Inhale, Don’t Inhale?

I don’t know the first thing about vaping or electronic cigarettes, but I’ve seen both getting a lot negative publicity lately in various news sources.

According to an article published in the Morning Call yesterday titled, Lung disorder hits Valley,”  St. Lukes, a local hospital, is beginning to treat people with injuries related vaping.  To be exact, they’ve treated half a dozen people with severe lung issues over the last several months.

Health officials have even taken steps to send speakers to middle schools and high schools to speak to young students about the harmful side effects that could possibly be related to e-cigarettes and vaping.

In addition to lung disorders, fatigue, coughing, vomiting, and shortness of breath have also been seen as side effects.

Like I said, I don’t much about this, but it did just seem to come out of nowhere.  All of a sudden people were walking around with electronic cigarettes.  Some said it was an alternative to smoking “traditional” or nicotine packed cigarettes.

I think it’s fair to say the worst it yet to come in terms of illnesses and side effects if vaping is fairly new.

I took some time this morning to interview Ray, the manager of Vapor Galleria, a local Vape shop in Pennsylvania.

Ray said he has been in business for five years at his location on Broadway in Allentown.  He also said business has been good and the recent publicity vaping and electronic cigarettes have gotten has not affected his sales.

“We haven’t had any issues here,” said Ray, “all of our juices are manufactured by us in Oklahoma CIty.  I think a lot of the issues are happening when people buy black market Juices.”

“Juices” are the actual substances people are inhaling.  (I just found that out, lol)

So yes, there is a black market for vape juice.  Not everyone who’s vaping or using electronic cigarettes are doing so as intended.  Some people are experimenting and using their own substances, which adds a completely different dimension to this in terms of related illnesses and side effects.

Alright everyone, be smart, and be careful.  Don’t vape weed, crack, or whatever the hell else you’re inhaling.

Have a wonderful day.

Photo by Lee Phillips from Pexels

One thought on “Inhale, Don’t Inhale?

  1. There are different types of vaping. I vape marijuana. But I don’t use a juice. My vape (a Firefly) takes the cannabis flower directly, much like a pipe, water pipe, etc. I grind it fine and then the vape heats the flower to a “perfect” temp. for maximum benefits. The problem with smoking (joints or pipes) is that you are inhaling the carbon as well. That’s the bad part. Plus is hotter and can aggravate the lungs. Vaping doesn’t have the heat and therefore it’s much cleaner and smoother for inhalation. The issue with the “juices” are the processes used to extract the CBD/THC etc from the cannabis. The best bet is actually to find manufacturers that are reliable and who use only organic and natural methods for extraction and processing.

    I could say an awful lot more, but will leave it at that.

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