Say What?

  1. If you wanted to travel the shortest distance to Africa by boat from the United States, which US state should you leave from?
  2. Where does the prime meridian and the equator meet (0’N 0’E)?
  3. Who did United States President Gerald Ford nominate as his choice for VP?
  4. During what war was the British ocean liner Lusitania sunk by a German U-boat?
  5. This American state was originally named New Sweden, as Sweden made an attempt to colonize it?


  1. Maine
  2. Null Island
  3. Nelson Rockefeller
  4. World War I
  5. Delaware


Under a moon that’s full,

While the ocean currents pull,

I call out to thee,

Northern light and element earthly.

Strengthen your arc,

and encircle accordingly.

Light and air-awaken to feast,

Awaken our circle when you come from the east.

Southern fire-I hold you so dear,

The temperatures rise the closer you near.

Coming around now, so close to completion,

Waters flow in and rule out depletion.

And I break;

to fill up my goblet,

to burn up some incense,

to look up.

End of the Line?

I’m curious to know how the situation regarding COVID and vaccinations is going to turn out. Are you going to gather everyone up who decided to pass on the injections, put them in some kind of prison, and force vaccinations into their bodies?

I’m just curious because of the treatment they’re already receiving. Athletes are being turned away from their sports, normal citizens are being harassed and shunned by peer groups, the parents who have children in school are being called terrorists. Some businesses are refusing work to unvaccinated people, and some airlines are not letting them fly.

They seem to be getting pushed into a corner. And then this:

What else?

What the endgame here?

Nooz Now

What’s going on my friends? Welcome.

The date today is Tuesday, September 7, 2021-happy birthday to all my Virgo friends! It seems like the sun was in and out of Leo within the blink of an eye, and I have mixed emotions about that.

♍-If you’re an Aquarius and you follow astrology, then you know Leo and Aquarius are stuck in opposition. But, relax-sometimes people see the word stuck and they think bad, but it’s not such a bad thing. I have a 7th house Aquarius sun with Leo rising in the 1st. They say your birth chart is ruled by the planet that rules the sign on your ascendant; since the sun rules Leo, my chart is ruled by the sun. Directly across the way is the descendent, and that’s where Aquarius is housing my birth sun.

When the sun is in Leo, it enlivens those lion-like qualities, and it’s my job to bring the qualities of Leo and the qualities of Aquarius into harmony since those signs are in opposition. In addition, I love the summer, so it’s a fun time all the way around. I don’t know why, but I find it fascinating that the sun rules Leo and the moon rules Cancer. Yup, Cancer and Leo house our luminaries.

What signs do you have on the horizon?

📘📖✍-This Saturday, September 11, I will be at the Barnes and Noble at the Lehigh Valley Mall between the hours of 1 pm and 3pm for my book signing. The address is 801 Lehigh Lifestyle Center, Whitehall, PA 18052. I’m excited-this is my first book signing, and I can’t wait to see you all there.

🏈NCAA- I wanted to give a shout out to Coach Longo (North Carolina Tar Heels). Coach Longo used to coach at the high school in the town I was born in, and then he coached at William Paterson University when I played there. We lost contact over the years, and the next time I saw him he was on the North Carolina sideline. I was home watching North Carolina play Clemson, and there he was. Congratulations Coach! Ohio State has another big game this weekend (Saturday) against Oregon. Both teams won their openers.

😮-Apparently there’s a radio station that tells people how they can save the world! Metro published a story written by Jessica Kwong, about a guy who was being pursued by police. During the chase, Tyson Gilbert, a 39-year-old man from Tennessee, cut his penis off and threw it at the cops who were chasing him. Later he said the radio influenced his actions and convinced him he could save the world by doing so. Lets hope his attempt was not in vein.

👦👧-Compartmentalization is the enemy of progression. I know it’s normal for teenage boys and girls to hang out in their bedrooms with the doors closed. I did it, we all did it, and I don’t know-it’s like all of a sudden we had this need for privacy and 5-hour phone calls. Once in while, open your doors and let your parents see what’s going on. Talk to them. Don’t stunt your families growth by becoming a hermit. Pimple face.

