Apartment/Room Hunting

How’s everybody doing?  Today is Sunday, January 12th, and it is beautiful outside.  Sixty-one degrees and sunny! Not bad for the middle of the winter.  Not bad at all.

Tomorrow night I start class at Muhlenberg College, and I’m looking for a small apartment or room to rent that’s close to Chew Street.  If you can help, or know someone who has a place to rent, please write in.

I posted an ad on Craigslist, and it was short and to the point.  I explained that I was starting school soon, and that I was looking for something near the college and Chew Street. The next thing I know I get people replying to me telling me they’re looking for an apartment.  People make me laugh, man they really do.


Alright everyone, enjoy your Monday, and if you hear or know something let me know.

Feature Game Analysis, NCAA College Football week 12

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful morning.  It’s 3 o’clock, and you know what that means.  It’s time for our Feature Game Analysis.  It’s NCAA College Football, and here is our selection.

Feature Game Analysis

Moravian @ Muhlenberg- It’s a Division III, Centennial Conference showdown this weekend, Saturday, November 16th, at Scotty Wood Stadium right here in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Kickoff is scheduled for 1:00.  The Muhlenberg Mules are a perfect 9-0 and look to finish their regular season schedule with one more win.  The Moravian College Greyhounds are 4-5.

Feature Game Pick

Muhlenberg  Mules 42

Moravian Greyhounds 13

Okay my friends, we’re picking Muhlenberg to win big this week, but as always, we shall see.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy all the games in all the divisions.

Feature Game Analysis, College Football Week 10

Welcome back everyone.  This is our College Football Week 10 Feature Game Analysis.  This week we’ll look in depth at the game between SMU and Memphis.

Feature Game Analysis

(15)SMU at Memphis

Kickoff is scheduled for Saturday night, November 2nd at 7:30 pm.  SMU is on the road, traveling to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee where they’re 5.5 point underdogs.  SMU, in my opinion, is the better team here so for them to be underdogs against Memphis would only be because they’re on the road.  Nevertheless, that’s interesting.

SMU is very good  They’re undefeated (8-0) and ranked fifteenth nationally.  The Mustangs have played several close games this season including that three overtime win against Tulsa, but they won them all.  That’s what they do.  They’re also ranked 12th overall in total offense registering 504 yards per game.

RB Xavier Jones (884 yards/14 touchdowns) is a workhorse.  He’s averaging 110 yards per game and 5.4 yards per carry.  That gives the Mustang offense balance and confidence, and the result?  QB Shane Buechele passed for 2,325 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Memphis is home, and obviously having home field advantage is huge for them this week.  They’re (7-1) overall, with their only loss coming at the hands of Temple.  I know that hurts, but all they can do is keep winning, and they’ve done just that.

Memphis can play with SMU, but they need to prove that saturday.  I always end up rooting for the underdog, but I actually like SMU this season.

Feature Game Winner


Feature Game Winner (VTS)

SMU -5.5

Well, that wraps up our analysis of SMU and Memphis.  Thank you for checking back.  As you can see, we’re picking SMU to straight up win this weekend on the road against Memphis.  We’re also picking SMU lending 5.5, as we expect to improve our record versus the spread to 5-3-1.  Alright, it’s college football week 10 coming up this weekend, Saturday, November 2nd.  Have a great weekend!

Table Seven Top 6; NCAA College Football Week 6

Welcome friends to the Nooz Buffet Table Seven Top 6.  This is where we share our top six NCAA College Football games to watch.  Just a reminder, it is week 6, and as we continue to get deeper into the season, we’re going to see who’s who.  Now, lets see what’s what for this week.

