Suffocating Anxiety; Break Free

This is important, well, I think it is. When it comes to oxygen and breathing, I’m dead serious. Now, there can be many reasons for why we feel anxious or short of breath, but specifically, I’m addressing relationship suffocation.

When I say relationship, it isn’t necessarily referring to our boyfriends/girlfriends, or our husbands and wives. It can be, but a relationship can be any acquaintance, friend, or coworker we talk to and see daily or once in a while.

Just two days ago, there was a man I knew who was in a bad mood. He was having a bad day for whatever reason, and instead of figuring his problem out for himself by himself, he chose to be testy with me.

We’ve all been in that situation, and it’s not right. Not every day is going to be magnificent, some days are going to suck, and each one of us, individually, needs to realize when there’s an issue and do the best we can to work towards an outcome that promotes positive interaction again.

In other words, instead of taking your problems out on innocent people, go address the issues and people who are upsetting you.

A while ago, and I don’t talk about this much, but on several occasions, I experienced an immediate cutoff of oxygen. I’m not talking about a little anxiety where it’s hard to breath; this felt like someone snuck up behind me and put a plastic bag over my face. This was not a gradual reduction of oxygen, but rather, an immediate cutoff!

That was enough for me. I needed to get to the bottom of that issue and make sure it never happened again.

When it comes to relationships, as we’ve described, an open conversation is required if they’re responsible for your suffocating. After you work out everything with that person, you must:

Set Boundaries; be firm and don’t give an inch.

Take Back Your Privacy

Express Yourself; if someone else’s behavior is affecting you let them know.

Strive for Independence; not having to rely on people frees you from their control.

Be a Leader

Cut Off General Statements: If some say’s this sucks, don’t agree if you feel differently. It’s okay to have an opinion.

Nurture Yourself and Enjoy Your Time Alone

Take Time To Do Nothing

The most important thing is for you to tell yourself;

“I’m a person to!”

“I’m a human being and I have needs.”

“I deserve to be happy.”

We are not mind readers, you have to speak up if you have concerns, feel violated, or have been treated in a way you didn’t deserve. Start putting yourself first, and start making yourself and your life a priority.

People who come off as aggressive, loud, and obnoxious, are that way for a reason. Usually it’s because they’re afraid or insecure about something. When people are afraid they try to control, and it’s their controlling behavior that’s causing your suffocation because think about it..

If someone is controlling they’re overreaching, intrusive, and could care less about your boundaries, your privacy, and your opinions. Until these people resolve their personal issues, they’re always in some way going to be a drain on you, your life, and your energy.

Stand tall my friends.

Mind, Body, & Stress

There are lots of reasons for why people meditate, but calming the body through meditation becomes important after stress has taken its toll on us. Stress wears us out because our bodies have to adapt to situations that are stressful; chemicals and hormones get depleted and the body becomes tired.

Our reaction to stress can have some serious effects on our bodies. The tension caused by stress cannot be properly released when we react with anger, fear, or depression, and when stress isn’t released it can result in a weakened immune system, muscle tension, psychological issues, heart disease, and cancer. Yes, cancer.

When the mind and body are in a calm state, the energies within us can be directed toward repair, strengthening the body and the immune system.

I believe physical activity through exercise is probably one of the better ways for us to deal with stress. Not only will exercising give us that healthy outlet we need, but it will release endorphins, bring oxygen to the blood, and aid the circulatory system.

Most importantly, exercising can bring us to a point where meditating is possible. If you want to get the most out of meditating, you should add physical exercise to your routine.

Our health has to come first because without it, nothing is possible. For most people, weather it’s recognized or not, stress is experienced daily. Getting up every day and going to work is stressful, making sure you have enough money to pay your bills and keep a roof over your head is stressful, assholes out on the road, in the stores, and at work are stressful. Raising kids is stressful.

Stress will destroy your life if you let it destroy your health.

Don’t allow that to happen.


Opus Magnum

Opus Magnum
By: Francis Joseph LaManna

Celestial coordinate grids-
Spun from arachnids,
And the world's fear,
is sight unclear.

They sit in meditation, hoping for a little intuition,
to fix a situation, with more imagination.  

But to tell the truth, 
Imagination might be enough,
For humans to conquer,
And break through the rough.

