Dichotomy – A Short Story of Good and Evil

Part 2 – I wanted to let my readers know that this short story is turning into a long one, and I think I’m just going to let it lead the way and see where it takes me.  Below is just a summary of Chapter 12, and I’m going to conclude here.  Thank you.

Chapter Twelve

     Of course Gary was getting very upset when Maureen was explaining her situation with Guy.  Fortunately, Gary was really understanding because he knew certain powers and influences were just beyond their control.  The fact that Maureen claims she was paralyzed during the incident, well, it is possible.

     Their conversation takes a slight turn as Maureen starts to shift a little blame on CCU for using their relationship, and more importantly, marriage, as a trap for catching evil time travelers.  She claims if their relationship hadn’t been used in such a way than maybe her and Guy would’ve never crossed paths.  Good point.

Either way, their vacation is coming to an end, and Gary will now take his position at Area 31, CCU headquarters.

Thank you for reading along.


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