Flippin’ it

Without a doubt people change, but I must say, I find a lot of joy in understanding people, their personalities, and how they act in groups versus rolling solo. There’s a new kind of man out now, I call him Flipper. Flipper like to reverse things, or he likes flipping things. He’s quick. Watch out!

Flipper belongs to a group of middle aged men who at heart, are scared and cowardly, but you wouldn’t know this on the surface.

Flipper feels a little entitled, he thinks he can do whatever he wants, he acts like he’s the only person in the world and no one else exists, he’s fake, and his antics are childish.

His specialty is making good people look bad, and he’s exceptional at making a good calm person seem like an aggressor.

For example, Flipper walks his dog around the neighborhood, and he lets his dog shit and piss on everyone’s lawn. Never his own lawn though, only yours. One day, as Flipper is going through his usual routine, Mr. Goodman is sitting in his car watching him.

After his dog squats and Flipper begins to walk away, Mr. Goodman, cool and calm, gets out of his car and says, “Excuse me Sir, if your dog shit on that lawn, you’re obligated to pick it up.”

And that was all Flipper needed to hear. He’s huffing and puffing, walking in circles, and spinning out of control. He was extremely upset because someone finally caught up with him and called him out.

Instead of doing the right thing and carrying on, Flipper decides to pull his cell phone out of his pocket, and take pictures of the Mr. Goodman’s car, the car’s license plate, and even Mr. Goodman himself.

When Mr. Goodman asked Flipper why he was taking pictures Flipper said, “Because I don’t know what you’re going to do!”

Mr. Goodman: “I’m not going to do anything. All I’m saying is that if your dog shit on that lawn you should be considerate enough to pick it up.”

Flipper carried on while he was walking away and eventually he called the cops on Mr. Goodman. Of course Mr. Good man didn’t get in trouble, but this is how Flippers flip the script on a situation.

They’ll attack you and call you the agressor.

They’ll lie and call you a liar.

They hate everyone with different skin color, but they’ll call you a racist.

Flippers, they’re everywhere. Watch out.

Fantastic 4; It’s an Anniversary Celebration!

I think the best way to start this post is by saying thank you! September is our anniversary month here at Nooz Buffet, and September of 2022 marks our 4-year anniversary. Yes, it has been 4 years since our humble beginning on WordPress, and this will be our 5th September since 2018.

I started this blog before I began writing books, and I’m glad I did. Nooz Buffet has provided me an outlet for self-expression and a platform from which I can speak, and I truly enjoy being apart of the WP Community. I’ve met wonderful people and talented artists over the years, and I’ve even maintained a real-life relationship with some of my followers. 👍💙

Photo by Inga Seliverstova on Pexels.com

Since 2018, our following has grown, and as a result, visits, likes, and views have been on a slow and steady incline. January, February, March, and April of this year were record breaking months for us and that, I owe to all of you!

On an international level, I’d like to recognize India, South Africa, United Kingdom, and Malaysia. Thank you!

I love all of you, and I appreciate your support. Thank you for visiting and following Nooz Buffet!

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Where Did God Go?

A sequel to the post, Popping the Big Question

And it will continue until the final bomb is dropped and someone asks the question..

Where did God go?

If what they say is true, that there’s nothing new, and every idea no matter how new and unique it may seem, has already been done by someone else at some other time, then as we’re living and traveling along this beaten path, reawakening is what awaits.

The question surrounding human beings and our origin has been a vehicle of perplexity driving the minds of people to the brink of madness. So, we slow things down and take it from the beginning. Humans procreate, men and women get together and a child is born. It’s a new individual, new life, and the continuation of our species.

Casting every other explanation aside, religious, spiritual, and extraterrestrial, it would only make sense to assume humans have been giving birth to humans since the beginning. Okay, that’s a start. That’s our start.

But our start, in no way possible can be the beginning because the first man and woman had to come from someone or some place.

Every road paved with good intentions has led to hell, and there’s nothing new under the sun; those two sayings are not just two sayings. They’re important clues, and if you read Poppin the Big Question and all that information about gene manipulation, it doesn’t take much to figure out what the result of tampering with the biological makeup of living organisms it will be.

Current gene manipulation will eventually lead to hell. New scientists will realize through a reawakening that what they’re doing has actually been done before, and their refusal to let it go and move on will once again aid in the deterioration of the world. Technological advancements create the appearance of a world in which everyone is connected. It’s a clean, free, and safe world.