Time lines of history,
millennia mysteries-
still making sense of it all;
Time in space,
We're recalling The Fall.
The more I walk-
The more I crawl.

Slow down my sun,
He doesn't say it, but I know he feels it.

Our hands meet,
and something happens,
either a deal is made,
or it's congratulations.

The path forward, 
now set to unfold,
it's one that favors action-
the courageous and bold.

We're awakened by incompatible opposites, 
which change our focus,
to the possibility-
we've returned for a purpose. 

That's destiny!
And we learn, 
we aren't trying to complete a process,
but rather, we are the process.

The Great Work is us!
We're being molded and engineered,
as our soul journeys to completion.  

Battling COVID

So I left work on the evening of the 8th, and I really didn’t feel like myself. The next day I felt full-blown sick, and when I checked my temperature it was 101.0. I knew I was sick, but the question was, was it COVID-19, or was it a normal winter flu?

I tested myself, and I tested positive for COVID-19 on the 9th, and I’ve been in quarantine since. I was a little shocked because I haven’t been sick in long time, and this is the first time I tested positive for COVID.

At this point today I feel much better. It’s been about 12 days and my fever was gone days ago. Every day I feel a little better.

I did however, lose my taste and sense of smell. I just read today that people who lose their sense of taste and smell because of COVID-19 usually have to wait for it to return. It takes time.

They said Hot Tamales and Sour Patch Kids help retrain your taste buds and bring flavor back. Citrus fruits are said to help as well. I’ve been drinking as much water as I can, I’m trying for a gallon-a-day, but that’s not happening. I’m also taking vitamins; I take a multi-vitamin, D3, Magnesium, Saw Palmetto, Milk Thistle, and B12.

Work gave me a return date on the 20th, that’s tomorrow, but I still haven’t produced a negative test yet. Tomorrow I’ll retest-its been four days.

Alright everyone, stay safe and stay healthy!

Nooz Now

What’s up readers, fans, and followers? Today is Thursday, October 21, 2021. It’s a beautiful sunny and 64 degree day out here, and I hope you’re all having a wonderful day.

✑ There’s a connection between trees, days of the week, and deities. Thursday is associated with oak and pine and the Lord.

🩺🩸 On Tuesday October 19th, the former Pennsylvania Health Secretary, Dr. Rachael Levine, was sworn in as Admiral of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. In her new role, she’ll be responsible for overseeing a group that responds to emergencies and provides medical assistance after hurricanes.

πŸ’ͺ🦡 There are good and bad ways to loose weight, and some of us would like loose weight and tone up areas of our body that are often overlooked. How about those upper thighs? I know because I’m one of them. I think I have nice legs that grow evenly and look defined when I train legs properly, however, I can’t seem to get rid of the loose skin and cellulite on the upper portions of my thighs. I just came across an article that gives us tips for targeting that area specifically. Check out the link below.

πŸ“˜ Look out Hobbes and Rousseau! The men who bestowed to humanity a conventional account of human social history are now being challenged. Before dying on September 2, 2020 at the age of 59, genius, David Graeber left humanity one final gift. His book titled The Dawn of Everything, offers a different perspective of the last 30,000 years.

βš“πŸš’ On Saturday, October 16th, amateur divers hit the jackpot! Off the coast of Israel on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea divers found some artifacts including stone anchors, pottery, and a sword. Everything found was rare, but the sword turned out to be “priceless.” It was a 4-pound sword, 4-feet long, and made of iron. Extremely rare, this 900-years-old was used during the Third Crusade when European Monarchs tried to reclaim Jerusalem after its fall to the Muslims.

Okay my friends, thank you for checking out this edition of Nooz Now. Enjoy the remainder of this beautiful day and the rest of your week.

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Emotional Rebounds

We all have days that start wonderful and end well, not so good; those are the days when we’re triggered for reasons we can’t identify with.

It’s an emotional response to something, usually it’s something to come-so the emotional response is to the premonition. Other times it could be the outcome when we don’t confront issues as they appear to us.

Either way, your response isn’t bad, but it could become bad if it controls you and you lose all control of yourself.

In those moments, find ways to slow down and get yourself back into the present.

Okay everyone, have a blessed day.

