This Gave Me Chills Down My Left Side

I read that Mary Magdalene gave a speech or spoke to a crowd on the steps of the Temple of Diana.  Diana was said to be a Roman lunar deity.

After more studying, I realized Roman Diana was the equivalent to Greek Artemis.  Artemis was a lunar dieity and Goddess of the hunt, and Artemis was also the equivalent to Egypt’s Bestet.

Bestet was a lioness Goddess, her name in Greek translated literally to cat.

Okay, here’s the bomb.  I used to joke about my ex-girlfriends facial structure and tell her she looked like the Sphinx, that was like 12 years ago. 

There’s obviously a connection between Mary Magdalene, Diana, Artemis, and Bestet, because except for Bestet, they were all lunar deities, which means the mythology changed at some point.

This also means that as Mary is tied to Bestet, she also has a connection to the lioness.  I believe the truth here is that the Great Sphinx was created in memory of Bestet, which means that the Sphinx is the body of a lioness with a face of a woman and not a lion with the face of a man.

This goes against the male-driven narrative that we’ve been told for thousands of years, and it’s probably the reason why Egyptologists are so closed-minded and refuse to open their doors completely. A resurrection of sacred feminine energies could have an effect on religion in the Middle East.

This changes everything, and I’m not even done yet.

Toth was said to have been in possession of the Master Soul, the soul housed in the body of Christ. In simple terms, it has been said that Jesus was another reincarnation, who incarcerated in possession of the Master Soul. So, Jesus was Toth.

Why is this important? It’s important because Toth’s symbol was the Moon. Jesus was the personification of the sun/son, and Mary was a lunar deity.

The truth could, in fact, be the opposite. Mary was a Sun Goddess, and Jesus, as connected with Toth, would’ve been a Lunar or Moon God. Astrologically speaking, that means Jesus would be connected to the Moon and Cancer in the 4th house, and Mary would be connected with the sun and Leo in the 5th house.

That also means the father would be connected with the home, and the mother would be connected with 10th house issues like career and public image. In our society today, it’s the opposite. Mothers are associated with the home, and fathers are associated with work, career, and 10th house issues.

And after all of this, the biggest truth of all could, in fact, be that the daughters of man are the real Sun’s of God, and Son/Sun was just a play on words!

Think about it. The sun is the only giver. The sun gives us life. That’s what women do. Women give us new life through the birth of children.

I believe it was Hitler who said women weren’t allowed to fight in his military because women were for giving life and men for taking it.

So, now we know the mythology changed right after the fall of Egypt, and that’s what they’re preserving over there. When Greece rose to power, the roles were changed, and it stayed that way through Rome and up until today.

A Little More Detail Part 2

The other story I threw out there recently was in the post, “Comets, Eyes, and the Universe; In my Bedroom.”

I apologize again because I was releasing information as I was getting it, and I didn’t even get to do a little research myself.

After taking some time today, I see how important the information in that post was. I’m going to put the pages on here from Barbara Hand Clow’s book, the Mayan Code.

Again, all this is rooted back in the 1960’s.

ETI: Paul A. LaViolette came up with a pulsar theory. He said pulsars are Extraterrestrial Information signaling systems, and the importance of this is that it means we are not alone; ETI civilizations are signaling earth to indicate their existence and interest in us.

Jocelyn Bell, an astronomer discovered the first pulsars in 1967. He thought he was detecting intelligent extraterrestrials signals, and he named the first pulsar LGM-1 for little green men.

And that’s where the joke of little green men came from.

Anyway, he contemplated throwing the information out thinking it would be in the best interest of humanity.

In the early days of investigating pulsars, many astronomers believed the pulsars to be ETI signals, but the government put a lid on it. Government made it clear that pursuing ETI communications would be the end of your career in government funded by science.

What does all this mean?

I’ll put the pages up, and I’ll share at the end.

First, let me say; I connected this last picture from the book to the pictures I took because the crest moon looked similar, and when I realized that green dot was an eye, I realized the humans fit as well. When I read a little more and saw the pulsars were coming from near the galactic center (Sagittarius), I connected the picture of the arrow on my wall made mysteriously by the suns reflection.

I think JFK and the movement in the 60’s was a movement to get us back on the path of uniting as a species. It was a movement to end violence and death, and lay the ground work for revealing the truth concerning our place in the universe, our creator, and our origin.

I’m not telling you what to believe, and I’m not going to share what this means to me because everyone’s path is different.

Like I said, think about all the people who believe in the second coming of Jesus, but if someone walked up to the church and said I’m the reincarnation of Jesus they’d call him crazy.

The truth is that people don’t know what to believe, and some groups have done such a fabulous job covering up the truth with fear and death that listening to the truth would make some people crazy.

Whenever there is freedom someone believes it’s their responsibility to control and militarize. Why?

Wouldn’t be something though if we as humans were just one of many, and the truth is that we belonged to a network of intelligent life operating inside and outside our solar system?

