Moon-Scope; Watery Sanctuary

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

What’s up everyone? How’s everyone doing? I hope you’ve been enjoying these Moon-Scopes; this one here is for tomorrow, and tomorrow evening.

The Moon 🌖 in Pisces ♓.

The Moon enters Pisces for a short stay on Monday, April 25, and it will remain there until Tuesday the 26th. The Moon’s natural home is in Cancer, which like Pisces, is a water sign, so I think the Moon still feels somewhat at home. Pisces, however, is mutable water, and that makes the qualities of the Moon more adaptive. Pisces is the sign of emotional depth, sorrow, and self-undoing. At large, there is understanding of the human condition.

Our focus for this Moon-Scope will be tomorrow evening at 10 PM east coast time, and 7 PM west coast time when the Moon will be in Pisces in the 4th House. The blend between the two manifest in the arena of home and roots.

This reading is powerful because Pisces is a 12th house sign, and the 12th house is known as the house of hidden enemies, which most of the time, points to self limiting behavior, but if we take that 12th house theme and bring it into the 4th house, we’re now faced with the dilemma of hidden enemies within the home.

If you are in a situation where you’re living with roommates, maybe you’re a college student, or you’re an adult living in apartment where you share space with other renters, there’s a possibility you could be sleeping with the enemy. It might be a good idea to talk with the people in your dwelling to iron out differences and make sure everyone is on the same page. Maybe that would put an end to the dialogue that goes on behind your back.

Remember, the 4th House represents the home, roots, and basically, the sacred sanctuary you retreat to when you decide to let it all go and isolate yourself. In the birth chart, the IC, or the Imum Coeli is the cusp of the 4th House. If you could imagine a tree planted in your chart, this is where the roots would be. It’s the foundation, the base, and where the seed was originally planted.

When the Moon is in Pisces, intuition is on a psychic level, but don’t get hung up in the dreamy waters. This placement reminds us of the need to be clear minded for a better sense of reality, which leads to greater fulfillment.

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces will also be in Pisces in the 4th House, and in conjunction with the moon, Venus, and Jupiter. That’s 4 planets in close proximity giving the energy we need to make sure our home environment is everything we’d like it to be. Love, luck, and dreams, it’s all here.

Lucky Numbers are 2 and 6, and they’re good for today and tomorrow.

Have a relaxing evening.

Moon Scope; Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Wednesday April 13, 2022

On Tuesday, April 12th, the moon slides into the sign of purity represented by the virgin, Virgo. The moon will transit Virgo for three days, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but I picked Wednesday to do this moon-scope because Wednesday is a lucky day for Virgo.

There are different ways of getting what we want. When the moon was in Leo, Leo provided the will power and energy to stay in the game for a desired outcome, but with Virgo, the focus turns more to sensibility instead of that raw energetic emotional drive. An already receptive moon gains flexibility here. If you want to get to point A, but the path is blocked, be flexible instead of rushing through. Go around. I think Virgo is almost a perfect compliment to the moon, they have a lot in common.

The Moon🌖 in Virgo ♍ in the 10th house🏠.

When it’s 10:00 PM her on the east coast, it will be 7:00 PM on the west coast, but the Moon will be on the 19th degree of Virgo in the 10th House.

The key phrase for Virgo is “I Analyze,” and by nature, Virgos are conscientiousness, they seek to know. The combination of the Moon’s energy in the astrological sign of Virgo manifests in the arena of career and public standing.

Take a good long and hard look at your career. Is it right for you? Does it enable you to get out of life what you want? How does it affect your image in the eyes of the public? During this transit, you seek to know how people view you in relationship to your career.

This is also the perfect time to look for a new job if that’s what you want. Try to find what’s right for you. Am I happy where I’m at, or do I want something else? Those are the questions you seek to find answers for.

Lucky numbers are 5 and 3, and that will be in effect for as long as the Moon is in Virgo. That’s three days, and they say third times the charm. If there’s a pick 3 lottery in your state, play 305 in any combination for those three days. Who knows, maybe you’ll pick a winner!

Straight Up Racism Here

You won’t see this in the mainstream news.

This is an older story, but the link below will take you to an article where students at Notre Dame are calling for the removal of all books penned by white authors.

Again, here’s another slippery slope, but this is college. There’s really nothing inappropriate here according to age or development. The left claims to want to end racism is this country, but again their methods are purely racist.

People, we have to approach this situation with an open mind.

Equality in America 2

Wow, no one participated in the poll!? Interesting. So, why does the left constantly demonstrate the behaviors they argue against? You claim to fight for equality, no labels, accept everyone, open-mindedness, and treat everyone as equals, but then you go do the same things you say are wrong. I don’t understand this. Do you argue for how you want everyone else to behave, but that doesn’t apply to you?

In Equality of America, I asked my audience to take a poll and respond to;

If a white Vice President, asked white Senators to write letters to white children, would you say that’s an example of systemic racism in our country?

Of course that hasn’t happened, are you kidding me, but the opposite has. Is it still wrong?

And they say Kamala Harris isn’t very popular amongst voters nowadays. According to Rasmussen Reports Dot Com, fifty-seven percent (56%) of voters now view the vice president unfavorably, including 47% who have a Very Unfavorable impression of her.

I wonder why.

$17 Billion Spent on Student Loan Debt

Well, in a nutshell, the article is saying despite President Biden covering $17 billion in student loan debts, it hasn’t really helped him politically. $17 billion is a lot of money, and it wiped the slate clean for a lot of people-so what’s the issue?

