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I was just reading through the Morning Call’s Letters and Opinion sections today as I usually do, because I think it’s really interesting to hear what people in and around the community have to say.

Sometimes it’s humorous, but I know people are upset.

I wanted to reply to the article titled, Institutional Racism Exists Today.  

Jack W. Paul (We don’t even know if that’s his real name) wrote:

Blacks have been economically handicapped by being precluded from accumulating capital until fairly recently and have been denied comparable educational opportunities, initially due to “separate but equal,” and now school funding arrangements.

In addition:

If racism is to be defeated, whites need to acknowledge their complicity in this evil practice and begin meaningful reform.

I graduated from William Paterson University in 2003, and I also attended Kean University in 2005.

I think using the phrase “denied comparable educational opportunities” is not only inaccurate, but demeaning to the wonderful job that both of those schools and others like them have done to ensure people of all races and ethnic backgrounds get an education.

Also, I don’t know why you say “whites need to acknowledge.”  You say it as if only white people are prejudice, and that was offensive.  I’m not.

Yes, our country does have its fair share of racist and prejudice people, but I think we’ve made some real progress.  The NFL as of 2020 was 70% black.  The NBA as of 2015 was 74% black.

Let’s not forget real change and real progress doesn’t happen overnight, and running to the government is never the answer.  In times like we’re in right now, I think everyone needs to look within.

Peaceful Protests Hijacked by Violence

We were learning during the lockdown.

While we were sitting at home letting the events, laws, and policies surrounding Covid-19 playout during May, we were finally starting to awaken to the realization that our rights, in the name of safety, we’re once again in the grip of an overreaching government.

This time, however, things were different.  Americans, although scared, were finally starting to understand the need for protesting, and the importance of letting our government know, we know when they’re overreaching.

We realized, when we recognize something isn’t right, we have to call it out.  I was proud and happy to see all the people out in Ohio, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and so on, protesting the lockdown stay-at-home order, and martial law as they both are unconstitutional.

Then, peaceful protesting and progress was hijacked by violence, looting, and crime.  It’s really a shame, and I can only hope that’s not the result whenever Americans start catching on to how they’re being violated.  Good Americans should never be afraid to protest.

Where are we?

Section 215 of the Patriot Act violates the Fourth Amendment, which says the Government cannot conduct a search without obtaining a warrant and showing probable cause.  I don’t know how many American citizens were aware of that back when it was signed during the “911” crises to protect us from terrorism, but if you we wondering why Ben Franklin’s quote, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety,” was gaining in popularity, that’s why.

According to Gerald Celente, on New Year’s Eve in 2011, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which stripped Americans of Amendments Five and Six, and officially declared the United States as a battle zone.

I did my own research, and I think he’s referring to subsections 1021-1022 of Title X, Subtitle D, titled “Counter-Terrorism,” but I don’t know.  Either way, I think Gerald Celente is a reputable guy, and he’s definitely vocal, but I don’t think he would bull-shit about that.

If it is true……

Our Bill of Rights was given to us to protect us from an overreaching government, which includes police brutality, illegal searches and seizures, and so on, so those rights cannot be taken from us.

The American citizens would never give those rights up either.

…………how did we lose our Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment Rights?

I guess we didn’t realize we were giving them away, and buying safety.

We live in a very unique time, and we must be careful.


I’m not trying to sell you a story, I’m giving you my honest opinion.

Our government is using terrorism, and terrorist to sell us safety, which strips away our rights once the Bill is signed into law.  Violence is not the way to beat this, the answer is exercising our rights as they are written.

Afterall, the last thing you would want as an American citizen is for your government to call you a terrorist.

Mel Robbins

I like watching TED videos on Youtube, and I’ve watched several people speak recently, but I have to say, Mel Robbins was my favorite.

For me personally, with where I’m at in my life right now and with what I’m experiencing, “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over,” was it.

I think I watched her talk about the 5-second rule, and defeating the ungodly voice in our heads by getting out from behind enemy lines about four times now.  I might watch it again tonight.  💞

Thank you.


The Plan

Here it is.

After taking everything into consideration that’s been going on in 2020, and prior, there’s only one solution.

We the People need to start getting involved with our town and local governments.

We the People need to attend town council meetings so we can learn about the representatives we’re voting into power.  We need to not only start informing ourselves about things like the budget, plans for local economic and business growth, and the education systems, but we need to have a say, voice our opinions, and be heard.

If we are not present to hold our local officials accountable, than we have no one to blame but ourselves when things aren’t right, or going the way we think they should be.

I’m serious.  Let’s get motivated about this.  Let’s take on a little responsibility.  This, afterall is our government, by us, and for us.

Thank you PEXELS.COM and for the Photo.