In the Mayan Code, which has a copywrite year of 2007, Clow’s expresses her concern that governments may be trying to block ETI pulsars with the “Star Wars” missile defense system.

Remember, the ETI pulsars is a signaling system, which means that someone or something from beyond our galaxy is trying to make contact with us.

Wasn’t the United States Space force created in 2020?

To Clow and the rest of the citizens, governments will not be able to control or block ETI pulsars.

How do I know?

Well, here’s their patch from google:

Most of us have the real version of that in our birth charts. The real energetic geometrical alignment. Not the fake technological stuff.

You see, they receive that patch for service but a lot of us have it imprinted on our makeup. And this is important, because all of this power was free and open and it belonged to the people who used it in their communities to help guide one another. It’s important for you to know we have this power because if we don’t become consciously aware of it, governments will hijack it. Just like they did the sacred warrior.

Which brings us back to Linda Molten Howe’s question; are extraterrestrials being used to cover up advanced military technology, or is advanced military technology being used to cover up the existence of extraterrestrials?

She goes with the ladder, and I think I have to agree.

Comets, Eyes, and the Universe; In my Bedroom?

This post is a follow-up to my last post concerning Sedna and her return to perihelion because it’s another example of how special this moment in time is.

Over the years, I’ve seen some amazing stuff solidifying my belief that more is going on then we’re led to believe. I’m not saying extraterrestrials live amongst us, although you never know, however, I am saying there’s something. I can no longer deny it, not that I’ve been, but WOW-that’s all I can say.

I have these synchronicities that play out in my life over time like that childhood game Memory. Do you remember that game? You take all the cards and place them face down, and you and the people you’re playing against take turns flipping them over to find matching pairs.

But it’s hard because if you don’t find the match to the first card you flip, you have to turn both cards back over again and pay attention to what your opponents reveal. Eventually, you’ll remember where you saw something and make a match. Well, in my life that’s how synchronicities play out. I would like to share the latest example of what I’m talking about.

Back in March of 2022, I was taking an exam that required me to meditate and then write about my experience. Usually, I’ll meditate for 30 minutes to an hour. During this particular session, I had visions of Neanderthal men. Below, is the written explanation of my experience from March of 2022.

…. I’ll talk more about that later, but for this meditation specifically, my soul took me to a place of people who looked like neanderthal primates. There were two or three of them looking at me. They had hair on their faces and an underbite so their bottom teeth were sticking out kind of. It sounds funny now that I’m thinking about it, but it made me think; what if there are people living right now simultaneously in different realms or in dimensions that are at different points of evolutionary development? What if these primitive people exist right now in another place, and I just appeared to them? Perhaps granting a boost in knowledge or wisdom, or helping them understand how to create fire or something.

Francis LaManna

That was wild. I never before had a vision so vivid. It was like I was standing there with these cavemen. Anyway, the harsher realities of our existence crept back in, and I let the experience go. I stored it in my memory and moved on with my day.

Some time passed, and it was August of 2022. I was sitting in my room finishing my third book, Smorgasbord 3 Poverty and Prophecy, when I noticed the sun shining through my window. The light rays were awesome, so I took several pictures, but when I looked through the photos, I noticed other stuff in the pictures besides the light reflected from the sun through my window.

At first, it looks like a green dot sitting on a crest moon that orbiting a larger body with a light source at its center. But when I zoomed in, that green dot was an eye with yellow and white light blazing out of it from the inside. See the pictures below

Zoomed in on that small green dot. It’s an eye!


It was amazing, and I examined my pictures for a long time in every way possible, and as incredible as it was, I had to let it go and move on with my day.

Now, I was sitting in my car last night looking through the news on Google. It was January 12th, and I just saw the headlines about the Green Comet visible to us here on earth for the first time since Neanderthals walked the earth; 50,000 years ago!


The links to those articles are below, and if you click on them you’ll see the pictures of the green comet.

There’s lots to discuss about my studies and findings, but I’m going to hold off with most of that for now.

I did, however, want to share something about the moon. The moon, I believe, is not a round ball. It’s a circular disk that’s concave on one side and convex on the other. It’s like a shield that orbits the earth in sync to protect it from space debris. It serves many functions, and that is just one. It came from the earth originally. After studying the series of pictures I took, it’s obvious to me that the moon came from the earth and as time passes, it gets further and further away.

Now, is it possible that extraterrestrials are looking at us through that eye because we put our location in the cosmos in Pioneer 10? Maybe.

The picture below is from The Mayan Code, written by Barbara Hand Clow. (Man I wish she’d contact me).

Black Balled into Isolation

You know, I’ve contemplating my life for the last 15 years. I’m trying to understand myself and these situations I keep finding myself in. Right now, I’m listening to Coast to Coast, “Wernher Von Braun’s Communication Secrets, Mars, & Moon Anomalies Special.”