I don’t have the answer to that question, but I’m one of the students who hasn’t benefited from his Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, so maybe there’s quite a few people in the same boat.

I graduated college in 2003, and I’m still paying my loan back. My loan was originally with a company (ACS) that went out of business, but eventually, it was picked up by another.

For some reason my loan doesn’t qualify, but I wish it did. $10,000 of debt relief could really help. I think what President Biden did was really generous, and the young people who just got a college education for free should be thanking him.

Maybe, if it’s possible, he could check and see what loans aren’t qualifying for his program. I think he would get that political win he’s looking for if he starts helping the right people. That group of adults between 40 and 50-years-old who are trying to live with a nagging college debt from 20 years ago would sure be grateful and appreciative of that help.

Catchup & Relish

My complimentary paperback copies of Smorgasbord 2 arrived today, and as you can probably imagine, I’M SO FRIGGIN EXCITED!

Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up & Relish

I’d like to thank my publisher, Fulton Books, for doing another amazing job! The book looks great!

April 1st would be the expected release date, so we’re about another week and half away from it being available for purchase.

Only here, on my site, will you get the pre-sneak-peak and inside look at one special poem. Enjoy!

Does It Even Matter;
a poem from Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up & Relish

Nooz Now

March 11, 2022 Edition

🏀NCAA-The Virginia Tech Hokies defeated the No. 2 Ranked Fighting Irish of Notre Dame in the ACC Tournament yesterday, 87-80.

🏈NCAA- Georgia’s QB, J.T. Daniels, is visiting Oregon State today. Daniels told sources he won’t make a final decision on transferring until the spring.

🏀NBA- Joel Embiid scored 27 points and had 12 rebounds, but that wasn’t enough as the 76ers lost by 29 to the Nets last night, 129-100. This was also the night marking the return of Ben Simmons.

🎬The Dutchess (2008)- This was a movie starring Keira Knightly, Ralph Fiennes, Haley Atwell, and (my personal favorite) Dominic Copper, who played Jesse Custer in the show Preacher. I just saw this the other night; it was excellent. You know movies are good when they draw a reaction out of you, and I must say, the marriage between the characters played by Knightly and Fiennes was a little infuriating. That’s all I’m saying; check it out!

📗-I just purchased a book yesterday, and the title isn’t really important. When I opened the inside cover and flipped to the Acknowledgements, this “author” gave thanks to someone who contributed knowledge and expertise to her book, an editor, a contributor, collaborator, another editor, and then someone who added detail. (I mean did she even write the book?) I don’t know, that seems like a lot of people.

Also, I wanted to share this. Someone questioned me about being an author recently, they thought writing a book should come later in life after a big accomplishment has been made. And I said to that person, those people who usually come out with books after a successful career in some area, are not writers. Someone writes those books for them. It’s different if your career is writing.

Case in point, if writing is your thing, write away! And a big major shout out to all the true creators out there who’ve found their creative outlet as a writer! Transferring thoughts to paper in a clear and concise way is not easy.

🔥✍Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish went into print yesterday, and I should be receiving my personal copies within four weeks. If it looks good, and I approve, it will be available for purchase a week from then, so even though I still haven’t received that expedited release date yet, I’m going to say sometime in April!

You Can’t Do That

“Five people own 50% of the wealth in America, and Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos is one of them. Amazon is an American company sold out to the political, social, and economic philosophies of Socialism, which is why it operates in the tyrannical way it does. There’s no room for the individual there.”

It’s really interesting, what we wake up thinking about sometimes. Almost a year has passed now since my employment with Amazon, and I can’t help but think how my experiences from my last day there are so perfectly aligned with what’s going on today in general, especially online.

If you remember the story, I was walking back into work after my third and final break of the day. It was the height of tyranny with COVID protocols, and the socialist sellout companies like Amazon were (and some still are) all about forcing people to cover their mouths and noses.

The news about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails were just released to the public, and for the first time, since COVID began, people, through the Freedom of Information Act were finally getting the truth about the ineffectiveness of masks. No mask will prevent you from catching COVID-19.

So, after break, I came walking back into work without a mask. My rational behind that was since Dr. Anthony Fauci is the same person everyone listened to in the beginning, they would do the same now. This is great right? We just found out the source of COVID protocols has been lying to the American people. We no-longer need to wear these face diapers! Right?


After scanning into the building, I walked through the turnstile, and while I was passing the COVID enforcement station, the woman sitting behind the desk told me I needed to take a mask.

And I said, “Well, I haven’t been wearing a mask for the last three days, didn’t you see the news about the masks being ineffective against the prevention of COVID??”

Her passive threat, “If you don’t like your job here you can leave.”

So, that’s what started it, and when I asked to make a complaint about this woman’s blatant threat, I was lied to and told there was no such form even though I had filled out one before.

Management arrived at that time, and all they were interested in doing was silencing me and getting me out of the building.

They denied me the opportunity to fill out the employee complaint form, and they threatened to call the cops on me for trespassing, even though I was still an employee at the time. At one point, a manager ordered the security guard to physically remove me from the building. You can’t do that, and he didn’t.

Eventually, I left on my own, but I learned something that day. People laugh when they hear big tech giants taking over, collusion with government, etc. That’s all true, and there’s an untouchable attitude held by the employees who work there at Amazon.

If you speak up, you’ll get threatened, lied to, silenced, and possibly, physically assaulted. The sad thing is that if I was attacked that day and the cops did show up because of it, I guarantee you, I would’ve been the one in trouble. They would’ve lied of course.