Fuck You

Did you ever reach a point in your life when people you’ve known forever become unrecognizable?

Did you ever reach a point when you just have nothing to say?

The party came and went, you’re at a new point in your life.  You’re focused on being the best person you can be, making the most money you can make, and trying – trying, to put yourself in the company with people who at the very least, may have something in common with you.

I don’t know, I do things differently I guess.

Did people ever make fun of you to your face, and you just really didn’t notice it because you’re so upbeat and not even thinking that’s what’s happening?

Do people talk about you behind your back, and greet you not even two minutes later?

I don’t understand it.  I just think it’s sad when people need someone to laugh at in order to feel good and comfortable in their environment.

Hey, don’t worry about it.  Life is short, we’re here and gone.  Keep going.  I’m going to try-really try hard to avoid negativity, and by that I mean paying no attention to it.  I mean not talking about, and not thinking about it.

You will reach a point when you become focused on things that are of great importance to you, and when you do, you’ll notice something.  There’s a whole lot of unimportant shit going on around you…don’t let it in.

I’m about three things right now:

  1. Me
  2. My Career
  3. Relationships with the opposite sex.

Nothing else matters.  I’m easy, and very forward thinking.  I don’t remember yesterday, so if you’re dwelling on it, stay there.

You want respect, then give it.

You want trust, then earn it.

You want love, then come get it.





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