  1. (18)UCF @ CINCINNATI- This game will be played Friday night at 8 o’clock.  Cincinnati is an underdog at home.  On September 7th they had a big loss to the Buckeyes 42-0, but they’ve played well since.  Last week they defeated Marshall 52-14.  If you remember, UCF had that one point heartbreaker loss to Pitt 34-35.  Last week they showed up for their game against Connecticut.  Right now, UCF is 4-1, and they need every win they can get in a ranking system that’s not very friendly.
  2. (14)IOWA @ (19)MICHIGAN- Kickoff is scheduled for Saturday afternoon at 12:00.  Michigan is the home favorite here, and they’re 3-1 overall.  The Wolverines look for running back Zach Charbonnet to continue being productive.  He’s averaging 4.5 yards per touch and 3 touchdowns this season.  Iowa, whoa!  Where did you come from?  Iowa is 4-0 and ranked 14th.  Their biggest win this season was against rival Iowa St.  The Hawkeyes have a trio of running backs that bring something to the table, but Mekhi Sargent seems to be “the guy” with 54 carries and 2 touchdowns.  This a huge game for both teams, as Iowa would like to remain undefeated and break into the top 10.  As for Michigan, they need to prove they can play with the big boys.  They lost the only test they’ve had so far, 35-14 against Wisconsin.
  3. PURDUE @ (12)PENN STATE- Here’s another game that kicks off Saturday afternoon at 12:00.  Penn State is (4-0) undefeated and a big time favorite at home in Happy Valley.  QB Sean Clifford is completing 66% of his throws, and he has accumulated 1,179 yards and 9 touchdowns.  He also has a rushing touchdown, but whatever.  Purdue is 1-3, and their only victory was a 42-24 win against Vanderbilt.  They really don’t have much going on in the backfield, and arguably, the better QB Jack Plummer isn’t getting enough playing time.  Any offensive issues could be magnified this week against a Nittany Lion defense that gives up just under 10 points per game.  Something is funny here though.  We think Penn State will overlook this game against the 1-3 Boilermakers in anticipation for next week’s banger against undefeated Big 10 rival Iowa.  Purdue might just catch the Nittany Lions with their pants down.
  4. (7)AUBURN @ (10)FLORIDA- This is a huge game scheduled for Saturday afternoon at 3:30 in Gainesville, Florida.  Believe it or not, Florida is a sight underdog at home.  Yes, they are.  Both teams are undefeated with five wins.  There isn’t much to talk about here from a statistical standpoint because after this game is played we’ll know a whole lot about who’s for real and who’s not.  Whoever it is, will be 6-0 and a serious contender for the National Championship.  Let’s just put it that way.
  5. (25)MICHIGAN STATE @ (4)OHIO STATE- Game time is Saturday evening at 7:30 in Columbus, Ohio where the Buckeyes are favored at home by about 3 touchdowns.  Ohio State is undefeated (5-0) and blowing teams out.  Seriously, they win big.  (I’ve been a fan since 1996, just saying) Last week they beat Nebraska in Lincoln 48-7.  Michigan State is no slouch though, and history tells us the Spartans will be prepared to play a mistake free game.   They only have one loss this season, and that was to a very good Arizona State team.  Michigan State is ranked 25th nationally, but their defense is ranked 7th overall.  This game will be closer than we think.
  6. CAL @ (13)OREGON- This will be a Saturday night game, and kickoff is scheduled for 8:00.  Oregon is 3-1 and favored at home.    Duck’s QB Justin Herbert is completing just about 75% of his passes.  He has also thrown 14 touchdown passes!  On the receiving end, Johnny Johnson III has 22 catches and 264 yards.  TE Jacob Breeland is also very good.  It’s going to be interesting to see how Cal comes back after losing to Arizona State last week.  They were ranked 15th, but hey, where’d they go?  Come back Cal!  Remember this is the same Cal team that gave Washington their only loss.  Oh, I forget to mention, Cal’s starting QB Chase Garbers could possibly be out for the season.

There you have it!  This weeks top 6 NCAA College Football Matchups, and of course, this is our opinion.  Don’t forget to check back this afternoon at 3:00 for our NCAA College Football Week 6 Feature Game analysis.  We’ll tell you who we think will win straight up and who will bring in the money as we attempt to go 3-1-1 versus the spread.  Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.