After surviving a car accident that should’ve taken my life a month before I turned 21 in 2001, I graduated college in 2003. Like I said in another post, I was average student in high school and as an undergraduate. I was athletic and I played football.

I was always a good writer, but I never had much to write about. After majoring in Communication/journalism, I went in every other field but journalism. I was making good money in 2005 teaching early childhood education. Things were going good. I was driving a pearly white Cadillac, I was young, and I was in great shape.

Then, I was talked into leaving that job. Blindly, I did, and I went to another school to complete my certification requirements. That program was with Catholic Charities in 2007, and they let me go without reason after three months of employment. They didn’t care that I just moved into a new apartment, the holidays were coming up, I was living on my own, I had bills, and I was two months away from obtaining my teaching certification.

That’s when it started. After graduating college with a promising future, I spent the next twenty years bouncing from one meaningless job to the next. In 2008 my life started to change. I started to change. I became interested in me.

2008 was the beginning of this wild spiritual transformation I went through, which gifted me an incredible level of intelligence. All of a sudden, I was smart, and not only that, but I had a passion surface for astronomy, and everything occult. All I wanted to do was study and write.

I tried to work a normal job and live a normal life. I tried right up until my last job, which just let me go without reason after four months of employment. It’s like they give me a little taste and pull the carpet out from under me. They let me catch up on bills, but stop me from getting ahead. It’s not that I’m not trying, but I’m getting older and it feels like someone keeps playing this same old game they’ve been playing with me since I graduated college.

Today, I find myself reduced to renting a room, I’ve been single since 2012 and girls don’t even talk to me anymore, people avoid me like the plague, and I’m getting black balled and prevented from keeping a job. It almost feels like someone’s trying to set me up as a person who can’t hold a job. It feels like people want to write me off as crazy. But that’s definitely not the case.

So, as I’m listening to Coast to Coast, I heard a woman on there talking about Clark McClelland. He was extremely intelligent and had an important position with NASA. I guess at some point, McClelland came across some classified information pertaining to extraterrestrials, UFO’s, Nazi Germany, and Antarctica. Apparently, he was talking way more than people wanted him to, but he loved space and he it really bothered him that our government and NASA was withholding information from the the public.

According to this woman on Coast to Coast, NASA fired McClelland, and in addition they destroyed his life, his reputation, and they prevented him from finding other jobs in other fields. He lived the last years of his life renting a room in someone’s house after being black balled and having his reputation destroyed. He was living in fear and waiting to die, but while he was, he was holding onto to all that information he was prevented from sharing.

McClelland died last year, but before he did, he handed over all his information to someone who promised to publish it after his death.

In a way, I feel like McClelland. Black balled, renting a room, isolated, prevented from working, and fighting to defend my reputation daily. I’m just trying to figure out what I did, or what I know.

And then, it made sense. Clark McClelland followed his heart and pursued what he loved, and that was space. He didn’t care about the politics. He wanted to share his discoveries with the world and they wouldn’t let him. I can relate. I can relate to his love for space, his focus and passion, and his honesty.

Speaking of getting black balled, I don’t know if it’s just me, but for a while now, I’ve been feeling like WordPress is limiting my views. I feel like they give me a certain amount per post until I reach a certain set amount, which is like a daily maximum.



Friends, Fans, and Followers, good morning!

Today is Saturday, September 3rd, and it’s cold and rainy here on the eastern coast of the U.S. It’s a great day to lay in bed and catch up on rest-if you can do that of course.

I hope you enjoyed the Moon Scope from yesterday. If you didn’t read it yet, check it out. It might help you understand the current energy and why things are manifesting the way they are in your life right now.

The Moon is one of those planets whose energy can have a daily affect, and the post from yesterday talked a lot about that energy in the sign of Aries. I put a lot of emphasis on us addressing personal issues; our wants and our needs we’ve been putting off or suppressing for the benefit of those around us, however, you can only neglect yourself for so long.

The other side of that energy, requires you to pay attention to the people and conversations taking place in your life involving those you have some type of relationship with. Sometimes we let people into our lives that aren’t very good.

So, just like the energy is pressuring you to deal with those personal issues you’ve been putting off and suppressing, those who haven’t had your best interests in mind will also rise to the surface at this time. And that my friends, is just as important.


A few days ago, I made some minor improvements to the Nooz Buffet website. You might’ve noticed some of the links under the header image are different. I added a link so people don’t have to go far to see what my books are all about. Just so you know, my books were self-published. That means I paid for them. They already paid for, so when I encourage you all to buy my books, it’s not really about the money I make off of those sales, because to tell you the truth, I would have to sell A LOT of books just to break even financially.

No, there’s a deeper message there, and if you purchase my books, you’re going to learn a lot about a lot of different things. You’ll agree with some of it, and you’ll disagree with some of it. Some of it might piss you off. You might not even want to read some of the content.

