Feature Game Analysis, College Football Week 11

What is up, what is up?  Hello everyone, did you enjoy the Table Seven Top 6 this morning?  Yes, that LSU, Alabama game is going to be awesome, but hey now, don’t forget about that Big 10 game.  It’s college football week 11, and this is our Feature Game Analysis.


When I was in high school, I went to the Penn State Football Camp.  There was kid there named Greg White.  Greg was a highly recruited football player coming out of the class of ’98.  He played high school ball at Shabazz in Newark, New Jersey.

This was over the summer of 1997, and I know Penn State wanted him bad, but Greg ended up going to, Minnesota.  Yes, he went to Minnesota, and Minnesota wasn’t that good then, but that’s where he went, and I think he ended up playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What does this story have to do with this weekend’s game between the 8-0 Nittany Lions and the 8-0 Golden Gophers?  Absolutely nothing, but Greg White was from New Jersey, and I’m from New Jersey.  He went to Minnesota, and I will pick Minnesota this weekend to not only win straight up, but to cover the 6.5 point spread.

Feature Game Winner


Feature Game Winner (V.T.S)

Minnesota +6.5

Okay everyone, thank you for coming back this afternoon to peep out the Feature Game Analysis.  If you want to write in and chat with us, please do.  Leave a message, or whatever.  Enjoy the rest of your week, and enjoy all the games on the schedule this weekend.  

Penn State Football Camp Summer 1997

Photo 1 and 2- Random Stadium Photos


Photo 3 and 4

The top photo, back left is me!  Next to me was a guy Named Mitch, he was a quarterback.  Front Left is I have no idea, and next to him was my friend Nick.  Nick and I drove to the camp together.

In the bottom photo sitting in the front right is my friend William.  He also drove to the camp with me.  William was recruited to Rhode Island.


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