The truth is that there’s nothing safe about talking to strangers online and we’re becoming more isolated. When people finally wake up and realize what’s going on, it will be too late. We’ll have already funded the very same people who don’t give a shit about us. They’ll have created so much distance between their world and the general public that they’ll be unreachable. Scientists will eventually believe they themselves are God, and as we become God, we’ll see less and less of God in our world.

And it will continue until someone pops the big question, Where did God go?

It’s a humbling moment as scientists concede and accept they are not God. Humanity itself keeps moving in a circle that seems to begin slow, and then speeds up until things are out of control. Things are out of control because instead of coming together, we divided ourselves into Gods and people who worship them.

The self-proclaimed God realizes he fucked up when his road leads to hell, but who does he run to? He can’t go to the worshiper because his problems are beyond that guy. He has no alternative but to seek God.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Laughter breaks the silence. In shambles mentally and physically, the Man of Science is unsure about what he hears. Is it all in his head? Can others can hear what he’s hearing?

GOD is speaking: “HOMO SAPIENTIE! Of what? Wisdom. Homo Sapientie, that is you, MAN OF WISDOM. WIS, MIS, SIM , play with it if you like. If you want to be closer to me you can move to Wisconsin or Mississippi. You don’t laugh much do you?

Well, all seriousness aside, it’s only fitting that you believe yourself to be God because I made you in my image. But I did that so you would not be able to see me or recognize me. You can look at yourself or your neighbor-it’s a mirror reality-I’m in you and all around you. The SUN creates. He himself is not GOD, he is my creator, and this thing was spoken into being. I spoke and he listened.

He told you, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. And so you look up to the SUN. I’m in the SUN, hidden by the SUN, and it is through the SUN I work.

Why do you seek me Man?

Oh that’s right, you’re in hell.

Why not go to your neighbor?

Oh that’s right, you can’t. How in the hell can you turn around and ask your neighbor for help when you had him worshipping you?

You can’t or you won’t? Cast aside your pride, ask him for help, and release him from the prison you placed him in.

You cannot know me if you’re still full of pride.

So, you’re in hell and you need me to get you out, but you never believed in me before. You were arrogant as the Man of Science, but I didn’t make Man of Science, I made Man of Wisdom. I tried to warn you. You were aware of the sayings, but you just had to keep going.

How do you know you’re in Hell Man? I guess Hell is personal. What is your Hell like Man? Is every day the same? Nothing changes, things seem to be moving in circles and repeating, everything is cloudy, gloomy, and gray? Are the walls closing in?

Well wipe the dust off your face my friend because are definitely walking is someone’s ashes. Nothing you can do is new, it’s all been done before, and that’s why all roads paved with good intentions lead to hell.

Duh! That’s why every day feels the same and that’s why nothing is changing for you. We’ve been through this before.

I am salvation.

It’s like this; you’re born, you’re brought into this world through birth, therefore you are not and cannot be me. And thank God for that because look at the situation your in now. This is why things are they way they are. Someone has to remain above, outside, and beyond, while at the same time, having the ability to go below, go in, and come up close. I’m every where you are because I’m waiting for you to come to me, and it will be that way until you die because I’m your salvation.

I’m right here! I’m right in front of you screaming and yelling, I CAN SAVE YOU! But there are very few people who actually come to me.

You have from the time you’re born until the time you die to come to me. And the the only way you can come to me is if you really truly want to come to me. I cannot force you. I cannot interfere. You must want to come to me.

HOMO SAPIENTIE, I leave you with this. Very few people find the path to salvation, that’s why the world in which you live is designed the way it is. When something is difficult and border line impossible people give up eventually and concentrate on the things they can do.

But let me tell you this because things have become so twisted and misunderstood. Listen carefully HOMO SAPIENTIE. LISTEN CAREFULLY and understand what I’m telling you in its entirety.

  1. Nothing is impossible.
  2. People give up on their salvation because they say, “I wanna live , I wanna enjoy myself, I wanna have a good time, etc., BUT THERE IS NO SACRIFICE INVOLVED HERE. Those are the words and beliefs from individuals who don’t understand. This isn’t like playing a sport or doing something where you sacrifice to be the very best and most successful. You will never and have never been required to sacrifice for me.
  3. What’s good for you might be bad for your neighbor. Good and Bad don’t exist on a universal level. Good and Bad are why you’re in hell. Good and Bad were defined by the church. Decide what’s Good and Bad for you personally. Good and bad are only a start but you must define good and bad for yourself.
  4. When you discover Right behavior, you’re on the right track. When something is the Right thing to do it can never be bad.
  5. I’m salvation.