That’s okay. You’re not going to read Smorgasbord and say, “wow, that was a good story.” That series is about us learning about ourselves and the world around us. It’s about making sense out of this world we live in with all this deception, and this culture that manipulates perception.

All you have to do is read them with an open mind. I’m 20 years removed from college, but more importantly, I’m 20 years removed from the culture. I conquered it and moved on from it. More and more people are doing the same thing every day.

And the question is why.

Well, ask the people who are still stuck in it. Until you conquer the culture, the culture will dictate the life you live, your thought process, and your perception, which ultimately, prevents you from reaching your higher self.

You’ll know when your around people who’ve reached their higher selves. You’ll know.

I was a C student in high school. Average at best. I was the dumb jock.

All of a sudden, I went through a transformation ten years. Now, at 42, I’m working on my fourth book and those adults who were straight A students in high school can barely hold a conversation with me.

Don’t fight it, don’t be jealous of it. Use it to learn about yourself.

I was at Dunkin last month. The line went out of the parking lot and down the street. After, on my way home, I drove past the local high school and there was a football game going on-everyone in the bleachers was holding a cup of coffee from Dunkin.

That’s the masses being guided by the culture. And that’s okay, but some of those people are going to want more some day.

Now, I’m not a priest, and I’m not a judge, but people stand up when I walk into a room. If I open the door to my kingdom an I let you in, I’m doing it so you can do whatever you want. As long as you don’t hurt other people, you’re given a pass to whatever you want because that’s the only way you’re going to learn about yourself, and discover your own unique path. That’s how you transcend the culture and reach your higher self.

If you spend your time analyzing me, or if you spend your time imitating me, making fun of me, competing with me, policing me, trying to control me, or trying to convince me that I have a problem, then you entered the kingdom for all the wrong reasons.

That’s what you came from, let all that go. Don’t bring that behavior in.

From: Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories:

Clearing Up Columbus

This Christopher Columbus thing keeps coming up again and again, and I’d like to express my stance on it without getting to deep into the back story.

Yes, the North American continent was already occupied when Columbus got here in 1492. From the world’s perspective no, he didn’t discover America. It was already discovered.

However, he could’ve discovered America for Europe.

If we lived in ancient times, and you were the first and only person to set sail from North America, any land you arrive at is a new discovery for your home land and the people who financed your expedition.

Now, the truth of the matter, is that someone from Europe discovered America before Columbus did, and it was the pagan decor on the Rosslyn Chapel that gave it away.

Alright everyone, enjoy your night!


For the Souls of Men

If you look at a zodiac wheel you’ll notice there are 12 signs divided into 12 houses, and each house is a 30 degree segment. Each degree is important in its own right, however, in 1925 an astrologer and a clairvoyant sat in a car together-recording their visions. They recorded Elsie Wheeler’s (the clairvoyant) psychic visions for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac wheel.

The Sabian Symbol for Sagittarius 2/3 degrees is two men playing chess. I know this from my astrological investigation of the JFK assassination, because the MC or midheaven in that chart was on the 3rd degree if Sag.

Now, you can’t take the MC into consideration without looking at the IC as well. In astrology, the IC is the cusp of the 4th house, and the MC is the cusp of the 10th house. They’re on the same axis. That means, whatever degree the MC is, the IC is located on the exact same degree of the opposite sign.

If the MC is 3 degrees Sagittarius, the IC is 3 degrees Gemini.

Sabian Symbols:

Sagittarius 2/3: Two Men Playing Chess

Gemini 2/3: The Garden of Tuileries of Paris

I can’t find it at the moment, but there was a quote in Robert Howell’s book, Inside the Priory of Sion, Revelations from the World’s Most secret Society-Guardians of the Bloodline of Jesus, that said something like, at the highest levels there’s an ongoing war for the souls of men.

That’s what’s going on at the highest levels of global elite.

Therefore, two men doesn’t literally mean two men, it means the two sides warring for the human souls.

Now, are they really playing chess? They obviously refer to their war as a game of chess, but isn’t interesting that America’s founders were freemasons, and the chessboard design is one of freemasonry?

By Augustus Koch (1840-?). –, Public Domain,

Here’s a picture of Houston in 1873. Did you ever notice how the common design of almost every major city looks like a chess board?

We are the players and we’re on the board daily.

Here, you can see the similarities between the freemason logo compass and square and the constellation Ophiuchus.

Aware of Your Game

I’m getting a little sick of this fucking narrative that’s plaguing my life. I’m not a criminal, I’m not on probation, and I’m not on house arrest. I have nothing to hide.

It’s getting annoying to keep hearing people to tell me to calm down when all I’m already calm. I’m tired of people treating me like a criminal, pretending they’re scared of me, and acting like they don’t know what I’m going to do.

Let’s be real. You’re jealous, you’re envious, and you want to see me struggle in life.

I couldn’t even sit down and have a conversation the other day with the girl who was firing me for no reason, without some guy sitting in on the meeting.