NCAA College Football 2020/2021

images (1)  The Covid-19 crisis will subside, and America will return to normalcy.  When that happens, we’ll finally have a moment to go back and revisit some things that happened during an electrically fast period of time.  Amidst the issues happening outside the football world, which sometimes seep into the football world, stuff happens that demands our attention, but because of an order of importance, some things need to be put on the back burner, as they say.

Let’s revisit the NCAA 2020 College Football Playoffs Semi-Final game between the (2)Ohio State Buckeyes, and the (3) Clemson Tigers.  Specifically, let’s return to the second quarter.  It’s 3rd and 5, and there’s just about 5 minutes left in the half.  Ohio State is winning 16-0.  The ball is snapped, the Buckeyes blitz, there’s a hit, and then, there’s an ejection.  Shaun Wade hits and sacks Trevor Lawrence, and then, he gets ejected for targeting.

My issue here is obviously the ejection, but in a growing culture where we demonize players for making clean open field tackles, referees must be careful with the terminology they’re using.

There was a time, not long ago, when the fans used to cheer and applaud good clean hits, and that’s what creates momentum.  I worry, as an ex-NCAA football player, and a fan of the game, that this growing trend of booing and placing guilt on players for making clean hits, is going to eventually change the game, but not for the better.

Terminology?  When you target someone, you’re intentionally going after that person.  Was Shaun Wade really targeting Trevor Lawrence, or did he make a clean hit and tackle off a called blitz?

I’ve been an Ohio State football fan since 1996, and I can tell you that Ohio State is not that kind of program.  I also don’t believe Shaun Wade is that kind of player.

Shaun Wade’s ejection, which came at such a critical point in the game, not only changed the momentum coming from the crowd, but it gave the Tigers a first down, and the extended drive led to a Clemson touchdown.  Going into the locker room at halftime down by 9, is a lot different than going in and being down by 16.

I understand there’s a concern about player safety, but football is contact sport, and it’s a fast physical sport.  The players have to be able to play the game, and referees have to do a better job at deciding the difference between clean aggressive hits that happen throughout the course of the game, and those that are delivered to inflict intentional harm.

If you haven’t played the game than you cannot know how fast the play is on the field.  The plays are called, the ball is snapped, and contact is made.  It’s that fast.  Our concern with player safety still, cannot interfere with the free flow of the game, unless we sacrifice the game itself in the name of safety.

The summer will be here in few weeks, and hopefully football will return.  Hopefully football will return.


I’d Hate to Say it but,…

For a while now, people have been telling you the first amendment is under attack.  For a while now, people have been telling you that Youtube and FaceBook and Twitter are social media platforms that people can use to post their information and videos.  It’s unconstitutional and against the first amendment for Social Media platforms to pull videos.

The point that I’m getting at here is, when you were told you’re first amendment rights were being violated, you called those people conspiracy theorist…..

But now you’re whining and crying because your videos are getting pulled off Youtube for no reason.  You see, most people put their blinders on to the realities until they’re directly affected.

The problem with that approach is that unfortunately, those are the times when you need your rights.

Be proactive.


Your Nooz

Let us be your news reporters, and let Table Seven be the place where you go to get the truth.

Lehigh County Pennsylvania, I’m speaking to you.

You have your mainstream news, you have your alternative news, and then you have us.

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We’re a group of writers, researchers, and investigators bringing you the facts.  Just the facts!

Jentry 2

Today was one of those days, but it was a good day.  Weather wise, it was pretty crappy though.  I was outside walking almost the entire day, and there was a constant mist.

You know that rain where it’s not coming down hard, but it’s just a steady mist?  The kind that if you’re in all day, you’ll be soaked, and confused because it really didn’t seem like it was raining, but it was.

It was humid too, but enough about the weather.  I’m just in this weird situation right now where I need to work.  I needed to work and make money yesterday, but for reasons beyond my control, my plans keep getting delayed.

Enough sitting around though right?  If you follow my blog, you probably know I’m going back to school for a teaching certification, but for work, I’ve been substituting.  Until the district was closed because of Covid-19.

I can’t keep waiting, and I think there’s a really good lesson to be learned here about moving on and moving forward even though you might actually be walking down a different path than you intended.

So, I went to the Amazon recruiting center today because I was supposed to complete the “final step” to a tedious hiring process, and get my start date confirmed, but there was a mix up with the shift time.  I don’t really want to work over night.  Then I walked to a couple of other places and dropped off a resume, so we’ll see.

Tomorrow, same thing.  I cannot wait any longer for what I want to happen because it seems like the harder I try, something beyond my control prevents me from doing what I want.  Is it personal?  Some no, some maybe.

I will keep applying, and I will keep trying everything and anything else.  I’m not getting younger.  There’s a life that I have envisioned for myself, and I will have it even if it means flying to another part of the country and moving to a different state.

How is everyone else doing?  Write in.  You know we encourage feedback and dialogue, and I would love to chat.  Have a great night, and a wonderful day tomorrow.