Career; Separation and Hate



What’s up everyone?  How ya’ll doing?  If you’ve been keeping up with my blog here then you probably read “Show Quote; Scene Making Sense,” and I hope life hasn’t hit you with a spinning heel kick to the balls like it has me.

Yup things were going great.  I was on my way to work, I had a few days left before break, and all of a sudden, BAM!  I was rear ended.  A spinning heel kick to the balls and a big steaming shit right in my mouth.  That’s how it goes.  I am okay.  I will fight to keep my head above water, and I’ll fight to win because life shows us no mercy.


Moving forward, there’s been a lot of talk about careers.   There’s also been a lot of hating going on, and I really don’t like using the word ‘hating’ in situations involving work, and I made a promise to not give anymore attention to negativity so I’m briefly going to talk about careers while gingerly intertwining hate into the conversation.

Career path/Future Path

When discussing your future or your future path there’s a focus on the individual level.  Individuality is something I really stress because I love the fact that we’re all different.  It’s fascinating to me.  Nothing is more interesting than watching a professional at work; a master of his/her craft.

I watched the college wrestling finals because I wanted to see the two top wrestlers (in each weight class) in the Nation, compete, and it was like watching art in motion.  There is a future in the cards for the world, but your future will be your world as it applies to you, and this includes all the symbolism and clues that go along with it.  The future path, which includes your career path, is about individuality, self-realization, maturity, and self-awareness.

Your career path is your method of getting paid, which ultimately sets you apart.  There’s a separation between those who can, and those who can’t, and those who do, and those who don’t.  Separation causes hate.

A position with ABC Company required a high school diploma.  100 people applied.  Everyone was happy.  A position with ABC Company then required a Bachelor’s Degree.  40 people applied.  There were 60 haters who weren’t qualified.  A position with ABC Company then required a Master’s Degree.  15 people applied.  There were 85 unqualified haters.

ABC Company is very successful.  They want the most qualified candidates, and more importantly, they want people who want a career within their company.  A position with ABC Company requires a Master’s Degree, and a clean background check.  10 people applied.  There were 85 unqualified haters, and 5 haters who were qualified criminals.

1 person got the job.  There were 9 jealous people.

The following week, the person who got the job put his new suit on and drove to ABC Company.  On his way into the office building he was faced with an angry mob of protestors.  They had signs and chanted, “no work, no money.”  Some of them were even throwing rocks and bottles at him and the ABC Building.

He passed the security guard, who ignored him, and headed to the elevator.  The elevator guy threw an evil look in his direction before pressing the button to the floor he was going to.  He greeted the woman sweeping the floor, but she just gave him a fake smile.  The two secretaries gave him the middle finger when his back was turned, and the guys washing his office windows were cursing at him, but he couldn’t hear them because they were outside.

He worked at ABC Company for a year.  As soon as his boss got his Master’s Degree, he fired him.


LOL Have A Wonderful Night


Thinking and Relaxing


     What’s up eveyone?  I hope you’re all doing well.

     It’s amazing how life works out.  It is a journey, it is mysterious, and if you want, things can come full circle for you.  It’s 2019, and I’m waking up in a position I was in when I was 23.  This time around things are different though.  Its like I’ve been given a second chance to make things right, and set this path straight that I’ve been on now for 16 years.

     I was young then, alone, and making one wrong decision after another.  I was living for the moment, wreckless, and without a care.  I lost.  I lost a lot of good friends, a lot of good jobs, and a lot of money.

     Eventually, I let it all go with the belief that if I took the time to go within and learn, and keep learning, maybe one day ill come out of it all with clarity and direction.  I did.

     I’m looking forward to a special future, and I hope someday I can recover what I lost, and those things I let go of, I hope they’ll come back to me.

    I don’t hate, I harbor no resentment, and I don’t have any regrets.  I’m really excited.

     I feel grateful to be in a position where I’m involved actively, while still learning and making sense of the past.  Its like living in the past, present, and future all at once.  Sometimes it can be very overwhelming, I can’t deny that, but it’s amazing.

     Amazing.  Yes, that’s what it becomes, and it keeps getting better.

Have a Good Night

Hove ‘N’ Late

     I hate you because you’re a bum, and you have a beautiful home.  I hate you because you’re poor, and you’re rich.  I hate you because you’re fat, and you’re skinny.  I hate you because you won, and you lost.

You think about me though so do you really hate me?  Hate is confusing, and it doesn’t make sense.

I love you because…

…..because you know none of that stuff matters.

Love isn’t confusing, it makes perfect sense.


News Now


Alright, what’s up you all?

     Today obviously is the first day of April.  I hope you didn’t get tricked too good, but hey, the day isn’t over yet.

     I just wanted to let you, my dear readers know the News Now category on this site is real up to date news.  It’s not traditional in the sense of reading scripts, copy editing, or following narratives, but it’s real and current.  I mean usually I’ll cover some sports, and you’re probably aware it’s mostly Pennsylvania sports.

