Dichotomy – A Short Story of Good and Evil

Part 2

Chapter Nine

     The Gods have always had a relationship with humans, and although most of the sleeping population prayed to Baxter, never in their wildest dreams would they imagine him traveling to Earth.

     The sleeping population was far beyond the good men and women working Area 31, but those working in Area 31 of course had the advantage of knowing everything that was going on. Within Area 31 there were several different branches or divisions, and Gary, was now the head of the Celestial Crimes Unit.

     He took Commander Bright’s position, and that means he now gets his instructions and intellect directly from General Randall Reddi.  In addition, General Reddi planned a special briefing to bring Gary up-to-date on previous missions and information that was kept from him.  This obviously includes the story behind the Scale, Baxter, Gary, and everything that went on at his home. The unfortunate truth is that when Gary was initially hired by Bright, he was the unit’s pawn. It wasn’t anything personal towards Gary, he was a rookie, and his innocence was invaluable in major investigations.

     Several years before joining the CCU, Gary was a single man looking for a way to survive in a world coming to life around him.  He needed direction, and frequently he joked about meeting a good strong woman to come home to.  A woman that would be his rock. Gary didn’t know it at the time, but he was being watched or scouted, and despite his feelings of being lost, he was being guided by an unseen hand nudging him towards a career with the CCU.

     That hand belonged to General Reddi, and the good strong woman he joked about meeting belonged to Reddi as well.  I guess it would be unfair to say Maureen was apart of his hiring package since she actually feel in love with Gary before meeting him. Maureen was a Private Special Missions Officer, and she worked for General Reddi. Observing Gary and helping from a distance was her responsibility, until her love for him  caused the General to head back to the planning board.

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