I asked him what he was doing because the meeting had nothing to do with him, and he said “I’m sitting here to protect her.” WHAT!!!???

Are you kidding me?

Like I’m an inmate who’s having a visitor and he’s the CO! This shit has to stop, and it hasn’t been funny for a long time. You scumbags are creating problems when there aren’t any. The state of Pennsylvania has been doing me wrong for the last ten years.

I waited on hold for three hours to speak to someone at the unemployment office last month, and the woman who picked up the phone hung up on me because she was mad. I asked her a question she couldn’t answer and she got upset. Not me.

I’m tired of being singled out and made an example of.

And now, I finally realized what’s going on here with work. They’re trying to make it look like I can’t hold a job.

This has been going on since 2007, when Catholic Charities fired me for no reason two months before I was going to receive my teaching certification.

I’m not a criminal and I don’t have a mental problem. Stop fucking with me.

I don’t like to quote other people but this is just so fitting for my life:

Hear me clearly: If y’all niggas fear me, just say y'all fear me
Fuck all these fairytales
Go to Hell, this is God engineering
This is a Hail Mary pass, y’all interfering
Jay Z

Breaking News!

I begin this post with this: You heard it here first, today, November 17, 2022. I’ll connect the dots and put it all together in my own unique way. Believe it or not, dismiss it or keep it, I really don’t care. This post will begin to bring to light what has been covered and hidden by astrology for the last 5,000 years.

When it comes to the delivery of breaking news according to our mainstream sources, breaking news is usually about a mass shooting, something going on with the president, some weather catastrophe, or something else.

Well, this isn’t a mainstream news outlet. My news is NOOZ, and when it’s Breaking Nooz, it’s usually about something I discovered during a session of studying, deep thinking, and meditation.

I get excited about my discoveries and I share them with all of you, so, here’s the..


I’ve always referred to 11 11 (eleven eleven or El-Even El-Even)) as a sacred doorway to a new path. I’ve always believed when you start seeing this number often and everywhere you turn your head, it’s an indication that your guiding spirits are trying to alert you that the universal energy is calling for the creation of something new or different.

Of course, you can spend hours on the internet reading everyone’s interpretation of 11 11, which at the end of the day, will have no meaning as they relate to your life personally, or you can follow me since I’ve already made the connection.

I called the 11 11 a sacred doorway to a new path because that’s exactly what it is. Something new is either beginning or the universe is alerting me about an upcoming change and it’s reassuring that I’m on the right path. After finding this to be true, I looked at 11 11 and saw it as two doorways. So, I called it a sacred doorway to a new path.

This was my understanding of 11 11 for probably the last 10 years, and the revelations shown to me over the past several days have only solidified my belief, and this is important.

It all began with some good old astronomical digging.

Astrology is a system created by humans. I love astrology. Astrology is the zodiac, an imaginary band around the earth divided into twelve 30 degree segments with one sign representing each segment; 12 signs and 12 houses. You can place the sun in the center (heliocentric) or the earth (geocentric), but popular culture uses the geocentric model, and this gives us our view of the heavens as it appears to us on earth. That’s good, however, my issue with astrology has always been astronomy.

Astrology is good and it works in it’s own way, but when it comes to the sun and the sun’s placement, it’s not accurate. For example, if you were born on February 6th, astrology tells you that you’re an Aquarius, because at the time of your birth, then sun was in the astrological sign of Aquarius.

Astronomically, the sun isn’t in Aquarius, it’s in the constellation of Capricorn. Constellations are real, and zodiac signs are man made approximations. Therefore, the reality and the truth is that you’re a Capricorn if you were born on February 6th.

Just like everything else, if you want the truth, you have to dig a little and get beyond the deceptions. It’s not that astrology is bad, but it prevents you from getting to the truth on a spiritual level. Once you get beyond astrology and the mainstream or popular perceptions, you arrive at the basis of what supports that, which is what you’ve come to know and understand without a reason or explanation for why you know and understand it.

Does that make sense so far? If it doesn’t, I’ll introduce some examples that will help.

Okay, for now, let’s put astrology and the zodiac aside.

Astronomically, the sun transits or moves through 13 constellations during the calendar year.

Every once in while, I’ll see a news story in the mainstream that announces the discovery of a 13th zodiac sign even though we’ve know about it since life began on earth, so, I know most people heard about the infamous “13th” sign.

Astrologers refuse to use it for many reason, and they have since the zodiac was created, and that’s okay. Just because they’re lost, that doesn’t mean we have to be to.

The 13th constellation is Ophiuchus, aka, The Serpent Bearer. The sun transits through this constellation and touches the foot of The Serpent Bearer between November 30th (11/30) and December 17th (12/17).

When you look at the dates tracking the sun’s movement through these 13 constellations, you’ll notice a lot going on after September, and that’s because the sun spends 45 days in Virgo. 45 days!

