Is anyone a fan of Rick and Morty?  I was hooked from the first episode I watched, and I ended up buying all the episodes on google play, however, I have moved on.

Now, I’ll always love the show, and I do still watch reruns every now again, but I think people are delusional about a season four coming out.  It’s wishful thinking at this point people, and I say that with compassion because I would really like to see a season four also.  I’m just tired of getting my hopes up for it.

Above in the title section, you’ll notice a link to an article written on  I read this article while I was eating lunch this afternoon, and it was really good by-the-way.  Ben Sherlock wrote it.  Good Job Ben!

It listed the top ten characters people would like to see make a return at some point during season four, (if it ever happens) and I wanted to share my thoughts and comments as well.

I’m going to use Ben’s list in the order he wrote it, but just add my two scents of course.  Here we go…

10. Morty Jr. – I think that would be hilarious.

9. Snowball – Yes, you have to bring the family dog back.  Maybe he dies though, and they buy another one?

8. Mr. PoopyButtHole – At one point I would’ve, but not now.  As a matter of fact, I’ve grown to really dislike him over this past year.  Like I cheer during that episode when he reaches for the Butler’s tray and gets smacked. Stupid Shithole!

7. Abradolf Lincler – I thought he died!?

6. Jaguar – Definitely.

5. Evil Morty – Absolutely.

4. Squanchy – Originally, I would’ve said no, but after he turned into that battlecat and protected Morty’s Family during Birdman’s wedding, it’s a yes.

3. Unity – Yes.  Unity was one of my favorites.  As a collective of course…

2. Supernova – Whatever right?  What about Noop Noop?

1.PhoenixPerson – I thought he was Birdman.

Alright, this was fun.  Ben Sherlock, cool article man.  I hope you enjoy my opinions.  I’m looking forward to reading more of your material.


Have A Wonderful Evening



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