Can We Have Our Rights and Privacy Back?

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019.

As you know today is 911, and every year on this day we ask the same questions.

What really happened?

You told us terrorist flew planes into the towers, and not many people doubt that, but you can’t deny the fact that those buildings were also imploded.  An implosion can’t happen the day of, that building would’ve had to have been strapped with dynamite long before the 11th day of September.

Who’s responsible for the implosion?

Did 3,000 Americans die for no reason?

Why did it take so long for us to invade the Middle East?

An attack against the citizens of this country on American soil in the way it happened, was an immediate act of war.  Retaliation should’ve been immediate.

Whatever rights we sacrificed in the name of safety, can we have them back?

Alright Everyone, Have A good Day.


Mond Is The Bomb; Texas A&M Primed For Upset Over Clemson

No, this is not a joke, Texas A&M could very well pull off an upset this Saturday, September 7th, when they play Clemson at 3:30, but in order to see this you must look past the cover.

The glamorous National Championship Trophy from last season, the then freshman phenom Quarterback Trevor Lawrence (who’s now a sophomore phenom), and of course, that impressive number one ranking are what we see immediately when we see Clemson, but it was this time last year that Texas A&M and Clemson played one of the most exciting games of the 2018 season.

A&M QB Kellen Mond threw a touchdown pass to Kendrick Rodgers with :43 left to play, and the Aggies pulled within two points.  Obviously, they didn’t convert, and the game ended 28-26.  Clemson won the game and went on to win the National Championship.

Kellen Mond and Kendrick Rodgers are back this season with a host of other players who were apart of a young Texas A&M team that was actually rebuilding in 2018.

If the Aggies beat Clemson last year it would’ve been an upset, and they came so close.  Clemson was winning the game 14-3 at half time, but it could’ve been 14-9.  A&M missed a field goal attempt and had one blocked.  It could’ve been a 14-9 game with Texas A&M getting the ball to start the third quarter.

The game was still 14-3 with 6:43 on the clock in the third quarter.  Texas A&M had the ball and they were driving when suddenly, Kellen Mond came up limping.  He left the game for a play and in his absence, the backup QB got hit and fumbled the ball.  Clemson recovered and scored on the turnover.

Mond returned to the game on the next possession and the Aggies scored on two plays.  The first was a 67 yard pass to WR Buckley who was tackled on the 9 yard line, and then, that amazing touchdown pass and catch.  Mond threw past five Tigers towards the back of the endzone, and Kendrick Rogers jumped and snagged it out of the air.  Texas A&M was trailing Clemson by 8.

On the very next drive Clemson answered with a touchdown of their own, and increased their lead 15.  The score was 28-13, but while you were up getting more potato chips, Texas A&M scored again on another touchdown pass from Mond, and just like that it was 28-20.

With 2:13 left, A&M fumbled and turned the ball over on Clemson’s 1 yard line, but they held the Tigers.  They got the ball back, and scored the games final touchdown with just under a minute to play.

I told you this game was exciting.  Texas A&M should’ve and could’ve won the game.  Don’t forget, they missed two field goals and turned the ball over twice from fumbling, and still, they almost upset Clemson.

It was also during this game that Trevor Lawrence threw a touchdown pass on his very first play for Clemson as a true freshman.

Here we are again, new season, same week, and both teams are 1-0 after winning their openers.  If last year was a rebuilding season for the Aggies then they should be a real contender this year.  I think Texas A&m will be mature enough and have enough confidence to win this game.

Texas A&M finished the 2018 season with a 9-4 record.  They had two huge wins over (13)Kentucky, and (8)LSU, and two of their four loses came at the hands of (1)Clemson and (2)Alabama who eventually played for the National Championship.

Perhaps it will be the Aggies playing for the National Championship this year, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.  

