Next Level Dieting 1

Good Morning.

I’m not a chef, 🤣, let me start there.   The picture above shows what I ate for breakfast today, and in terms of what we all consider a full traditional breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast, etc.) I guess you could say this was a lazy man’s breakfast, but there’s something important going on.

“Next Level Dieting” is a term I coined, and it means exactly what is says.

Let me explain.

Next Level Dieting is finding a healthier more nutritious form of what you’re eating.  The food above is a cinnamon raisin bagel from Thomas’s, Jif reduced fat peanut butter, and fresh strawberries sliced on top.

This meal at its basic level looks like this:

Thomas’s raisin bagel, regular peanut butter, and either a strawberry jelly or preserves spread, but just when you think you’re eating healthy, you discover a healthier version of what you’re eating, and that’s Next Level Dieting.

Next Level Dieting Version:

Freshly baked bagel from a bakery (instead of the supermarket Thomas’s shelf brand)

Organic Peanut Butter (instead of a regular Skippy, or Jif brand)

Fresh Fruit- strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.  (instead of a supermarket shelf brand)

What I ate this morning isn’t too bad LOL, (have fun with this), the peanut butter is reduced fat, and I used fresh strawberries instead of the strawberry preserve spread I had in the refrigerator, but we can always eat healthier.

The next time you prepare something to eat for yourself, think while eating, “how could I make a healthier version of this.  How could I make it…..Next Level?”

Ordinary Meal: Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Next Level Diet Version: Organic Peanut Butter and Fresh Fruit on a multigrain bagel.

Have A Wonderful Day

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