking past the house noticed the shattered window. Upon closer examination she saw a head and called the police.