Frankie Flash Feature Pick 

Clemson -17.5 Texas A&M

Texas A&M

In Order To Run You Must…..

Like I’ve said, politics aren’t really my thang, but in my opinion there should be certain qualifications required of any and all candidates running for an elected position in government.

In order to run, you must;

a.  Be at least a second generation American, meaning, you’re the son or daughter of parents who were born and raised in the United States.  You the candidate, must be born, raised, and currently living in the United Sates.

b.  Attend a private institution for 4 years where you will intensely study and be taught the history of the United States from 1700 to present.  At the end of the 4 years you must pass a history exam.  Before leaving the educational training you must state your political views and how you plan to serve your country.  Then you will be granted the privilege of running.

c.  On a social media platform, where everyone in the Country had access, you will sing “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood, and however many likes  👍you get, that will be your number of votes.

Alright everyone, this is just my opinion, and I’m entitled to it.  We do not discuss politics on noozbuffet.com and we probably won’t in the future, but every now and then, as a citizen of this country, it is important to weigh in, give your opinion, and get involved.

Have A Good Day

Career; Separation and Hate



What’s up everyone?  How ya’ll doing?  If you’ve been keeping up with my blog here then you probably read “Show Quote; Scene Making Sense,” and I hope life hasn’t hit you with a spinning heel kick to the balls like it has me.

Yup things were going great.  I was on my way to work, I had a few days left before break, and all of a sudden, BAM!  I was rear ended.  A spinning heel kick to the balls and a big steaming shit right in my mouth.  That’s how it goes.  I am okay.  I will fight to keep my head above water, and I’ll fight to win because life shows us no mercy.


Moving forward, there’s been a lot of talk about careers.   There’s also been a lot of hating going on, and I really don’t like using the word ‘hating’ in situations involving work, and I made a promise to not give anymore attention to negativity so I’m briefly going to talk about careers while gingerly intertwining hate into the conversation.

Career path/Future Path

When discussing your future or your future path there’s a focus on the individual level.  Individuality is something I really stress because I love the fact that we’re all different.  It’s fascinating to me.  Nothing is more interesting than watching a professional at work; a master of his/her craft.

I watched the college wrestling finals because I wanted to see the two top wrestlers (in each weight class) in the Nation, compete, and it was like watching art in motion.  There is a future in the cards for the world, but your future will be your world as it applies to you, and this includes all the symbolism and clues that go along with it.  The future path, which includes your career path, is about individuality, self-realization, maturity, and self-awareness.

Your career path is your method of getting paid, which ultimately sets you apart.  There’s a separation between those who can, and those who can’t, and those who do, and those who don’t.  Separation causes hate.

A position with ABC Company required a high school diploma.  100 people applied.  Everyone was happy.  A position with ABC Company then required a Bachelor’s Degree.  40 people applied.  There were 60 haters who weren’t qualified.  A position with ABC Company then required a Master’s Degree.  15 people applied.  There were 85 unqualified haters.

ABC Company is very successful.  They want the most qualified candidates, and more importantly, they want people who want a career within their company.  A position with ABC Company requires a Master’s Degree, and a clean background check.  10 people applied.  There were 85 unqualified haters, and 5 haters who were qualified criminals.

1 person got the job.  There were 9 jealous people.

The following week, the person who got the job put his new suit on and drove to ABC Company.  On his way into the office building he was faced with an angry mob of protestors.  They had signs and chanted, “no work, no money.”  Some of them were even throwing rocks and bottles at him and the ABC Building.

He passed the security guard, who ignored him, and headed to the elevator.  The elevator guy threw an evil look in his direction before pressing the button to the floor he was going to.  He greeted the woman sweeping the floor, but she just gave him a fake smile.  The two secretaries gave him the middle finger when his back was turned, and the guys washing his office windows were cursing at him, but he couldn’t hear them because they were outside.

He worked at ABC Company for a year.  As soon as his boss got his Master’s Degree, he fired him.


LOL Have A Wonderful Night