☀-On Wednesday, September 22, the sun enters Libra for the first day of fall. Our fall season will last for 105 days. The first day of winter this year is December 21st.

Okay everyone; have a wonderful night and a blessed day tomorrow. I hope to see you all this Saturday at Barnes and Noble.

P.S. I don’t want to say who it is because it might not happen, but I’m waiting for someone in the world of college football to get back to me to do a short interview. I’ll keep you abreast and a thigh of that situation.

I forgot who this was, but he must’ve pissed me off because this picture was sitting in my file for a while now.


When Barack Obama was in office trying to get Obamacare passed, I remember the outrage from American citizens.

“America has the best health care/ medical system in the world, why would we want to change it to be more like Europe or Canada,” the people were saying.

Medical systems around the world at that time were proven failures-the people were right. The majority of voters rejected the plan.

Well, they forced the bill into existence-a socialized medical system.

Do you think it’s a coincidence the world was faced with a “global pandemic” several year later?

How else is the government getting away with stay-at-home orders, forcing people to wear masks, and forcing people to get vaccinated?

They’re getting away with it because our medical system has been compromised. Our medical system belongs in a socialist country.

That’s why the individual feels helpless and bullied. Our medical system is about the collective now. That’s why they were able to get away with a psychologically abusive and manipulating advertisement campaign.

Do your part, help others.

Wear your mask, and protect the people you love.

Do your part, and get vaccinated.

All of those statements disregard and undermine the individual, while in a passive aggressive way, putting guilt on us.

It’s not good enough for me to wear a mask and protect myself, everyone has to wear it.

Socialized medicine.

How was Obamacare even passed? Do you think we can go back to our old medical system?

What Are Those Buckeyes Up To?

Ryan Day and the rest of the Ohio State coaching staff are working extra hard to prepare this 2021 Buckeye football team. In an interview, Day has used words like competition and camaraderie, which is a good sign. It means the team, with all the offseason changes and newcomers are coming together as a unit, and peaking at the right time we all hope. Well, us Buckeye fans anyway. Coach Day has also talked about physical and mental preparation and toughness.

He encourages his team to visualize, and visualization is no doubt important. You prepare for something, you visualize yourself doing it, and then you go out and execute. This season, coach Day will expect his team to prepare, visualize, and execute for the entire season-a 12-game season that ends in Ann Arbor on November 27th with a rivalry game against the Michigan Wolverines.

Ohio State didn’t play Michigan last season, and they didn’t play twelve games either. With all the real world issues going on that cut into my beloved football season, the Buckeyes only played five regular season games before meeting Northwestern in the Big Ten Championship.

In the regular season finale, OSU beat Michigan State 52-12. They beat Northwestern in the Big Ten Championship game 22-10, and those two wins basically set the stage for the Sugar Bowl showdown against #2 Clemson. The Buckeyes won 49-28.

Ohio State’s 2020 season ended on January 11th with a 52-24 loss to Alabama in the 2021 CFP National Championship game.

Winning is now an expectation at Ohio State so you can bet Coach Day and company are preparing with their eyes on the prize….and Michigan too. Like I said, there has been some changes and newcomers this offseason, but things seem to be coming together.

There’s a 3-way competition going on at the quarterback position, but it looks like redshirt freshman CJ Stroud is the frontrunner. Kyle McCord and Jack Miller are battling for playing time. Stroud’s redshirt should prove to be worth it now as the 6’3″ 220 pound Quarterback has four years to play!

Whoever gets the starting job at QB will definitely have help from the wide receiver position. Senior Chris Olave provides leadership, experience, and clutch-play-making ability, and junior Garrett Wilson can be just as good. Both are up for preseason awards. Senior TE Jeremy Ruckert is big, fast, and a real threat in the seams. He’s 6″5″ 250 and a preseason candidate for the Mackey Award.

