If you have something to do do it.  If there’s something you would like to do do it.

I’m not and I’ve never claimed to be a master of self-help, but I firmly believe in taking responsibility for the things we do, and that in itself is perhaps the best method to maturity, personal growth.

To say that someone is rushing you is an excuse.  If you didn’t get your tasks done, and claim its because someone rushed you well that’s a lie.  The truth is you were not focused on what you had to do.

I dont know, maybe you were thinking about food, going to bed, or your significant other, and because of that your responsibilities were left incomplete.

If you have responsibilities, then they’re your responsibilities, therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure they are taken care of.

Scenario A

Harvey – “C’mon man hurry up lets get out of here.  We’ve been here all day.  Hurry up!”

Henry – “Okay I’ll clean later.”

Henry’s Mother – “Henry you’re grounded for not cleaning your room.”

Henry – “Mom, I was going to, but Harvey rushed me.”

Scenario B

Harvey – “C’mon man hurry up lets get out of here, I want to leave.  We’ve been here all day.  Hurry up!”

Henry – “No Harvey!  I have to finish cleaning my room first.  If you’re in a rush go ahead Ill catch up.”

3 thoughts on “Responsibilities

  1. Oh you asked about the story..yeah I’m working on chapter 8 now. It might be the last chapter so I have a lot of loose ends to tie up.


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