There’s catch to all this, there has been from the very beginning, we knew this coming in and we knew it all along. We wanted to take ourselves as nonphysical entities and place ourselves in a physical world so we could enjoy the senses. To feel, to touch, to smell, to hear, to taste, and to see beauty; this is creation, our playground.

There’s creation and there’s salvation. You live and play in my creation, but you will fucking die there if you don’t come back to your salvation. I’m the way out.

Go enjoy yourself, and good luck!

Nooz Now

Saturday September 10, 2022 Edition

Good Afternoon! Today is Saturday September 10th, and this is Nooz Now Session 10.

👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏻I don’t know, I guess Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump were friends at one time. There are lots of pictures of them laughing it up and having a good old time. When questioned about it, Clinton basically said they weren’t “come over my house and help me figure out my life kind of friends”, but they were friends. Then, all of a sudden, Ivanka, according to Chelsea, went to the Dark Side. IDK what that means, but.. who else would sleep with Chelsea Clinton? 🙋‍♂️🤣

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

There’s so much going on in the world of hip hop. Last night, I learned who Little Nas X was, and to my credit for being late on this one, I grew up during the generation when Nas was a rapper so Little Nas X, because of his name, was flying under my radar. Anyway, I wanted to say there are some things he says that I agree with and some, well, I think he’s a little off. Without getting into everything, I did want to say that he does have a point with what he’s saying about men who are gay and black. And that’s because the mainstream for years only popularized being gay with being white. There are certain things people in general have a hard time accepting, and that’s because of the way our culture has been influenced over the years. With black men and hip hop specifically, the image has always been tough, gangster, and all about woman. There is, to an extent, an attempt to control the narrative and continue perpetuating certain images we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. But hey, what we’re seeing here is good. It’s change, it’s breaking through barriers, and it’s changing the culture. Either way, the public is going to be brainwashed, but it’s probably good to change things up once in a while. Keep rockin’!

Photo by Vitalina on Pexels.com

Yo! WTF is going on with this smash and grab stuff? I’ve been watching videos of young kids walking into liquor stores, electronic stores, supermarkets, 7-11’s, and anywhere else you can think of, and taking whatever they want while destroying the store in the process. I almost felt bad for these store owners because they’re in a terrible situation. No one wants to risk their lives especially if their products are covered under insurance, but they don’t even want to call the cops because according to them, the cops are letting the looters go. What?! No one gets in trouble for theft anymore? Larceny? Grand larceny? I mean, it’s funny to watch sometimes, but what kind of message are we sending our youth if there’s no punishment for breaking the law?

🚗Speaking of insurance, what’s going on with car insurance? There are plenty of drivers out here who are experiencing the same thing-frustration and aggravation. There was a time when drivers were rewarded for maintaining a good driving record and avoiding tickets, but now we’re seeing our monthly costs increasing by almost $50 in some cases. Why? Well, I’m going to tell you. The problem is that there are more people than you think who are driving without car insurance and getting into accidents. Of course, because there’s no control over this, good honest people end up paying the price, and it’s getting expensive! SMH!

🏈Today in college football, (24)Tennessee and (17)Pitt is coming up at 3:30 PM, and the kickoff for (20)Kentucky and (12)Florida is at 7:00 tonight. Right now, Ohio State is up on Arkansas State Rd Wolves 31-9, 3qtr., and (1)Alabama and Texas are tied at 10!

Alright everyone, enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you for visiting Nooz Buffet and thank you for checking out Nooz Now Session 10!


Nooz Now

September 9, 2022 Edition 9

Welcome to Nooz Buffet, today is Friday, September 9, 2022!

🗽Making America great again has become a popular saying, but truly making America great again would mean dusting off the old Constitution, taking everything we’ve learned during the last 246 years, and returning to our foundation built on liberty, freedom, and a country of sovereign citizens.

Taxes-that’s where I’m going with this because there’s a lot of things we used to do and were able to do that made us say, “Wow! This country is great!” There was a time when the working men and women in this country would get together around tax time and decide how the government’s share of their hard-earned money would be spent. If you’re starting to see some weird stuff on your paycheck, like maybe you’re paying a local tax and then you’re paying a tax for the town you work in on top of state and federal tax, then maybe it’s time to attend the next town meeting. It’s about the participating majority. President Trump wants to make America great again, but he can’t do it alone. We The People can actually make it happen.

🕵️‍♂️Ezekiel Kelly is the suspect in custody for the rampage shooting on Memphis that left 4 people dead and 3 wounded.