Center Harry Miller anchors an impressive offensive line. Miller and OT Thayer Munford, a 6’6″ 320 pound senior, will provide plenty of push for a productive ground game.

Three names come up often when you start talking defense are Sevyn Banks, Haskell Garrett, and Zach Harrison.

Junior DE Zach Harrison is 6’6″ 272. That’s a big man! Outland Trophy candidate, Haskell Garrett, is next to him at tackle. CB Sevyn Banks is a senior and a leader on defense. He has the speed, and at 6’1″, he has the height to compete with those big receivers we often see. Banks is up for the Bronko Nagurski Trophy and Thorpe Award.

The 2021 Ohio State Buckeye Football season opener is on Thursday, September 2nd. They’re on the road travelling to Minnesota to play the Golden Gophers. Kickoff is at 8:00 PM.

I’m looking forward to a full 12-game season, and I know every other Ohio State fan is as well!

Why All The Pushback?

Before I became an Author myself, I used to open the newspaper and turn to the section that talked about books. They had a list of the top 10 best selling books, and a list of new releases.

Often, there would be a feature story done about an author if it was their first book, or an author who might’ve reached a certain milestone during their career.

I used to say to myself, “that’s really cool.”

Now that I’m an Author, I’d like that to be me in the newspaper, but for some reason, I can’t even get an editor to call me back. It’s a shame.

I don’t complain though, because certain things fuel my fire, and some people really know how to push. And to those people, I say thank you because you fueled not one but three books now.

Keep ignoring me. Keep fueling my fire.

Jentry 5

Jentry is a term I created, and if you’ve been following NB you might’ve noticed the posts titled Jentry 1 Jentry 2, etc. Jentry is the combination of the words journal and entry. Journal + Entry = Jentry.

When I write on this site and the post’s title is Jentry that means I’m sharing something with all of you that I wrote in my personal journal here at home.

I wanted to share something I experienced during a meditation this month.

I was sitting in the lotus position (kind of) with my palms facing up towards the ceiling, and I had a vision:

I saw a light appear.

It was a bright yellow light, a doorway of light, and out of the light came a tall thin man with long dark hair (shoulder length, brownish black) and a beard. He was a white man wearing what looked like a long white t-shirt that went all the way down to his feet.

He stepped forward out of the light and extended his arms towards me. The next thing I saw was my hands, palms up, and his hands reached over my hands and our hands touched. We locked fingers and our hands stayed clasped together for a short time. His hands were hairy. I don’t know why, but that stood out to me.

Then he stepped back into the light, and the doorway of light closed.

This was a vision I had during a meditation one night this month, July.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Amazon Still Using Psychologically Manipulative COVID Ads

Yeah, just force the people around you. Don’t even ask, just sign them up because they’ll want it. Why would you tell someone they’re killing the people around them if they don’t wear a mask or vaccinate? How could you put that guilt on someone? If you get vaccinated then you’re protecting yourself. How does you getting vaccinated protect me? If you wear a mask you’re protecting yourself. If your loved ones want to protect themselves then they can get vaccinated.

Ooh We can’t wait to see your smile. After your forced vaccine guess what? You get to take your mask off!

And lets talk about that bonus. Hourly associates employed from May 23 through July 16 full time associated get a $1000 bonus and part time employees get $500.00. All you really have to do is get vaccinated and or keep your mask. And if you’re white, you get to tell every other race how great they are and how disappointed you are to be white.

And here’s the best best best of all. Amazon cares so much about our health they have a guideline in place for those who ACTUALLY test positive for the coronavirus. They have to stay home and quarantine for 14 days, but the only person I know who tested positive came back in 4. Hmm?

And in order to get tested you have to swab your nostrils. Amazon mails the tests to a lab, and someone emails you in three days saying your either positive or negative. Really? How do we know they’re not flipping a coin? If an employer wants to see if you have marijuana in your system they can test you on the spot and WE ALL CAN SEE the results. Why such secrecy?

They want you vaccinated so bad they’ll pay you $40.00!