Then, there are some quick and confusing changes ahead as the sun spends 23 days in Libra from 10/31 to 11/22, 7 days in Scorpio from 11/23 to 11/29, and 18 days in Ophiuchus from 11/30 to 12/17.


That’s enough to make us dizzy and leave our heads spinning. Before you even realize it, the sun changes constellations 3 times in 9 days (Bing Bang Boom!) because it’s in Libra on 11/22, in Scorpio on 11/23, and in Ophiuchus on 11/30.

If you noticed, I placed the numbers 3 and 9 in bold print, and I’ll tell you why later.

Yesterday, I found a pocket size calendar at work, and I decided to take it so that I could highlight the days representing our sun’s astronomical transit through the constellations.

Today, I studied it. When I highlighted the calendar, I began with the days in pink, which represent Libra, and I came up with a new theory. The zodiac should begin with Libra.

At first, I thought this because after highlighting the sun’s time in Libra, I was able to properly align the rest of the days or time the sun spent in the rest of the constellations by moving forward and coming back around.

I began on 10/31 in Libra, and I went forward through November and December until I came full-circle in Virgo on 10/30.

The longer I studied this calendar, the more sense my thoughts made. Besides properly dating constellation dates, starting with Libra and aligning it in the center made even more sense because there were signs that came after it, and there were signs that came before it. Of course, I said to myself. Libra is represented by the Scales!

The scales represent weights and measures, they represent law and judgement, and most importantly, they represent balance (BALANCE. EL EVEN EL EVEN). In my head, I took that Scale and jammed it down on the 31st of October to mark the first day of Libra. I will begin with Libra on 10/31 I said to myself. I studied the chart more, and soon realized, yes, if Libra represented the beginning as it fell on 10/31, which was closer to the end of the calendar year than the beginning, there were signs that came before and signs that came after, but more specifically, as I looked at Libra as an object (scale) instead of an active player, it created the perfect division!

There were six signs to the left and six signs to the right. There were 2 seasons on the left and 2 seasons on the right. That’s an even balance of 6 and 6 and 2 and 2 with the scale in the middle. This makes perfect sense. We use scales to measure. Scales represent harmony, balance, justice, equality. Aren’t balance and harmony the keys to happiness?

As long as there’s and even amount on each side, the scales are balanced and everything is in harmony. That carries mega significance on many levels.

The main reason why we’re told the ancients never used the 13th sign was because it upset the balance and perfection of 12. In astrology, the zodiac is a perfection division of 360 degrees (12 houses x 30 degrees = 360 degrees or 12 houses of 30 degrees). Astrology uses 12 signs, 1 sign per house. There’s no room for Ophiuchus they said. The zodiac is perfect without it they said.

They ignored the 13th sign and carried on. Big mistake.

Now, I just discovered, and I shared with all of you around the world, as long as we begin with Libra represented as a scale, there’s and even amount on both sides, the scales are balanced, and everything is in harmony.

As long as we begin on October 31st, everything is in harmony.

Maybe the zodiac will be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t matter. Look what we’ve sacrificed for astrology and the zodiac. We gave up our connection to the planet we live on!

I continued to study the calendar. The next thing I noticed was Halloween. Halloween is on October 31st and All Saints Day is on November 1st. There’s clearly something going on there that no one seems certain about.

We dress up on Halloween and go out to get candy. The next day is All saints Day, but not many people pay attention that so, after Halloween, most of us carry on and prepare for Thanksgiving. It’s just another day.

Trust me when I tell you that’s what the Powers That Be want you to believe. It’s just another day, Thanksgiving is coming up, and then Christmas or whatever you celebrate, and finally, it’s December 31st and we’re celebrating the New Year.

Religiously, I consider myself to be a New Age Catholic. That means I grew up with the foundations of Catholicism, but I’m still searching for something that resonates with me as an individual. Going to church for me as a Catholic was really like showing up with a bunch of other people, and we were all there to watch a priest perform a ritual. I’d rather learn what the priest knows and perform the ritual by myself in my home. Anyway, the fourth commandment says remember to keep the sabbath day holy. That’s Catholicism.

As it turns out, we celebrate Halloween on 10/31 by dressing up in costumes so we can get candy, but the less popular and more demonized Green Witchcraft, which is pretty much a gateway to the Old Religion, celebrates the Samhain Sabbat on 10/31. Remember to keep the Sabbat Day holy. That’s also witchcraft. Samhain, from a religious or faith based perspective carries more meaning than getting candy. It represents the end of the summer, the old year, and the harvest. It represents a time when the God departs, and although the Goddess mourns, she knows he’ll be reborn at the Yule (Reincarnation). This is an extremely spiritual time where the mysteries of death are celebrated and the spirit world is contacted.

To repeat myself, there seems to be a lot going on that no one seems certain about, and that’s because the true meaning of the time was hidden. This is why parts of astrology don’t make sense and the water houses (4, 8, and 12) are a mystery to us.