🌔♓The moon has just entered Pisces, where it will be tonight, and tomorrow night when it is full. The home for Pisces is in the 12th house, and it’s in the 12th house where we find all the secrets and sorrows. They say the 12th house is the most mystical house and that shouldn’t always be seen as a negative thing.

I think it’s interesting that tomorrow night’s full moon will be in Pisces because a full moon marks the culmination of a moon’s cycle, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and it’s located in the last house. This is a beautiful thing, and those who are not that interested in astrology might might not realize it, but I set you guys up sweetly. If you look back to the last Moon Scope (August 23rd), you’ll see how this cycle began, how we prepared, and the seeds that were sown. Now, tomorrow when the moon is full in Pisces, you will get glimpse at what’s going on behind the scenes. Who’s really preventing you from reaching your goals, or achieving the things you want to achieve? Is it you or is it someone else?

🔪We’ve been keeping up with that terrible situation in Memphis involving a 34-year-old teacher and mother of two, Eliza Fletcher who was abducted and murdered while jogging at 4 AM one morning. Police are saying it was completely random. I don’t know. That seems like an awfully vicious crime-too vicious to be random, but hey, I don’t know. It could be. Anyway, Cleotha Abston was arrested for the kidnapping and murder, and in the court of law, he is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

💪💙Weight training, running, and yoga are all good for the body, mind, and spirit. I learned something the other day that was passed along to me from my brother. Going barefoot can put you in a closer connection with Earth’s frequencies. This is huge-attuning with the Earth’s frequencies can put us in sync and in line with the natural rhythms of our home planet. As a matter of fact, I was also told this is exactly the reason why almost all footwear is made with a rubber sole-to prevent you from attuning to Earth.

The next time I go for a walk, I’m going to try it, I mean we already know about the Schumann Resonance and the fact the Earth does have a “heart beat”. To get even deeper with this topic, I just watched a video recently, and it was said, this if we received the education we were supposed to get when we were young instead of the public educational governmental version, we at the age of 12, would’ve been able to align ourselves with higher frequencies beyond the planets. The secret to this (secrets/Pisces/Moon/12th house) is the faster we vibe, to more peaceful and loving we are. When we’re vibing at a low frequency, we’re plagued with aggression and violence.

Okay! It’s Friday! Enjoy it, and have a safe and prosperous day! Thanks for visiting Nooz Buffet, and thanks for checking out Nooz Now Session 9!

Maintaining a Sense of Self

I always say that I love the uniqueness of the individual, and that’s because I do. Everyone is different, and because everyone is different, it’s important for me to always maintain my sense of self.

Some of us would rather not admit it, but we do learn from one another. We learn from the people we meet, and all the experiences we have. Every person I meet and every new experience I have is an opportunity for me to grow and change. Growth and change are good, and I do believe the idea is to grown and change into a better version of yourself, not become the other. It’s good to respect and appreciate the other, but you should want to be appreciated and respected as well.

Sometimes the attitudes, moods, and personalities of those around us can have an immediate impact on us, so much so, that we emulate the moods and behavior of the other. This is never a good thing.

If you, at some point realized, this is happening to you, then that’s a step in the right direction. You’ll never be able to change anything about yourself until you’re conscious of it. If you realized that you’ve become or have always been the type of person who’s affected by the moods and attitudes of others, and would like to change that, you can.

You can absolutely change and become completely unaffected by those around you as long as you’re prepared to deal with yourself and the part of your personality that has been causing you to act in such a way.

  1. Rediscover and maintain your sense of self. You either lost your sense of self at some point, or you’ve failed to establish yourself as an individual.
  2. Everyday when you wake up, remind yourself that you’re an independent person, and you’re free to be, to go, to say, to feel, and to act however you wish.
  3. Remind yourself, we’re all different. People need you to be yourself, and more importantly, you need you to be yourself.
  4. It’s absolutely necessary for you to discover something that makes you happy, and something you find joy in. You must figure out what’s important to you, what it is you care about, and what you love. This is the basis of your individuality, and what you’ll strive to maintain and protect when everything around you falls apart.

I hope you find this list helpful. This is a topic of tremendous depth, but I think this is a good start. The most important thing you already discovered, you want to be and maintain yourself in the company of whoever you’re around; unaffected and unchangeable.

Enjoy your day!

Cruel and Unusual

This is unbelievable. So, not only is Alex Jones going to be expected to pay $4.1 million dollars in damages, but an attorney representing one of the families is begging jurors to take away his platform and make sure he can never rebuild it again.