Health Check

It is October. I can’t believe 2020 will be over and done with in two months. I was so excited when I returned to the gym in 2018 after taking almost fifteen years off. I don’t know, I said I needed a break, and the next thing I knew I was out of shape and ashamed of myself in my late thirties. So I went back.

Photo by Martine Savard on

I joined Planet Fitness towards the end of 2018; as a matter of fact I think it was October. Anyway, my program started with three days of running and one day in the gym. By the time 2020 came around I was going three days per week-three good days. Day 1 was chest and tricepts, day 2 was back and bicepts, and day 3 was legs and shoulders. I felt good and I was getting stronger.

Then of course, the gym closed in March because of COVID. We were without the gym for five long months, but they reopened.

So I ask you, where are you at right now with training and taking care of your health? The gyms are all pretty much open. There’s no more excuses.

Last month I rejoined Planet, and their new facility is awesome. I missed the gym and lifting weights, and I know there’s a lot of people out here who feel like I do about physical activity. So here I am, three weeks later, and I’m not as strong as I was, but I’m getting it in three days per week.

Let’s switch gears for a minute. Your health is your responsibility, and if you want to stay out of the doctor’s office, then I encourage you to make preventative care a priority. If you keep your immune system up the chances of you getting sick are down.

I just purchased a bottle of Multivitamins from Target. I also have D3 and magnesium as well as other herbs. Pick up some vitamins when you go to the food store. Take your vitamins, purchase healthier food items, and get back in the gym. Your health is your responsibility.

We all like to have fun, and it’s hard to be strict with dieting and nutrition; consistency is even harder, but listen, you don’t have to set your standards so high. Start somewhere, anywhere. Even if it’s taking one multivitamin per day in the morning with your breakfast. Stick with it and add. A week passes by and you’ve been on a vitamin regimen for seven days; you feel a little better and decide to walk in the evenings one night per week. It starts off that simple, and with a little consistency and motivation, your kitchen counter is covered with vitamin bottles and you’re training with weights three or four days per week in six months time.

As long as you don’t regress you’re good. Start somewhere and continue moving forward. If you decide to go back to the gym, I’d like to recommend a total body workout to start with. A total body workout is good for many reasons, but because you might only go to the gym one day per week in the beginning, the total body workout allows you to train your whole body in one day.

Squats- light weight 16 reps

Bench Press- light weight 16 reps

Seated Close Grip Rows- light weight 16 reps

Shoulder Press- light weight 16 reps

Alternating Dumbbell Curls- light weight 16 reps

Skull Crushers- light weight 16 reps

That workout hits your legs, chest, back, shoulders, and arms. Go right down the list without a break; from one exercise to the next. Take a 3 to 5 minute break after and stretch. Repeat the list a second time; take another 3 to 5 minute break and stretch. Do a third set and afterwards, pick an exercise to do for your abdominals. That’s it. Start there, and adjust the workout according to how you’re feeling.

Eventually, you’ll move up to two days per week. At that time, you can split the workout in half. One day will be legs, back and chest, and the second day will be shoulders and arms. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves though. Remember, the idea is to get started; to start somewhere. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you can get that Rome body in time.

Alright my friends. It’s Friday, it’s beautiful outside, and I wish you all a safe and fun weekend.


A Deeper Look Into Headaches

According to the World Health Organization, half to three quarters of adults aged 18-65 years in the world have had a headache in the last year, and among these individuals, 30% more reported having a migraine. (link at the bottom of the page)

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Headaches, which are more prevalent than the common cold, are one of the most frequently occurring disorders. In varying degrees of intensity, most of us have had a headache, and most of us will continue to get them. Most headaches are caused by tension in the muscles of the head, shoulders, and neck. If you do have a tension headache you may feel tightness and pressure anywhere in your head and neck.

As common as headaches are, sometimes, they could be a signal of a medical emergency. If you have a headache that feels more severe than usual, and is accompanied by any or all of the following, seek immediate help:

  • Double Vision
  • Confusion or Disorientation
  • Stiff Neck
  • Vomiting
  • Paralysis
  • Vertigo
  • Fever
  • Deafness in one ear
  • Extreme fatigue

In addition to the above mentioned causes for headaches, let’s take a look at some additional root causes. Emotional stress, fatigue, allergies, sinusitis, eyestrain, and excessive intake or withdrawal from drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine can all be causes for why you’re experiencing a headache. Hormonal imbalance, constipation, poor digestion, and nutritional deficiencies can cause headaches as well.

