Swatizka Map?!

My birthday just passed last month, and one of my gifts was a Nintendo.  It’s kind of a joke, since my parents bought me the original console 34 years ago, (WOW!)but it brings back so many memories from my childhood.

The revised mini version of today contains 30 original video game classics already programmed in it so you don’t even have to worry about purchasing the games.

Anyways, one of the games included was Zelda.  I was was so excited, and started playing, but when I got to Level 3, I realized something I didn’t notice as a kid.

The Level 3 map is a Swatzika.  Who knows if it was done accidentally, as a joke,  or as part of some kind of child mind programming conspiracy, but it’s there and it’s definitely a Swatztika.

I’m going to play on, but I just wanted to bring some attention and awareness to the issue.  Are you as shocked as I am?

5 thoughts on “Swatizka Map?!

      1. No worries here, Its a lot easier for you to look it up. Like I said 30 games. I don’t feel like typing all 30. Okay?

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