Really? This is getting a little personal don’t you think? I’m sorry, but money isn’t going to bring anyone back and Alex Jones had nothing to do with that unfortunate situation.

Voicing his opinion ends up costing him $4.1 million dollars, and that’s not enough, you want to take his lively hood and source of income away.

How about an apology? Why is an apology not good enough?

That’s terribly, selfish and greedy, but you want to know something, anytime someone attempts to take advantage of a law suit by going for more than they deserve ends up cursed.

Alex Jones; Getting Deeper and Deeper

Alex Jones, in case you aren’t familiar, is the host of Info Wars. For a long time now he’s been giving us the news in a non-traditional sense, but he’s good at what he does.

He’s dedicated, passionate, and truly interested in what goes on behind the scenes, in the shadows, and underground. He has taken his stance in support of the United States Constitution and America in general.

He has a sense of humor, and sometimes he can be flat out comical. For those of us who’ve been tuning in for the last ten years and longer, we’ve grown to appreciate and love Jones and the Info Wars Staff. We love the rants, and the emotional outbursts. I know I do.

Jones has dedicated a good portion of his life to exposing the Illuminati, the Globalists, shadow governments, and any other group or individual whose behind the scenes-back room conspiring presents a threat to the American way of life.

Over the years we’ve come to understand and recognize what’s going on with mainstream news outlets. We know they deliver a small portion of a bigger story and their presentations are usually slanted towards one political party. Democrats have their stations that present news with a leftist spin, and Republicans have theirs.

Out of all this, We The People are suffering. Alex Jones gives the stories you won’t hear on MSNBC, CNN, PBS, and all the rest. He tells you what’s relevant and he backs it up with research.

When you seek the truth, speak the truth, and share the truth, you’re a problem for manipulative liars. We The People have had our heads buried long enough. We’re at the point right now where we’re almost expected not to speak up. The American people are hated for their liberty and freedom, and we’re being robbed of our rights and sovereignty.

Alex Jones does speak the truth and he’s also opinionated. There’s nothing wrong with that. Our first amendment right to free speech and peaceful assembly has been under attack for years and probably with more hostility and ferocity than the attacks on our second amendment. Our Federal Government is out of control, and they’re destroying this country.

Alex Jones shared his opinions with his audience concerning the Sandy Hook shooting. But, lets be honest here, news stories covering events that never happened isn’t out of the norm. False flags, fake news, and stretching the facts have become way to common.

Initially, I’m almost positive Alex Jones said Sandy Hook was a hoax. Now, that’s his opinion. It doesn’t matter if his opinion upsets you, that was his opinion. He obviously came across some information and he obviously had his reasons for why he believed that, but that was his opinion. The fact that he’s even in court for stating his opinion is an indication that we’re not only losing our first amendment rights, but we’re losing our country to communism as well.

I think Alex Jones would’ve been okay if he had stood his ground with his original opinion because in all fairness, it was his opinion. At some point he changed his opinion, and you could see that he was under some heavy pressure. They hammered him every day; how could you say that, you’re heartless, and on and on they attacked him riding the emotions of the families of the victims. He was being threatened and there was no end to it.

Eventually, he changed his story and said it was 100% real. Then the families of the victims and everyone involved or not involved wanted their piece of Alex Jones. For the years and years and years of aggravation and anxiety he caused by simply telling the truth and supporting the United States, people were in salivating frenzy.

They couldn’t wait to get him for his support of Kyle Rittenhouse, for his stance on forced inoculations and masks, for showing the video of nothing going on in the White House on that January 6th, and a billion other things he did that was against the “system.”

They couldn’t wait to get him in court and they couldn’t wait to get him on the stand because the terrible truth now is that America is no longer and hasn’t been for a very long time, a nation ruled by laws. We have judges and politicians that rule on a whim, cater to friends and family members of the establishment, and if you’re not in the circle then you better have a lot of money. It’s a shame.

And now look what just happened; his lawyer accidentally sends his texts messages to the attorney representing the families of the victims. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They’re trying to charge him with perjury now.

This is unbelievable, and in my opinion, ridiculous. Alex Jones should not be in court. There are elected officials in our government both past and present who’ve done so much worse and instead of prison time, getting exiled, or getting ripped right from their positions, they’ve been able to keep their jobs without punishment. Yet, they’re intent on making an example out of Alex Jones. Give me a break.

This is beyond a shame but the rest of us can learn from this. We can share our opinions, and if can’t, then we’ve got some serious work to do. We The People are sovereign!