At the heart of the Old Religion, is the belief in traditional family values, perceptiveness, interconnectedness, and the community. At the heart of the old religion is the belief in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And where have we heard that before? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is what America was founded on. It’s about healing through herbs, and having a connection to our earth.

I’m not trying to sell you witchcraft or paganism, and I’m not telling what to believe, but at this moment, aren’t we all seeking a return to the things that matter? The family, the community, and homeopathic remedies for illnesses instead of prescription medications and the complications they cause..

According to wiccan tradition, the new year began on November 1st, and October 31st (Halloween/Samhain) was the end of the old year.

The importance here is the astronomical connection because the Sun enters Libra on 10/31 and the next day is the beginning of the new year. I wasn’t thinking about any of this stuff when I decided to use Libra as the starting point for the sun’s transit through the constellations.

Earlier in this post I said, “It’s not that astrology is bad, but it prevented me from getting to the truth on a spiritual level. Once you get beyond astrology and the mainstream or popular perceptions, you arrive at the basis of what supports that, which is what you’ve come to know and understand without a reason or explanation for why you know and understand it,” and this is what I meant.

The scale as an object carries more significance in its position on 10/31 then just representing the beginning of Libra, but if you aren’t opened minded enough to consider beliefs different from yours, or to consider the possibility that something popular and mainstream could be more of a deception rather than a source of value, then you would never know this.

I’ve always called 11 11 a sacred doorway to a new path, and here’s the hidden truth behind that. They said there was no zero year when we made the change in years from BC to AD. They said it went from 1 BC to 1 AD and beyond to where we’re at today, 2022 AD.

Well, astronomically, as Libra and the Scale represent the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one, we have these dates without a zero being used:

10/31/1 BC to 11/1/1 AD. 11 11 is a sacred doorway leading to a new path, because it is and it was. It was the transition point between thousands of years ending and the beginning of thousands of years to come. That’s a critical point in the history of our time.

They also said a 13th sign would disrupt a perfect zodiac so astrology kept Ophiuchus out.

But look at this: In astrology, Libra is the 7th sign.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13.

If you write numbers 1 through 13, 7 is in the middle. Libra is the 7th sign in astrology. If we added a 13th sign, then the scale would be in the middle separating 6 and 6. Isn’t that what scales are supposed to do? Aren’t they supposed to be used to find balance? Doesn’t astrology tell us Libra is all about balance, justice, and harmony? Yes. Doesn’t harmony and happiness depend on balance and equality? Yes. What use do we have for a scale if we have nothing to balance?

So, I ask you this, “Did the Powers That Be decide to leave Ophiuchus out because he would disrupt a perfect zodiac?”


“Did they first downplay the importance of Ophiuchus, and then cast him out to hide real true meaning of Libra?”

I’m willing to bet the latter. They couldn’t get rid of Ophiuchus though, because he’s in our sky. He’s apart of us and our history. Instead, they created astrology and excluded him.

Think about that.

What have they said over the years?

Everything spiritual has been downplayed and called pseudo-something. Extraterrestrials and life on other planets isn’t real. Ghosts don’t exist. Multi-dimensional beings don’t exist. There is no afterlife. Reincarnation isn’t real. If you practice witchcraft you’ll go to hell. I can go on and on, but the point here is obvious.

We’ve been limited to anything and everything that appeals to the 5 senses. Everything else has been excluded, casted out, and looked down upon.

If you speak the truth and it’s against the mainstream or whatever the Powers that Be promote, they’ll say you’re crazy, you lost your mind, you’re a racist, and whatever else to discredit you and destroy your image and reputation.

What are they doing? They’re treating you like the 13th sign that’s disrupting the perfect zodiac.

They created a system and excluded you.

So far, I think I addressed all the issues I began this article with. 11 11 as a sacred doorway, finding proof to support the things we’ve come to know as truth but can’t explain why, and how Libra and astronomy tie into all of that. Out of all the characters in the Zodiac, the Libra scale is the only thing that isn’t an animal, a human, or a mythological creature.

We can go further. Shall we?

The bible tells us God created everything in 6 days and rested on the 7th.

There’s two ways of looking at this.

God created everything in the spring and summer during Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo, and rested in judgement on the 7th in judgement/Libra. Isn’t the spring and summer the time of creation? Then he sits in Libra, which is the 7th sign to judge his creation.

The second way is through the Fibonacci spiral, which began with zero. The creation of divine perfection through a golden sequence of numbers in a spiral beginning with the numbers 0, 1, 1, 2, 3.

Astronomically, the sun transits Scorpio for 7 days from 11/23 through 11/29. Libra, or the judgement, ends on 11/22. If we place a zero after 11/22, the next five numbers will be 0, 1, 1, 2, 3. That’s the creation of our world in 6 days between 11/23 and 11/28, and he rested on the 7th day or 11/29.

How about the timing of JFK assassination? He was murdered on 11/22, the last day of judgement/Libra, and the warren commission was created on 11/29, the last day of Scorpio.