     Journalism right now is wide open, and truthfully, you can turn on the television, or pick up a news paper and “read all about it,” but I’m coming to you live and direct, which is why we encourage more interaction from readers.  It’s all good.

     There’s so much happening right now.  Who’s on the job hunt?  Are you trying to find a career, or a part time job to make a few bucks?  At this point in my life, I know what I’m bringing to the table when I apply somewhere so my emphasis has really been on the employer and the people I could potentially be working with.

     If you’re bouncing from job to job, it could wear on you.  It could get you down, and the inconsistency could drive you nuts, but don’t let it get to you.  For those who really enjoy working and like making a paycheck, not working can be the worst feeling, and that time in between jobs might feel like an eternity, but shit does happen.  Make sure you’re learning from your mistakes.

     It actually took me a while to start figuring this out, but I’m starting to feel good about the way I shop for jobs.  If you notice an employer losses your application several times and has you reapply, or they say the’ll call you at a specific time on a specific day and don’t, then you need to consider if it’s worth your time.

     Think about it.  You take the time to update your resume, either you make a trip to the place to fill out an application, or complete one on the internet, and you follow all their guidelines for applying.  Don’t forget, you do this with an upbeat and positive attitude.  At the very least, they can hold up their end.  Perhaps, act like they really want to bring in a fresh new hire.  They did say they needed help.

     How about a job or career fair?  Have you tried one lately?  If you haven’t, but you plan on getting to one soon then there’s something you should know.  A career fair is a set up with like thirty or so employers/companies, and from my personal experience there’s two things I want to share.

     The employers/companies have representatives there who have tables with attractive displays.  Some are way better than others, and after making a few rounds, it’s easy to spot who put in the effort, and who just slapped something together, but the idea behind the table displays are to sell their place of business to you, the person who’s looking for a place to work.

     The reps should be positive, upbeat, and want to sell you a job.  They should want to sell you a job.  I approached one table to inquire about a particular place to work, and the rep behind the table told me to complete the application on line.  That shouldn’t be your experience with any company at a job fair.  You shouldn’t walk away from a table feeling like you could’ve gotten more accomplished if you stayed home and applied.

     A career fair is a chance for job seekers and employers to come out from behind the screens, and talk to one another, which is very important considering the way the application process has evolved.

     The second thing is to be conscious that the tables are close together.  If two companies you really want to apply to are sitting next to each other, you might want to speak to them at different times.  If you talk to Company A, and tell them you really want to work for them, and their company is really great, you’re going to look like you’re full of shit if  you repeat the same thing to Company B who just heard what you said to Company A.

Have A Wonderful Night

Dichotomy – A Short Story of Good and Evil

Part 2

Chapter Nine

     The Gods have always had a relationship with humans, and although most of the sleeping population prayed to Baxter, never in their wildest dreams would they imagine him traveling to Earth.

     The sleeping population was far beyond the good men and women working Area 31, but those working in Area 31 of course had the advantage of knowing everything that was going on. Within Area 31 there were several different branches or divisions, and Gary, was now the head of the Celestial Crimes Unit.

     He took Commander Bright’s position, and that means he now gets his instructions and intellect directly from General Randall Reddi.  In addition, General Reddi planned a special briefing to bring Gary up-to-date on previous missions and information that was kept from him.  This obviously includes the story behind the Scale, Baxter, Gary, and everything that went on at his home. The unfortunate truth is that when Gary was initially hired by Bright, he was the unit’s pawn. It wasn’t anything personal towards Gary, he was a rookie, and his innocence was invaluable in major investigations.

     Several years before joining the CCU, Gary was a single man looking for a way to survive in a world coming to life around him.  He needed direction, and frequently he joked about meeting a good strong woman to come home to.  A woman that would be his rock. Gary didn’t know it at the time, but he was being watched or scouted, and despite his feelings of being lost, he was being guided by an unseen hand nudging him towards a career with the CCU.

     That hand belonged to General Reddi, and the good strong woman he joked about meeting belonged to Reddi as well.  I guess it would be unfair to say Maureen was apart of his hiring package since she actually feel in love with Gary before meeting him. Maureen was a Private Special Missions Officer, and she worked for General Reddi. Observing Gary and helping from a distance was her responsibility, until her love for him  caused the General to head back to the planning board.

Swatizka Map?!

My birthday just passed last month, and one of my gifts was a Nintendo.  It’s kind of a joke, since my parents bought me the original console 34 years ago, (WOW!)but it brings back so many memories from my childhood.

The revised mini version of today contains 30 original video game classics already programmed in it so you don’t even have to worry about purchasing the games.

Anyways, one of the games included was Zelda.  I was was so excited, and started playing, but when I got to Level 3, I realized something I didn’t notice as a kid.

The Level 3 map is a Swatzika.  Who knows if it was done accidentally, as a joke,  or as part of some kind of child mind programming conspiracy, but it’s there and it’s definitely a Swatztika.

I’m going to play on, but I just wanted to bring some attention and awareness to the issue.  Are you as shocked as I am?