Photo by Alexander Dummer on

There is a treatment regimen or plan that you can get yourself on to combat that head discomfort you’re feeling. A proper diet is a must, and in order to avoid headaches caused by food additives, you should probably eat meals that you’ve prepared. Five smaller meals daily are recommended instead three larger ones for digestive and metabolism purposes.

Two tablespoons of ground flaxseeds with 10 ounces of water is an excellent way to start the day. Fish such a salmon and mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which may help prevent migraine headaches.

As far as supplements are concerned, magnesium, riboflavin (vitamin B2), feverfew, coenzyme Q10, and 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-htp) are highly recommended. Calcium relaxes the nervous system, the muscles, and the blood vessels, and ginkgo biloba improves circulation to the brain.

Have you noticed a common theme here? Absolutely, it’s good diet, relaxation, hydration, and living a stress-free lifestyle.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope y’all have a blessed and healthy weekend.

❀πŸ₯©πŸ₯ πŸ€πŸŒπŸ“πŸ†πŸ’πŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ’ͺπŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ,of%20the%20world’s%20adult%20population.



You can always count on Table Seven to provide you with the latest and most up to date information about nutrition and supplements.

In addition, I’ll never talk about or promote a product unless I’m taking it, or I took it.

Sometimes I talk about my old glory days of college football on here, but I never mention the intense weight training programs or the nutritional supplement regimens.

In the early 2000’s, I was taking almost 30 pills per day (mostly amino acids and vitamins), but when I stopped lifting, I also stopped supplementing.Β  Recently, I decided to take back control of my body.Β  The glory days of football are long gone, but I can still take care of my health, and so can you.

When I went to the food store a few days ago I picked up a bottle of Turmeric 450 mg because I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about it.

According to in an article titled, “Health Benefits of Turmeric,” Turmeric is said to be a relative of ginger that’s common in Indian, Southeast Asian, and Middle Eastern Cooking.Β  India has been using Turmeric for centuries to treat breathing problems. lists joint health, memory and focus, heart health, and digestive health as the top four benefits of taking a Turmeric Supplement.

Never before have I taken a Turmeric supplement so I’m really excited.Β  Right now, I’m taking one 450 mg tablet once daily, and hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll start seeing and feeling some positive results.Β  I will definitely update y’all.

Alright everyone, I hope you’re is doing well and staying healthy.Β  I appreciate you guys and girls.Β  I really do.Β  Thank you.

Have A Wonderful Night!



Lemon Water

I’m eagerly anticipating the reopening of gyms.Β  I joined Planet Fitness in 2018, and that was the first time in fifteen years that I had joined a gym, so as you can imagine, I was frustrated when they closed in March.

During that span of fifteen months, I got myself on this lemon water kick.Β  I buy the six-pack of Smart Water, that’s 6-1 Qt. bottles, and I was putting several pieces of sliced lemons in them.Β  The lemon definitely added flavor to the water, but after several months, I noticed my belly flattening.

There’s something about seeing results.Β  It motivates you in all kind of ways, and so I decided to do a little research to see what else lemon water was doing for me.

According to,

it’s perfectly okay and recommended to drink lemon water everyday.Β  Lemon water is good for the replenishment of ascorbic acid or vitamin c in our body which is important for good hair and a healthy heart.Β  Also, squeezing two lemons in glass and drinking that natural juice once per day first thing in the morning, can help with constipation and prevent the formation of kidney stones.Β Β 

In an article written by Helen West and published on titled “6 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Lemons,”Β Helen West outlines those benefits for us, and they are:

  1. Heart Health
  2. Help Control Weight
  3. Prevent Kidney Stones
  4. Protection against anemia
  5. Reduce Cancer Risk
  6. Improve Digestive Health

Some of the findings are similar in both articles, and that’s a good thing because it further proves the legitimacy of their findings.

The next time you go to the food store, pick up some lemons.Β  Your body will thank you, and then, you’ll thank your body.