Awfully coincidental. The scales separate and balance 6 and 6, and 2 and 2. JFK was killed on the 22nd day and RFK was killed on 6/6.


This is a topic I wrote in detail about in my third book, Smorgasbord 3 Prophecy and Poverty. I can talk about the personal experiences I’ve had and the things I’ve seen along the way, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Some will believe me and others won’t, but my intentions aren’t to convince you into believing I’m some kind of wizard.

The two pictures below were taken by me on the same morning. In the first picture, you can see the top of my head as I was sitting in my bed. I just woke up and I was reading something. I picked my head up and looked at the mirror attached to my dresser.

It’s a little blurry from the camera glare, but I saw in the mirror’s reflection a perfect arrow (Sagittarius) on the wall above my head. The arrow was created by the sun shining in through my window. In person, the arrow was perfect, and for the life of me, I have no idea how the sun could’ve created this image on the wall. I have curtains on that window and blinds, so there’s nothing the sun could shine through to make that image. So, quite literally the writing is on the wall for me.

I got out of bed a few minutes later to take my dogs out, and that’s where I took the second picture. In the second picture, you will see on the fence, another image created by the light of day. It’s the astrological sign for Gemini.

Earlier in this post I put 3 and 9 in bold print. Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac and Gemini is the 3rd. On the wheel, they are opposite one another. Again, I’m not going to get into what this means to me personally, but as you can imagine, it carries a lot of meaning.

I got back in bed and meditated-concentrating on the image of myself on the zodiac wheel with my head aligned in Sagittarius, and my feet in Gemini.

The spiritual path for me began with synchronicities and it gradually progressed. That was in 2008, today, I’m full blown on the journey. Ophiuchus, in my opinion, is one of the most important sources for spiritual wisdom.

Remember though, Ophiuchus, the Charmer, has been labeled disruptive. Including him would disturb the perfect division of the heavens and the associated signs.

Right? I mean that’s what we’re told. That’s what I read. But, I also read the Priory of Sion, one of the world’s most secret organizations who’s responsible for protecting the holy grail and the bloodline of Jesus, has their own version of the zodiac that begins with Aquarius and includes Ophiuchus.

So, if you want it, you have to go and get it. It’s not popular, it’s not mainstream, and it’s not included. The road will be difficult, cold, dark, and lonely, and the closer you get to the truth, all of that will increase. People will say you’re a liar, you’re crazy, you’re a racist, and you don’t know what you’re talking about.

It was Gandhi who said, first they’ll ignore you, then they’ll laugh at you, then they’ll fight you.

Keep going.

Keep going until you see the light of day align with your thoughts. You see images like in the pictures above, but more importantly, in a moment of deep thought and contemplation, thoughts will pass through your mind like streams of water. Let the water flow without concentrating on anything specific, then, suddenly, a thought will stick and your eyes will pop open with the blazing light of the Sun. That’s truth.

It was Jesus, the sun/son of God who said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life..

There are thousands of religions out here today, but I can guarantee you that at some point, they will all converge into one lane. And that one lane is the only way to God.

Visualize and think about that. Think about what that looks like, and when you do, think about Ophiuchus.

This is what it looks like to me.

Along your journey, you’ll awaken to the mountains. Your surrounded by them. Your path and your road will be outlined by mountains and all of those mountains will have peaks. Every once in while, you’ll veer off your path to climb the mountain.

The first peak deceived you. The second peak manipulated you. The third peak lied to you. The fourth peak cheated you. The fifth peak ignored you, and after the trekking back down the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth peak you were in tears.

You were angry, sad, and laughing all at the same time. Angry because you were lied to, cheated, manipulated, and ignored, sad because you’re lonely, and laughing because you truly understand.

There are thousands of mountains out here today, and all of them converged to form a peak. They were all different, but none were right.

There are thousands of religions out here today, but I can guarantee you that at some point, they will all converge into one lane. And that one lane is the only way to God.

But the problem with religion is that it’s the perfect division. They downplay, cast out, and exclude to preserve perfection.

And the problem with that is that we’re all perfect.

So, it’s personal.

It’s personal, and that one lane is the only way to God.

So, what is all this coming down to?

Well, did you think about Ophiuchus?

Yes, it is true a 13th sign will destroy the perfect division of the 360 degree zodiac. I mean, they could include him in the circle, but then the other 12 signs would get a smaller piece; 27.6923 instead of 30.


No, it’s personal remember?

Let’s start with Halloween on 10/31 because that’s where the Scales are.

What are you going to dress up as? What are you going to be?

Oh, you’re not dressing up as someone or something else? You’re going to be yourself?

Then you don’t get a treat. You’ll get punished for not pretending to be something you’re not. The commandments tell us not to lie, but you’ll get punished for telling the truth. No treats and no tricks for you.

Hmm, sounds like my life since 2012.

I’m going to pause here, and let you contemplate all this information.

To be continued…